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  • Elly

    Hi Cassey!
    Please could you do more back toning workouts, both lower and upper back. With weight and without weights. Would be so apperciated. :) Thank you for all the good workouts!


  • omg amazing workout my arm fall off omg omg

    thank you cassey l<3u

  • Camille

    low back and lovehandles great need!!!!!!!!I want to shrink… i love you Cassey!!!!!!!!

  • Summer


    • Anni

      Amaze me – Union J

  • The back pain struggle is different for every person. They can not only be affected at
    the spinal level of origin, but also peripherally, at their destination, back to the spine.
    This is because your body is designed for movement, so if you do not move
    after a few minutes; then you will start to feeling uncomfortable in some parts of your

  • Brooke Wade

    I absolutely love you CASSIE!

  • Taylor Nunes

    I recently came across Blogilates and I love it ! What is your actual instgram so I can follow it, there are a lot of imitator ones?

  • Sierra

    Cassie, this is my favorite back video and I do it all the time! Will you please make more videos that really focus on the lower back? Also some fun songs to use are Britney Spears’ Toxic and Katy Perry’s Dark Horse!

  • Andreea

    This is so good for my back, cause when I did abs I´ve had pain in my back all the time…it´s painful, but it works..I feel that!! wow…thank you Cassie! you are amazing!

  • Chrissy

    Which workout would you recommend for getting a strong LOWER back and thighs?

  • August

    I know this is an older video and you may not see this, but Cassey, the entire time I was doing this video all I could think about were your leggings/pants and how they looked like a freshly picked blueberry. A bit off the wall, but there you go. {marina and the diamonds, excellent choice}

  • nana

    loved them all. I am a musician, during rehearsals sitting for hours in the same position, repeating the same moves over and over again…. sometimes not feeling my back like kind of deaf, sometimes neck and back hurt….
    and this workout is better than a massage. all the poor muscles feel warm and lively again!
    thank you!

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  • Heel taps were my favorite! WOOWOO!

  • Sierra

    I absolutely love Pop Pilates: Back Attack work out and the last bit of Back on Fire working the lower and mid back! Will you please do more move like that because I always feel like I have really broad shoulders and I really want that slim back!
    Thanks you’re the best!

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  • Elli

    I wonder if you can do more back workouts? I don’t have any weights so I have a hard time finding new ones… :/ Thanks in advance!

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  • Muriel


    These are great! I had a quick question: would you happen to have a printable of any of your back work-outs? I’m thinking about doing a humanitarian trip overseas and I don’t know if I will always have the internet (or a laptop) where I can watch videos. It would be awesome to have a print out of these back workouts!

    But I also just wanted to say thanks. I absolutely LOVE your work outs! What I love the most is how personable you are, as if you are right there along side us with positive feedback, and warnings. I know you hear this all of the time, but you truly are an inspiration: you tell people that its hard, but that its worth it. Because of this, you inspire hope in the fact that anyone can look and feel as good as you do. Thank you so much for your dedication, and for your inspiration.

    • Rebekah

      I agree! I do not have fast enough internet to watch the videos without loading them forever first. I have the printables for Bikini Blasters 1-6 but none for the back and shoulders for number 7! I really really wish there was a 7 printable!!

  • Kat

    This is great. My arms fell off. :)

    Thank you!

  • I always get lazy, and tell myself that half an hour instead of the full hour is good enough for sweaty September. But your encouragement throughout the video makes me not want to stop, and I go for over an hour usually! Thanks Cassey!

  • Rebecca Bates

    Great video! exactly what I needed :) thank you!

  • good video. thanks

  • Geoffrey

    Hi i wanna kno wic part of back should be feeling d pain…. upper back? mid? lower?
    n everytime i do abs workout like crunches, raising leg while lying down etc somewhere middle or lower of my back feels painful.. is it supposed to b painful ?
    Thank you vry much for helping me i appreciate it

    • Otilia

      No, you really shouldn’t feel pain in that area while doing pilates, it isn’t supposed to strain your back!
      Try warming up before exercising and don’t overdo it :/

      • Hey Robin, I love these work outs, I’m already stnraitg to feel stronger. I saw Maggie’s posting of your videos, and I’m glad that you started making these available. If you have have recordings of these for sale after all six weeks are done, I would definitely purchase them.

  • So glad I’m not the only one who has their shoulders pop all the time – great workout! Thanks Cassey!

  • Savannah

    I’m so glad I finally found this video! I’ve been doing Back Attack, but I think I felt this one a lot more. Maybe it’s just because I’m sore or because we were standing the whole time, but I loved it! Thanks for enduring the cows and weird looks to film this for us :)

  • I’m suffering from quite a bit of a hollow back and was hoping to find some workouts that might help me with that. I do quite a few of our workouts already but was wondering which workouts are the best for getting rid of a hollow back? Or does pialtes not help at all and I should look for another way to work on this problem?
    I’d be so so thankful if you could give me some advice on this topic! And thanks a lot for your wonderful workouts – they really keep me motivated!

    • shehreen

      You should strengthen your core muscles to get rid of a hollow back. but if it is too pronounced, you should see a doctor about it.

  • This workout has been a miracle worker for my mid back pain from trigger points. Thank you so much for what you do, i love your enthusiasm :)

  • faye

    Wow…I just became aware that for 5 years, I never really trained my back! I was a gymnast until i went to university, then I stopped. Last year I started with HIIT Workouts a few days a week…since this year I discovered my fun in running :) nevertheless I don’t have the muscular tone I once had, especially in my back! All the time I’m doing squats and lunges and burpees etc but nothing is just for my back…so I nearly died during the first exercise. How can you do that all the time, and simultaniously talk, look good and be encouraging?? :D

    • yey! I got through it! it was hard at first (as you can see on my other cemmont)but now that i tried it again when it was done i was like wow that was it? i did it! its fast and i can feel it! + you make it a fun, love it! thanks

  • Belinda

    I just have to say I never really thought back exercises were something that needed to be done. Boy was I wrong! I def notice a difference in my back! I love this video! Your goofy-ness and good humor is awsome as well, helps get through the videos! Thanks:)

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  • crembinou

    un petit bonjour de france et exercice très difficile a réaliser avec beaucoup de volonté !!!!!

  • I love Back Attack! I love how you know what we’re doing without even seeing us. I had my chest down when you said ‘lift your chest’, and for one split second I was like, damned, busted, how did she know?! Then I realised you couldn’t see me haha :D

  • Elly

    Hey Cassey!
    Thanks for all your amazing vids.
    I want to know how can I make my shoulders wider??
    Can You provide a video for that??
    Thanks alot <3 :*

    • haha looks like this is a video I must make! just got another comment on this!

      • Elly

        Cassey, What is the best workout to have bigger shoulders until you make the right video???
        I need to do it as soon as possible!!!!!
        Thanks a bunch!!!:*♥