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  1. Hello Casey!

    Found your channel the other week and have been inspired and have been doing a workout to kickstart my day. I love your upbeat personality and those 5 minutes fly by so fast when I’m working out with you. The only question I have is about how my hands are. For some reason I have a hard time laying my hands out on the floor for planks, push ups, and ect. My fingers cramp often leading me to curl my fingers. Any suggestions how to lessen that up or what it is? My bad hands aside keep up your amazing work and I love you!

  2. Claudia says:

    Hey Cassey.

    Just wanted to let you know that you are a huge inspiration to me. I was just wondering if I would experience any problems if I did all of the 30 day challenges over just one month. Like say, I wanted to do the July 2015 calender, whilst I do the Butt Challenge, and the Journey to the Splits, the Stretch project, etc., etc. at all the same time.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Tamara Thompson says:

    Hello! I’m quit upset about the quality of these infused bottles that I purchased last month. I spent like $42 bucks & my top is messed up where it leaks. Mind you, I’ve never dropped it at all, the plastic piece is not secure & is what’s causing it from leaking. Also, I wash these bottles daily & it seems like mold or something is developing around the inside of the top. I just purchased these in May. Can I get my money back or some new bottles.

  4. Hi Cassey! First of all I would like to tell you I LOVE your abs Workout series. They kill me, and even though I don’t fell DOMS the days after the routines (And I really don’t know why ._.) , while doing those series I feel them every time. Anyway, I suffer from backache, and my trapezius is often contracted and it sometimes annoies me. Could you do some routine to relieve stress from that zone and to help me out with that pain? :) Thanks a lot. Sorry if I made some mistakes in writing this but I’m italian!

  5. Hi Cassey!!

    I was wondering if you had a specific video that targets all of the following: low back, abs(especially lower abs), under arms and inner thighs. I have had two back surgeries and the doctors say to work out my core and I am released to do Pilates. Because of the surgeries I am restricted on my range of motion ie I can’t bend over touch my toes or arch my back like before. So I was wondering if there are some modified workouts I can ease my way into that targets my core and low back plus areas I would also like to work on; inner thighs and underarms. I love your videos and your positivity! It always brings me to a smile and keeps me motivated! Thanks!!!

  6. HI CASSEY!!!!!!!!!!
    You are my inspiration for life… A few months ago I didn”t workout and I ate junk food all the time and I was always feeling bad… But one nice day I found out your youtube chanell and then blogilates webside and completly change my life. Your videos are so supportive and nice that I started working out, following your workot calendars, subscrite your chanell, like all of your videos, eat healthy and I already see the results… For me you are like Jennifer Lawrence or Beyonce… I would be sooooo happy if you write me back on my email because I have no website.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  7. I know you have so much information throughout your entire blog and you tube channel, not to mention the many other online accounts Blogilates has but I know that I, and ALOT of my friends would love a magazine! Half of it could be the usual food advice and the other could feature your line of clothing and apparel!

  8. Hi!!!

    I absolutely love the site, the recipes, the products, the workouts! Everything!
    Can you please do maybe a segment or a little series for working out during pregnancy! Maybe a post natal workout series to come in the future?

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