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  1. Hey Cassie :)
    I’ve really been trying hard to stick to the workout calendar. My next step was to create a consistent meal plan. I’m really confused on how to create one. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  2. I ordered the detox water bottles and I checkout as a guest at the end of checking out it said to check your email and I did but, the Email from the prodcut never came in. If I typed my email wrong and checked out as a guest how am I able to check. Will it still come? I checked my order history where I can see what I bought and it was on there but, I don’t know if it will come. Another problem is I’m starting to have craving and it won’t stop. I really don’t want to be fat again. Plz help I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

  3. Hi I am a beginner at this new Pilates thing and I love you channel and just got a 4 week beginner plan and starting today , do you have any tips and is the the weekly newsletter really free !

  4. what happened to

  5. Hi Cassy!
    I only recently came across your blog but have found it super inspiring! Is there any chance we can get the detox bottles in the UK? I’m dying to get one but can’t find any online!
    Thanks x

  6. Naomi Cruz says:

    Hey Cassey! So I’ve been doing Blogilates for almost a month now, and so far I’ve had SO much fun! Your positive attitude keeps me wanting to push harder and continue doing Blogilates! Now, I’m wanting to do better by eating healthier, however the problem is being a college student who doesn’t have a car and limited money, I struggle having a consistent meal plan that is healthier. It seems like every time I go to the cafeteria all I see is refined carbs and the only thing that is considered “healthy” is salad and fruit (and that can get boring really fast, I’ve done it before). So is there maybe an alternate way to eat healthier while I’m in college? Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    xo Naomi Cruz

  7. Carolina Siara says:

    Hi Cassey,
    Is it possible to lose 2 inches off my waist within 20 days if i train everyday ? What workout should I do?
    Thanks :)

  8. I ordered your book in February and I got it a few weeks ago, but I never got the tote bag. Did you run out or something? I’d really like my tote bag, they look so cute! I really hope you see this, Cassey! I love you, you’ve helped me so much to accept myself and I love your book. Thank you so much!

    • Me too! Never got the bag even though I got the email saying it was coming….

      • Michelle says:

        Yep me too! I never got the tote bag but I still have the email confirmation. :/ Oh well either way I love the book! :D

  9. Louisa says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I’m new to Blogilates, but could you create a way for people to search for recipes based on dietary restrictions? I am lactose intolerant and I would like to be able to quickly find all of your recipes that are dairy-free. I know many other people are gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and such and I would like it if there could be a way on your website or your app or both to have categories that sorted your recipes.
    I’ve just joined Blogilates today and I’m excited to start working out over the summer to stay in shape for going back to college.
    Louisa ^_^

  10. Rebecca says:

    Hi Cassey!

    Ive been following you for a while but have just built up the strengh to follow your monthly calendars!
    So far so good. Very excited for the end result!!!!
    I noticed this month however that you didn’t make a 30 day challenge.. :( Is there any chance you can make a new 30 day challenge for our obliques!?! Please please!

    Hope to hear back from you :)
    Rebecca xoxo

  11. Jennifer says:

    hello! i got the blogilates iPhone app and started to use it today. yikes. i’m very out of shape (44yo, over 200lbs, trying to get in shape). i am trying to follow the videos but peter out pretty quickly. advice? i don’t want to get frustrated and give up (my history). should i go back again later and try again? i know i did not do everything in the video.

  12. Sarah Wiley says:


    I love your videos! I have been doing them for a while now. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my first child and want to continue to work out. Is there any chance that you can make some pregnancy videos for pregnancies in the third trimester? I would love it! Thanks,


    • Melissa says:

      I’m 23 weeks pregnant and I’m really curious about the same thing!! Have you heard anything back?

  13. Is there a blogilates app for android ??? cuz I can’t find it PLZZZ HELP !!!!!!

  14. Hey Casey!

    I absolutely love your videos and merchandise! And as we all know, Summer is coming our way (which means Bikini season!) So I’ve been meaning to follow a couple of your videos to shed some weight and tone up, however, I recently got a fractured ankle playing a couple sports. So I was hoping that you could consider making some videos to facilitate injuries such as mine. This would be very helpful! My ankle has gotten a lot better and I’m able to walk around on it, however, putting to much pressure on it could cause further damage. Any advice you would give me would be greatly appreciated (as well as anyone else’s from the community) and I hope to hear from you soon!


  15. Hey Casey!
    I am an absolute fan of your videos and merchandise! I’m starting to revisit the bikini season workouts again, Haha. (Because Summers on its way!) However, I recently fractured my ankle through playing a couple sports, and I was hoping you could consider doing workout videos that would facilitate all sorts of injuries so that other people like me could stay fit. I’m also hoping to strengthen my ankle as well, however, putting too much pressure on it can cause further damage. I’ll appreciate any advice you would give to me (or anyone else from the community) and I hope to hear from you very soon :D
    Thank you for all the videos and taking your time to read this,

  16. Shannon Bates says:

    Hey Cassey :-)
    I have to be one of the biggest fans of yours! I am so hooked on blogilates and absolutely have to workout with you every day! I love pilates and I think your workouts are awesome. I have watched the perfect body and also the video about body shaming. I have always had a body image problem and I think it is so cool that you put those videos out there. It takes GUTS to do what you did even though there were unpleasant people to deal with. I love you and your videos:-) keep it up! Oh can i make a request? Can you make some more videos with the power ring? I loved those! Shannon

  17. Hi Cassey! Can you suggest me your top 10 videos to help me lose weight? I’ll download it right away. Thank you! Your blog really helps and motivates me! Keep it up sis!

  18. hey Cassey, will your dream it do it water bottles be coming back?

  19. Casie Robbertse says:

    Good day.

    I’m very skinny and to gain weight isn’t easy at all, but I desperately want to have a fit body and I was just wondering if I start this exercises will I lose any weight?

    • Bethany says:

      Hi there, if you have a hard time gaining weight you should do what wrestlers do to “bulk up”. They just eat a lot of protein and other stuff to pack on muscle. If you’re afraid of getting skinny just make protein a big deal in your diet. It takes a lot of meat, and protein powder (protein powder smoothies are awesome, really nice texture), along with your veggies and good carbs. I had a friend who had this problem in high school, she was lucky, all she had to do was eat more. Being active helps no matter what your body type!

  20. Hi Cassey, I have emailed you about this too, but today I came across this horrible person commenting horribly about the work you do on youtube !!!!!
    You should definitely reply to this idiot and show him what it all means . His youtube account is called ‘durianrider’
    If you type the following in youtube you will see.
    ‘Blogilates Perfect Body Review’

    Kind regards,
    Your dearest fan,

  21. Hey there Cassey,

    I’ve been following blogilates for over a year now, and I find it fun and helpful, but I was wondering if you had any analogous workout sites for men. My boyfriend does not have the time or desire to go to the gym everyday and get ripped, but he would like to exercise at home more, and definitely eat healthier. P90x and Insanity are not for him, but he has always struggled with his weight. Any suggestions?

  22. I’m looking for a 10-15 (ish) minute morning routine and a night time routine that centers around stretching/yoga/pilates. Do you have something like that? I am NOT a morning person and would like a simple “wake up and stretch to start the day” type of thing, and then a more relaxing routine to do before bed. I found you because of your video about cyberbullying and photoshop and loved it. I think you’re great and like that you are a natural beauty who doesn’t try to push people to attain some awkward, unnatural, unattainable figure.

  23. Hi, My husband lost my water detox bottle with the time remeinder on the side of the bottle and i tried to order another one and can not find them anywhere. Where can I get another one?
    Thanks Sarah

  24. I think you doing a great job saw your new video shared it and think you look beautifu. It’s important that girls all over the world understand that everybody has a different body shape and genes and not to judge someone by there looks.

  25. Hey Cassey!

    My brother is getting married this August, and I’m a bridesmaid. I really need to slim down because I gained quite a bit of weight through the winter (oopsi!). I’ve been doing your videos for a few days now, and I’m just wondering if you have any advice on how to slim down super quickly?? I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you so much!
    ~Meg :)

  26. Lillie Nevills says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I was thinking about starting a fitness channel on youtube and i was wondering if I needed to be certified now for that to happen, or can I just go at it and become certified in the next year or so? Thanks so much!

  27. Hi Cassey! :)

    I went to order of one of the new detox water bottles with the times on the back yesterday and I couldn’t find them on the site anywhere! I was just wondering if they’re just out of stock right now or if you are going to be having any more in??


  28. one thing please do not post my message on your site or anywhere it was meant to reach you only.

  29. hi cassey I am a completely newbie to your work outs. you must be tiered of hearing it but yes I love them and you are amazing. I hope you can pardon my english mistakes as I am sort of new immigrant and still in process of learning english. I have started your work outs but my troubled parts are stomach, chest,shoulders and face. my arms and legs are the last one to gain weight and first one to loose. I have read your disclaimer and all but can’t resist to ask for your opinion or suggestion on which work out you will recommend that target upper body the most? I will be thankful to you forever if you can help me with that.

  30. Hello Cassey,

    I am new to Blogilates and I am very excited and motivated to start your programs. I am getting ready to start your 90 meal plan and I have a question. The fourth meal is the post work out meal, but my workout time is in the am from 4-5am. Should I have my post work out meal as my first meal?? I really do appreciate your help and I love your programs. I will be sharing my before and after for my first 30 days here soon. YAY! I appreciate any help you can give me, food is my hardest barrier. I know with your help and support. <3


  31. Cassey,

    I have been overweight my entire life and I have always been able to maintain my weight, but not lose or gain. I recently discovered your videos and signed up for the monthly calendars, however, I wanted to know about the diets. I am a college student and I honestly do not have the money to eat “clean” or even “healthy” really. By staying true to the workout calendar, do you think I will still be able to get great results?

    Thank you for your time and videos,


  32. Hello Cassey,

    I was so excited to finally receive my water bottle yesterday. I had been waiting for it for some time. Unfortunately it BROKE! I haven’t even used it. I was trying to put the part that holds the fruits and I guess while turning it clock wise a small piece of plastic broke off! I’ am really really disappointed not only because I didn’t even get to use it but it cost me a total of $22. including shipping :(

    I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!


  33. Hey Cassey!(:
    I’m such a fan and I absolutely love your videos and merchandise!! Thank you for everything and helping me believe that I’m worth more than instagram likes and how much weight I lose. Your latest #theperfectbody video made me cry so hard.
    Will you be restocking your hoodies and sweater collections on your shop! They are so gorgeous and I would be so proud to wear them out<3
    Hope to hear from you soon(:

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