Arms & Upper Body


  1. I’m enjoying this upper body exercise.
    Thank you for this website.

  2. Cassey, you are different!
    Doing arms and upper body for 3 rounds.

  3. In the Calendar, there’s one that says “New Year New You”. Can anyone tell me what that is please? Thank you so much :)

  4. Cassey! That was sooo intense. I liked this one better than the Taylor Swift challenge one.

  5. heyy i wanna know what is the name of the songs because im having LSS so pls help!! :C

  6. Keyanna Sutton says:

    It was tough.

  7. hi cassey i seem kind of unable to do some of those eercises, do yoiu have any exercuises for the biceps and triceps combined? x

  8. Jeffrey Hegyi says:

    Love the arms and upper body video. It’s a great quick way to tone up my arms

  9. HOw about triceps?Those are the hardest to see a difference at 51!

  10. Klynnbkldy says:

    Hi Casey

    I’m a popster pushing 50 and need some advice on how to tone up the area of your arm (near your arm pit) that gets saggy as you get older. Anything specific exercise I should be doing?

  11. Great video. Its a different approach to working on the upper arms and body than I am used to. I normally isolate muscles and work on each muscle group on seperate days. I found that however as I am getting more busier this dosen’t seem to be as effective as it was as I don’t always get the time to do a full workout. I will try your workout over the next couple of days

  12. I’m a beginner who just had a baby and I’m trying to get rid of the baby weight!!! I’m totally obsessed with POP Pilates ;)

    Thanxxxxx Cassssssie

    Lotsa Lovilates!!!!!

  13. Hi Casey, I just joined you yesterday so I was about to do these works and then i saw there are 3 videos about Tone Arms. Now, I’m lilttle bit confused. My question is, Do I have to do all of these tones arms works or i can choose one? Thank you :)

  14. Lauren Gudino says:

    I just started Bloilates yesterday and so far I OMG LOVE IT!!! I just did your Bikini Blaster 7: Bodacious Back + Sleek Shoulders… whoo on fire!! I am looking forward to getting my body in to tip top shape after having baby #2 5 months ago with your #newbodymakeover that I’ll be starting next week (super excited) and I pretended that my husband’s next plane ticket home from deployment was in between my elbows lol…. Man I have never pinched those puppies so tight in my life thanks Cassey!!! <3 HOOAH!!

  15. Cassey is the best gym partner ever. Even from 1000 miles away, she knows when I’m about to give up on a workout and calls me out on it. “Don’t you dare put those arms down!”

    Thanks again for the motivation I need to achieve my best!

  16. My arms feel amazing!!

  17. You should alternate days so that your muscles have a chance to rebuild. During a good workout your muscles tear apart slightly; when they repair they get stronger. That’s why when you do her monthly calendar she almost never focuses on the same body part two days in a row. That’s also why she gives one rest day each week, so that your entire body has a day to recover. Maybe alternate between “Arms on Fire” and “Abs on Fire” or “Butt on Fire.”

  18. Just did the upper body and sculpted back video. This was awesome!

  19. I love your haircut in this video ! Yoour sooooo beautiful Cassey really <3 You're the best !

  20. HEYY , what kind of dumbell does cassey use ?? i dont have one so wanna know what kind of dumbell cassey is using

  21. Hello Cassey!

    I just did 1 hour exercise with your videos and I loved it! I focused on arms and legs today (because my obliques and abs still hurt a bit because I did them 2 days ago):
    I had to share with you how much fun I have exercising and doing pilates with you. And the applause arm workout was one of the most fun exercises in my life!!! :D Loved it!
    Thank you so much for your videos, I love them, and you!
    I hope we will continue to have fun together!

    See you again tomorrow,

    Silvia. :) :-*

  22. YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  23. Hi Cassie,
    I have a question about modifying workouts for people with bad wrists. The ligaments in both my wrists are hyper extended. When I attempt plank or try to lift weights in some of the moves it hurts. There is no cure for hyper extended ligaments and I really want to work out. Could you do a video of modified poses for people with wrist limitations?

    Thank you!

  24. I’m not sure what your school situation is like, but I was in a similar situation last year and you CAN do it if you reorganize your time and priorities. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but not even having 8 minutes is an excuse. You have to make the time. Last year I was in graduate school and doing a full-time internship… I left my apartment at 7 AM, got home at 6:30 PM, and had about 6 hours worth of studying, homework, plus internship work to do each night. That doesn’t even include things like cleaning and cooking. The only way I could get everything done was with strict discipline and good time management. I completely dedicated my weekends to working ahead on school work. I gave up TV, messing around on the computer, and going out to parties every weekend because I knew this was one of the most challenging academic times of my life and I wanted to focus on my school/career. By working hard and managing my time on weekends, I was able to get 8 hours of sleep a night, have healthy home-cooked dinners at home, and stick to a workout routine. I got in great shape and earned my master’s degree with a 4.0 GPA!

    My point is, there is no point making excuses because you CAN make time, you just have to give up something. I used to go out every weekend and it took awhile to accept that I couldn’t achieve my goals while maintaining my social life. Now that it’s behind me I’m happier than ever and feel accomplished… and I can have a lot more fun knowing that I worked hard to earn it. :) Just re-evaluate your priorities and drop the excuses!!

  25. I personally think the backless dress video is something I can do well as a beginner, as are the moves in the beginner total body videos.

    However, it would be awesome to have a beginner video for arms/upper body so that we can learn more about form and bring that with us to the harder videos. It IS hard to know how to modify these super-hard exercises when you’re new to pilates.

  26. Not even having 8 minutes a day to focus on exercise is probably bad for your health stress-wise…but that being said:
    -calf raise work-out, you can easily memorize the routine and then do it while you read a book propped at the right height (grand piano, box on top of table, etc.)
    -squat work-out (I forget what she calls hers–“call me maybe” I think?)
    -a lot of the leg moves where you are lying down are easy to do while watching/reading something. I highly recommend you get a bookstand to make this easier for you.
    -if you have to memorize things, like vocab, you could put those words some place eye-level and then do the arm routines/backless routines. You might actually integrate the information more powerfully because of the extra blood-flow to the brain.

    Just some thoughts from a non-expert.

  27. Thanks! That helped a lot :) I’m gonna do what you said and just try the normal videos for as long as I can

  28. Cassey did say in her beginner butt video that instead of doing videos just made for beginners, do the normal videos for however long you can do them. Or find one exercise in the videos that is easier for you to do and work your way up. I have to do that with some of the videos. :) Hope this helps.

  29. I’m not going to lie, the VS Angel Arms just about killed my arms. But it is one of my favorite workouts so it’s ok. ;) Cassey, I was wondering if you could make some exercises that I could do while studying because honestly, I’m still in school and I am focusing on my studies and even taking the time to do something like 8 Minute Abs messes up my schedule completely. Could you give us some simple exercises that you could do while studying or doing homework? That would seriously be the most amazing thing ever. Like I said, even taking time to do one of your shorter workouts seriously interferes with my studying and class schedule.

  30. hey ! Cassie and any other here i want to ask tht “Arms on Fire” can be done daily or in alternative days? plzz help!!

  31. Hey Cassey, I have a question. So, I’m not exactly a beginner to this website, BUT I am a beginner to doing arm workouts. I always avoided them because they’re horribly difficult for me, but I want to tone all of my body so I’m starting to add arm exercises in now. The problem is, all of these a super hard for me, a girl who has little to absolutely NO upper body strength whatsoever! It’s sad, I know, but my question is: Are there any arm videos for beginners that I should try? Or should I just push myself on these videos until I can’t do it anymore? Thanks for everything!! :)

  32. I started doing your videos again recently, because I stopped temporarily to focus on the beginning of the school year. I must say, this is the most fun workout blog ever :) I use videos for each body part, and they are always laugh out loud and I feel much better afterwards. Today I finished the “Want You Back” arms challenge again. It was much more difficult than it was a while ago! I can barely move my arms as I type this. Your site will definitely help me get back in shape. Thanks so much!!

  33. Having reead this I thought it was rather enlightening.
    I appreciate you finding the tiume and energy to put this information
    together. I once again find myswlf personally spending way too much
    time both reading aand posting comments. But so what, it was still worth it!

  34. Feeling my arms burning tonight! :)

  35. I would love some Justin Timberlake! “Suit and Tie’ or “Take Back the Night”

  36. When you count weights, you count only one weight, so it’s 5 lbs per dumbbell.

  37. hiya, needing some help coz i’m a total newb with this stuff. with cassey’s weights, she said she’s using 5’s. are both weights 5lbs each or is it a 5lb pair, as in each weight is 2.5 lbs? not sure how this all works. thanks :)

  38. Hi Cassey! Thank you so much for posting these videos! I’ve been following your channel and whenever I get the chance I exercise to your videos in my dorm! Your energy keeps me going and inspires me to stay on the clean path! Thank you so much!!!


  39. ginaheartblogilates says:

    Hi Cassey!

    This arm workout kicked my ass! haha I don’t know if I will be able to take notes in class bc of how sore its going to be! Haha Seriously the triceps dip with an extend leg was so crazy!! Anyways thank you!

  40. Wow…i have been doing weights but these are just killers!!!great workout! My arms are sore as hell

  41. Hey, I have shoulder issues too, it hurts, but I do some of the workouts on my knees so there is less pressure on my elbows or shoulders. it helps me a little bit.

  42. Totally! That’d be awesome!!!

  43. Caroline says:

    DNA by little mix :) i really like it too!

  44. Hey Cassie,

    You should make a cardio workout with the song “Heart Attack” by Demi Lavato

  45. What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable know-how about unexpected

  46. marietta says:

    hey cassey…this workout is just…amazing..!!! XD

  47. Hi Cassey!
    I would love to work my arms, but I’ve got some issues with my shoulders and my elbows make weird sounds when making push ups. I think I’m not yet strong enough to make the complete push up move… Do you have some exercises I could do to prepare for the push up?
    Thank you so much in advance! xx

    PS. You’re an amazing inspiration!

  48. I really liked the scorpion push-up in this one; because I focus on the legs, while the arms are doing all the work :). I feel as though I’ll never be able to do the tricep dip though, I can’t even keep up with the regular one … ah well !

  49. It sounds paradoxical and it is a much healthier choice and it helps you feel full as well.

    So make sure you set aside a specific time to eat my mango dessert the next day or two, I hope.

    Cookie dieting at age 70 is a logical response to weight gain?
    Even if he did, he insists, he would lose 10 or 15 pounds, then gain them back.
    I am finding that even though I’m reasonably intelligent, I am not gaining weight either.

  50. katerina says:

    heey cassey!!! can you please make a workout video that reeeally attacks the pecs pleaase?? :-)

  51. how can I watch all your video’s? because when I click on them they won’t play.. please help :(

  52. I was having a depressing day until I did this video and you won’t believe how much I laughed out loud and how happy I felt after this. Good thing I was home alone :P
    I’ve never felt the need to write to online trainers but I really have to thank you for being so cheerful and smiley all the time. You are gorgeous from every angle and I pray you are successful in every part of your life. You have me working out like crazy but smiling about it…thank you <3

  53. Alexandria says:

    Scorpio push ups — my FAVORITE!

  54. Great video Cassey – my clients were definitely complaining about how sore they were after trying this exercise

  55. Can’t even lift my water to my mouth after that workout…

  56. Robin Thomas says:

    This was so much fun. I love your personality. You are soooo motivating!! I laughed so much, which gave me even more energy to try harder! :D Thank you Cassie! By the way, I am a 41 yr old homeschool mother of 5 trying to get my muscles in shape. When they are having their “movie time” , I’m having my “Cassie time” ! :)

  57. Hey Cassie :)

    I’ve been doing your videos for 2 weeks now and I’ve lost 6 pounds!! I’ve am growing slightly addicted, I’ve even been getting my mum to do some! Anyway would love it is there was a video that targeted losing those bingo wings, as that would be perffffect <3
    I'm so happy to have found your site, you help me everyday come one step closer to who I want to be..


  58. You are an evil woman. When I say “evil” I mean THANK YOU for kicking my ass into shape. I recently vowed to get into the best shape of my life and then stumbled upon your blog. You are SO inspiring and I kid you not when I say you are single handedly helping me stick to and achieve my goal

  59. Hi Cassey!

    This exercise is super good but at the same time I would like to know how many calories does it burn? Is there any calorie counter for you other exercises too?


  60. Hey Amy! In order to make your biceps look toned, you need to work the whole package. Upper arms, triceps AND biceps. That goes for all body parts, you can’t just work one part and expect it all to look good. I hope this helps!

  61. Hi Cassey! I’ve noticed my outter ams have most fat than the rest of my arms:( could your next video focus on biceps?!:D

  62. Hi Cassey! This is probably my favourite workout i do it almost everyday! what is that song called that you said was kind of scary lol ( I kind of like it !)

  63. Hi Cassey! OMG today was so not a rest day (being Sunday) because I used Friday as one and went for a long bike ride yesterday. I just finished the workout for Friday and am dying! –in a good way. I mean, my arms are on fire and feel like jello. Can’t wait to continue with your workouts and get stronger–especially since my arms are so super weak even though they don’t look like they are!

    I just had one question: Where do you find your NEW VIDEOS for the Friday workouts? I tried searching through the home page and searching “new video”. Older material showed up. I am still pretty new to Blogilates but am hooked because I love it and you are awesome! You’re my favorite ever!

    Thanks for the inspiration! xoxo


  64. Hey I was wondering that if you are trying to save money while trying to work out. Could you use something like a bottle of water instead of having to go out any buy some weights?

  65. Kirsten says:

    Your ‘Primadonna Pushup Challenge’ video is amazing! All of your videos are!
    I don’t think my arms have hurt this much in my life. :)

  66. Oh god.. My arms love it!
    Thanks Cassey! ;-)

    xoxo from France :-*

  67. Omg Cassey!! My arms love and hate you haha. Thanks for the amazing videos you post, really love them :D

  68. turn your thumbstips more inwards, so they’re (almost) pointing at eachother – that will be easier on your wrists ;)

  69. yoga, stretching, rowing ;)

  70. hey koko, I am pretty sure it is hurting because of a weak lower back (the muscle is called m. erector spinae). Try doing some planks for a while and everything that works and stabilizes your core muscles more. That’s what I’d do.
    Good luck!
    (I’m a fitness economy student from Germany, just so you know I don’t tell you a bunch of non sense;)

  71. How do we find the specific workouts located on your calendar??

  72. I love doing push-ups for my arms but lately it’s been hurting my lower back!! What can I do to prevent this?? Is it just my posture, or doing too many without a break?

  73. I’ve been trying to click on the videos so I can follow the calendar but it won’t direct me to anything. I’ve tried my iphone, ipad and a computer but nothing. Please Help!! :(

  74. Stephanie Roman says:

    Hii, how can i make a routine with all your videos?

    Please help, thank you xoxox

  75. Hey, if your strength is anything like mine was, then I recommend you get 2 sets of weights. One set that’s about 1.36kgs (3 pounds), and a set that’s about 2.26kgs (5 pounds). Use the 1.36kg ones when she uses 5 pound weights, and the 2.26kg ones when she uses 8 pound weights.

  76. Just did Bikini Blaster 4 after not working out regularly for about 3 months, and now my arms feel numb XD

  77. Hey Cassey! I’m an absolute newbie to blogilates (and exercising, for that matter!) but so far I’ve been loving all your videos, you’re really motivating and fun!

    I just have a question about the dumbbells that you use for some of the videos. What weights do you recommend for someone who’s just starting out like me? I’m a bit scared to go for something too heavy, but I’m also worried that something too light might not have any effect. It’d be really great if you could help me out :) (also, could you recommend the weights in kgs, please, as I’m not in America and we don’t use lbs hehe) thank you! You’re amazing, keep up the great work, hope to hear from you soon! (And congratulations on your DVD! Amazeballs!)

  78. As soon as I finished, my dog went crazy licking my face…must have been sweaty

  79. Omg. That workout just killed my arms!! Thought it would be an easy break in my afternoon but NO :)

  80. When my wrists hurt, I rest with my forearms and elbows on the ground and clasp my hands together. It doesn’t strengthen your wrists but your core still gets a really good workout!

  81. Hi Cassey!

    FYI, I tried to send you an email through the contact link, but it wouldn’t let me :( so I thought I would ask my question here…

    But anywho…I’ve always had fairly poor posture and now I work a desk job too and can almost feeeeel it getting worse. Do you have any videos that would help with posture? Or at least help tighten up my upper back?

    Thank you so much!!!


  82. Dear Cassey,
    I need help! I just completed your ‘plank workout for flat abs and toned arms’, and rediscovered why I don’t like plank. It just kills my wrists. Is there any exercise I can do to help strengthen my wrists?

  83. Cassey your such a sweetheart!
    I just started following these videos. This is so needed with the overweight crisis in this country! The food companies don’t make it any easier. Hopefully this will help some ladies and germs get some exercise and have fun doing it. So positive and encouraging! I try to do a video every morning. It wakes me up and puts me in such a good mood.
    It might sound silly but hearing someone say Love you guys, keep going, and you can do it, may be just what a person needs to hear in times of trial. Who knows, for some kids out there who have no healthy role models to look up to, this stuff can show them the way. Good job girl! Saving the country from unhealthy habits one follower at a time! :D Thanks for all your hard work, I know you’ll keep it going.

  84. I dunno if you’ve noticed this, but I think it is pretty funny.

    *sorry for the previous blank comment, I thought I embedded the picture*

  85. I dunno if you’ve noticed this, but I think it is pretty funny.

  86. hi jen, have you found the workout by now? if not, check out the “back” section of the workouts, i think you might mean the “back attack” workout.
    cheers! :)

  87. You make exercise look so fun!

    I am a beginner. I’ve got lots of flab to lose before even trying to tone my muscles, but I figured your workouts would help speed the process.

    This is the third vlog I’ve followed.
    Looking forward to the day I can keep up. :) Keep making us fit!

    Thanks, from Australia.

  88. Love the want u back video. I can see results the very next day! My triceps LOVE YOU

  89. Theres a workout missing! The one where you start out sitting on the floor pressing your shoulders together. What happened?


  91. Love all of your videos!
    Can you make a video that targets/tones the armpit & underarm flab so my women like myself have since it’s tank top season?

  92. I agree, I love the yoga too!

  93. I loooooove this!!

  94. I did the want you back arms challenge but felt it mostly in my lower back, did i do it wrong?

  95. i almost cried doing this, but i finished it!
    :'( my triceps hurt…

  96. Cassey,
    You are an infectious person and your love is over flowing from you and pouring over us. You spread joy in ways you don’t even know. :)
    So about the workouts, the yoga infusion is genius. Please Keep adding yoga to the workouts. anyway, I wanted to request more chest workouts. My arms are improving but lacking in the chest and shoulders.
    Love xoxo

  97. Allison says:

    I LOVED this work out! Totally feel it in my butt and the back of my thighs. And it was fun!! Thanks so much!

  98. You have to tell me the type of Nike shows you have on in the awesomesauce arms video. I NEED them!

  99. Michelle says:

    The triceps were killer! I’m doing this with the Awesome Arms and 2 Pop Cardio vids. You’re making me work Cassie!!

  100. I like Belle because she makes the best of the circumstances she finds herself in and isn’t ashamed to be herself. Also, my arms hurt.

  101. Savannah says:

    What a killer workout!!! My triceps are killing me. Maybe next time I’ll be able to stick with the leg extension as long as you did! And I’d have to say my favorite Disney princess is Belle, because she didn’t fall for the typical Prince Charming :)

  102. This workout is so intense. I was shaking the whole time! I guess that is a good thing? But, I feel so weak :(

  103. Jillian says:

    Wow Cassy!! How your body has changed since this video!! Of course you ALWAYS look awesome! Thanks for sharing these great videos, this one was awesome!!

  104. Abigail says:

    I have weak wrists and I used weights and did a standing tricep workout =) Switched between that and using the edge of my bed because the mattress is soft on the joints =D

  105. Natalia says:

    I admire you so much! I discovered you while I was researching alternatives to get fit but not be bulky & found you! You are now fitness role model ! Your attitude is just a big ray of sunshine every day to me! I enjoy how you make my muscles ache but right after have me laughing. Thank you for being strong, fun & just you!

  106. Natalie says:

    Hey Cassey!
    Oh my goodness my triceps are KILLING! Great workout!
    And as far as my favorite princess goes…
    I have to go with Snow White :)

  107. Princess Jasmine is my all time favorite disney princess :)

  108. that was fantastic! and just as you said “don’t lie down!” (or something along those lines) i was just about to – felt like you were right there berating me! fantastic job :)

  109. Hey Cassey!
    Are you still planning on doing more videos for the beginners series?
    If so I would love love love an arms one!

  110. Hey Cassie! I was wondering if you could do a workout, which specifically helps you tone your breast area? I know if you want to lose weight in that area you need to do cardio, but if there is any exercises you can do to help the process, can you please share them? Much love from Denmark. :-)

  111. Cassey!!!
    These are amazing videos, I love ‘em!
    I was curious! When we do the workouts should we do them only once? or three times to get the best results?

    Thank you so much!

  112. I request more arm vids!!! :)

  113. Try making fists or do the moves on your elbows!

  114. Hi Cassey!

    I love these workouts but they make my wrists hurt so bad! Any suggestions to make them not hurt so much when I’m doing planks, dips, push-ups, etc?

    Thank you :)

  115. Yes it is!


  117. Hmmm…I don’t know, maybe…Bicep blaster? I’m really not good at this haha

  118. what should i call it?

  119. Hey Cassey!
    I love your videos, and I wondered if you could make a video like the tricep toner, but for bicep? Is that possible?

    Anyway, thank you for being so great! :*

  120. I love your videos! I’m inured right now (tendonitis in my achilles, knees, AND elbows) and thought I’d be totally down for the count, but I can still do your videos! They’re so fun and go by so fast. Thank you for the free videos that keep me motivated and strong even when my body is majorly not cooperating (p.s. any arm workout suggestions that won’t hurt my elbows?)

  121. Hey Cassey,

    Wondering, could you maybe do a beginner arms vid?My arms are definitely the weakest muscle group and I’m having a hard time keeping up with these!

  122. Cassey, really need some effective exercises for getting wide shoulders,please make a video for me!!!!!!! what should I do????? Give me a hint please, Thanks a lot :*

  123. I think if done in moderation along with all sorts of other moves, doing dips are fine. Obviously if it hurts or does not feel right, then stop.

  124. Hi! :)
    I just want to tell you that dips are not good for the shoulders! You can google “bad exercises for th shoulders” and find out what exercises are harmful.

  125. That’s a toughie. If it REALLY painfully hurts, you should avoid the moves. BUT they can get stronger over time. Just do a little at a time. Also, you can put your hands into fists ORR you can go on your elbows.

  126. Ashleigh Gardner says:

    About the tricep toner, I was wondering how to stop my wrists from hurting from all the pressure. Any ideas?

  127. Hey Cassey!
    so, I’m kind of obsessed with your workout videos. In fact, I think I may have a girl crush on you (is that creepy? Pardon me)


    I have finally gotten “released” by my doctor to commit to 20 minutes of exercise per day. I’m trying to focus primarily on strength training to gain a little weight and muscle. Any chance you might be whipping out a 20 minute upper body workout using weights?? I’d pay ya ;)

    Thanks for being such a positive role model! You rock!



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