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  1. Cassey, i workout with you every single day but for the past week i’ve been sick with a chest infection, usually i would use your workouts to help manage my anxiety. however since i am unable to workout im getting really worried about my weight. now im not looking to lose weight but i enjoy having a flat stomach and toned abs.

  2. My 5 year old son watches me do your videos and tries
    To do them with me. Today he said “Cassie needs to make a
    Kid video – email her and tell her. So here
    I am.

    • Laura,
      My 4yr old son does the same thing! He gets little discouraged when he can’t do all the moves. I know he would love to have his own kids video to follow along with! :D

  3. Good morning cassey from Blogilates

    • I still taking my purely inspired dietary supplements for my weight loss before i eat largest curtain diet and exercise my Blogilates workouts it still works for me i feel free i’m still working my body

  4. HI
    if i have any questions where can i ask?here?
    i wanna start this,tomorrow but i dont know how !i mean i watch some video but they dont have warm up and cool,it wont have any problem?and someone that dont have flat back should do all exactly like video?

  5. Hi Cassey! I was wondering if you had any exercises for Brides to Be! I am getting married in just one month and would love to know some great exercises and meals to make me look great in that dress!

    • Agreed!!! Please make a bridal video!! I am guessing the cocktail dress video fits but could also benefit from a beauty regimen/diet!

  6. Hi! I really want to have a more active lifestyle, but I lack serious motivation. I have fat I want to burn, and I am so out of shape…I just don’t know where to begin. Impatience is a huge flaw of mine; I always just want to see results right away, but because I’m so out of shape I instantly get tired and don’t want to continue. Do you (or does anyone reading this) have any advice on what to do?? I want (and need) to get in shape, I just don’t really know where to start so that I won’t quit right away.


  7. Casey!!

    I need your help! I just started following your videos and I want to start following your recipes and meal plans also. The only problem is, I’m 17 and I live at home. I don’t have the money to buy my own food and my mom isn’t interested in changing up her menus when she’s already cooking for the whole family. Is there a way to clean up my diet with what I’ve got? I’m already a vegetarian if that helps.
    Thanks xxx

  8. Anjia Bragg says:

    I love the app! It’s great I can take it with me and workout where ever. The only thing i’m confused about it how we pay and receive access to videos. It appears we have to pay 99 cents for each video. When I signed up I thought we where getting a monthly subscription to several videos that would be uploaded each month to customers who paid. Clarification would be great. Thank you.
    p.s. 15 to 20 minute tabata style cardio could be a fun new twist


  9. Ashlyn Mckim says:

    Hello Cassey

    So congrats on going to Texas! From where we’re at it’s about 220 (give or take a few miles) from there and we Popsters would love if you might come to Arkansas in the future or sometime soon :) I’ve seen many people in the Little Rock area wearing your “Train like a beast, look like a beauty” tanks and it seems like you’re making impacts all over the place :) It really would mean a lot if you came to visit and teach us all a class and I hope that you’ll consider it. Thank you so much for all your hard work and determination into doing the Pop Pilates, YouTube channel, and the Blogilates website and have fun at Texas!

  10. Ashlyn Mckim says:

    Hey Cassey

    It’s so great that you travel to different places to hold pilates classes and where we’re at is about 220 miles from Texas. I hope that you come to Arkansas some time in the future to teach a class :) I’ve seen many of your tanks and bracelets all around the Little Rock area and I’m sure many of your fellow popsters would love to meet you! Consider it and hopefully you’ll decide to come and visit us soon down here soon. Haha, we’ll gladly show you real Arkansas hospitality :)

  11. Brittany Robinson says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I love your workouts and would like to continue to using your workouts throughout my pregnancy. Do you have workouts that are modified for pregnancy? I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant.

  12. Hi! My friend turned me on to blogilates and I love this website!!! It is perfect for me as I try to fit in exercising with a 13month at home and the workouts have totally cured my Low back pain from having a baby. My Physical therapist who I was seeing for a bit, said Pilates is one of the best types of exercises to do postpartum and all the time! Now I’m recently pregnant with baby #2 and have the go ahead from my Dr. to continue doing Pilates. She recommended that I do a post to see if Cassie or anyone else had recommendations for when the baby bump starts to get in the way. Obviously I won’t be able to do anything laying on my stomach and Just taking things in stride and not pushing myself too hard, but any other recommendations would be great!
    Thanks, Emily

  13. I just caught onto your videos and im placing my first order for your shop :)
    I love that you have workout printable page I can follow!! can you do the same with your recipes and make a printable version: ) pretty please!!
    you rock!

  14. Hi Cassy I loooooooove your videos!

  15. Hi Cassy, I just started watching your videos because I was looking for a flexibility work out and I stumbled upon your video and I’m like :0 cool! And then I came to your website and I literally screamed cool! I love your videos!

  16. elizabeth says:

    I stumbled onto your videos on youtube, while looking for something I can do with a knee injury. Is Pilates generally ok for those with knee injuries? I can’ do heavy weights or cardio at t moment. (And yes, I plan on asking my dr but the apt is for a few weeks out.) Anybody know?

  17. Hi Cassey!
    I think i am one of the new popsters! well i am going to try my hardest to stick to the new 2015 workout calender. i checked out the 90 days diet plan and i am lactose and also gluten intolerant. Is there anything else i can eat in that diet plan to suit my health ?

  18. Cassey,

    I’m eating clean, working out sufficiently, getting lots of sleep, following all of your reduced belly fat tips, but I notice my belly starts out flat in the morning and progressively gets more and more bloated. Sometimes I find if I eat small portions of crappy food my figure looks better. Any advice?

  19. Hi Cassey! I love your videos and I follow your monthly calendars. But my hips are always popping and prevent me from doing thigh slimming workouts like scissors. They pop to the point where sometimes they lock and I experience pain unless I stop the workout. I’m requesting that you please do a video about stretches to help open up the hips. I really need your help.

  20. Brittany says:

    Hi Cassey, I wanted to thank you for your time and energy you put in to making woman more confident and beautiful……I am so glad I cam across your blogilates website. I am getting married in October and I want to look my best, I’m 24 and got a desk job back in november 2014 and let me tell you that my body transformed but in the wrong way. I have felt so down and the dress of my dreams was to tight…. But I now fit in it again, I want to look good and feel good and I’ve been following your calendar all month and the end of june as well. I would like to know what can burn belly fat with out me loosing any more of my breast because I already have lost a cup size and that makes a huge difference with my dress but my pants are still tight and my belly still a little puggy please keep me posted thanks again for all you’ve done!!!! your awesome

  21. Dear Cassey, first I want to thank for your videos.After I did your exercises I feel better. Now I do workout for beginners in July. But I have problem. I want to stop eating big portions. My ideal weight is 62, I weigh 68. I am 15 years old. Can you give me some advice about food. Thanks, best wishes.

  22. Cassey,
    I noticed that another workout group had an official Facebook group for accountability as well as support for other members participating in the program. Have you done something like this? If not, would it be something that you would consider?

  23. Hey Cassey

    Firstly I want to say a major thank you for posting your videos and your constant support. You truly are amazing!
    So here is my story. I am away on my gap year and its super hard to stay in shape for a number of reasons. Firstly, I eat the food at the place that I work and its definitely not that healthy. They do offer pepers and cucumbers at the meals but I need protein which are generally pretty soaked in oil. Secondly, I don’t want to buy food because its going to cost me so much money that I don’t really have. So what does one do if they are not really in control of what they eat as other people are giving it to them as well as, not having a lot of time to work out? What do you think would be a good option just to keep me in shape?

  24. Debbie Harrison says:

    I’m trying to get a bigger butt but IDK where to start

  25. Hi Cassey!! I’m a Pilates newbie, but after that butt blaster workout, I’ve also become an addict for your vids LOL. I just got my calendar, and have completed a couple of your workouts. I’ve taken several fitness classes in my past, and none have made my abs burn like your videos do! I just graduated from high school, however, and I would absolutely LOVE it if you could make a video or post something for dorm workouts, since I’m going to college in the fall!!

    -Elle :)

  26. Hi,

    My friend (@ellie_2991) tagged me in the jewel bottle contest. I think she would be more motivated if you picked her :D

    Thank you,

  27. Hey , my main aim is to lose fat and idk where and how to start.. There are just too many of your calenders and meal plans and everything. It would be great if you could guide me in that!

  28. Olivia H says:

    I am doing your calendar and getting really strong. However, I am also getting bigger and my clothes are tighter! I have a better-than-average diet and I have not changed it since I started the calendar/workouts. I have gained 5 pounds of muscle but it looks like it is under fat. I am 5’6″ and 125lbs. How can I get leaner while still getting strong? I can’t afford all new clothes :)


  29. Hi Cassey! I’m a big fan of yours please go to the philippines

  30. Thank you for sharing wonderful health & wellness tips!!

    Alicia @ The JuiceBox Wellness School

  31. Hello Casey!

    Found your channel the other week and have been inspired and have been doing a workout to kickstart my day. I love your upbeat personality and those 5 minutes fly by so fast when I’m working out with you. The only question I have is about how my hands are. For some reason I have a hard time laying my hands out on the floor for planks, push ups, and ect. My fingers cramp often leading me to curl my fingers. Any suggestions how to lessen that up or what it is? My bad hands aside keep up your amazing work and I love you!

    • Hi Hannah! I’m not Cassey but I can understand a little of where you’re coming from. I have bad wrists and had a LOT of trouble putting pressure on them doing push ups, planks, etc. as well because it would hurt very badly. Hope this helps:
      For planks, instead of doing the plank on your hands, go on your elbows. Same posture, straight back, only lower to the ground. You can feel your abs working just as well :)
      For push ups, instead of going on the ground, try at an angle on a chair or even start off on the wall and gradually move the chair then the floor as your hands become stronger.
      As for your fingers, I find that mine do that too sometimes. When doing the workout, make sure to spread your fingers far apart to lessen the pressure of the heel of your palm by spreading the weight across your whole hand.
      (All this has personally helped me strengthen my wrists/hands and were tips from a friend and a trainer) Also, if your hands/wrists hurt, try just not putting pressure on them for a while and just move your hands at the wrist joint around in all directions. If it hurts way too much, talk to your doctor or chiropractor. My chiropractor adjusts my wrists when they hurt.
      Good luck and sorry for so much writing :)

      • One more thing, for push ups, do them on your knees (when on the ground/floor). It lessens the pressure/weight.

  32. Claudia says:

    Hey Cassey.

    Just wanted to let you know that you are a huge inspiration to me. I was just wondering if I would experience any problems if I did all of the 30 day challenges over just one month. Like say, I wanted to do the July 2015 calender, whilst I do the Butt Challenge, and the Journey to the Splits, the Stretch project, etc., etc. at all the same time.

    Thanks in advance.

  33. Tamara Thompson says:

    Hello! I’m quit upset about the quality of these infused bottles that I purchased last month. I spent like $42 bucks & my top is messed up where it leaks. Mind you, I’ve never dropped it at all, the plastic piece is not secure & is what’s causing it from leaking. Also, I wash these bottles daily & it seems like mold or something is developing around the inside of the top. I just purchased these in May. Can I get my money back or some new bottles.

  34. Hi Cassey! First of all I would like to tell you I LOVE your abs Workout series. They kill me, and even though I don’t fell DOMS the days after the routines (And I really don’t know why ._.) , while doing those series I feel them every time. Anyway, I suffer from backache, and my trapezius is often contracted and it sometimes annoies me. Could you do some routine to relieve stress from that zone and to help me out with that pain? :) Thanks a lot. Sorry if I made some mistakes in writing this but I’m italian!

  35. Hi Cassey!!

    I was wondering if you had a specific video that targets all of the following: low back, abs(especially lower abs), under arms and inner thighs. I have had two back surgeries and the doctors say to work out my core and I am released to do Pilates. Because of the surgeries I am restricted on my range of motion ie I can’t bend over touch my toes or arch my back like before. So I was wondering if there are some modified workouts I can ease my way into that targets my core and low back plus areas I would also like to work on; inner thighs and underarms. I love your videos and your positivity! It always brings me to a smile and keeps me motivated! Thanks!!!

  36. HI CASSEY!!!!!!!!!!
    You are my inspiration for life… A few months ago I didn”t workout and I ate junk food all the time and I was always feeling bad… But one nice day I found out your youtube chanell and then blogilates webside and completly change my life. Your videos are so supportive and nice that I started working out, following your workot calendars, subscrite your chanell, like all of your videos, eat healthy and I already see the results… For me you are like Jennifer Lawrence or Beyonce… I would be sooooo happy if you write me back on my email because I have no website.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  37. I know you have so much information throughout your entire blog and you tube channel, not to mention the many other online accounts Blogilates has but I know that I, and ALOT of my friends would love a magazine! Half of it could be the usual food advice and the other could feature your line of clothing and apparel!

  38. Hi!!!

    I absolutely love the site, the recipes, the products, the workouts! Everything!
    Can you please do maybe a segment or a little series for working out during pregnancy! Maybe a post natal workout series to come in the future?

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