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  1. jessica rowland says:

    I think about you every time i hear this song

    “cassy o” by george ezraa

  2. Hi Cassey!
    Should I do cardio every day as well as the calendar workouts or is it not necessary? If anyone could let me know that’d be great.

  3. Hi, Casey and everyone!

    Can ANYONE at all PLEASE tell me what exercise Marilyn is doing in the right picture/page?

    I’ve also seen it here:

    and in a ton of Japanese media!

    What is this exercise? I really want to know how to do it correctly!

  4. Hi Cassey!
    Let me start out by saying you are truly inspirational! Your workout videos always put me in a great mood, even though it’s challenging but your enthusiasm keeps me going! This might be completely random, but I was wondering what your day to day schedule is like? i know you must be super busy with all that you’re involved in, but I was curious. Do you take time out of your day to workout for yourself when you’re not doing videos? How do you find the time to cook healthily when you have so many projects going on? As a college student I am always running from place to place so I was wondering how you make time to keep up with your lifestyle.

  5. Hi,
    I was wondering if you could recommend any ab exercises or variations for those with a bad back? I have some back problems and I am not able to do all of the workouts :(
    Thanks in advance !

  6. Where did the Blogilates Social Network go? I loved it! Will it be back?

  7. Thank you Cassie for making this beginner calendar. I’ still on the first week and already I can feel more flexibility and energy. You’re amazing, you make it fun and I love your personality.

  8. Makinleyrose Dooley says:

    hey, so I am 161.5 lbs right now and would love to get to 120 before February of 2015 I have 3 months to accomplish this goal, how and what is the best way to do it. I haven’t eaten any carbs on a regular basis and I have also been doing about 100 push ups and curl ups a night. i need to get some cardio in. What is the best way to lose about 41 pounds in 3 months. PLEASE HELP ME AND GIVE ME SOME SUGGEGESTIONS AND ANSWERS , IT WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED. SORRY FOR THE CAPS LOCK LOL MORE ATTENTION!:)

  9. Hello guys!

    I have following blogilates more or less for about 3 months now. I have not seen any like major results due to the fact that I have not been really following the meal plan strictly, as I should have. It is just that I am not places every 2-3 hours where I can grab food. The foods are not in school, and I do not have the things she lists most of the time. I am soon to be 17. So it is really hard for me to follow any of it at all. I have tried for a couple of days, and I just got headaches, because I did not eat reguarly because of I was always in mid lessons and such. I’m not allowed to eat in class. Also, I have been sick for over a week now. I am just now somewhat back to my normal self again. And I am trying to exercise again, even though it is really hard. Please, can somebody help me? I want to be those girls who have a before and after picture, where people just think WOW! I am doing this all by myself, and it is really hard to do things everyday since I have work and school. There can be a lot of stress in my life. Can somebody hep?

    • Hii Merve,

      You can do this! All you need is a little guidance and support, we all need it. I’d be happy to join you on your journey to a killer before & after picture. Let’s do it together!

      Does email work for ya?

  10. Keyanna Sutton says:

    Hey Cassie

    I am 17 years old and I just want to know how many sit ups and crunches should I do to get abs and how long does it take to get abs?

  11. Hey Cassey, hey girls,
    I have a problem. I’m 17 and because of a problem in my left arm I’m not allowed to strain my arm. So I don’t know what workout is the best for me, because most of the plans you can find online and here have a huge part on arms and that really hurts.
    I would be very thankful if there is somebody out there who could help me.
    Thanks in regards

    • Hi Alicia. My case is similar to yours. I’ve erbs palsy on my right arm which hinders the amount of arms exercises (and even push-ups, planks, etc.) that I can do. I’ve asked several fitness instructors as to how I can exercise with this condition. ALL OF THEM said that I do whatever is comfortable for me, but I still have to keep trying, but to a suitable limit.

      So, do the exercises, but don’t force yourself too hard till you hurt yourself. Just do it enough that it’s challenging.

  12. Hello sunshine ,
    cassy you r an amazing person ,I’m always too tired to workout ,but do you know what’s motivate me ?
    your smile , your amazing spirit , love your chat with us while working out , please keep it up and wish you all the best .
    by the way , I don’t need a working out gear ,but I will order some of your designs because I love you :)

  13. Hi Ladies! I need a kick up the butt!I’m 43 years old and I used to be pretty fit and strong. I used to be a Chinese Lion Dancer and advanced kung fu student plus I did weight training. ANyway I was diagnosed with 2 slipped discs and told to not exercise and then after that I was scared to do anything for the fear of making it worse.So this was afew years ago and I’m better but I can’t run and my hips and knees are feeling the affect from being the heaviest I’ve been for a long time more or less 80 kilos.

    The thing is I have become the person I used to berate for being overweight,eating bad food and being depressed.I have lost weight recently thanks to pop pilates and zumba but dueto a stressful l.ife the last few years as soon as I get ill, I’m ill for about 3 weeks and then I can’t find the motivation to start again and this is not like the old me.I trained every Sunday for 3 hours for 2 years in advanced Kung Fu plus Lion Dancing on top. I don’t know if it’s my stressful job Teaching and how stressed I am affecting me or If I have used up my quota of fitness for life! lol I feel lost I really do and I hate not having the willpower to stop eating crap which I know is not doing me any good.Am I pushing myself too hard everytime I get ill i.e I get ill,eat crap and then go OTT when I start again? Any ideas are welcome as I want to change from the inside out and thank you for any advice will be appreciated.

    • Hi Leanne,

      I am Katie and I know how you feel. It’s like you don’t have the motivation to workout anymore. TOTALLY THERE AS WELL.

      First thing is first, I am a chiropractic assistant and one thing I have learned from working for Chiropractors is that there is no such thing as a slipped disc. You might have a herniated disc (The disc is being squished by the two vertibrae), and that might be causing a lot of problems. I would actually recommend a chiropractor. Find one that can help your extremities (knees, fingers, ankles, feet, elbows, etc.) and also find one that will take an x-ray of your spine :)

      For the working out part……I think it’s important to find balance. Instead of working out/training for 3 hours, only do 30 minutes to an hour, 4-5 times a week for starters :) Make sure to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water every day, get 7-9 hours of sleep, and eat clean :)

  14. Hey everyone, I NEED URGENT HELP!!
    Im 16, fit, and athletic BUT I still have a small pooch with a line underneath it. Im skinny too so it confuses me as to why i still have it. I have been doing Cassey’s videos every single day since the middle of August, while running and working out because of Lacrosse. If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of that pooch line, PLEASE TELL ME!! I’ll take anything i can get but only natural ways :)!

  15. Hey Ladies I need help!!!! I work every single day between my two jobs. I have noticed my health going down hill. my one job we are so short of people I wont get a day off for a long while. I have a hard time finding the strength and time to workout. if I do have time I am so exhausted that I don’t want to do anything. I also don’t want to wake up very early and do my workout at 6 am because I desperately need my sleep. what can I do to get back in the game and start feeling good about myself and start looking good?

    • Hi Hailey! I have felt your pain in the past, until my husband got a better job and I was able to quit mine, I was in the same boat. I learned that extensive planning in those situations is everything. I have a Franklin daily planner and I schedule everything in my life in it. It got so intense at one point that I was Scheduling when to get up and shower, when to eat, and when to workout. Even if you have to be that scheduled, at least you can still fit it in. Also try adding in some B12, Vitamin C or iron for energy. I got the supplement called FerroFood that has all three and wow it made a difference in my energy, even when I was pooped! Hope that helps a little bit!

  16. Hey Cassey, can you make a calender were it is what you are going to eat every day! that would helped me much! Love you! you are helping me so much! :)

  17. Hey Cassey I was on Pinterest and saw a website for cheap Nike shoes!! I thought of you when I was checking the site out and thought you would like it. Happy shopping:)
    Have a great day,

  18. Hi Cassey,

    Firstly, I have to say that I love your posts. I used to do many of your workouts and they are very great, especially for a beginning like myself.

    I would really love, though, for you to shed a little more light for those of us dealing with personal body image issues. Even though you don’t mean to, a lot of your videos focus on the idea of trimming down and sculpting your body, and although that is very awesome, I’d really love for people out there to learn a thing or two about what it might be like for those of us with disordered eating issues. As a recovering anorexic-turned-bulimic/compulsive eater, I know that the tendency for those with eating disorders is to go to your website. And even if that’s not your target audience, a lot of young girls/boys who are struggling with these issues use your blog as a means to achieve what they perceive to be the perfect weight/body shape. Because of that, I think that if you happen to write something to address these ideas, it’ll get through to so many people.

    I hope you consider it!

  19. Hi Cassie-

    Can you PLEASE make a bra bulge toning moves video? It is a very problematic area that I have been having trouble toning despite doing regular cardio, pilates and dieting.

  20. Hi Cassey,
    Just a note to say I have been teaching your videos as a class for around 4 years now at the university of North Dakota in grand forks nd. Something special about my situation is that I am actually physically disabled. I have right hemi parisis, basically symptoms of a stroke without the stroke. Because of my physical challenges, I teach by video. …I have studied Pilates and your videos of pop Pilates and I have come up with ladder system of skills, between beginners and intermediates and advanced, which you so kindly demonstrate for the class! It has been so successful. I wish I had a beginning and after photo for you from me! I don’t have much but wondering if you would ever consider coming to my class to teach one day! We would love to have you!

  21. Hi Casey ! I have been doing the beginner workout. It’s my second week which I have completed. I just have one problem I have notice that I have cellulite at my bottom and my thigh and it doesn’t look pretty at all. Is there any treatment or exercise for that. I’ll be waiting for your reply. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  22. Hey Cassey!
    I need an workout that will help my butt!!! i need to define and lift my Gluteal Fold. I started eating better and doing yoga and working out to your videos (which are AMAZING) and i lost it! Please help me get it back!!! Cant wait to hear which video will be best for my butt!
    Thanks Girlie :)

  23. Eman Ahmed says:

    Hey cassy
    I would like to take ur advice about working out specially that I am a new mum….I delivered my baby about 1 month ago.. should I workout like before I got pregnant?
    Please give some advices that will help me to lose the baby weight
    Thank you in advance…

  24. Hello Cassie,

    I know you read this all the time, but I love you and your workouts! A-MA-ZING!
    I have a really bad case of lordosis, and so I can’t do some exercises. I was wondering if you could do a Pilates Ball workout for us who can’t do all tipes of movements. This can really help to improve core without hurting.


  25. Hello Casey,
    I was wondering if you could recommend which videos would be best for prenatal workouts. Seeing as you have sooo many women following you and watching your videos. I think it would be a really great to have that option in the mix. It is important for pregnant women to continue to be fit and healthy while pregnant.
    Thank you

  26. Can you show your BB pin?

  27. Hi I was wondering if you deliver to the Channel Islands as I really would like the DVD


  28. Hi Cassey

    I noticed before on your FAQ page you talked about the myfitnesspal app and what we could put your videos under in the exercise section. It’s not showing up when I click on it. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me? If anyone remembers what they were thatd be great


  29. Hello! I was wondering if Casey or even anyone anyone can help me out, I’m sure this questions been answered before but I can’t find anything about it. I want to lose weight and thin out; if I do the monthly calendars just like they are will that work for what I want? Or do I have to add cardio with that?

    • Hi Corinne! The monthly calenders incorporate cardio and a lot of Cassey’s pilates moves increase your heart rate so do act as cardio. For me, when I was first starting out the calenders were enough to help me lose some weight even when that wasn’t my goal. Since then I’ve started incorporating at least two days at the gym where I train with heavy weights and do intervals on the treadmill to ensure I don’t plateau but that’s a good year after I started pilates. In the beginning I personally found the calenders had enough cardio moves to aid weight loss. Building muscle also helps you burn calories throughout the day so I think the calenders are much better for sustainable weight loss than a simple cardio routine.

  30. Hi Cassey,
    I just started with POP Pilates two weeks ago and I can already see a difference. I don’t want to loose weight, I just want to get lean and toned and your workout plan really helps!
    Since about 6 months I’ve been trying to get lean and toned but it didn’t really work, even tough I always ate completely clean and worked out 5 times a week.
    Now with your workouts I see so much more progress than in the last 6 months! You’re such an inspiring person and I’m so thankfull to have someone who helps me with my own fitness journey.
    Thank you very much, Cassey!

  31. Marissa Nevel says:

    Hey Cassey, hope you are doing wonderful.
    I just wanted to ask if you would consider going back to multiple body parts targeted per day for the August 2014 workout calendar. As you know, sometimes we get busy and might miss an extra day here and there. I have found it much easier to stay in shape doing the workout calendars if multiple body parts are targeted throughout the week, such as your June calendar. That way, for example, If I miss the arms day, I’m not totally missing out on working my arms for the week if I know that it’s arms and abs twice a week instead of one arms day and one abs day.
    Anyways, your calendars are always awesome i’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!
    Thank you so much for all you do.

  32. Hi Cassey! You are awesome and I love your workouts! I just wonder about crossfit workout video, what are you think? ;) It would be great do this workout with you!

    Greetings from Poland <3 !

  33. Serrie V says:

    Hey Cassey,

    Hope you are doing well! I was wondering can you do a Bollywood music workout? Bollywood music is so energetic, lively, and AMAZING to work out to. [maybe it could be called Bollywood booty ;), Bollywood beauty, Bollywood total body workout?] I suggest songs from Yeh Jawaani Heh Diwaani, Student of the Year, or Main Tera Hero. It would be awesome if you could consider!


  34. Hello Cassey! I’m Laura, and I might be your youngest POPster. I’m 8 years old. Could you come to Cleveland, OH? I would really like to meet you and take a live class!!! If you come to Cleveland, could you do a healthy cooking show or a healthy snack tasting and a class? I want some healthy & yummy snack/meal ideas. Thank you Cassey!

  35. OH MY GOD CASSEY HAVE YOU SEEN THESE?! They are sweat activated sports wear which change what they say if you get sweaty enough! So awesome!!

    Also, love you! And please come back to London soon!
    from a london popster!
    meg xxxx

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