1. My favorite thing about winter is getting to do winter sports with my friends and family. Snowshoeing, downhill skiing, winter hiking, the first sign of snow and I get excited. I just bought cross country skiis, I cannot wait to try them out!

  2. My favorite thing in winter is decorating and baking all those goodies! So fun to make colorful cookies and gingerbread houses right?!

  3. Controlyourbody says:

    Hii Cassey,

    I’ve struggeld with health problems since august till now, you give me the strenght and motivation I need to get back on track. It’s almost 6 months ago since I’ve got a good workout and it’s very hard to start again. I know your calender starts on 1 december and i’ve missed it but I’m going to do all your workouts I’ve missed. I’m probably too late for the giveaway but when you ask me what I like about the winter? Sitting inside with the people I love, cook healthy snacks, watch a movie ( christmasmovie) while it’s snowing outside, laughing in front of the fireplace.. Those moments really make me happy!

    I want to thank you for all your help!


  4. Hi Cassey!
    My favorite thing about winter is when there are giant snowflakes falling outside and the only thing you have to do that day is sit in front of a fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa, watch movies and snuggle with your pets and friends!

  5. Courtney Horchner says:

    My favorite thing about winter is decorating the tree! Even though our tree is fake and a little wimpy it still brightens my day to walk into the living room and see it :) Thanks for the great video!

  6. Hi Cassey!

    My favourite thing about Winter would definitely be in the morning when you wake up all wrapped in blankets like a burrito. Nothing like that toasty warm feel to start the day!

    Hope I get through! (And thanks for your videos!)

  7. What I love about winter is the snow!
    I live in Canada and snow in winter just makes me pumped up for the holidays just like how Blogilates gets me more pumped up to challenge myself even more in winter

  8. When I think about the positives of winter, two things come to mind!
    1. The fashion! I love to wear long sleeved dresses with colorful tights and high heeled boots.
    2. The look of snow, not the process of cleaning it off my car, but seeing a fresh sheet of snow that hasn’t been touched is one of the most beautiful sights out there.
    :) Loving blogilates so far!

  9. this was so insane, i love it!!

  10. Alyssa Sharrer says:

    I’m such a huge fan of your videos! I’ve done a couple of them so often that I can actually repeat word for word what you say when you say it!! Also, the beats and fitbit look amazing!!! My favorite thing about winter is all of the fun, festive things leading up to christmas. I just love the smell of holiday baking and festive scented candles. I also love the excited feelings that come along with christmas movies, music, christmas decorations, holiday shopping, and more! The excitement of the holidays and spending time with family is the main reason why I love winter!!

  11. Angeli Y. says:

    For a lot of the exercises involving the legs I feel it more in my quads, and it’s my quads getting tired that prevent me from finishing each set. I’m really trying to activate my core but it still doesn’t make that much of a difference. Is my core just really weak or am I just not working hard enough?

    • Hi Angeli,

      I’m a pilates teacher/movement therapist. What you’re noticing is a muscle timing issues. It’s not that your abs are weak, per se. It’s more that you are more dominant in your quads, so you are feeling them take over the move, in place of your abs.

      That being said, this workout favors extended knees and exercises that actually set you up to use your hip flexors more than your abs, so it would actually be quite difficult to find your abs given the timing of the exercises and the variations being demonstrated. If you want to find your abs, try softening your knees, slowing down and focusing more on the articulation of your spine, instead of finding large ranges of motion.

      The big variation may look more impressive, but you’ll actually work much deeper going smaller and slower. Hope this helps!

      Nikki Naab-Levy, LMP

  12. Love this abb workout – did it a few times now and my lower and upper tummy hurt for 4 days!!! Great workout Casey, Thanks

  13. That was a great workout! It was difficult in comparison to the others, but I love working those transverse abdominals like that! Also, you should consider being a superhero or a villain! The outfits you can make with them are very cool. So check those out!

  14. whenever i do the earthquake move my legs lift off the floor an i cant do it properly :(

  15. I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

  16. Hey! So, I really like this workout video, but my lower back always ends up hurting. Any suggestions?

  17. Emily Bernstein says:

    I love this workout! My only problem is, when I am doing the earth quake move, if I go too low, I rock back, so my stomach muscles aren’t actually giving out, but its like I’m top heavy and so I role to my back. Am I doing something wrong?

  18. BestWorkoutBlog says:

    Hey I have been doing blogilates for a week now and I am loving all these different excercises but just wondering when should i reach to a flat belly?

  19. You should totally do Extreme Abs 2, Extreme Legs, Extreme Arms, etc… :)

  20. Courage. G says:

    I love this exercise, please make more extreme ab exercises.

  21. Its really good for our abs. Thanks for sharing this video.

  22. why do my comments seem to get deleted? :(

    i really don’t want to harm someone here with pointing out that on the blogilates website the videos are not linked properly. this is just giving advice :/

    greetings from a popster (have been for years) from germany!

  23. This definitely hurt my lower back and hip flexor. am i just weak there or is my form probably bad?

  24. Many of these moves give me a lot of hip pain, especially ones like the ‘jumping reptile’. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to modify these movements? I used to be a dancer and have had hip trouble for ages. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

  25. Rebecca Curtis says:

    I can’t seem to choose an alternative video today, used the youtube channel instead. Also any chance of grouping the body focus into cardio/mat work only? I do my cardio outside as I live in an apartment!

  26. Thank you for mentioning an alternate move for those in apartments! It’s difficult to find workouts that I can do in my apartment and I really appreciate you addressing that! :)


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