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  1. Ashley Niemuth says:

    Dear Cassey,

    Like a few of the other people here, I preordered your book back in February and I received the book a week ago but still haven’t gotten the tote bag. What can we do to get the tote bag? I was really looking forward to it.

  2. Hi Cassey,

    Please help! I just joined your site and was confused about where I should begin? Should I start at the beginners calendar or can I jump into the middle of the April calendar and start from there? I’m not new to exercise but have done a few of your you tube video workouts and they are challenging. I love your spirit and energy and I’m so glad I found and joined your site.

    Thanks so much!

  3. Priscilla Serrano says:

    hi cassey! i have been trying to print the april 2015 calendar but your email with the password must of gotten deleted! please help me retrieve the password so i can workout with you! thank you so much!

  4. Margaret says:

    Hiya Cassey

    I was so excited today because i finally received your Book in the mail!
    It looks amazing!
    However I had preordered this book so why did I not receive a tote bag with it? Are they being mailed separately?

    Thank you

    • Yes, the tote bags are mailed separately. There were two weeks between the date I got my book and the date I got my tote bag (just got my tote bag yesterday!).

  5. Hi Cassey,
    I’m so happy doing your workouts, you are so inspiring and motivating. I have a quick question; I use the iphone app and follow the daily calendar everyday. Sometimes there isn’t a warm-up kinda video, should I just follow the list on these days or should I begin with one of the quick cardio warm-ups. Also, I love the 30 day challenge, but I often forget to do it because its just a printable calendar. Is there a way that you could incorporate the 30 day challenges into the app? Maybe separate from the daily workout calendar, just in case there are people who don’t want to do them. I think that would be awesome, and it would help me remember to do them everyday. Love your energy, Love the hope you give to me and others, Love your positivity. You are and amazing individual and I am so happy I found you.

  6. Hello! Just got your book this week but NO TOTE BAG! Disappointed! Please let me know how this problem can be resolved.

    • I believe she posted on the website (before the form got removed) that the tote bags will be shipped out separately (a few weeks after the book launch).

  7. Clydesley says:

    Hi Cassey, I just received your book in the mail today, but I didn’t get the tote for pre-ordering.I can’t wait to get into this book, you’re such an inspiration!

    • I believe she posted on the website (before the form got removed) that the tote bags will be shipped out separately (a few weeks after the book launch).

  8. Rebecca says:

    I have a rest day on my monthly calendar and I don’t know what to do with myself… Any suggestions??

    • Hey Rebecca! I find yoga and stretching to be therapeutic on rest days. But, if you still want to workout, go for a run! Shopping, roller or ice skating, cycling, clubbing/dancing are some fun things you can do that won’t leave you sore :) I also like to sleep in on my rest days so I get loads of sleep!!

  9. Kimberly says:

    Hey Popsters!

    Does anyone have recommendations on where to find cute jeans/shorts, etc. that fit your new body? I bought Lucky, Seven and Express size 00/ 24 inch and they are still big on me. I don’t want to look like I shop in a teen store (I am 33), but am running out of ideas. Please let me know!


  10. Hey Cassey,
    I was just wondering if it’s possible that my stomach has gotten bigger ever since I started doing your videos. If so, is there anyway I can slim it down instead of build it up? I don’t want it huge from muscle, I just want it slim and toned. Thanks!

    • Hey, Try more cardio, less muscle work outs, but continue the work outs but focus more on cardio, then decrease the amount of reps.

    • This can be caused by pushing your muscles out when you’re doing the exercise. Try sucking your navel in toward your backbone as much as you possibly can on the exhale when you’re exerting yourself. I had/have trouble with this as well. You’ll get it!

  11. Hi Cassey!
    I think I need help! :( I pre-ordered your book and afterwards I went to sign up for the tote-bag, however, here days after I have still not received any email and I’m starting to get worried that I won’t get one! (I signed up for it before you said that you ran out of them…..!) I don’t know what to do or where to contact you for help. I really really want the bag as well since it’s awesome (and would probably be one of a kind here in Denmark!!), please help me! :( Looking forward to receiving your book though! :) ¨
    Thank you so much for being such an inspirational person!!
    XX, Camilla

  12. Michelle says:

    I would like to start your 90 day challenge – curious who you would recommend that for and how to maintain the results after the 90 days without continuing the same meal plan??


  13. Hi Cassey!

    I need a little bit of advice. I have been working hard to lose body fat weight through working out and eating better. I have a good variety of workouts that I do, and stick to a pretty consistent schedule (5 days a week). Living in a college dorm though, it is really hard to eat healthy. I don’t have any money, so I am left with dining hall food (uck). Most of the food is undercooked, deep fried, or full of sugars and salt. There is a sandwich bar, but they only serve white bread. The salad bar only has spinach that I can eat, and the cucumbers, tomatoes, pineapple and melons they serve, I am all allergic to. It makes it very difficult for me to eat well, but even when I do, I end up giving into cravings after about a week. It makes me feel terrible, so I workout even more, and I have reached the point where I am physically in pain all of the time from working out so hard, so often.

    So that brings me to two things. First of all, what are some thing that a person can do to prevent or ignore cravings? It is very hard for me, and, so far, nothing I have read online helps. Secondly, do you have any advice on body positivity? I used to be very fit and the freshman 15 got to me very quickly, and soon became the freshman 25. I am not used to have a body I do not like, and I do not know how to be positive about.

    Any feedback would be absolutely lovely.

    Best regards!

    • carolien says:

      If you want to know how to ignore your cravings, you should look by ‘Healthy Snacks”. Scroll down and after a while you will see “How to ignore cravings” or something like that.
      Hope it helps!

  14. Hey Cassey! I just finished your beginners workout calendar a couple days ago and I feel great! I signed up for your newsletter and everything but I was wondering how you get the password to access monthly calendars??? I really want to continue using them and I was wondering if you or anyone who knows could tell me how. Thanks (:

    • You get the password in the newsletters before the month starts ;) good luck!!! And great job doing the beginners calendar!!

  15. hi cassey :) i really like your workouts< and your really inspiring and extremely motivating! ;) but i wanted to ask, whilst doing one of your 30day challenges do i need to incorporate gym workouts like the tredmill?is it really necessary or should i just stick to your programs completely?
    thanks :) Sonia<3

  16. Hi Cassey! I was wonder if you could share your tips and tricks to keeping your workout clothes clean, smelling GOOD, and how to take care of it for a very long time. Workout clothes are very expensive and it is very upsetting when one good shorts, pants, top, or bra rips or have a terrible smell to it!

    It would be very helpful :D

  17. Hi Cassey!
    I love your videos, but I find that I really struggle with my hip because it’s really tight. Do you have any suggestions as to what kind of streches that will help me to loosen it up? My dance teacher keeps telling me that I have a really bad second position, but I just can’t seem to get it any better!

    Thank you so much for being an inspiration for such a great community!!

  18. Hi I am trying to get on pointe but I know that I need to work on my core. I also wobble a lot when I am balancing. Any suggestions?

  19. Hello Cassey! Today i’ve join a marathon event in my town for this april and today i’ve started to jog a little and i felt my body heavy and i got tired easily. Could give me an advice to increase my stamina, please? I would be very grateful for your help.

    • If you’re running a marathong this april, you probably should have started to prepare for it at least by December. But, wall sits, planks, or anything else that you have to hold for a long time will help with endurance. Calf raises help to build calf muscles as well :)

  20. makinleyrose says:

    hey Casse, today was my first official day and i am feeling good thank you soo mych for all of this you are one of my biggest inspirations to losing weight thanks again,

  21. Jennifer N says:

    Hi! I was wonder if you’re going to restock your detox water bottles! I really like the “Dream Believe Achieve” bottle but it’s sold out! If you can answer back, that would be great! I’m looking forward to having my own blogilates detox bottle soon! <3

  22. Hi Cassey!
    This is just a suggestion, but if you ever find the time to do so, could you please make a log in for this website? I just think that it would be really great and convenient if everyone could make there own account so that we could all connect online and see the different work out plans that everyone’s doing and compare.

  23. Dear Cassey,
    More song challenges please! I love doing the high intensity workouts for a shorter amount of time, i feel like it’s easier to push myself to the end if i just keep telling myself “the song is almost over”

  24. Dear Cassey,

    I love you Daily Workouts! I am so pumped for March to be working my body and feeling good. However when I’m working out its hard not to sweat. This is fine when I am showering before class, but my skin can’t take showering everyday even though I’m working out everyday. Do you have any tips for freshening up after a workout so I’m not going to school worried? Thank you :)


  25. Hello Blogilates friends, I have a question about the 30-day challenges: do we do the reps more than once per day or only 1 time with the specified number of reps? Also, is it really effective and correct to do the same exercise every day: I knew that you should give your muscles a break and not work the same muscle two days in a row or it won’t be as effective…is that the case?

  26. I love the fit journal and i tried to order one mid January but they are all sold out! Cassie you should totally get more and keep them in stock! They are great!!!!!

  27. Hey Cassey :) I had a question about the 30 days butt challenge. I would like to know how many reps do we do for each day, for example on the first day we do 5 squats but do we repeat it 3 times or we just do it 5 times ? If you could write be back it would be awesome :)

  28. Shana Jones says:

    Hello Cassey,

    I signed up for the newsletter and still haven’t received the e-mail with the password. Is there an alternate method or should I just try again?

    Thank you,


  29. Hey! I was just wounding where I could find the password for the monthly workouts. I’m really excited to get started!!

  30. Hi, I am trying to download and print the 90 day meal plan and I am having a hard time, may you please update its format so its a little easier to print. Thank you

  31. Hey Cassey!
    I’m 20 years old, 90 pounds so I’m pretty skinny all around, but I get really uneasy about my hips, which have an indent in them. My hips are already narrow which makes me feel more uneasy because I feel like it makes the indents in my hips stand out more. I was wondering if you have any tips on how to make hip indents less noticeable. Thanks!

  32. Hi there !
    I’m a french fan and I’m 18.
    I’m quite small and my curves are a little round, especially my hips, butt and thighs, as a lot of young women I guess. I feel a bit uneasy with my body and I work a lot about it.
    I practice some martial arts ( Karate ) and I try to have some workout routine at home.
    So I heard about blogilates and watched some videos on youtube, worked and did my best to follow the rythm. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep the routine at first try.
    Fortunately, I eat ealthy or at least try to. I drink a lot of water.
    The fact is I have difficulties to shape my body so that my butt and thighs would seem less bigger. I really don’t like my lower body the way it is right now. I just would like to have a nicer shape, something more thin and nice to look at.
    Do you have any tips ? Any particular exercise that would help me lose butt fat ?
    I guess my problem is that I don’t know how to target the exercise.

  33. Hi Cassey!

    Being a college student, I was wondering if there are any exercises like ab exercises we can do while sitting in lecture. Sometimes I’m too tired to work out after a full day of lectures, so it’d be awesome if I could work out in class in a subtle way! Thanks!

  34. Tiffany O says:

    Hey just wanted to give you a suggestion since you are a huge Taylor Swift fan. Do you think you can do a full body workout to her 1989 album?

  35. whats the best way to get rid of side fat rolls, like what exercise would you best suggest??

  36. Hi Cassey! I’ve been doing your workouts since I started my fitness journey two years ago and I love it – especially since I combine your videos and challenges with my regular routines and other exercises like yoga. Anyway, recently I found out I have a meniscal tear in my left knee and have since been having a hard time doing some of your workouts. I was wondering if there was a routine I could do for lower body that doesn’t aggravate my knee pain? Thanks a lot in advanced. :)

    – Janell <3

  37. Brea Nichole says:

    Hey Cassey! I am a junior in high school trying o change my sluggish fat food life style. I have two jobs and involved in school activities. School food does not give us the foods we need, and i tend to eat out more, like salads and stuff to get the energy i need. I’ve been running/walking 3-4 miles at night when i have energy to spare….but i am becoming more tied. My goal is to be fit by prom which is May 2nd. i am 180 Ibs. and want to be 140ish……HELP??!!!! PLEASE!

  38. Nathalie Standing Cloud says:

    CASSEY HELP!!! Everyone is afraid of the freshman 15 when they start college. Freshman 50 is even scarier, and as a Sophomore it’s already happened to me. My question is HOW CAN YOU EAT CLEAN IN COLLEGE?! Some of us students are on scholarships and don’t have enough free time to get a job in order to buy healthy foods ourselves. So then we are forced to rely on the meal plans at our university. And lets face it, in the college cafes there are very slim pickings for healthy food among the easy hamburgers and pizza. What can we do? Drinking water is half the battle but food is energy and healthy food is medicine! Could you please give us some advice on how to eat clean on a meal plan in college. Thank you so much. -Nathalie

  39. Hey Cassey,

    I had a question about muscle. I noticed that when I do intense leg workouts (3-4 of your thigh workout videos) two days in a row, my legs tend to look thicker and more muscular as opposed to when I do it every other day (along with a healthy diet) my legs tend to look and feel thinner and lighter the next day. Am I going crazy or is this totally normal? Also, since I’ve been doing your videos for a long time, I’ve increased the number of reps that I do each exercise…does that have anything to do with my legs looking more thick and muscular the day after doing two intense leg days?

    Thank you so much!
    I love your videos and blog, keep up the great work!

  40. Leidys Palacios says:

    Cassey, I really want to know more about you, and get more inspired to hit the day :)

    So I want to know your snapchat username :/

    Please answer, because I know I’m not the only one who wants to know it :D

    <3 xoxo

  41. Hey Cassey!
    I just wanted to know your thoughts on an Australian YouTuber, Freelee the Banana Girl. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of her, (or her boyfriend Harley, aka Durianrider), but basically she preaches to aim for a diet consisting of a “a baseline of 2000 calories but in order to really thrive 2500″ (direct quote from her website), aiming for this calorie intake to come from 90% carbs, 5% fats and 5% protein. Personally, from watching her videos and reading accounts from other individuals who have interacted with her or her boyfriend over the internet or taken up her dietary advice, I hold some pretty negative views towards the pair.
    She’s also done a video in response to one of your ‘What I Eat in a Day’ videos, (I think that was it), and was curious on your thoughts on that too.
    I really trust your opinion and feel that you’re super well informed, well researched and just a infectiously kind and beautiful person, and would really value and love to hear any of your thoughts relating to Freelee.
    Thanks for having a read!
    -Julia :)
    P.S.; Also, obviously a huge thanks for inspiring me to be happy! Love ya!

  42. Dear Cassy,

    First, i really really want to say thank you sooooo much Cassy! I started follow your youtube video since last year November. At the beginning, i was just watching the videos just tried to kill the timest, and also kepted say to myself : i’ll start next week. and then i started follow your Instagram, and i got really inspired from you, and finally i started work out at the first day of this year, and also signed up gym ! Never in my life hit the gym, but i will never forget the feeling that i had that first day i did work out .. feels amazing ! But here comes a question, i will having my period verysoon likly in 3 days, is it okay to work out during period or shoud i stop ? It will be really really great that hear from you. thank you !

    P.S : #30days AbsChallenge is really working !

  43. Hi Cassey.

    I’ve never worked out in my life. And I’m about to give it a try with your beginners 2.0. I hope that I am able to complete it and if I do, I just want to plan ahead. What video or calendar would you recommend next?

    Thank you for your videos and encouragment!

  44. Anne Mette says:

    Hey Cassey! I’ve been doing the ab-challenge this month and then I thought about this: how about a booty-challenge for next month? I think that would be SO awesome!

    You’re amazing and I love your videos!
    XOXO Anne Mette ;-*

  45. Hi Casey, I might be quite young to be doing your workouts but are you able to make aN effective workout for someone based on their physical appearance? I can’t seem to find the one that is right for me and my body type that won’t be too strenuous since I get winded easily. My only Choice of exercise was my conditioning for High school marching band but I just finished it for my freshman year but I want to maintain a straight workout routine even after the season is over. Thank you

  46. Hi Cassey,

    You have such a positive energy and you are an inspiration! I think that it would be great if you did Dancing with the Stars! I know that this past season Bethany Mota (who is a youtube star) was on it and I think it would be amazing if you did it! Would you considered it?

    let me know,
    Lily :)

  47. Hi Cassey,
    First thing: thank you for the inspiration, the positive thoughts and energy you give – it really really helps! You played a gigantic role in my decision of studying to become a Pilates instructor (and hopefully, later a Pop Pilates instructor).
    Couple of questions: any chance to get Pop Pilates logged into MyFitnessPal? I was used to use it, than I quitted because the logging- thing was getting a bit too obsessive, but I m now considering going back to it because I apparently can’t lose the weight I aimed to, despite doing your workouts every day + some classes at the gym and eating clean (and being happy).
    I thought MFP might help, but logging your workouts as Pilates is a little reductive, as Pilates can also be very very soft.
    What do you think?
    Also, a funny one: everybody always mention inner thights -that is cool and important, i am all about it. But my “inner knees” really looks ugly- fatty and stocky and just miles away from being toned!I m working on my legs and see some improvements but still, that specific part (and my saddle bag..sob) seems not be very receptive to all of my efforts!!
    Do you have any advice?

    If you find the time to get back to me, thank you!
    If not, thank you anyway :) i hope you ll have a session here in London sooner or later.

  48. Katie Anne says:

    You probably won’t have time to read or respond to this but..
    I want to start your 90 meal plan from a couple years ago, and I understand that eating smaller meals throughout the day is going to be much better for my body, but my schedule is so busy that it doesn’t really allow for meals every 2-3 hours.
    As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I spend a great deal of my time out preaching. We usually take a short break mid-morning, and have lunch around noon or one, but then I tend to go straight from my ministry to work and I can’t eat during work unless I’m on my break. When I work a long shift, I only have one chance to eat anything and by the time I get home, it’s late and I don’t like eating after 7pm.
    How can I combat this challenge without resorting to eating fewer meals or larger portions?
    Maybe a fellow POPster can help me out? Thanks so much.

  49. Hey Cassey, sometimes I don’t have internet access so when I do I download videos. I just recently downloaded your first beginners calendar. One of the videos won’t let me download because it says “This video may be inappropriate for some users”. I thought this was odd b/c there’s nothing inappropriate about your videos. The video was the Amazing upper back and legs stretches.

  50. Carlie v Wyk says:

    CASSEY hey, What can I eat when I’m at a whole day event , like exaple when I’m at the athletics they only have

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