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  • Melanie

    Hey Cassey,
    I love love love your workouts!! I’ve just started following your workout plan, but I’m sad to say that my abs are not up for some of your workouts and I was wondering if you could do a couple of easier beginner ab videos. I know you have one already but I was wondering if you could do a couple more??? <3 you

  • stephanie

    How can I find out how many calories these workouts burn?

  • Veronica

    Hi cassey! i love these workouts, but i’m in the wrong crunches/situps position. my neck hurts so much whenever i do any kind of crunch or sit up:(how do i get to the right position?

  • Allison

    I also think “we found abs” should be your next ab challenge!! to the song we found love by Rihanna !! Thanks Cassey your work outs are bomb!

  • Allison

    The double leg lift for lower abs is my favourite! it has improved my inner body strength a lot just by doing these every day! and starting to show signs of victoria’s secret abs! beautiful

  • Danielle

    Am I the only one whose lower back/upper butt hurt during the first one? Like on the bone part? I think maybe I was in the wrong position. And I am in NO MEANS skin and bones so I know its not that. LOL! Anywho, this was hard and I started sweating almost immediately which I loved because I know its working! I need to try harder though when it comes to my lower abs. I literally have NO STRENGTH there.

  • Hey Cassey!

    This hurt so much, you don’t even want to know haha.
    I have a question for you.

    When I do this rock thing, me neck starts to hurt really bad as well as my upper back. It also makes me get less oxygen. I’m probably doing something wrong, I’m only wondering what?


  • fawzia

    i am thankful to your videos because you do the exercise so plainly and easy to us just to start after you. It is the first time I do such exercises and I have already seen the difference, thank you for the motivacation.

  • Jo Taylor

    I did the “intense ab workout” yesterday and I am so sore! I love it! Thank you so much for all you do for us popsters!

  • Monika

    hey Casey,for some reason i cant watch videos on you website it shows only first and when i click on second or any other one its just doesnt do anything,,do i have to go directly to youtube to watch it now? iam just wondering if there are any changes i dont know about…..thanks

  • Evie

    Wow! I really love this one! <3

  • Jocelyn

    Good times Abbs are so fun! I stopped three times my first time through, (just needed to get use to the new movements) did the video three times before quitting. I love it. It’s super fun. And you look great! Love the wavey hair.

  • this hurt me so inccredibly much. i loved it.

  • Barbara

    Dear Cassey,
    I love your videos and just can’t stop making your workouts.
    I discovered your vids a few days ago and whished that I had found them earlier.
    But anyway, you do a great job!
    And your body is amazing!
    Keep doing videos!!!

  • Folakemi

    OMG Cassey! I just did the Brokenhearted Ab Challenge and it killed me literally! I was so tempted to quit and give up but I thought, ‘no Cassey would be so disappointed!’ I’ve made it my mission to complete every single POP Pilates video before I go back to uni, so I have 27 days to do all of that.

    Thank you so much for your videos, I wish that I had discovered them a year ago but better sooner than later.

    Hope you are having an amazing time in London! Hopefully I should be able to make it to the gathering.

  • Alondra

    I absolutely LOVE One Direction!! Having this song playing made my workout to much more fun and easy! Thanks Cassey! <3

  • Zaneta

    I love bicycle crunches!!!! They are my fav! Love you Cassey!!! #traininsaneorremainthesame

  • Wendy

    THAT WAS AWESOME. I used to have to lie to myself about loving the burn, but now i truly embrace it. THANK YOU CASEY :)

  • Renata Spuri Gomes

    I loved it!! It is really ABOMINABLE….Thanks :)

  • Mary

    Really enjoyed this workout! I’ve been wanting to start pilates for some time now but just didn’t know where to start. Love your enthusiasm and good choice of music! Thanks so much, you’re awesome!

  • Jenna

    I really liked this video and the inclusion of the paper plates!

  • Keepitreal


    You are unbelievably strong it’s so motivating that you can get through all those intense workouts and also be engaging at the same time. Awesome instructor.

    HOWEVER, the most recent videos you are posting seem more overdone/glamorized (ex. Bikini Blaster3 abs abs abs) than your older ones…which, I honestly feel take away from the whole experience. I miss the videos that are just you, your equipment and your music choices. That’s the blogilaties work out I know and love; it feels way more authentic and personable and less glamor-overexposed celebrity.

    Please stay with your oldschool ways! it’s part of what makes your videos so awesome to work with!!

    • Shivi

      Well I disagree, half the reason people like blogilates videos is because they make working out F-U-N! And if Cassey can think of more ways for that to happen then BRING. IT. ON. <3

    • Jaylyn

      I also have to disagree. I love the bikini blaster series videos. I think they look more professional. The lighting is much better than it is in older videos. I love your bright outfits. And I think they’re still completely authentic and personable. I would even argue more so. The older videos feel like you’re just a pilates instructor, but your casual conversations in the newer videos make it feel like I’m working out with a friend.

    • steph

      To each their own, but I’d have to agree that I personally like the less flashy videos. That’s when I really feel like I’m working out with a real person not an infomercial…it can still have a professional quality to it without being overdone in the edits.

      Regardless, not a criticism of Cassy, her workouts rock I’d just have to agree that she doesn’t need all that extra editing to engage people

  • celina

    that was such a killer, it was funny coz right when i stopped for rest thats when you said “NO, Dont you dare stop!” along those lines, which made me keep going. You are such a motivation especially seeing how you progressed and changed from the very first videos you posted and now. It’s always fun working out with you. My cousin even started watching your videos! :)

  • betsy

    I’ve done all the ab workouts here and my favorite is the 3 minute challenge. When it gets to the part with the weight, I can feel my abs working and even when I only do the 3 minutes one time through, I can still feel it the next day.

    • Grace

      Is that one the brokenhearted one?

      • betsy

        nope, its an older one. Look for the one that has 3 minute challenge in the title. The total time is a little over 4 minutes

  • Brittney

    I love LOVE love your videos! It is so easy to just get on mat and do four workouts and they are SO fun! Keep going and being creative!

  • PRadhAYiNi

    i did iT!!!!!!!!! wOah tHIS One is sexy- I kept tHINKin ABT Victoria secREt mODELS d WHOle tyME :P … thATS the key !!!

    u r aWEsoME


  • Veronica Coral

    Hi Cassey! ive been following your blog and your videos from the beginning of the year and ive gotta tell you i love it all! I had a baby a year ago and your videos have helped me out so much to get back in shape! thank you for all you do!

  • Elaine Voon

    Hi, Cassie! I just love your videos! You definitely should do more videos with Davey Wavey! He’s just soooo cute! I love the way he said : “Let’s get our abs on!” LOL!!!!!

  • Mary

    I hate you. and by that I mean I FEEL the burn! Positivity is the key and the only reason I work out!

  • Aimée

    Hi Cassey,

    Firstly, loving your workouts! I’ve only been doing Pilates for 3 months now, an have found your classes the best (motivationally and entertainment wise!).

    One query I have, are there any more intermediate pilates workouts you have or could do? Just as I’m finding the jump from beginners to the usual workouts a little tough ;)

    Most appreciated!

    • Just do any of the videos, but do the modifications.

  • Alina

    Dearest Cassey,

    I should have written before, but better late than never. I just want to thank you so much for helping me get in shape for my wedding, and staying in shape ever since. Both my husband and I followed your awesome, quick but intense 10 minute workouts, and we both feel and look so much better.

    Here’s the thing, though: I got pregnant, and I kept doing your exercises throughout the first trimester (with doctor’s approval and encouragement). However, now I’m in my second trimester, and it’s not recommended to lay on your back anymore…which pretty much kills all the ab moves.

    So I was wondering, would you be so kind as to make a mom-to-be Blogilates video (or more than one, why not!) that I could keep doing throughout the rest of my pregnancy?

    Many thanks for everything you do, you are the best Pilates instructor ever, I stuck with your classes for almost two years now, which is an incredible achievement for me. Thank you for helping us stay healthy and motivated!

    All the best,

  • Tamra

    I can’t find Lower Belly Pooch Attack Part 1. Any advice?

  • christina

    Hello, Cassey :) I love all your videos and your upbeat attitude. You totally rock. Thank you!!!

  • When I do the roll-ups (like at the start of the beginner video) my legs come up off the floor. They always have, anytime I do something like that, even when my abs are fairly strong. What’s up with that?

  • angie

    hey cassey–
    love tour workouts! i’m doing bellydancing/zumba as a form of my cardio (to get rid of that stubborn bellly fat)– but– could you please make some videos that target not only all of the abs, but the back as well…

  • Anna Gagnon

    Few questions…

    How many videos do you recommend per day to do to start seeing results?
    Also, should I do the same one over again, or do a different one?

  • Danie

    Thank you Cassey! Finding these videos on YouTube (followed by your website) was a blessing. It is amazing to have access to something inspiring and effective that is free. I have two young (amazing) children and a full-time job. Ever since I found you, I’ve worked out with you 5-7 times a week. I have already lost five pounds but most importantly I have more energy and feel stronger and sexier. Thanks for keeping these videos accessible. Seriously, thank you!

  • Scarlett

    OMG! Davey Wavey is soooo CUTE! Did you notice his beautiful skin? How GORGEOUS! I’ve never seen someone so beautiful! You DEFINITELY need to do more videos with him :) I think he is such an inspiration to those who are lucky to be around him. Go Davey! :)

  • Skyler

    Hi Cassey,
    A couple of months ago I discovered your YouTube channel and I’ve been addicted ever since. :)
    I’ve always been skinny, but now I’m finally feeling strong and healthy. I started Pilates just as cross training for days when I wasn’t running, but because of my extensive running training I dropped lots and lots of weight too fast, so my doctor and parents have banned me from cardio workouts until I gain a couple pounds. Pop Pilates have been my savior, I’m sure I would have gone insane with boredom if it weren’t for your awesome challenging videos.
    But lately something started to concern me. I’ve got a nice set of hard abs now from doing your videos, but they bulge out. Like, a lot. My whole abdomen area looks bulky and bloated all the time. It looks like flab, but it’s really all chunky muscle. It’s terrible because I have these eating hipbones and toned, long legs and skinny arms, but my stomach bulges like crazy. Am I doing my ab exercises wrong? I’ve added the corset and waist-cinching videos to my daily workout recently to see if it helps. Should I stop Pilates for a while? Or maybe I should take up yoga or something? Do you have any tips for me to flatten up?

    • it’s your diet! try the foods on the 90 day plan!

  • Mhhmmm! I LOVE AB workouts and yours ROCK! I would say abs and butt are my favorite to do :)
    However, I do agree. No matter how hard I try not to use my neck (not just now, but even with other exercises I did before) I still strain it a lot. I find it hard NOT to use it, especially when exhaling. (They seem to just automatically start working) Tips on how to avoid this? I’ve tried just lifting with my abs… but I can’t seem to let go of my neck.

  • Rachel

    Hi! I’m starting to do more of your videos, but I keep coming across a problem with straining my neck whenever I do crunches and things like that. I can’t do your Abominable Abdominals video because of that, any tips?

  • Neda K

    I have ben doing 3 workouts 4 times a week with running and my body has become so toned! Thank you so much! Also, a good song to try is Inna-10 minutes and Pitbull ft.T-pain- Shake Senora! great workout music! :)

  • Stephanie

    I just want to say that I absolutely love your workouts! They are difficult, but they teach great endurance. I’m also in love with your Ogorgeous site. Much love!

  • Courtney Kessel

    Hi Cassey! I love your workouts and I’m already beginning to see improvements in my strength! I do have one concern however–whenever I enter the pilates stance, it puts a lot of strain on my neck! I was wondering what I was doing wrong and what I could do to fix it? Thanks a bunch!

  • Emma

    Hi Cassey!

    Much love all the way from Ireland! :) I love your videos but since I am only a beginner, I was wondering if there is some sort of sequence to follow where it starts a little easier but then gradually gets more difficult?

    Thanks a mill! :)

    • Did you try pop Pilates for beginner Ab time? Thatd be it!

      • Emma

        Yep I’ve done it a few times now! Love it! Thanks! x

  • Jen Sparkle

    I hate ab work, but this exercise was awesome. You are so positive and lovely that I don’t mind working out to you. This is my first class and I am about to to the oblique/muffintop next. As flight attendant, its nice to know I don’t have to leave my room to get fit!

    Thank you

  • Candice

    ok just did the abominable abdomianls and yes I’m sure tomorrow I will feel it..but felt so good to do:)

  • Annelle

    Just attempted the Hot Abs workout and all I have to say is wow! That is one hard workout. Cannot wait to try it again and do better than this time. Thanks so much for allowing a student to stay fit while staying in her dorm <3

  • shumaila

    and also tell me that why other blog is necessary to make?
    n the diet plan is difficult for me

  • shumaila

    plz cassey can you tell me , that these set of excerze will remain same for the whole 3 months. since i am beginner n i am bulky from lower body hips thighs so i feel difficulty in maintaing balance

    • By following the schedule I posted, you will not feel imbalanced since we hit all muscle groups.

      • t j

        Hi! Where is the schedule? I’m new here :)

        I’m really skinny and would like to have some more curves (everywhere) and defined muscles. Do you have any program for that?

        thanks! <3