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  • Alison Ancher-Jensen

    Hi cassey i’m a welve year old girl who is 150 pounds and have tried everything to loose weight. I’ve gone on the military diet and many others and nothing works. I strated watching your theigh and core videoes and now I don’t just feel better about my self but I watch four of your videos every night and now I have a core of steel and thank you

    • kylie

      go vegan

  • Robyn Schwebe

    Hi Cassey, thanks for another awesome ab video! My one year-old was crawling all over me during it, but I still managed to do it anyways! I would love the Sunset Festival mat, it looks so cushy and I definitely need a new one. Pick me please!!!

  • Maegan

    Hi Cassey!

    I’ve been doing your workouts since I was 16, I’m 22 now! I found you on youtube before you were uber famous. I was in-love with your effective but super fun workouts. The best thing was your “Feel the burn”. I had my whole family doing it by the end of the first month.

    Thank you so much for sharing these for free with everyone!

    I would love the Peony Yoga Mat!

  • Amanda

    Hi, Cassey!
    I watched the 10 min ab workout to blast belly fat and I KILLED it! Thanks! :-)! I would really like the Sunset Festival Couture Yoga Mat, please! And my abs are DYING

  • Thanks for another great ab workout!!! Love love love all your videos!! I would be so excited to win one of your new yoga mats. They’re all GORGEOUS, so it’s hard to choose one…but I would say the sunset festival. Either way, congrats on the new line!! XOXO

  • sammie.australia

    Intense Ab Mania Workout | POP Pilates: THIS WORKOUT WAS AMAZING. The only thing missing were the Butterfly Abs. BUT keep these ones going please I LOVE THEM CASSIE. <3

  • MagdaSz.

    I would like to win yoga mat number 3 – Sunset festival mat. This one is so colorful and beautiful. Immediately I thougt to myself – this is good and encouraging design to work out. Cassey, you’re absolutely amazing woman, great trainer and yours videos are the best all over the world! I like so much doing the exercise with you because you are so positive, wise, inspiring and smiling girl. Slowly you’ve been changing my life and body for better. Really, I see the diference. I’m still trying although I fall so many times… Maybe one day I’ll be so strong, fit and my life will be healthy in this way in which I would like to. Love You Casey! :* :* :*

  • Nada K

    I would love to win the so many succulents mat!

  • Christina Miller

    I love love love working out with Cassey- so motivating. I would also love to win one of her mats.

    Thanks Cassey!

  • Now I dance a TON better! Thx Cassey!

  • My abs were 0% strong. Thanks u, Cassey!

  • MsTokio

    Ms. Casey, ive tried the workout and i stopped trying when my abs is
    Feeling like a maniac. But its worth a try.
    I wish to get one of your mat giveaway.
    I’d probably like the Mat Of Your Choice .
    MOYC will probably be a surprise! :DD

  • popster_dy

    Hi, Casssey,
    thank you for this intense ab video:) I love every single video because it is fun, interesting and effective:) I really want to get the SUNSET FESTIVAL MAT because my old one is too bad for working out. It is not thick any moore and it hurts to do the candle stick dipper:( But i really want this mat because it makes me feel happy, energetic and motivated:)