1. Hi Cassey When I do the first exercise in the 5 Minute Ab Express Workout video my hips always crack when I straighten my legs. It’s not painful but it is annoying. What can I do to make that stop? Thanks.

  2. thanks for all the great help!!!! I love both you and your videos!!!! where did u get those adorable peas in pod from?

    • Stephanie says:

      They are from Toy Story 3 and you can find them at any Disney store or online :) I love those guys.

  3. Now we have no access to Youtube in Turkey. The government has shut it down today and God knows when we’ll have it again :/ Cassey, you should post your videos through other means, too.

    • That is so sad to hear, Ciler. I really feel for you and all the turkish people who have to suffer under the rule of Erdogan.First twitter, now youtube. I wonder whats next. Cassey has some workout plans here on her site which you can print out and do without youtube. I know its not the same as doing the videos with her, but at least a way to stay fit until youtube will be up again. Stay strong! Much love from Germany!

      • Thanx Cas. It’s really nice to hear people like you who watch us out there. Now we have found some connection tricks and I’m afraid that soon we’ll all be internet experts here..thanks to the site-unblocking programs, I can follow her videos cause it’s really much more motivating to do it with her. shes amazing..love from Turkey :)

  4. is it ok if I put something small that’s soft underneath the arch of my back when I do ab exercises? because my lower back always hurts when I do them. but is it ok if my lower back hurts? I try to keep it rounded into the ground but it always starts to arch.

    • Yeah, Cassey actually says in a few of her ab videos that if you can’t keep your back on the ground all the time (I’m guilty!) you can put something under your back to support it until the abdominal muscles are strong enough. :D

  5. Adriana Frey-Ortega says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I started following you about a year ago, and since my friend introduced me to your workouts I have been hooked! I admit, I don’t workout everyday, but when I do, I make sure its good hard workout, and I do my best to eat healthy. Since practicing with you through your workout videos, I have lost over 16 lbs., I have become stronger and leaner in areas that have always been difficult for me. And overall I just feel great about myself, which is also new for me. I wish that I had taken before and after photos to share, but I didn’t. Keep up the awesome work you do, you are such an inspiration for me and so many others!
    Thank you,

  6. What about an INTERNATIONAL tour? Popsters all over the world love you Cassey! Thanks for everything :)

  7. Lauren Ruffin says:

    This was my very first work out video and it kicked my ass, but I know it’s going to be worth for this is the first day to everyday.

    P.S. I did this video twice

  8. my abs and legs are going to be SOOOO sore tomorrow!! Just did 2 videos and I already felt the burn with just those!!

  9. Gabbrielle says:

    I have been doing a lot of your ab workouts but after a little while i don’t feel anything!

  10. I just did the Victoria Secret Work out and this is my first time on this page! And I love it so far! But is it normal that my back hurts during the work out?

  11. Desiree Lilley says:

    love love love abs on fire!! whooped my butt :) i love the burn! #beastmode #don’tquit

  12. Hey Cassey, this is not quite the same as you but when I eat dark chocolate I sneeze haha weird right?

  13. hey, i’d like to know your opinions. if I go for the “5 min workout” type, should I keep it focused?
    I mean, should I do 5 mins *abs* workout or 5 mins general workout (whole body).

  14. Hi, after reading this awesome article i am as well happy to share my experience here with mates.

  15. 8 minute abs is my absolute favorite ab workout of yours!

  16. Great workout. Thank you!

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  18. Eagle abs kill me!!!!! I love the burn though! Thanks Cassie :)

  19. i have really enjoyed these workouts. They have helped me to lose 13 pounds! I actually was reading the story about how Ke$ha’s doctor called her fat and how Jennifer Lawrence is not willing to starve herself to lose weight and I liked how she was staying strong to her beliefs. I also like how u, Cassie, look because it inspired me to do the workouts because u don’t look like every other trainer. All these other trainers look buff and have ripped abs and it discouraged me because being honest i knew i could never look like that but you look healthy and ur confident and that it all that i wanted. So thanks for the videos keep it up!:)

  20. Shristy Khatri says:

    I m going to start from tomorrow as i saw this calender jus now … so sud i follow the calender or sud i change the plan for jan 5th??
    can anyone help me please

    • I would say start from the 5th, that way you will have completed the calendar as everyone else can start from the first day for next months calendar :)

  21. You killed me today!! I’m starting to workout again and decided to try and man I’m so ready by the end of the week to get through the whole workout!! My son of 2 years was trying to do the workout with me.

  22. Beatrice Fitzsimons says:

    Why does the Starfish kill my glutes??

  23. This is by far one of my fav vids that you do. It was my personal goal to get through the last exercise without dropping to my knees and I finally was able to today! ^_____^

    Though out of curiosity, does anyone else have trouble with their feet slipping in the last exercise. I’ve tried it on the mat without socks, with shoes (I’ve got carpet), and even with shoes on one of my older mats…. and still i’m constantly having to readjust my feet. Just wondering.

  24. Hey Cassey!

    For all my workouts as a runner, I’m used to feeling pain. Doing these videos also brings pain (this is all good pain btw) and something that gets me through all of it is a little saying that refloats to the surface of my thinking during the hard parts and that is FATIGUE IS CHANGE. so when we feel tired, weak and in pain during these videos and workouts, that means we are changing our bodies, and building them up to be stronger and better in the future. Thank you for the all the awesome and hard work you put in.

  25. Good abb workouts but it kills my neck when eve i do one. can you make some that don’t involve raised heads but are just as hard? and a whole arm workout. I prefer only 3 specific videos.

  26. The germans are so freakin stupid! :-( I can’t look all your videos because there are some songs in these videos that are forbidden in germany or sth -_- it’s so unfair!

    • Try the Proxy-Tube Add-On for Firefox /Chrome. You can watch the videos then. :)
      - (Warum antworte ich auf Englisch?! :D)

  27. I would love to know where you got the matching chaise and sofa! I have been dying to find something that looks just like it.

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  29. Hey Cassie,
    If I particularly wanted to loose quite a lot of belly fat for an event coming up in about a month, which videos would you recommend, and are there any suggestions on what I should eat or do to see results fast? No matter what it is, I really want to see results in a short amount of time.
    Thank you so much for your videos!!

    • Hi Laila
      You can’t target spots of your body to lose fat unfortunately :(
      The way for you to lose fat all over is working out (cardio and strength) and eating clean.
      good luck!

  30. Sinead Van Dreese says:

    should your abs really hurt the next day after doing the abs on fire video?

  31. Omg I died haha.

  32. sorry *poping

  33. has nyone else fond that the veins (or joiints or domething like that) feel like they are pooping or cracking when they do any excersie?

    • yep! it just means you’re not as flexible, but that will only be temporary :)

      • Im pretty sure it means not having enough oxygen circulating throughout your body. It happens to everyone when they are really giving off energy :) That means u are working hard!

  34. This is my favourite workout exercise *-*
    love you Cassey!

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  36. I HAVE NEVER SWEATED SO MUCH IN MY LIFE!! What an intense workout! Loved it! I hope I can actually do the moves the whole way next time. Thanks, Cassey! :)

  37. I have had a serious problem since I have been a child. I have love handles that are disproportionate to my body. I am a small woman, about 115 5″3 but all my weight is in my sides. I literally have to wear fat suckers because they hang over my pants. After having two children I feel like my problem area will never go away. I have been subscribed to your calendar for acouple months, but I always overlooked it. Im tired of the body I am in and Im ready to be health and to see change. Is there any specific videos you suggest? Eating plans? Thank You

  38. heyy, my stomach isn’t flat, and i was wondering which video i should do to get a flat one..

    thanks xx

  39. I love your videos! I just wanted to say that my abs are always on fire! I have to watch your videos about 3-5 times because every time I watch I start laughing at some of the things you say, which makes me lose where I’m at in the video.(& lose weight! down 3 lbs since I discovered you which was 3 weeks ago) But it’s ok because I’m still getting a great workout! So thanks!

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  41. I am happy that i am one of the visitor of this site..Major thanks for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

  42. I love your videos, but I think I might be doing something wrong. About half way through the first exercise, the side of my hip started to hurt. It got so bad that I had to stop several times. The same thing start to happen during the lower ab exercises, except this time, it was both sides of my hip. Do you have any tips on how I could correct my form so that I’m not experiencing this?

  43. Tatyana Tools says:

    Hello, I was not able to find Blogilates app. May be it has a different name or no longer available ?
    Thank you,


    • Do you have a phone that’s not an iphone? The app is only developed for apple right now which sucks because I have android and I really want this app.

  44. Laura-Elizabeth says:

    Heyyy Cassey!
    Love love love your videos, recipes and meal plans! You’re just the best! Quick question though… Can you make a new obliques video? I’m crushing obliques this next month and could use some extra motivation from the best motivator around!! Thanks girl! You rock! Keep smiling–and sweating xoxo

  45. I just started on the Miley cryus ABS WORKOUT LIKE an hour 3 TIMES AWEEK… its so hard ⊙●⊙ but I love it cheer for me and wish me luck ps… I love blogilates its something I never seen its soo different in a GREAT WAY keep doing what u love and good at cassy *.*!!!

  46. Hi Cassey! I love you workouts, especially the on fire series. I do, however, have a badddd lower back, and I’m finding many of your ab workouts to be strenuous on the lower back. Any advice as to how I could avoid this? Thank you! Your workouts are amazing!

  47. ThisKills says:

    My hands hurt so much when doing planks! any suggestions?

    • Desiree Lilley says:

      you can do them on your forearms…do a plank as if you were doing them on your hands but come down to your forearms


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