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  1. Hey cassey i’m waseqa , age 14 i became 60 kgs which is alot for my weight i have eating disorder and i want to loose 15 kgs in 2months could you please help!

  2. Hi Casey im Melanie im 10 i watch your videos every single day . I try to do watch and do 5 workouts a day . I HOPE TO MEAT YOU ONE DAY :)

  3. Hi my name is Alex and I’m 15 . I tried your abb and thigh workouts yesterday on YouTube and can feel it working. My abbdominal is tighter ( a little sore too ) and it feels great, I’m for sure going to keep going! Thanks for your great work! 💗

  4. Hi Cassey
    I have no idea if you will ever read this but I am in real need of advice.
    To begin, I love fitness and when my younger brother recommended pop pilates I was sceptical at first. I thought how can you stay toned and strong by doing a few downward dogs and roll ups. Then I gave it a go and I loved it!!!
    I began to see so many changes in my body, muscle definition that I thought I could never achieve!
    I began working out five days a week instead of three. I wanted THE body. We all know THE body. Big chest,small waist, round perky butt.
    In my drive for perfection I lost sight of what was important and admirable about MY body. I began to eat healthier but less, much less.
    By week twelve I was exhausted. I was not fueling my body and this took a toll on my health a big toll.
    I woke up one morning and my heart was racing. I felt like I had run 5k just trying to get out of bed. My husband rushed me to the ER. He was terrified
    I had numerous test done. The results showed that my phosphate levels where extremely low. This can effect heart function. It is also very common in people with eating disorders.
    I was stunned. To me a person with an eating disorder looked emaciated and unhealthy. I looked lean and defined but definitely not skinny!!!
    I was shocked and scared. I really did not want my lifestyle to have such a negative impact on my body. The reason I worked out and ate they way I did was to be healthy but I ended up sick and unsatisfied instead.
    It was recommended that I take a break so I did. Now I’m a few pounds heavier but happier.
    The problem is I love pop pilates and really want to start again, but I’m afraid that exercise and diet will take over my life again and push everything else out.
    I know you are not a psychologist or a counsellor but I was just wondering if you can recommend a way (maybe a book a certain diet)I can stay fit and healthy without hurting myself unknowingly?
    Thank you so much Cassey!! You are an inspiration and an ideal xxxx

    • Hey, I am not Cassey but I read your comment and will do my best to help i guess? (I am not a psychologist either btw)

      The only thing I can advise to I guess is the typical “eat when you are hungry” thing. Like for example, if I get up really early and do a pop-pilates workout and then go for a run, I usually have second breakfast when I get back, because from burning all that in two hours (ish) I’m hungry again. You can still eat healthy. Have the wrap with peanut butter strawberry ect. first, maybe porridge after, as this fills you up longer and you can do more the rest of the day. Eating healthy doesn’t neccesarily mean less. You can have fish and veggies as a nice dinner, that’s fine! peckish? don’t starv yourself, have an apple or a small meal!

      Also you can try following the calendar and if you start feeling exhausted again take another break from it :)

      And always remeber to treat yourself a bit :))

      Sorry for my kind of shitty English, I coudn’t be bothered to proof-read :P

      Hope you find a solution anyway! xxx

  5. Hey,

    SO excited to start the 90 day meal plan and workout with you! I have a questions regarding the eating every 3-4 hours. I work 9-5 and workout after work (5:30-6:30pm). Looks like I may have to add an extra snack in to fuel myself after the workout. I can’t hold out from lunch at 12pm (meal 3) to postwork out (meal 4) at 6:30pm. Can you help me move stuff around? OR, should I just wait an hour to eat dinner after working out?

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