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  1. Hi Cassey!
    As the weather’s getting nicer outside, I realize that I need to lose some weight and fortunately I found your amazing website. I just wanted to know what you would recommend. I’m in high school and don’t have much time on my hands to exercise and it’s also difficult to eat clean :(
    Please give me some advice!!
    Thank you :)

  2. Hi Casey,

    I can’t follow the daily workout because my work takes most of my time during the weekdays. I do workout during the weekends though. Can you make a workout calendar for those like me? What can you suggest so that I can achieve the body that i want?

    • Me too! My schedule for the next 4-5 weeks will be 12 hrs a day, 6 days a week. UGH! I’m so exausted at the end of the day, and I have an office job so I don’t get to move around a lot. HELP!

  3. Hey Cassey!
    I haven’t started your workouts yet, but I am planning on it!
    I found out a few days ago that I’m going to Italy in July and I told myself that I have to get in really good shape before I go. I’ve been doing home works outs for a while now but I don’t really see any changes. I was wondering if your beginners workout calendar was good for shaping my legs/thighs? I really want to feel confident with the way I look and I was also wondering if I have time before July to get the body I want..

  4. Hi I`m a beginner and I`ve only been with you for 9 days. The first days I could really feel the burn, but not now, and I dont know what im doing wrong! I feel so bad! Even the “muffin top massacre” i didn’t feel that much right after… what am i doing wrong?
    I want to get rid of my muffintop but i cant since i dont feel anything…… HELP!

  5. Hey Cassey!! I’m a rather tiny girl with high metabolism but i have this big flat rump so i was wondering what kind of workouts i should do to shrink it down, lift, and tone those butt muscles?
    Thank you<3

  6. Hi Cassie,
    Please take down your “kegel alternative exercises” post on YouBeauty. Three of the five exercises you recommend are BAD for the pelvic floor! Someone can end up with pelvic prolapse or worsening an existing condition. Sorry, thanks.

  7. Hello Cassey :)
    I weigh 117 lbs,but I have a little muffintop , do I only do toning or do I mostly concentrate on cardio or both because it’s not a lot of fat just a little. I have a trip to catalina island in 2 weeks and I want to you know look good in a 2 piece :) and one more question my inner thighs are not were I want them to be it has some cellulite, are squats and cardio good to tone my inner thighs ? Thank you Cassey so much your videos they have helped me tremendously even though sometimes I feel like punching you or something because I am in pain , not gonna lie . But because of you I am going to look beautiful for prom , summer and for the Rest of my Life !!! Thank you cassey :) !! Thank you for being my personal trainer :)

  8. Dear Cassey Ho,

    Would you like to send me an autographed picture of you over to my home mailing address on delivery by mail, please? My home mailing address is 1758 West Brentwood Place in Anaheim, California USA 92804 & my name is Jonathan Myers. Thank you very much, Cassey & I love you!

    -Jonathan Myers

  9. Tatiana Gregoire says:

    Hi Cassey
    First off I have to say thank you for the amazing work that you are doing ! I love everything from the workouts to the recipes.
    My question is what workouts would be good for someone with an arch in their back. Sometimes when I’m doing an workouts I would feel a lot of tension in my back and feel like I’m not doing the workout right. So what should I do to adjust that or what workouts are best ?

  10. Hi Cassey!
    I don’t know if this is the right place to suggest ideas but I thought I’d try here. I am a student and two of my college classes are 5 hours long (EACH!) with very short breaks occasionally. I get really stiff sitting all that time, as well as tired, and it reminds me of how I feel sitting on a road trip. I loved your video for workouts to do while on the road, but in class it would be too distracting to everyone. Could you maybe suggest subtle stretches/movements that students sitting through a crazy long lecture can do? I think it would also help with concentration and not falling asleep!
    Thank you for all your videos they are AMAZING! Super sore all the time! :)

  11. hey cassey!! i was wondering if you could do more workout printables. also can they maybe be a little harder too because i for one, am on my schools track team and i have to do alot of exercizes and i want to be the track star this year so i wanted to know how to grow stronger? i do eat alot of food but its impossible to gain any weight im almost 15 and i weigh as much as my friends sister who is only 9 and she weight in the 60′s or 70′s and i need more body fat to gain some muscle mass. So if you could please right me back ASAP :) btw your website rocks :) thanks

    • Do the monthly calendars. One 10-15 minute video may not seem difficult but paired with 4 or 5 others adds up to a great workout — I’m almost always dying every time, and I’d say I’m in pretty good shape as a 26-year-old. Also, in many of her videos, she suggest ways to increase difficulty, such as adding weights or using her mini bands. Be sure you are using the proper body positioning. Sometimes a move can seem easy because our butts are too high or hips are not forward enough or shoulders aren’t away from our ears enough. Body positioning is very important, not only to get the most out of your workout, but also to prevent injury. Don’t worry so much about your weight now, you’re still growing and you’ll probably notice big changes over the next 5-10 years. Incorporate a healthy lifestyle and you should be fine. (: Good luck!

  12. Is it okay to not workout 6 days a week but to instead do more videos in one day and only workout for 4 days? EX. combine the videos scheduled for Friday and do them on Tuesday, along with the Tuesday videos?

  13. Hey Casey, I have been enjoying your vids for the past month. They have really helped me get through some tough times :). Recently I hurt my knee really bad because I din’t see where I was going :/ but I want to keep working out. Any suggestions of great work outs to do without having to put strain on my knee.

  14. Valerie says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Tomorrow I’m starting the beginners calendar, SO EXCITED!!! I do have one question.
    Every day before the workout video there is a particular exercise I have to do (burpees, hollow rocks, roll ups,…) Can someone tell me where I can find an example of these exercises? Cause I have no idea ;-)


    • I believe you can google them and most of it will show you! After doing blogilates for a while, it becomes easier to recognize the moves :D

  15. Cassey,

    Is the Twitter function working on your Blogilates app? Every time I try to log-in using Twitter, I get kicked out. I’ve tried tweeting you, but never heard back. Please respond. Thanks.

    • I have the exact same issue. I tweeted her about it and just now sent her an email. Hopefully it will be fixed! xx

  16. Hi Casey!
    I keep going on and off with your workout calendar but I can say that the past two weeks have been steady. But I do have a question for you or actually any other popster out there…In many of your videos when working on legs you have us point our toes going up and flexing going down. I was curious if there is a specific reason for that. Does it make the workout harder or is it just a preference of yours?

  17. Hi Cassey! I started a renewed weightless journey in January and I have been working regularly again. I call it a journey because I’m older and this time I am thinking about weightless from a fitness and lifelong change perspective instead of chasing the carrot of a target weight goal. It’s more about how I FEEL!! I was having trouble with my abdominal work because I am really heavy, more specifically in the midsection, so some of the traditional ab exercises hurt my lower back. I turned to your site to target the abs and really learn and embrace the lateral breathing and tightening techniques. I really feel the difference in my workouts now so I am continuing with your 28 day video series. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your fitness knowledge and experience with us. I’m a die hard fan and I’m letting all my blog followers know about your site!

  18. Hi Cassey! Yesterday I finished a 30 hour famine with my youth group to raise money for a tribe in Kenya. It was surprisingly easy to forget about our hunger when we were kept busy doing community service and stuff during the time but when it was over we ordered a ton of Italian food and sweets but our stomachs couldn’t handle it. I was wondering if you have any suggestions of what to eat before and after the famine for the next time I do it. Also I heard that you loose muscle before you lose fat and I got on the scale after and weighed less. I’m worried because I think I lost muscle weight that I worked so hard for. Do you know what it could be from.

  19. Cassie,

    I think you are a very inspirational person and am glad to have stumbling upon your website. I have been doing these videos for almost a year now. What I admire the most is your emphasis on loving your body, and being strong. So many young girls work out for all the wrong reasons, and I believe with the uplifting attitude you exude, their mindsets will begin to change. I hope you have a wonderful day, and keep doing what you’re doing!


  20. Hi Cassey ♥ Have you got a workouts for the Thigh gap because I hate my legs and I would like thigh gap .. Help me ! ♥

  21. Hi Casey –

    I came upon to your website and I like it so far … I just want to share my concern with youtube close captioned. It is not accurate 100% of the time because it is based on someone’s hearing and it is transcribed through the computer or something, so is there a way you can put closed captioned on your videos? IT would be awesome ….

    thank you!

  22. Hi Cassey,
    So last summer I got really into your videos, but then exam season came around so I hit a bit of a funk. I really really want to get motivated to get active and restart pilates but I can’t find any sort of oomph to do anything! I’m on a student budget and it’s driving me insane! Any tips you could give me would be so helpful!
    Jess xx

  23. Hi Cassie! I’ve been doing your pop pilates work outs for 3 weeks now and I am completely in love with them! But i have a question! Does pilates really tone and shape your bpdy whilst losing weight? What are the main purposes of doing pilates? I do 20 min cardio and an hour of pilates! (: so i guess my ian question is what are the main benefits and purpose of doing pilates? if anyone else knows, please answer (: thank you! ^^

  24. Hey Casey! I’m trying to get fit, and i’d love to do you videos. But I have a really, really weak core and literally can’t do most of them. Do you think you could make a video for straight up beginners? Please and thank you!

    • Hi Monica!

      Cassey actually has several videos specifically for beginners (go to the “Workout Videos” banner at the top of the page, mouse over “Series”, and you’ll find them). Also check out her beginners’ calendar! It’s a great transition into the longer and more intensive workouts on the regular calendar, and it’s not date-specific, so you can start it at any time and on any day of the week!

      Finally, the only way to build a strong core is to just keep practicing. Cassey almost always gives modifications, and you’ll learn others from her beginner videos; so pay attention to those and do the exercises to the best of your ability, and before long you won’t believe how strong you’ve become.

      Good luck!

  25. Hi Cassey,
    I’m following your Feb. calendar and love the challenge. Why aren’t the videos posted from Feb. 15 on? I love that you post them for us! it mkes it so easy!

  26. i love ur videos! im runner… well i want to be. and i would love to have a video for a runner and the song: r5-cant forget about you!

  27. Hi Cassey! Your work outs are awesome and have really helped me to get back in shape. I would love to do more cardio, but I don’t really have access to a gym. Do you have a sprinting regiment or some general outdoor running schedule I can follow? Thank you so much!

  28. Hey Cassey! I love your videos, and recipes! I am starting to eat clean and excercize regularly. I was wondering if you could do a cheap clean eats for a cocktail recipe?

  29. SARAH REESE says:

    HI love your videos, I have a desk job that requires me to sit all day. Can you do a video on desk exercises so that I can workout thru out the day?

  30. Hi cassey,
    I love your stuff, just found out im pregnant, so cant do your workouts im soooo upset:( just wondering if you could do like a pregnancy workouts, and or a postnatal workout for when im done. Much love samira xxxx

  31. Hi Cassey! I just wanted to let you know that I love your videos so much and that I made a cocktail inspired by you for youtuber month on my website! I linked everything back to you of course, because you’re the bomb! Keep up the awesome work!

  32. mariaelena says:

    hello! I’m new site! I signed up and I got the pass for the calendar beginners download them, but I wanted to see this too:
    Protected: Week 1 New Body Makeover Meal Plan, but after entering the password that I received by mail not show it to me! how can I do?
    a kiss

  33. Hey Cassey I was doing the broke hearted challenge and my inner thigh bone will pop or grind together as I kick out and come down, do you know why it does that??

  34. Maureen Whitcomb says:

    Hi Cassey!

    First off I want to say THANK YOU. Your workouts have changed the way I think about fitness and my capabilities. I am healthier and happier. I’m not sure if you have already done one but is there anyway you could do a leg workout to Daft Punk’s “Lose Yourself to Dance”? It’s such a great workout song.

    Thank you so much for everything!


    Cassey I`m doing you calender for the first time, but i dont get something.. do i have to do just the workout videos that you put or i have to the stretches videos too… (do i have to choose those or i dont need then, because i know you have to stretch before and after each workout), so what do i do???

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