1. I did this yesterday and I am still feeling it today! Especially when I sneeze! Intense!

  2. Working on abs will build up your muscle underneath the fat, and pull your belly inward. But to get rid of fat, you need to challenge your body to burn the stored fat, which is where you bring in cardio. If you aren’t used to cardio, make sure to go more than 20 minutes, or else your body will burn quick sugars only. Past that, it turns to the stored fat on your stomach. Once you are in shape in terms of cardio, your body will go right to the fat.
    In general, having more muscle mass burns more calories just by existing, and it also gives your cardio a boost! So just keep working on muscle toning and add in cardio and you should be able to get your body to burn off the extra fat it’s keeping around. Running, biking, elliptical, and stairs are all good options for cardio, and a good way to “cheat the system” is by doing intervals. So go at a low pace, then as hard as you possibly can for a short while, then back to low pace, etc. This also ups how many calories you burn. Good luck!

  3. Traditional knowledge is that you can work on your core every day, but it is best to alternate legs and arms every other day (butt counts as legs). This is because rest is the most important part of building muscle, as working out tears the fibers and they need time to rebuild. Of course, you can do everything every day if you aren’t sore, but then you won’t see as good of results.

  4. Christine says:

    That was great! Really felt my abs working hard, even though it was so short. Love it!

    Also where are your shorts from?? I LOVE the print! x :)

  5. You’re the best and funnest! You know how to challenge but not make it impossible! xoxoxo

  6. I don’t know… I’m a beginner and after doing the HIIT My Abs HARD!!! video for a few days I was able to do the Extreme Abs 2 with no problems!

  7. Hey , How Many days / Times Do i have to Do this To see proper change?

  8. I am a collegiate cheerleader and since nationals we haven’t had many practices. I couldn’t find any workouts that actually made me feel a burn, but my friend showed me this back in high school and I decided to start doing this again. SUCH A GREAT WORKOUT!!!

  9. Chantiago says:

    Your workouts are amazing! Waiting for an extreme abs 3 haha

  10. The Extreme Abs Workout 2 absolutely killed me. I was almost crying haha :)

  11. Hey! i really want to know the name of the second song, can anyone help me? thank you!!

  12. This was one of the best and funniest ab workouts i have ever done! Thanks Cassie :)

  13. HI,
    I’m not Cassey but from experience trust me it’s ok and it’s not cheating yourself if it’s your muscles telling you to stop. Keep try and one day you’ll be able to finish. I was the exact same way when I first started but now they hurt but I’m able to push through cuz my abs are much stronger =) as long as your doing your best you will progress trust me <3

  14. So hard :( it is not for beginners at all!!

  15. It burns so good!

  16. Elaine Voon says:

    Is it ok if I can’t do all the reps? My abs esp. during the extreme ab workouts hurt so bad that I have to stop and take a break. I feel like I’m cheating myself but it hurts so much that I just HAVE to stop.

  17. question: is it more effective to do four videos focussing on one body part/day than to do one on abs, one on butts, one on arms etc. everyday or every other day. I usually do three or four a day covering various body parts instead of the way you design the calendar….does it really matter?

  18. love love love your fitness videos, you a make it super fun and motivating yet hard all at the same time. Fabulous!!!! I’m solo glad i found your website, my 11 year old also loves to do them with me.
    winter is so great because i love to cozy up next to the fire and read or get out and hit the ski slopes, or of course bust out some fabulous blogilates videos and then hit the shower and sip some cocoa

  19. Cassey,
    Recently I was introduced to your workout videos. I enjoy yoga and Pilates. My daughter and I often search for workout videos to do together when she is home. Over Christmas break she introduced me to your Blogilates. What an AWESOME discovery!!!!

    I absolutely love your enthusiasm and energy!!! So motivating. And your workouts are simple and so effective.

    I would like an opportunity to win today’s “Christmas present”: the Beats and the steps/calorie tracker. In answer to the question, my favorite thing about winter is waking up to a MN sunny day when the trees are covered with frost. The combination of snow on the ground with frosted trees and sunshine makes the world sparkle and feel so peaceful!

    Thanks for the new fun and challenging way to workout!

  20. Awesome ab workout, even for a 53 yr old guy like me.
    I like growing a beard in winter to keep my face warm during early morning workouts.

  21. HI Cassey!

    I’ve been watching your workout videos since last summer and the ab videos motivate me to push myself to continue working on my abs/stomach which I have a problem with, which is why I came on your blog right now to write this comment.
    Okay first let me give you some basic information about myself:

    Gender: female (obviously)
    Age: 15
    Body physique: thin/lean/toned a little , barely fat except my STOMACH -.-
    Genetics: most of my family members are thin
    Diet: I have high metabolism so I don’t worry too much about how much calories/fats I consume,
    but I try to fit vegetables in somewhere between lunch and dinner time.
    Workout/exercises: ever other day I lift weights to gain muscles around my body, stretch, and do ab exercises.
    Problem: I notice change in my arms and a little on my legs, but I still have the same fat belly!
    I’d appreciate it sooo much if you could please help me.

  22. Jessica de Leon says:

    What I love about Winter is what I call the FOUR F’s: Family, Friends, Food & Festivities. Gathering with family and friends…..joining in the traditions and eating some yummy food. Keeps you moving through the winter months so you can eat those extra calories. Love going for walks too with the crisp air and the cool breeze on your face. Yes winter is fabulous and only the strongest can stay fit through this season with all the rich food and extra calories. Go blogilates I love you!

  23. Hi Angeli,

    I’m a pilates teacher/movement therapist. What you’re noticing is a muscle timing issues. It’s not that your abs are weak, per se. It’s more that you are more dominant in your quads, so you are feeling them take over the move, in place of your abs.

    That being said, this workout favors extended knees and exercises that actually set you up to use your hip flexors more than your abs, so it would actually be quite difficult to find your abs given the timing of the exercises and the variations being demonstrated. If you want to find your abs, try softening your knees, slowing down and focusing more on the articulation of your spine, instead of finding large ranges of motion.

    The big variation may look more impressive, but you’ll actually work much deeper going smaller and slower. Hope this helps!

    Nikki Naab-Levy, LMP

  24. My favorite thing about winter is getting to do winter sports with my friends and family. Snowshoeing, downhill skiing, winter hiking, the first sign of snow and I get excited. I just bought cross country skiis, I cannot wait to try them out!

  25. My favorite thing in winter is decorating and baking all those goodies! So fun to make colorful cookies and gingerbread houses right?!

  26. Controlyourbody says:

    Hii Cassey,

    I’ve struggeld with health problems since august till now, you give me the strenght and motivation I need to get back on track. It’s almost 6 months ago since I’ve got a good workout and it’s very hard to start again. I know your calender starts on 1 december and i’ve missed it but I’m going to do all your workouts I’ve missed. I’m probably too late for the giveaway but when you ask me what I like about the winter? Sitting inside with the people I love, cook healthy snacks, watch a movie ( christmasmovie) while it’s snowing outside, laughing in front of the fireplace.. Those moments really make me happy!

    I want to thank you for all your help!


  27. Hi Cassey!
    My favorite thing about winter is when there are giant snowflakes falling outside and the only thing you have to do that day is sit in front of a fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa, watch movies and snuggle with your pets and friends!

  28. Courtney Horchner says:

    My favorite thing about winter is decorating the tree! Even though our tree is fake and a little wimpy it still brightens my day to walk into the living room and see it :) Thanks for the great video!

  29. Hi Cassey!

    My favourite thing about Winter would definitely be in the morning when you wake up all wrapped in blankets like a burrito. Nothing like that toasty warm feel to start the day!

    Hope I get through! (And thanks for your videos!)

  30. What I love about winter is the snow!
    I live in Canada and snow in winter just makes me pumped up for the holidays just like how Blogilates gets me more pumped up to challenge myself even more in winter

  31. When I think about the positives of winter, two things come to mind!
    1. The fashion! I love to wear long sleeved dresses with colorful tights and high heeled boots.
    2. The look of snow, not the process of cleaning it off my car, but seeing a fresh sheet of snow that hasn’t been touched is one of the most beautiful sights out there.
    :) Loving blogilates so far!

  32. this was so insane, i love it!!

  33. Alyssa Sharrer says:

    I’m such a huge fan of your videos! I’ve done a couple of them so often that I can actually repeat word for word what you say when you say it!! Also, the beats and fitbit look amazing!!! My favorite thing about winter is all of the fun, festive things leading up to christmas. I just love the smell of holiday baking and festive scented candles. I also love the excited feelings that come along with christmas movies, music, christmas decorations, holiday shopping, and more! The excitement of the holidays and spending time with family is the main reason why I love winter!!

  34. I also have the same problem..my back hurts more then my abs. Is this supposed to happen? Am I doing it right?

  35. Angeli Y. says:

    For a lot of the exercises involving the legs I feel it more in my quads, and it’s my quads getting tired that prevent me from finishing each set. I’m really trying to activate my core but it still doesn’t make that much of a difference. Is my core just really weak or am I just not working hard enough?

  36. Love this abb workout – did it a few times now and my lower and upper tummy hurt for 4 days!!! Great workout Casey, Thanks

  37. That was a great workout! It was difficult in comparison to the others, but I love working those transverse abdominals like that! Also, you should consider being a superhero or a villain! The outfits you can make with them are very cool. So check those out!

  38. whenever i do the earthquake move my legs lift off the floor an i cant do it properly :(

  39. I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

  40. Hey! So, I really like this workout video, but my lower back always ends up hurting. Any suggestions?

  41. Emily Bernstein says:

    I love this workout! My only problem is, when I am doing the earth quake move, if I go too low, I rock back, so my stomach muscles aren’t actually giving out, but its like I’m top heavy and so I role to my back. Am I doing something wrong?

  42. BestWorkoutBlog says:

    Hey I have been doing blogilates for a week now and I am loving all these different excercises but just wondering when should i reach to a flat belly?

  43. You should totally do Extreme Abs 2, Extreme Legs, Extreme Arms, etc… :)

  44. Courage. G says:

    I love this exercise, please make more extreme ab exercises.

  45. Its really good for our abs. Thanks for sharing this video.

  46. still like it.

    why no response to this? :( cassey?

  47. why do my comments seem to get deleted? :(

    i really don’t want to harm someone here with pointing out that on the blogilates website the videos are not linked properly. this is just giving advice :/

    greetings from a popster (have been for years) from germany!

  48. Yup; still like that! :/ I actually emailed Cassey about it weeks ago but no response.


  49. Same problem here!

  50. It’s been like this for months! Can someone fix this please? :/
    It’s driving me crazy!

    Anyone else still having this problem? Seems like the other videos are not linked properly?

  51. Same problem it is driving me crazy too!

  52. I’m having the same problem! It’s driving me crazy!

  53. yup. i cannot chose different videos either. it’s really annoying. so i look up the videos on youtube atm.
    anyone else having that problem?

  54. This definitely hurt my lower back and hip flexor. am i just weak there or is my form probably bad?

  55. Many of these moves give me a lot of hip pain, especially ones like the ‘jumping reptile’. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to modify these movements? I used to be a dancer and have had hip trouble for ages. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

  56. Danielle says:

    I can’t choose a different one either! It’s been that way for a couple of weeks now..

  57. Rebecca Curtis says:

    I can’t seem to choose an alternative video today, used the youtube channel instead. Also any chance of grouping the body focus into cardio/mat work only? I do my cardio outside as I live in an apartment!

  58. Thank you for mentioning an alternate move for those in apartments! It’s difficult to find workouts that I can do in my apartment and I really appreciate you addressing that! :)

  59. Hi Cassey! I love your workouts so much! I’ve lost all my baby weight and my hubby loves my new body! Unfortunately, I have a repeat stress injury in the hips that restricts me to zero-impact workouts. I am looking for some more zero-impact cardio warm ups because I’ve done the squat challenge a zillion times now! Will you make a new zero-impact cardio warm up pretty please? Also, what about a lunge challenge? That would be awesome!

  60. Annabel says:

    Its devastating how in half off these video’s I cant complete as I can’t do the exercises as I can’t lift my upper body up enough so I strain my neck :( does anyone have any tips to overcome this so i can complete an excersise

  61. (I am talking about the 8 minutes audition tape by the way !)

  62. I’m doing the beginners calendar , I’m on day 8, but I really can’t do this one because it hurts my neck way too much. Which video can I replace it with it?

    xx popsters

  63. could also be that you have joint problrms but heat packs and extra stretches can help

  64. hey sarah my hips and joints do this too i find it easier to stretch alot before hand and also apply a heat pack but its not exactly a problem as i get it with all my joints and hasn’t given me trouble yet

  65. Hi Cassey When I do the first exercise in the 5 Minute Ab Express Workout video my hips always crack when I straighten my legs. It’s not painful but it is annoying. What can I do to make that stop? Thanks.

  66. Stephanie says:

    They are from Toy Story 3 and you can find them at any Disney store or online :) I love those guys.

  67. Thanx Cas. It’s really nice to hear people like you who watch us out there. Now we have found some connection tricks and I’m afraid that soon we’ll all be internet experts here..thanks to the site-unblocking programs, I can follow her videos cause it’s really much more motivating to do it with her. shes amazing..love from Turkey :)

  68. That is so sad to hear, Ciler. I really feel for you and all the turkish people who have to suffer under the rule of Erdogan.First twitter, now youtube. I wonder whats next. Cassey has some workout plans here on her site which you can print out and do without youtube. I know its not the same as doing the videos with her, but at least a way to stay fit until youtube will be up again. Stay strong! Much love from Germany!

  69. thanks for all the great help!!!! I love both you and your videos!!!! where did u get those adorable peas in pod from?

  70. Now we have no access to Youtube in Turkey. The government has shut it down today and God knows when we’ll have it again :/ Cassey, you should post your videos through other means, too.

  71. Yeah, Cassey actually says in a few of her ab videos that if you can’t keep your back on the ground all the time (I’m guilty!) you can put something under your back to support it until the abdominal muscles are strong enough. :D

  72. is it ok if I put something small that’s soft underneath the arch of my back when I do ab exercises? because my lower back always hurts when I do them. but is it ok if my lower back hurts? I try to keep it rounded into the ground but it always starts to arch.

  73. You got to push it-this esanitesl info that is!

  74. Wow!! Hooray!!! I am so excited to see you getntig recognized for all the amazing hard work you put into this blog the amazing thing is your incredible discipline. It’s like every time I have a Fitnessista craving which is a few times a day you have a new, well-thought-out and well-written post up. Good practical advice about fitness and food, fun other stuff, and the perfect amount of personal information. You’re the coolest blogger ever.

  75. feel-good-endorphins will put your head in the right place. Even if you’re having a feinelg fat and failing type of day, tuck it away. Just get to the gym. Or go for a walk. Go for a jog with your

  76. SO true, JoAnn. I can totally realte. In fact, I just had a super busy week and I woke up feeling this way today! It’s so important to make time to take care of ourselves because in actuality then we’ll be more successful and productive when we are busy. But it can be hard to remember that fact in the midst of it all. Thanks for sharing your comment :)

  77. Adriana Frey-Ortega says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I started following you about a year ago, and since my friend introduced me to your workouts I have been hooked! I admit, I don’t workout everyday, but when I do, I make sure its good hard workout, and I do my best to eat healthy. Since practicing with you through your workout videos, I have lost over 16 lbs., I have become stronger and leaner in areas that have always been difficult for me. And overall I just feel great about myself, which is also new for me. I wish that I had taken before and after photos to share, but I didn’t. Keep up the awesome work you do, you are such an inspiration for me and so many others!
    Thank you,

  78. What about an INTERNATIONAL tour? Popsters all over the world love you Cassey! Thanks for everything :)

  79. Lauren Ruffin says:

    This was my very first work out video and it kicked my ass, but I know it’s going to be worth for this is the first day to everyday.

    P.S. I did this video twice

  80. my abs and legs are going to be SOOOO sore tomorrow!! Just did 2 videos and I already felt the burn with just those!!

  81. Gabbrielle says:

    I have been doing a lot of your ab workouts but after a little while i don’t feel anything!

  82. I just did the Victoria Secret Work out and this is my first time on this page! And I love it so far! But is it normal that my back hurts during the work out?

  83. Desiree Lilley says:

    you can do them on your forearms…do a plank as if you were doing them on your hands but come down to your forearms

  84. Desiree Lilley says:

    love love love abs on fire!! whooped my butt :) i love the burn! #beastmode #don’tquit

  85. Hey Cassey, this is not quite the same as you but when I eat dark chocolate I sneeze haha weird right?

  86. hey, i’d like to know your opinions. if I go for the “5 min workout” type, should I keep it focused?
    I mean, should I do 5 mins *abs* workout or 5 mins general workout (whole body).

  87. Hi, after reading this awesome article i am as well happy to share my experience here with mates.

  88. 8 minute abs is my absolute favorite ab workout of yours!

  89. Great workout. Thank you!

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  91. Eagle abs kill me!!!!! I love the burn though! Thanks Cassie :)

  92. Hi Laila
    You can’t target spots of your body to lose fat unfortunately :(
    The way for you to lose fat all over is working out (cardio and strength) and eating clean.
    good luck!

  93. i have really enjoyed these workouts. They have helped me to lose 13 pounds! I actually was reading the story about how Ke$ha’s doctor called her fat and how Jennifer Lawrence is not willing to starve herself to lose weight and I liked how she was staying strong to her beliefs. I also like how u, Cassie, look because it inspired me to do the workouts because u don’t look like every other trainer. All these other trainers look buff and have ripped abs and it discouraged me because being honest i knew i could never look like that but you look healthy and ur confident and that it all that i wanted. So thanks for the videos keep it up!:)

  94. I would say start from the 5th, that way you will have completed the calendar as everyone else can start from the first day for next months calendar :)

  95. Shristy Khatri says:

    I m going to start from tomorrow as i saw this calender jus now … so sud i follow the calender or sud i change the plan for jan 5th??
    can anyone help me please

  96. You killed me today!! I’m starting to workout again and decided to try and man I’m so ready by the end of the week to get through the whole workout!! My son of 2 years was trying to do the workout with me.

  97. Beatrice Fitzsimons says:

    Why does the Starfish kill my glutes??

  98. This is by far one of my fav vids that you do. It was my personal goal to get through the last exercise without dropping to my knees and I finally was able to today! ^_____^

    Though out of curiosity, does anyone else have trouble with their feet slipping in the last exercise. I’ve tried it on the mat without socks, with shoes (I’ve got carpet), and even with shoes on one of my older mats…. and still i’m constantly having to readjust my feet. Just wondering.

  99. Hey Cassey!

    For all my workouts as a runner, I’m used to feeling pain. Doing these videos also brings pain (this is all good pain btw) and something that gets me through all of it is a little saying that refloats to the surface of my thinking during the hard parts and that is FATIGUE IS CHANGE. so when we feel tired, weak and in pain during these videos and workouts, that means we are changing our bodies, and building them up to be stronger and better in the future. Thank you for the all the awesome and hard work you put in.

  100. Try the Proxy-Tube Add-On for Firefox /Chrome. You can watch the videos then. :)
    – (Warum antworte ich auf Englisch?! :D)

  101. Good abb workouts but it kills my neck when eve i do one. can you make some that don’t involve raised heads but are just as hard? and a whole arm workout. I prefer only 3 specific videos.

  102. The germans are so freakin stupid! :-( I can’t look all your videos because there are some songs in these videos that are forbidden in germany or sth -_- it’s so unfair!

  103. I would love to know where you got the matching chaise and sofa! I have been dying to find something that looks just like it.

  104. I could find some genuine articles in this site bookmarked it to check the updates from this site

  105. Hey Cassie,
    If I particularly wanted to loose quite a lot of belly fat for an event coming up in about a month, which videos would you recommend, and are there any suggestions on what I should eat or do to see results fast? No matter what it is, I really want to see results in a short amount of time.
    Thank you so much for your videos!!

  106. Sinead Van Dreese says:

    should your abs really hurt the next day after doing the abs on fire video?

  107. aha that made my day

  108. Omg I died haha.

  109. Im pretty sure it means not having enough oxygen circulating throughout your body. It happens to everyone when they are really giving off energy :) That means u are working hard!

  110. yep! it just means you’re not as flexible, but that will only be temporary :)

  111. sorry *poping

  112. has nyone else fond that the veins (or joiints or domething like that) feel like they are pooping or cracking when they do any excersie?

  113. This is my favourite workout exercise *-*
    love you Cassey!

  114. I think that you should focus on the abs videos. The eight minute abs is a really good one. Keep in mind that results don’t appear after one or two workouts. It may take a few weeks or months depending on you body. Good luck!

  115. I ever found this type of article in any of the site, bookmarked it to check the updates from this site

  116. I HAVE NEVER SWEATED SO MUCH IN MY LIFE!! What an intense workout! Loved it! I hope I can actually do the moves the whole way next time. Thanks, Cassey! :)

  117. Thanks a lot love xx

  118. I have had a serious problem since I have been a child. I have love handles that are disproportionate to my body. I am a small woman, about 115 5″3 but all my weight is in my sides. I literally have to wear fat suckers because they hang over my pants. After having two children I feel like my problem area will never go away. I have been subscribed to your calendar for acouple months, but I always overlooked it. Im tired of the body I am in and Im ready to be health and to see change. Is there any specific videos you suggest? Eating plans? Thank You

  119. I think the 8 min abs one is very good! You can also combine this one with the victoria secret model ab workout. Just keep doing this for quite a while and you’ll be seeing results soon! (:

  120. I have the same problem!

  121. heyy, my stomach isn’t flat, and i was wondering which video i should do to get a flat one..

    thanks xx

  122. I love your videos! I just wanted to say that my abs are always on fire! I have to watch your videos about 3-5 times because every time I watch I start laughing at some of the things you say, which makes me lose where I’m at in the video.(& lose weight! down 3 lbs since I discovered you which was 3 weeks ago) But it’s ok because I’m still getting a great workout! So thanks!

  123. the site consists of useful info

  124. I am happy that i am one of the visitor of this site..Major thanks for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

  125. I love your videos, but I think I might be doing something wrong. About half way through the first exercise, the side of my hip started to hurt. It got so bad that I had to stop several times. The same thing start to happen during the lower ab exercises, except this time, it was both sides of my hip. Do you have any tips on how I could correct my form so that I’m not experiencing this?

  126. Do you have a phone that’s not an iphone? The app is only developed for apple right now which sucks because I have android and I really want this app.

  127. Tatyana Tools says:

    Hello, I was not able to find Blogilates app. May be it has a different name or no longer available ?
    Thank you,


  128. Laura-Elizabeth says:

    Heyyy Cassey!
    Love love love your videos, recipes and meal plans! You’re just the best! Quick question though… Can you make a new obliques video? I’m crushing obliques this next month and could use some extra motivation from the best motivator around!! Thanks girl! You rock! Keep smiling–and sweating xoxo

  129. I just started on the Miley cryus ABS WORKOUT LIKE an hour 3 TIMES AWEEK… its so hard ⊙●⊙ but I love it cheer for me and wish me luck ps… I love blogilates its something I never seen its soo different in a GREAT WAY keep doing what u love and good at cassy *.*!!!

  130. Hi Cassey! I love you workouts, especially the on fire series. I do, however, have a badddd lower back, and I’m finding many of your ab workouts to be strenuous on the lower back. Any advice as to how I could avoid this? Thank you! Your workouts are amazing!

  131. ThisKills says:

    My hands hurt so much when doing planks! any suggestions?

  132. Damn …i dont know how you talk while doing all that…. Your videos are sooo awesome i cant doo all of it but im gonna getthere.

  133. Hii!
    I really want to know how many calories you burn doing this video, I know it depends on the person but more or less how many would you burn?
    (I need to know it because i need to eat every calorie i burn because of anorexia)

  134. extended ballerina, oh my god! really tough workout but feeling great now!

    Thanks Cassie

  135. Hi Casey,

    I was just wondering how many calories would be burnt doing this work out? I know its all very different depending on the person but just an average for a small person would be good.

  136. Agreed. I had to take breaks a bunch!

  137. I’m not sure exactly why but this blog is loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later and
    see if the problem still exists.

  138. seriously….i thought i’d die…great workout video :P XD

  139. Maribeth says:

    SO hard. I am really overweight so it was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but te beginners workout started to be really easy for me. the earthquake was the worst.

  140. I DID IT! First time too! :) This is definitely gunna become part of my workout routine – way more fun than plain old sit-ups! X

  141. Um I live in Serbia and I see it just fine… If thats what you meant. I noticed that a lot of people say they cant see a vid because they live in Germany.

  142. thank you for that comment, im not pregnate but i know how hard it is to get back in shape after pregnacy!

  143. I did NOT have a baby, and I have just started doing pilates recently… I’m not an “out of shape” person, but I had a lot of trouble with some poses too. She makes it look so darn easy!! :) Keep it up!

  144. ali vee says:

    so hey, i bought the dvd (which is AMAZING btw) but i am looking to download the other supplementary videos off of youtube, or find an archive of where i can get these videos on my pin drive for working out in my room? i live with a bunch of guys, and all our computers are in the same room :( …

    does anybody know if cassie has considered OR if she has made another supplementary DVD ?

    thanks :D !

  145. Omg!! I Didnt get the earthquake intell i was shaking!!! Anways thanks

  146. Pippina says:

    Unfortunately the Waist Slimming Video cannot be seen in Germany because of the music rights… Can it be seen somewhere else?

  147. I used to do Jillian Michaels’ workouts too! She doesn’t really do much for the core. Cassey’s workouts kill me!

  148. I had a baby a little over a year ago and also worked out my whole pregnancy and it took me months to get my abs strong again. Keep it up though, Pilates really got me back into shape.

  149. Jessica says:

    Ok, so I know Im out of shape but was this supposed to make me feel so weak? I feel like I want to give up before I even start. I did the ab video and couldn’t hold the position for more then a few seconds. I just had a baby but I worked out through my whole pregnancy, plus this is not my first time doing pilates. Any encouraging words would really help because I really want the lean muscle pilates provides, but honestly these are killer.

  150. Hated the Earthquake, but made me feel good after.

  151. You may be straining your neck muscles by relying on them too much. Try to focus your efforts around working the muscles your trying to work out and stop each rep when your neck starts to hurt. It may also help to do some neck strengthening moves on days you don’t do pilates. And get some good stretches in there too.

  152. Sarah Catherine says:

    Whenever I do the Pilates stance, it just kills my neck. I don’t feel it in my abs, just my neck and head. How do I fix this??

  153. marissa says:

    Love the modification box!!!

  154. I don’t know if it’s just hot today or what but I was sweating by the end of this one. Love it! Thanks Cassey!

  155. I don’t know if it’s just hot today or what but I was sweating by the end of this one. Love it!

  156. Luckily I’m home alone, otherwise people would come check up on me for all the weird noises I was making… :D

  157. nice way of teaching excercises and it can reach mean people…This article contains valuable information that should be known to all…

  158. To be honest, my wife has been doing your videos for a few weeks now and I haven’t taken it seriously (my already being in great shape – *right*) Well she challenged me to do some videos. This is the first one, and, dang, it was really tough I have a whole new respect for you! Thanks for mentioning in the workout to people who, like myself, have lower back problems. I look forward to doing more.

  159. if I do these ab workouts 4x a week and have amazing abs by august I will LOVE you forever! This burns so much!

  160. I forgot my alphabet after E!

  161. You have such a nice skin!

  162. good posting really wonderful articles

  163. crimsonpoppy says:

    my abs were on fire and now it’s burnt…. lol

  164. I love your videos! I do a variety of exercises every day so I do your videos as the enjoy days ^^ but I have a question a couple weeks ago I had surgery on my foot and tendon so I am not able to put my weigh on it nor be standing to long for a while but I wanna keep exercising anyway i can. I know doing some Pilates is good since I am laying and I can still do stuff with the other leg, which of your videos do you recommend the most?

  165. I loved this workout! I’ve done it twice now and both times it’s KILLED me!

    The hardest one for me was the hollow rock. Especially after exhausting the muscles with the other moves.

  166. same here!!

  167. Cassey I reaaaally love your videos, but I have a problem though. Due to the musical rights problem in Germany I can’t see some of you POP Pilates Videos like the Waist Sliming to Wings or the As long as you love me love handles video.. Is there any way you could re-upload them without music?

  168. Kirsten says:

    i think xylitol can be considered a healthy food? i dont know about the unhealthy alphabet letters though c:

  169. O.M.G. This totally kicked my bee-hind ! I WAS ON FIRE! Burn, baby burn! :)

  170. The lower belly pooch is all about fat, which won’t be lost from ab workouts! You need to do cardio and, most important, eat healthy and use portion control. That’s the only way to lose the fat on top of your ab muscles.

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  172. Tru4Cheer says:

    OMG. The earthquake killed me. I’m definitely gonna feel this tomorrow.

  173. Well… I think a week its too soon to see results. Keep going with the workouts for a month at least and you will see your progress!
    Dont quit, stay focus!!!

    Sorry for my bad english, I try… ;)

  174. OMG i love this workout! I hate the rocking exercise.

  175. Hey Cassey just wondering am i doing something wrong with the workouts because i have been doing blogilates for a week now and i dont snack but know why the lower part of my belly doesnt disappear and its kinda frustrating

  176. hey cassey,
    I was just about to do your VS abs workout… BUT Gema won’t let me :(( (I’m from Germany) do you have a version for a different player? Or which video would you recommend to do instead?
    thank you very much!

  177. I use to jillian michaels workouts and I never felt anything for my abs but I did this workout today and I felt a burn immediately. loved it!! im now officially doing these workouts instead of the other ones I use to do.

  178. Wow, just finished the workout. Cassey Ho, you will be the death of me I swear! Lol, anyways, great workout!! Loving the #JuneOnFire workout!

  179. Jessica Ho says:

    I love your videos! Your workouts fit into my schedule perfectly. I honestly don’t know what motivation and inspiration I’d have without you. Also, there are always hotdog ads next to your videos.Ironic

  180. The As Long As You Love me is a good one for obliques! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86j1z8xe5FE

  181. Hey Cassey

    I’m almost at my ideal body shape but one area I’m having trouble toning is my obliques can you suggest a video or a particular type of workout to tighten up my sides???
    Thanks, Love the workouts <3

  182. Hi Cassey! I was going to wait until I saw a physical difference in my appearance to send you a thank you comment, but I couldn’t wait. Even though I’m not bikini ready yet, I just wanted to tell you the noticeable difference in my strength since I’ve started blogilates! I can now keep up with you in your videos whereas before I was floundering on my mat just to do a roll-up. I never thought I would enjoy working out, and resigned to the fact that it was something I had to do for my health, but I can say with enthusiasm that a clean healthy lifestyle has become a passion of mine thanks to you! I can’t wait to send you before and after pictures; almost there!
    Keep up the tremendous work girl!

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    appreciate a post on a website or if I have something
    to contribute to the discussion. It’s triggered by the passion communicated in the post I read. And on this article Abs. I was excited enough to post a comment ;) I do have a few questions for you if it’s allright.
    Is it only me or does it appear like a few of the remarks look as if they are coming
    from brain dead folks? :-P And, if you are posting on additional sites, I’d like to keep up with everything new you have to post. Could you list the complete urls of all your shared pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

  184. luv this work out! OMg i love you sprit and funk your such a fun bubbly person

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  186. It depends on what you want to achieve through your workouts. If you just want toned abs carry on, but if you want to tone all over it may be a good idea to do a variety of videos focusing on different sections of the body :)

  187. Wallace says:

    Wonderful article! We will be linking to this
    great content on our website. Keep up the great writing.

  188. Hello Dear, are you truly visiting this web site daily, if so then you will absolutely obtain pleasant knowledge.

  189. Charlotte says:

    I am pretty sure that you can find all of her videoes on her youtube channel as well :) If you know the name, it should be able to find it. Good workout !

  190. You’re not alone, I can’t get anything to work- I was so looking forward to doing my workout too! :( luckily I have Cassy’s DVD so I can do that instead :)…. Disappointed I can’t tick it off the WO calendar though xxx

  191. Claire-Hannah says:

    I’ve noticed that some others have had issues with linking into the fab work-out videos too! Hopefully it’s sorted soon as I’m thoroughly loving the Bikini Blaster Series… Swimsuit season soon! :-)

  192. The website isn’t working! Everytime I click a video, nothing happens and I’m not redirected to a video

  193. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but
    your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back in the future. Cheers

  194. Heyy Cassey how Can I train without having pain in my throat all the time ? cuz it stops me from continuing all yous series.

  195. Hey Cassey!
    this is a really upbeat song you should use for a workout!

  196. Hey Bobbie, me too- I couldn’t find it either , also I couldn’t find the ‘Sculpting Partner Workout’ (for the 4th or 5th -don’t remember) I just did another one that sounded similar… Sorry not to be much help!
    Loving this workout though- my obliques totally burn afterwards!

  197. For April 3rd I can’t find the Perky Butt n’ Long Lean Legs or the You’ve Got Abs! workouts. Help!

  198. When i click on the videos they wont pop up to play?

  199. Thanks Cassey- You have made working out fun- and much more enjoyable! I’m new to blogilates and already in love with it! I can’t wait to try some of these recipes! Your positive attitude is inspirational!

  200. Hi Cassie!

    So i was wondering, You said in one of your videos that if we do pilates for one hour, two to three days a week we should see a difference very soon. I have mainly been focusing on the ab workouts though. To tone my abs, is it smarter to focus on whole body workouts or should I only do ab workouts?

    Thanks and I seriously love love love what you are doing,

  201. Sherrion says:

    Hey! When i’m doing the Victoria Secret ab workout my back tends to hurt as well. :/ Am i doing something wrong? BTW, i love blogilates!!! :)

  202. Hey Cassey!

    I love all your ab workouts! Would it be possible to make a video of standing ab work or do you have any advice on any ab moves I could do at work? Thanks girl!

  203. Cassey,
    I just found you and love the pilates work out for beginners and targets the abs. The problem I am having is I want to tone up my stomach and do not have much body fat. I am about 107lbs and 5’4, so not much to burn. Do you have any suggestions I do not want to lose weight in fear of looking to thin.

    Thank you for an advise.


  204. Hi Cassie!

    I love the modification box! I am a beginner and can’t always do the advanced moves. Please continue with them!!!


  205. OMG I LOVE THESE, I actually have some fun when I do these videos, Thanks Cassey

  206. Post new videos for abs.

  207. Post new videos!!!

  208. It KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG!!!!!!!!!! One question though if you do about 40 mins of the pop pilates workout how much calories would i burn as an estimate?

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  210. ahh… so it IS a site problem. I thought my computer was going nuts. YES! Please fix. It’s frustrating.

  211. Same thing has been happening to me for awhile, but with all the videos. Please fix this!!

  212. Is anyone else having problems loading the abs videos? All the other videos I can click on the links; however, the abs video’s do nothing. I have to search from Youtube in order to get them to work.

  213. Hiiii!!!!! Try doing “mommy and my yoga” it made me feel great! My mom and dad work a lot so I do it all the time with my baby sister!!!! I’ve lost 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks! Also, do Casey’s workouts with your baby on a blanket beside you. They like to watch movement so yeah! Hope I helped!

  214. Woohoo! I just did this workout and I liked it so much.
    My favorite part to workout is abs.:)
    I will definitely have to try abs series, Cassey!
    Thank you so much for sharing your passion and energy on pilates.<3

  215. A friend told me today me to check out your website….and man oh man I’ve done two videos and my legs feel like they weigh fifty pounds each!!!! I am gonna try my best to do at least three of the videos on the calendar each day…and once I get stronger I’ll do them all!!!

  216. You can wake up 30 minutes earlier and do half of her work outs and do the other 30 minute half during your scheduled time. Bravo for working out and going to school!

  217. Cassey! I love your workouts and diet plans! I am a new mom to a 5 month old so I really wanna loose the baby weight. I don’t have much time to hit the gym so I’m only doing the videos and diet. I wanted to know if u had any workouts I can do with my son. With a 5 month old I don’t really get the workout time I need without being interrupted. Thanks!

  218. If you have an oppurtunity then try to like walk 30 minutes a day ( if you take the bus then get off one stiation earlier) . Or just atleast try to move in anyform the extra 30 minutes. The other option is to work harder and effective the 30 minutes you have. Like Cassey said in a video: The harder you work the faster you will see results. Otherwise 30 minutes a day is still very good.

  219. Cassey, I LOVE your videos ! I only got one problem with your workout calendar.. Its 1h long and as I’m having to study really hard for my college tests I’ve got only 30min to workout.. How can I adapt and still have great results ?

  220. Hi Sarah. I don’t know if you are still looking for an answer or not, but it could be because you don’t eat enough protein. I had the same problem: if your muscles don’t get the extra protein, they won’t grow (you could even lose muscle).
    The best lean protein sources are eggwhites, chicken, tuna or salmon (or other fish), nuts and soy products. (I love soy protein, but it can be expensive) Maybe you should also not workout every second day, so your muscles have more time to rest and this could also stimulate the growth.

    Good luck

  221. play some demi lovato !(:

  222. Take your time don’t push your way through the videos if you are not ready. try doing some alternated exercises. I can’t push my way through all her workouts but i try

  223. Man those good times abs are killers I can’t do them without stopping BAD I know they hurt on my back but I definitely felt it on my abs

  224. Say I do these workouts 6 days a week for 1hour, and i eat normally (veggies,meats, dairy, whites etc—) how long would it take to flattern my tummy/tone up ?

  225. Well, I think it meas that you don’t work out that side as well. Which means that you need to work out that side more.

  226. Unless you’re naturally really muscular, you don’t need to worry about getting 6 pack abs (to get 6 pack abs, girls generally have to work super hard). :)
    Especially when you’re doing Pilates, Pilates flattens your abs and doesn’t give you a 6 pack.

  227. I just did the 3 min abs workout and it was a great one. But at the end i heard (;Cassey said do it 10 more times? Am i hearing this correctly? I support you to the end sweetie but whoa!!

  228. I just did the 3 min abs workout and it was a great one. But at the end i heard Cassey say am i hearing this correctly?.. Whoa! Cassey i support you but whoa!!

  229. teilzeitDAU says:

    hey Katlin
    Please don’t feel bad if you can’t keep up w/ the workouts yet.
    The level in Cassey’s videos is generally very high so that her beginner moves and videos might well be categorized as intermediate or even advanced on other youtube channels; e.g. the livestrong abs for beginners video..this is SO not beginner level :), so don’t be discouraged if that doesn’t work yet.

    i’d suggest you just do as much as you can, take a breather whenever you need to (even if that means stopping every 5 seconds), modify the moves and work your way up to it :) it doesn’t matter if you’re working on a less intense level than Cassey. What matters is that you just work hard. As long as you’re working hard, you’re good. And you will get better, trust me!

    i remember when i discovered Cassey’s workouts (which was in June this year), i sometimes thought that the moves were just completely beyond human capability (“good time abs” video anyone?, lol), but today i totally rock them. So just keep practising and you will get better, too! :)

    xx C.

  230. I can not do the plank opposite leg touch in Mileys workout on my toes is that bad?

  231. hey cassy!! ahh im finally getting used to your killer videos, pumped my first week i lost 5 pounds :o so im lovin you! soon ill be able to fit into some of your hot workout clothes, so i really really wanted to win the miley pants! but im asuming thats over, if i still can please lemme know how, i absolutely love them! if not, where can i buy they, like the ones your wearing in the video, but maybe white and black instead. thanks -lacey <3

  232. I seriously would advise you to do the beginners workout and then work your way up to the advanced. So for instance, Cassey has a beginner abs workout, do that first and continue to do that until you feel you are ready to do the calender one. Just take your time. Practice is all you need until you finally get it right.

  233. I am a total beginner and trying to work my way through the workout calendar but feeling really discouraged. I want to be in shape but I can hardly make it through half of the videos in the day. I completely collapse in some of the forms because they are advanced for me. Does anybody have any advice or encouragement for how I can work my way up and become more advanced? I often just end up feeling worse about myself by the end of the workout.

  234. the buttocks lifting exercise was hard and I hope this works as well without the ball because I don’t have one but I did I any way and felt it too

  235. Danielle W. says:

    OMG!!! This workout is such a killer. It burns so good! Yes, I sweated.

  236. What ab workout do you recomend if i dont want 6 pack abs?:)

  237. Paige Nicholle says:

    Such a good workout!!!

    And OMG, can you guys please get together???

    You’d be the cutest couple EVER. <3

    Thanks, Cassey!!!

  238. Er… for the abominable abdominals video, thought it left comments on each video! Sorry

  239. I love this workout! Its amazing.

    Does anyone know the spelling to the DJs name? I want to buy the music but I can’t find it.

  240. Hi Cassey! I absolutely love your videos! I’m losing weight, feeling good and getting compliments, so I wanna say thank you <3
    I have one quick question though: When I do ab moves, I have a lot of trouble keeping my tummy tight/bellybutton in and I'm a little worried that I'm training my ab muscles to puff out, any suggestions as to how I can remedy the situation and get my bellybutton in?

  241. eat rice

  242. Hi!
    I love your workouts, they have really changed my body! The only concern I have is that I have rosacea (skin condition causing flushing chronic redness) and certain activities trigger it. One of my triggers seems to be weight-lifting or any type of weight strain, so I was wondering what suggestion you had to keep my abs in shape without putting too much strain on me.

  243. I absolutely adore all of your videos, but there are several of the ab/inner thigh moves that I can’t seem to do. My hips, left one especially, seem to dislocate themselves any time I do anything like the Brokenhearted Ab Challenge move. Is there anything I can do to get the same effect without that particular movement?

  244. Thanks guys!
    I’ve been doing the October calendar, and now I can do the Flatter My Abs video without it being too hard!

  245. You are an amazing instructor! I love you! I’m am very satisfied with my results from your videos! And it helps me maintain my weight and shape very well! I am obsessed with the intensity of workouts! And I love banana pancakes! You videos help keepmy stomach flat and abs showing!!! Especially bikini blaster! The best an work out that exists……your better that six pack mike!


  247. Hey, I love all these workouts!
    However, I have a problem when doing the abs – because my back arches more than normal, my spine and hips ‘pop’ whenever I do a workout that involves legs lifts or lowers. Is there a modification I can do instead?

  248. Your abs work out was sick Cassey :)

  249. Man do I love the corset workout! I could do that all day! Talk about addicting stuff. Love your site! I’m seeing results, really excited.

  250. I’m seriously dead right now. My whole core, arms, and legs are shaking lol

    I’m wondering if my next should be hurting? I tried to to strain but it’s still hurting so I had to stop.

    Help with this please! And also, awesomely amazing ab workouts! #OMGoctober

  251. judy newman says:

    love it love it love it, difficult as i’m only a beginner, but really like it, definitely one to master!

  252. it tooks almost 1 hr to do first trial.
    next time it became much easier than before.
    NEVER GIVE UP!! :)

  253. Michelle Baxter says:

    There are ab routines that I can do all day and never feel it so I thought I was pretty tough. UM…NO! I think I can only do this one once! LOVE IT!

    I love your videos!

  254. Hi Cassey!!! LOVE the workouts. I did the abominable abdominals (hard for me to say too!) the other day and I am still sore. I’ve been raving about your site to all my gfs and think I have converted at least 3 more followers. :)
    Question: When I want to select a different video than the one displayed, i.e. selecting one from the menu of videos, when selected the video does not open up. Instead it kinda freezes and I have turned off my popblocker as I thought that might be it…Any suggestions would be great!

  255. Hey Cassey!!
    I love all your Ab Workouts but I’ve found that I’m doing 1hr and a half every second day and my tummy won’t become toned!!
    Please help, I really want a 6-pack and toned stomach.
    (btw, I have a BMI of 15.6 so I don’t think its because of me being overweight)
    Thank you!!

  256. aww yay!!

  257. I’m a track athlete by trade, but cannot go a day or night without doing at least one of your videos all the way through! You’re SO motivating and encouraging! Excited to see new vids come out – can’t wait to get ripped from your awesome instruction!

  258. Carina Cristina says:

    Try the POP Pilates for Beginners: Ab Time video :) Hot Abs! and Corset Workout should be cool too.

  259. What workout would be good for someone if the beginner ab workout is too easy, but the flatter my abs workout is too hard? I couldn’t even get through the first move in the flatter my abs workout, but the beginner abs workout was too easy for me…

  260. The “flatter my abs workout” looks so hard, but I’m going to try it anyway!

  261. haha i wore jean jeggings at my work costco cause were totally not allowed to wear tights, but no one could tell, and they also had pockets!

  262. love the shorts~~

  263. It’s only been a week since I discovered blogilates, and I’ve been addicted ever since! However, I’m still a beginner, and these videos are absolutely KILLING me. I love the sore muscles though :D. All week, I’ve been adding moderations to the videos or cutting short, but today I finally followed the ‘Obliques and Muffintop Exterminator 10 mins’ workout fully! :D Without pausing, i was sooo proud. Yeah, it’s little– but it’s progress.

    The only thing is, these ab crunches… They KILL. Which is good, but more than pain and struggle in my abs, I’m finding it soo hard to lift my head up. It gets so heavy, and my neck starts hurting :( Any advice for it?

    Thankyou so much Cassie. You don’t know how many people you’re affecting, thankyou for making these videos and being so encouraging through out them. Love from Bahrain (if you ever visit, tell me!!:D) Shaeema x

  264. Viji Prasanna says:

    Terrific ab workout….love it :)

  265. Hey Cassey,
    I love love love your workouts!! I’ve just started following your workout plan, but I’m sad to say that my abs are not up for some of your workouts and I was wondering if you could do a couple of easier beginner ab videos. I know you have one already but I was wondering if you could do a couple more??? <3 you

  266. stephanie says:

    How can I find out how many calories these workouts burn?

  267. Hi cassey! i love these workouts, but i’m in the wrong crunches/situps position. my neck hurts so much whenever i do any kind of crunch or sit up:(how do i get to the right position?

  268. I also think “we found abs” should be your next ab challenge!! to the song we found love by Rihanna !! Thanks Cassey your work outs are bomb!

  269. The double leg lift for lower abs is my favourite! it has improved my inner body strength a lot just by doing these every day! and starting to show signs of victoria’s secret abs! beautiful

  270. Danielle says:

    Am I the only one whose lower back/upper butt hurt during the first one? Like on the bone part? I think maybe I was in the wrong position. And I am in NO MEANS skin and bones so I know its not that. LOL! Anywho, this was hard and I started sweating almost immediately which I loved because I know its working! I need to try harder though when it comes to my lower abs. I literally have NO STRENGTH there.

  271. Hey Cassey!

    This hurt so much, you don’t even want to know haha.
    I have a question for you.

    When I do this rock thing, me neck starts to hurt really bad as well as my upper back. It also makes me get less oxygen. I’m probably doing something wrong, I’m only wondering what?


  272. i am thankful to your videos because you do the exercise so plainly and easy to us just to start after you. It is the first time I do such exercises and I have already seen the difference, thank you for the motivacation.

  273. Jo Taylor says:

    I did the “intense ab workout” yesterday and I am so sore! I love it! Thank you so much for all you do for us popsters!

  274. hey Casey,for some reason i cant watch videos on you website it shows only first and when i click on second or any other one its just doesnt do anything,,do i have to go directly to youtube to watch it now? iam just wondering if there are any changes i dont know about…..thanks

  275. Wow! I really love this one! <3

  276. Good times Abbs are so fun! I stopped three times my first time through, (just needed to get use to the new movements) did the video three times before quitting. I love it. It’s super fun. And you look great! Love the wavey hair.

  277. this hurt me so inccredibly much. i loved it.

  278. Dear Cassey,
    I love your videos and just can’t stop making your workouts.
    I discovered your vids a few days ago and whished that I had found them earlier.
    But anyway, you do a great job!
    And your body is amazing!
    Keep doing videos!!!

  279. Folakemi says:

    OMG Cassey! I just did the Brokenhearted Ab Challenge and it killed me literally! I was so tempted to quit and give up but I thought, ‘no Cassey would be so disappointed!’ I’ve made it my mission to complete every single POP Pilates video before I go back to uni, so I have 27 days to do all of that.

    Thank you so much for your videos, I wish that I had discovered them a year ago but better sooner than later.

    Hope you are having an amazing time in London! Hopefully I should be able to make it to the gathering.

  280. Alondra says:

    I absolutely LOVE One Direction!! Having this song playing made my workout to much more fun and easy! Thanks Cassey! <3

  281. I love bicycle crunches!!!! They are my fav! Love you Cassey!!! #traininsaneorremainthesame

  282. THAT WAS AWESOME. I used to have to lie to myself about loving the burn, but now i truly embrace it. THANK YOU CASEY :)

  283. Renata Spuri Gomes says:

    I loved it!! It is really ABOMINABLE….Thanks :)

  284. Really enjoyed this workout! I’ve been wanting to start pilates for some time now but just didn’t know where to start. Love your enthusiasm and good choice of music! Thanks so much, you’re awesome!

  285. I really liked this video and the inclusion of the paper plates!

  286. To each their own, but I’d have to agree that I personally like the less flashy videos. That’s when I really feel like I’m working out with a real person not an infomercial…it can still have a professional quality to it without being overdone in the edits.

    Regardless, not a criticism of Cassy, her workouts rock I’d just have to agree that she doesn’t need all that extra editing to engage people

  287. I also have to disagree. I love the bikini blaster series videos. I think they look more professional. The lighting is much better than it is in older videos. I love your bright outfits. And I think they’re still completely authentic and personable. I would even argue more so. The older videos feel like you’re just a pilates instructor, but your casual conversations in the newer videos make it feel like I’m working out with a friend.

  288. Well I disagree, half the reason people like blogilates videos is because they make working out F-U-N! And if Cassey can think of more ways for that to happen then BRING. IT. ON. <3

  289. Keepitreal says:


    You are unbelievably strong it’s so motivating that you can get through all those intense workouts and also be engaging at the same time. Awesome instructor.

    HOWEVER, the most recent videos you are posting seem more overdone/glamorized (ex. Bikini Blaster3 abs abs abs) than your older ones…which, I honestly feel take away from the whole experience. I miss the videos that are just you, your equipment and your music choices. That’s the blogilaties work out I know and love; it feels way more authentic and personable and less glamor-overexposed celebrity.

    Please stay with your oldschool ways! it’s part of what makes your videos so awesome to work with!!

  290. that was such a killer, it was funny coz right when i stopped for rest thats when you said “NO, Dont you dare stop!” along those lines, which made me keep going. You are such a motivation especially seeing how you progressed and changed from the very first videos you posted and now. It’s always fun working out with you. My cousin even started watching your videos! :)

  291. nope, its an older one. Look for the one that has 3 minute challenge in the title. The total time is a little over 4 minutes

  292. Is that one the brokenhearted one?

  293. I’ve done all the ab workouts here and my favorite is the 3 minute challenge. When it gets to the part with the weight, I can feel my abs working and even when I only do the 3 minutes one time through, I can still feel it the next day.

  294. Brittney says:

    I love LOVE love your videos! It is so easy to just get on mat and do four workouts and they are SO fun! Keep going and being creative!

  295. PRadhAYiNi says:

    i did iT!!!!!!!!! wOah tHIS One is sexy- I kept tHINKin ABT Victoria secREt mODELS d WHOle tyME :P … thATS the key !!!

    u r aWEsoME


  296. Veronica Coral says:

    Hi Cassey! ive been following your blog and your videos from the beginning of the year and ive gotta tell you i love it all! I had a baby a year ago and your videos have helped me out so much to get back in shape! thank you for all you do!

  297. Elaine Voon says:

    Hi, Cassie! I just love your videos! You definitely should do more videos with Davey Wavey! He’s just soooo cute! I love the way he said : “Let’s get our abs on!” LOL!!!!!

  298. I hate you. and by that I mean I FEEL the burn! Positivity is the key and the only reason I work out!

  299. Just do any of the videos, but do the modifications.

  300. Hi Cassey,

    Firstly, loving your workouts! I’ve only been doing Pilates for 3 months now, an have found your classes the best (motivationally and entertainment wise!).

    One query I have, are there any more intermediate pilates workouts you have or could do? Just as I’m finding the jump from beginners to the usual workouts a little tough ;)

    Most appreciated!

  301. Dearest Cassey,

    I should have written before, but better late than never. I just want to thank you so much for helping me get in shape for my wedding, and staying in shape ever since. Both my husband and I followed your awesome, quick but intense 10 minute workouts, and we both feel and look so much better.

    Here’s the thing, though: I got pregnant, and I kept doing your exercises throughout the first trimester (with doctor’s approval and encouragement). However, now I’m in my second trimester, and it’s not recommended to lay on your back anymore…which pretty much kills all the ab moves.

    So I was wondering, would you be so kind as to make a mom-to-be Blogilates video (or more than one, why not!) that I could keep doing throughout the rest of my pregnancy?

    Many thanks for everything you do, you are the best Pilates instructor ever, I stuck with your classes for almost two years now, which is an incredible achievement for me. Thank you for helping us stay healthy and motivated!

    All the best,

  302. I can’t find Lower Belly Pooch Attack Part 1. Any advice?

  303. ur welcome!

  304. christina says:

    Hello, Cassey :) I love all your videos and your upbeat attitude. You totally rock. Thank you!!!

  305. When I do the roll-ups (like at the start of the beginner video) my legs come up off the floor. They always have, anytime I do something like that, even when my abs are fairly strong. What’s up with that?

  306. hey cassey–
    love tour workouts! i’m doing bellydancing/zumba as a form of my cardio (to get rid of that stubborn bellly fat)– but– could you please make some videos that target not only all of the abs, but the back as well…

  307. Anna Gagnon says:

    Few questions…

    How many videos do you recommend per day to do to start seeing results?
    Also, should I do the same one over again, or do a different one?

  308. Thank you Cassey! Finding these videos on YouTube (followed by your website) was a blessing. It is amazing to have access to something inspiring and effective that is free. I have two young (amazing) children and a full-time job. Ever since I found you, I’ve worked out with you 5-7 times a week. I have already lost five pounds but most importantly I have more energy and feel stronger and sexier. Thanks for keeping these videos accessible. Seriously, thank you!

  309. OMG! Davey Wavey is soooo CUTE! Did you notice his beautiful skin? How GORGEOUS! I’ve never seen someone so beautiful! You DEFINITELY need to do more videos with him :) I think he is such an inspiration to those who are lucky to be around him. Go Davey! :)

  310. it’s your diet! try the foods on the 90 day plan!

  311. Hi Cassey,
    A couple of months ago I discovered your YouTube channel and I’ve been addicted ever since. :)
    I’ve always been skinny, but now I’m finally feeling strong and healthy. I started Pilates just as cross training for days when I wasn’t running, but because of my extensive running training I dropped lots and lots of weight too fast, so my doctor and parents have banned me from cardio workouts until I gain a couple pounds. Pop Pilates have been my savior, I’m sure I would have gone insane with boredom if it weren’t for your awesome challenging videos.
    But lately something started to concern me. I’ve got a nice set of hard abs now from doing your videos, but they bulge out. Like, a lot. My whole abdomen area looks bulky and bloated all the time. It looks like flab, but it’s really all chunky muscle. It’s terrible because I have these eating hipbones and toned, long legs and skinny arms, but my stomach bulges like crazy. Am I doing my ab exercises wrong? I’ve added the corset and waist-cinching videos to my daily workout recently to see if it helps. Should I stop Pilates for a while? Or maybe I should take up yoga or something? Do you have any tips for me to flatten up?

  312. Mhhmmm! I LOVE AB workouts and yours ROCK! I would say abs and butt are my favorite to do :)
    However, I do agree. No matter how hard I try not to use my neck (not just now, but even with other exercises I did before) I still strain it a lot. I find it hard NOT to use it, especially when exhaling. (They seem to just automatically start working) Tips on how to avoid this? I’ve tried just lifting with my abs… but I can’t seem to let go of my neck.

  313. use ur abs to pull, not your neck!

  314. Hi! I’m starting to do more of your videos, but I keep coming across a problem with straining my neck whenever I do crunches and things like that. I can’t do your Abominable Abdominals video because of that, any tips?

  315. I have ben doing 3 workouts 4 times a week with running and my body has become so toned! Thank you so much! Also, a good song to try is Inna-10 minutes and Pitbull ft.T-pain- Shake Senora! great workout music! :)

  316. I just want to say that I absolutely love your workouts! They are difficult, but they teach great endurance. I’m also in love with your Ogorgeous site. Much love!

  317. use your abs to lift up higher!

  318. Courtney Kessel says:

    Hi Cassey! I love your workouts and I’m already beginning to see improvements in my strength! I do have one concern however–whenever I enter the pilates stance, it puts a lot of strain on my neck! I was wondering what I was doing wrong and what I could do to fix it? Thanks a bunch!

  319. Yep I’ve done it a few times now! Love it! Thanks! x

  320. Hi! Where is the schedule? I’m new here :)

    I’m really skinny and would like to have some more curves (everywhere) and defined muscles. Do you have any program for that?

    thanks! <3

  321. Did you try pop Pilates for beginner Ab time? Thatd be it!

  322. Hi Cassey!

    Much love all the way from Ireland! :) I love your videos but since I am only a beginner, I was wondering if there is some sort of sequence to follow where it starts a little easier but then gradually gets more difficult?

    Thanks a mill! :)

  323. Jen Sparkle says:

    I hate ab work, but this exercise was awesome. You are so positive and lovely that I don’t mind working out to you. This is my first class and I am about to to the oblique/muffintop next. As flight attendant, its nice to know I don’t have to leave my room to get fit!

    Thank you

  324. ok just did the abominable abdomianls and yes I’m sure tomorrow I will feel it..but felt so good to do:)

  325. Just attempted the Hot Abs workout and all I have to say is wow! That is one hard workout. Cannot wait to try it again and do better than this time. Thanks so much for allowing a student to stay fit while staying in her dorm <3

  326. By following the schedule I posted, you will not feel imbalanced since we hit all muscle groups.

  327. and also tell me that why other blog is necessary to make?
    n the diet plan is difficult for me

  328. plz cassey can you tell me , that these set of excerze will remain same for the whole 3 months. since i am beginner n i am bulky from lower body hips thighs so i feel difficulty in maintaing balance


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