Arms & Upper Body


  1. I finished the Beginners calendar so today I am starting on the February 2016 calendar, woo hoo!
    My question is what does the NEW VID!>/BLOGILATES mean? Do I go somewhere to see that???
    Thanks for your help! I did all the other videos for today!!!! So motivated!!!!

  2. Hey miss ! I’ve been following your workouts since 6 months I think and you give me so much motivation every time ! I never get bored of your videos and I often workout with my friend, that’s so much fun :D (our favourite video of yours is the dance workout, we always do it :P) Love from Switzerland !
    Sarah <3

  3. Alyse Ryan says:

    Hey Cassie! I absobutely love your videos!!:) This video just killed my triceps though…:/ Could you add more videos that focus on your biceps!!

  4. Hey Cassie! I love your videos! Can you please do videos targeting the upper back and upper portion of the upper arms? I have a tendency to gain weight easily, so my skin has become loose, due to constant loss and gain of weight. I want to lose the fat from my upper arms and my upper back, along with tightening the loose skin. It’s been a real problem for me. Thanks and keep up with your videos! They’re awesome.

  5. Hey Cassey!
    I just started reading your book, and trying some CCE recipes! these arm workouts are kicking my BUTT as i get ready for my air force physical fitness test! your energy is so inspiring and i am so proud to be a POPster, especially when we get to see you represent on all these magazines!! Keep doing what you do and helping the world get better.

    you are loved!

  6. Started the beginner recently- I’m on day three, but I felt like toning my arms too.
    I’m naturally strong, but you can’t see that, my arms are just.. Big.
    So I decided to challenge myself after doing my daily workouts! :D
    Thank you so much Cassey, even on my worst days your energy gives me the motivation to be the healthy young woman I’ve always wanted to be! <3

  7. Hey Cassey! I absolutely love the 1000 abs challenge, and am soon going to work on getting through the 1000 squats challenge, and I was wondering if you could make a 1000 arms challenge?? Thanks!!

  8. Just tried the 6 minute arm workout. Yow!!! I think this will be my go-to workout for my arms now. I tried the 30 day challenge from the poster, but the floor exercise part got the best of me. I’m almost 61..not as flexible as I used to be. Love your workouts, Cassey. Keep up the great work!!!

  9. Great workout! I did this after the 1000 abs challenge and it really helped me lift my shoulders and stretch my back after a long work day. Thanks for the great exercises and positive encouragement. I feel great!

  10. It’s really a great and helpful piece of info. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us.
    Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  11. The video player needs to be updated

  12. it burns ;( but thats a ood thing

  13. Love you, Cassey! Thanks for your videos!!

    A big hug from Argentina!

  14. I vote R.I.P. (Rest in plank) is engraved on your tombstone. Though I hope that’s not necessary for a long, long time!

  15. I’m enjoying this upper body exercise.
    Thank you for this website.


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