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Hey there!

So a little about me. You can read this or just watch the videos above!


Hello! My name is Cassey Ho and I am a certified fitness instructor, creator of POP Pilates, the designer of oGorgeous Bags, and a lover of all things healthy. I am so happy that I get to spend my time teaching people how to live to their best potential all over the world thanks to YouTube and this blog. Here’s my story :)

I graduated with an honors degree in Biology from Whittier College in 2009 but decided not to pursue my parent’s predestined path for me in medicine. While in school, I started teaching Pilates as a sophomore at a small studio down the street from our campus. Right then and there, instructing became one of the most satisfying parts of my life. (I am certified by NAFC, NESTA and Balanced Body University for mat and reformer.) Since then I’ve worked at every gym you can imagine! Currently, my format, POP Pilates is launching at 24 Hr Fitness gyms nationwide!

Senior year, I launched oGorgeous when I couldn’t find a yoga bag that was stylish enough or big enough to fit my mat and gym things in. My first design was the Beverly Bowtie yoga bag, complete with tons of pockets, satin lining, gold chain straps, and a glam bow of course. Super girly, it attracted the attention of my students. Orders started to roll in and the next set of designs were drawn.

After working a bit in corporate America for a fashion retail company in buying, I realized that my passion for design and entrepreneurship could no longer be a “side thing”. It was around this time too that one of my biggest dreams came true…the Pleated Pocket Sparkle yoga bag was featured in SHAPE Magazine and on the Wendy Williams Show!

I remember running to Target after getting a text from my sister saying that her friend thought she saw my bag in the magazine. I can see myself so clearly right now flipping madly through SHAPE. My heart pounding. My fingers shaking. Was it true? When I saw the picture, I melted onto the linoleum floor and cried. It was an amazing feeling.

So I quit my job.


I first got interested in Pilates when I was 16 and about to enter a pageant. I was looking for a fun way to tone up when I saw an infomercial on TV with Mari Winsor showing the audience some core tightening moves…it was so intriguing. I begged my parents to buy the DVD set for me. When they said yes, I was overjoyed. I started doing Pilates religiously!  Not only did I end up winning that pageant, Mari inspired me to get certified sophomore year of college. To this date, I’ve been doing Pilates for 10 years and teaching for 6.5 years.

I came up with the idea for POP Pilates as I was teaching classes at the gym because I loved the music on the radio and I wanted to give Pilates a little boost in energy. The reaction was positive, my students loved it, and I’ve been teaching a more upbeat style of Pilates ever since!!

My first POP Pilates video was made after I graduated college and before I moved out to the East Coast…it was more of a farewell thing for my Pilates students in CA. I didn’t make very many videos back when I was working because I didn’t have time. But after I quit, I started YouTubing and blogging religiously. When things started to pick up, I moved back to CA and focused on running oGorgeous and making more workouts for my POPsters.

And guess what? I eventually got to meet Mari Winsor and thank her for inspiring me to teach Pilates. I sounded like a lunatic when I saw her at the BeFit studios in Hollywood before our taping of “Fit at Any Age.” I just had to let her know how much I appreciated her! See episode here.

Let me tell you, it’s hard work but it’s the most satisfying work in the world to me. I don’t care that I don’t sleep until 3am in the morning everyday. My job is my passion and my passion is my job. I feel so lucky to be able to encourage you to eat healthier, train harder, and live happier lives by doing what I enjoy. When I get to do Blogilates meetups in different cities, it warms my heart to know that you all are such good, positive, and inspirational people. Here’s a recap of the New York meetup that was just insanely energetic…I’ll never forget the experience!


And here’s a video from my Boston Meetup!


I never expected my blog or videos to be helpful to so many people. So thank you for continually motivating me to be a better instructor. You helped me win the Shorty Award for #SocialFitness this year (see my funny acceptance speech here), I was named the Best Healthy Living Blogger of 2012 by FITNESS Magazine and am the #2 most influential online personality by Sharecare…only second to Jillian Michaels.

My life consists of lots of working out, eating clean, cooking clean, teaching fitness classes, designing for my store ShopBlogilates.com, writing, filming, editing, picture-taking, modeling, and producing. Oh and tweeting. Lots of tweeting. (Follow me @Blogilates)

train like a beast look like a beauty tank

I also competed in a fitness Bikini competition once. You may find that interesting so here’s a link if you wanna see how it went! Here’s basically what my meal plan looked like if you want to get started: 90 Day Challenge.

I love my POPsters and the Blogilates Community!!! Thanks for inspiring me to be the best I can be daily. You make me who I am and I love you for it.

In early 2014, I was on the Dr Oz and Steve Harvey Show! Check out my Steve Harvey episode here:

K, well follow me on facebook and twitter and let’s keep the convo going!!!!

Much love,



  1. Danielle says:

    Just saw your video on body shaming, and it actually brought tears to my eyes. You are an inspiration to women everywhere and I have so much respect for you for making that video. What a powerful message.

  2. Howdy Cassey!

    Admittedly I am not a popster, and I had never heard about you before the “perfect body” video showed up on my Facebook feed.

    I just want to say thank you, so, so much!

    I have been battling an eating disorder since for about six years now on and off (I’m a junior in college). For the past year or so I’ve been doing a lot better, being able to target bad thoughts and bad behaviors and combat them with positivity. But recently it’s been hard, and I have been really down on myself. Seeing your video, plus the video about body shaming and eating disorders that you recently posted, really pulled me up out of the darkness. I am so thankful you posted them; it was very brave of you :)

    Keep on kicking butt girl! Don’t let the haters get you down! You are a truly lovely person with a beautiful soul!

  3. Saw the video on body shaming and wanted to reach out and say THANKS!!! Having 2 young daughters, I am so worried about this new sport of public shaming people have fallen into.

    Your focus on healthiness is wonderful, but then you seem to encourage lack of sleep by touting how you never get to sleep before 3 a.m. Lack of sleep is so unhealthy and I would suggest probably one of the least discussed reasons as to why people are gaining so much weight. We need more a focus on this epidemic. Jeff Iliff provides an amazing TED Talk about how sleep is so necessary for our health, and articles abound on how lack of sleep is linked to increased weight gain for multiple reasons, including metabolic consequences.

    Thanks again!!

  4. I just read the article regarding cyberbuyllying on your instagram pictures and youtube videos. First off I think the people that degrade you for trying to help people feel better about themselves is just jealous and insecure with themselves. Secondly, thank you for inspiring me to do better in my exercise and mental health. You taking the time to blog, youtube videos, etc is awesome and is a great motivator for me. I’ve been kind of lazy in getting my mind, body, and soul back to where it needs to be, but that article gave me a little wake up. Keep doing what you do and being yourself no matter what people say. Thank you for what you do!!!!!! (Yes extra exclamation points are warranted here, LOL)

  5. I hate people who body shame, they deserved to be punched in the face.

    I also hate selfies, I hate that this generation, my generation that needs to fulfill some empty void with a personal mirror selfish for every workout, every monument or plain days of their life.

    I have a bigger problem with self fulfilling emptiness through social platforms than the body shamers and trolls.

  6. So Cal Gal says:


    I signed up to get your emails. On the second day I got your post of your ‘perfect body’. I was turned-off…that’s not the motivation I was looking for.

    Then, I see today all the news swirling around the back-story of the image. I say kudos to you for addressing the issue. You are an inspiration, and I think more than that you are such an adorable personality. Being in an industry where your body is constantly being referenced and examined, you have to expect great and not so great feedback.

    You have a lot of amazing things going for you. Be happy for yourself and your accomplishments. I am.

    Lots of hugs!

  7. Sophia 98 says:

    Hi Cassey and other POPsters out there,
    I am having a little problem… I love your videos Cassey and I try to do the calendar as good as I can even though I come back late from school and have to leave early too. Now my problem is that I never can stick to the mealplan because of my lesson breaks and I’m a really bad eater when i am stressed.
    It really frustrates me and makes my motivation goes down. I feel so guilty if I eat something I’m not supposed to just because I don’t have time.
    Are there tricks and tips how you can satisfy this little stress-food-attacks without eating something unhealthy?
    Thank you!

  8. Hi Savvy,

    I’m not a follower but stumbled upon an article about fat-shaming. Being a semi-professional athlete myself, I just wanted to say that anyone who criticizes your body is either retarded (apologies if this offends anyone) or just trolls (who really shouldn’t be acknowledged at all). It is clear as daylight that you have very little body fat, but good muscle mass and an amazing body.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Amy Putman says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I just saw your buzzfeed article about all those mean comments you have been getting. I am so glad you did something positive to change people’s perception and make them think twice about being casually hurtful and judgemental. No joke, you are one of my heroes. Your website, emails and chirpy, positive spirit have helped me through so many tough days. You are such a beautiful woman, inside and out. I wish I could have half your spirit. As far as physical comments go, screw them all – you are totally gorgeous! You have a beautiful face and what I think of as a perfect body. Everyone should be so lucky to look like you!
    Thank you for putting yourself out there always and for inspiring me. You are an angel and everyone in your life is lucky to know you.
    Amy x

  10. Hi Cassey,
    I just saw (on Buzzfeed) about how you photoshopped yourself to give yourself a “perfect” body. The comments appalled my boyfriend and me (we both do your videos by the way! He hate working out but we enjoy your videos!!). Actually, for my college English course, I’m writing an essay about the body image issue and eating disorders. This is perfect for my report which means a lot to me as I recently overcame an eating disorder. But I was wondering if I could ask you some questions for my report. I would love to have your opinion in my essay! And if you are too busy, I am so happy about what you did. I still struggle with my body image but (thanks to so many people in my life) I am really seeing a feminist view and am becoming more confident with me. I don’t think you look anything short of perfect. Thank you for being an inspiration to so many people.


  11. Hi Cassey. I’m glad I learned about you, not that long ago. I have an apple shape which btw I really hate. I always wanted small curves and stuff. I have a dip in my hip. I have upper fat. I never can wear tight anything without it showing. I am only in middle school actually. I’m trying to start doing your workouts and stuff. I always watch them but I can never do them. I have no room. Anyways. I’m just saying thank you. You make me feel good. You worked for your body, and I envy you for. I wish I had your body. Summer is coming up and I usually swim with my bikini and stuff. But I dont want people to see my fat. My legs are super skinny and stuff. Im flat less,small but. But stomach is big. I hate apple stomaches. So I’m trying to be skinny. But I think I’ll start in May or even though I have a month in a half to get skinny. I just wish I could say no to icecream ;) and other junk food right now. I do not eat lunch though, It doesnt help so far, but why not. I really wanna by your book!!! Well love yah Cass.

    • Hey Olivia,
      first of all: I am glad you learned about Cassey, too! You seem to be very worried about your body, which is totally normal in middle school – but it really helps to have positive people to look up to. And, as you might have seen in Casseys video about body image: There will always be people that don’t like what they see and everyone is insecure about their own body.
      Now, if you really want to make changes, try the beginners calendar, and don’t get scared when it gets harder- just push through. As for eating – and I can’t stress this enough: Do NOT skip lunch because you want to be thinner. First of all, as you see yourself: It doesn’t help. Your body needs a certain amount of calories or it will go into energy saving mode, which means that it will actually burn LESS calories. Second, not only your body needs that energy, but your brain, too. If you don’t eat enough, you get tired and it will be harder to concentrate (similar to when you don’t get enough fluids). And third -and you probably don’t want to hear this because you think it could never happen to you- eating disorders are just around the corner from where you are right now.
      What you can do is try to eat healthy, try not to overload on carbs, eat vegetables and fruit… Nobody said you couldn’t eat ice cream or have a coke once in a while ;). Just start with some rules like “don’t have ice cream more than twice a week” and you will realize you don’t really miss it in no time. We’re conditioned to like really sweet stuff nowadays because there’s sugar in everything we eat, but if you lay off that for a while, you will be surprised how fast you discover that you don’t need it- and that it tastes soooo much better when you let yourself have it once in a while ;)
      You can change if you really want, but do it the healthy way, by working out and eating THE RIGHT THINGS – simply eating less won’t help. Except for when you’re taking in like 4000 calories right now, then 2000 really would be better, but I’ll just assume thats not the case;)

      Use that bikini body as motivation, but don’t do unhealthy stuff trying to get there – it’s not worth that.

      Good luck and stay safe!

  12. Hey Cassey! I just have to let you know how much you’re helping me. I found you by accident, but after watching a few of your videos online they looked impossible but I decided to just go for it an try them out. I had a child almost 3 years ago and my body, though it felt stronger, looked a mess! I suffered from postpartum depression and honestly just started feeling better a few months ago. I started running for the first time EVER and after doing that and not really seeing any difference (but feeling it inside for sure) I started poking around for workout videos and found yours! I have only been doing them for a week and my body is transforming! I just cant believe it! I love listening to you talk throughout the videos and it just feels like you’re right there with me. I find myself smiling and nodding in agreement to what you say and honestly it’s just what I need to hear. I’m rambling, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

  13. Kayla Barillier says:

    Hello Cassey :D
    i just wanted to say you are a huge inspiration to me and you have inspired me to change my ways and do the things to get myself to be a better me! so i had purchased the 8 week hot body challenge booklet and a detox bottle from the blogilates app on my phone and it said that i would send a confirmation email for the purchase and i never received one, i’m just worried that i had accidentally typed in the wrong email address and maybe even the wrong shipping address and i just don’t know what to do! please help!
    ~ sincerely Kayla <3

  14. Hey Cassie,

    I really enjoy your workouts. Although, sometimes I get discouraged because I really don’t have the time to stick to the calendars. Being a part-time masters student and having a full-time job, every minute of my day counts. Therefor my request is, can you create a calendar with workouts that *don’t* exceed 30 minutes in total? I know it might seem like a crazy/lazy request but I really want to stay active w/o being worried about loosing time (missing deadlines/ etc).

    • Jannette says:

      If you check out her Meal Plan page, she has an alternative weekly format that you can tailor to your needs. Rather than doing 50min-1hr you can just do one or two of her 5-10 minute workout videos a day. She has several 5-6 minute videos for abs, arms, legs, and butt and full body. I suggest going through her playlist and just doing one to two of her videos corresponding to the day of the week each day :)
      Because, frankly, if you have trouble with following a monthly calendar, you’ll have trouble whether the workouts exceed 30 minutes or not. I’m just speaking from my own experience :P A lot of it just depends on planning around our owns schedules I think, whether its 5 minutes or 2 hours, if we don’t schedule it in or plan it out, it’s hard tow squeeze it in. After all, consistency and dedication is the key!
      I’m a full time undergrad student working part time with extracurriculars so I completely understand where you’re coming from. I mean, I don’t think you can expect to get the same results in the same amount of time, but I think it’ll help you stay active and make it easier to transition to more time once things get settled for you. Best of luck to you! :)


  15. herpderp says:

    I just wanted to say finding blogilates really has helped me with my depression. Also, your timing is perfect, just when I think I can’t possibly do 1 more up up down down/ fire hydrant etc. , you say 4 more! And it turns out where I thought I couldn’t do 1, I can trick myself into doing 4…

    I wanted to share a quick thought that you might like from Eve Ensler: https://youtu.be/UEUsbLNAfW0 love your tree reminds me of your booty spectrum.

  16. Hi Cassey. I’ve been doing your workout videos for nearly 7 months now. I love them, I love your enthusiasm. I’ve even gotten 2 of my classmates to join in the fun with me :). However, lately I’ve been feeling a bit bored with the continuous repetition of the same moves in almost all videos posted for the particular day. How can I jazz it up again? Or can you possibly come up with new more challenging moves please. Thank you and keep inspiring young girls like me. You are literally my hero. I feel like my self confidence has grown ever since I began your program. Stay lovely :D

  17. Hey Cassey,
    i love your videos! Thanks to you I have been doing sport everyday for almost a month now!

  18. Michelle Sadowitz says:

    Hi Cassey! I love your workouts and I love that it challenges me to push myself. This is really random, but I really enjoy watching dancing with the stars, and I thought that you would be a great person to be on the show! I’m sure that it would be a new challenge for you and you love new challenges right?! And I would get to see you dance :)

  19. working momma says:

    Hey Cassey,

    I just happened to stumble across your workouts on YouTube while my son was watching his shows. I have since downloaded the app and printed off the March calendar and the Inner leg challenge. I love these workouts because they are simplified enough that even someone who is a beginner to Pilates can do it. I also love that the calender breaks everything down so that its easy to follow being a working mother its hard to fit things in sometimes but this makes it so compact and ready to move. My goal is that by the time my wedding happens in June that I will be slimmer and sexier. I plan to keep following the calenders from here on out!!!

    Thank you so much!!!!

  20. Hey Cassey! I just got done doing today’s burpees and realized my upper body strength sucks (I mean, I knew that already, but it was a painful reminder).

    I think it would be awesome if next months challenge was focused on arm strength. I love the challenges they help keep me consistent and get me in the mood for the rest of the calender!

  21. Cassey,
    I ordered both your Total Body Workout and Flat Abs Fast DVD’s from your site.
    I love them both! They are the best Pilates workouts I have ever done! They are tough workouts but your bubbly personality made me want to keep going.
    I was sore after doing both of them but I can tell that I’m going to see results.
    I can’t wait until you come out with another workout DVD.
    Thank you for your great workouts! :)

  22. Hi Cassey!
    I love your workouts so much and your meal plans have helped me feel better about myself and my body while losing weight with actually enjoying what i eat.
    However , I started university this year and put on weight since I am still trying to adjust to the food in a different country. I decided to start your meal plan again and I was really excited but I only could find the first week. Where is the rest of the meal plan gone? Are you planning on uploading it again?

    Please help!
    Thank you!! xxxxx

  23. Hi Cassey! I’m jenny. I’m a thirteen year old ice dancer and I train six times a week. I really have fun and enjoy your workouts. I was just wondering if there were any workouts to make your butt narrower? Also, are there any tips to make muscles less bulky? Thanks! Jenny.

  24. Hi, Cassey!
    my friend first introduced me to your workouts in January and i was totally hooked! however, like with every other workout plan i went on, i had a hard time staying motivated and slacked off. A LOT. I was wondering if you had any advice on staying motivated?
    thank you so much!!!

  25. Hi Cassey,

    Thank you for creating Fit Journal. The colors and pictures are so appealing. I used it everyday to record what I eat, and exercise and adapted it to reflect on my moods. This action catapulted me to write my Gratitude journal and graph out my moods on a weekly basis to report it to my doctor. All thanks to you!

  26. Hi Cassey! My name is Sarah and I am 17 years old, I’ve always noticed that my left bum cheek was smaller than my right but recently my left butt has become significantly smaller and I’ve become really self conscious about it. What can I do? Please help!
    Thank you x

  27. Casey,
    It doesn’t matter how many squats I do, how many miles I run, or how clean I eat, I can not lose or tone my legs. I don’t want to accept my shape because I feel like I can and should be able to change. I’m an hourglass shape, my weight is fine, but I hate my thighs. I feel embarrassed in jeans and in swim suits. I just want to be able to feel confident and not hate the way I look. What should I do?

    • The only way that you will ever feel confident is if you love your body. The issue is not your body; it’s your attitude towards your body. Learn to love your body and focus on being healthy rather than being skinny, and you will feel much more confident in your body!

  28. Hi Cassey,
    My name is Dorothy Madronich I have recently found out about your youtube channel and workout videos from a friend and I love them! I am currently a sophomore at California State University Sacramento and I work as a Residents Advisor. I love your videos so much that I really want to do a blogilates program where I play some of your videos in the rec room and invite residents to come and do a workout together. Of course there will have to be snacks so I would provide water and some sort of health snack to eat. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for some videos that would be good for a large group setting? I want all residents to feel welcome and would not want to to a video that would make a person feel uncomfortable about working out in a group. I look forward to hearing from you and I can not wait to do this program!
    ~ Dorothy Madronich

  29. hey cassey im Hannah and I would really like to lose some weight if you can give me some advice and tips I would really enjoy it

    kind regards Hannah x

  30. Hi Cassey!! I have to say I’m happy my friend mentioned about you and your workout videos! it has really helped me with my back a lot. I tend to hunch back a lot, since I was a kid, and I’m just learning how to position my lower back by simply doing the pilates for beginners video.I was wondering if there was some exercises you could do to fix back postures; for some reason I can’t seem to position my shoulder in the correct way :( . I seriously envy how straight your back is! lol, I have small curvature on the top part of my back I want to fix. please I would love your help!!! And seriously thank you for your awesome videos!! I love them!!!

  31. Cassey,

    You are my inspiration. I am currently an undergrad completing my B.A.. However, I realize that office jobs just aren’t for me. I’m planning on getting the CPR and CPT certification this summer. I also plan on getting the CPT by NESTA. I admire how driven you are to do what you love and the steps you took to achieve it.
    I hope to meet you one day!

    Thank you,

  32. Cassey,

    You are my inspiration. I am currently an undergrad completing my B.A.. However, I realize that office jobs just aren’t for me. I’m planning on getting the CPR and CPT certification this summer. I also plan on getting the CPT by NESTA. I admire how driven you are to do what you love and the steps you took to achieve it.

    Thank you,


  33. Hey Cassey
    I was just wondering… if I buy something from shop blogilates, will shipping cost extra? I live in South Africa so…

  34. Hi just wanted to let you know that the 2015 fitness planner that I got has one of the ‘calendar’ pages upside down. Not a big deal but I just wanted to say something in case that was something that happened to all the books or if it was just mine. I still LOVE it though. :D

  35. Hey Cassey! I was wondering about how tall you are? And have you done a get to know me or ask me video before? :)
    I looove your videos, and they’re in my daily routine of workouts. haha

    – Simone

  36. Cassey! I started working out and making lifestyle changes this January because of the way I felt uncomfortable in my own skin and at first, I was only doing it to feel comfortable but I began to love it. A few months ago, I began occasionally using your videos as part of my workouts, and now I am SO hooked that I even downloaded your Decemburn calendar and it is brilliant. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to you for helping me stay motivated, because, you know, everyone has their bad days, and you’re the one who teaches me all the time that it’s okay.
    Thanks so much. Much love.

  37. Madeline Acquaviva says:

    The password you sent in the newsletter isn’t working! popsterpresents right?

  38. Celena Courchaine says:


    I hope you know that you are truly an inspiration! I was just browsing through Pinterest and found a video of yours which soon started a new lifestyle! I’ve always been fairly fit, but never capable of keeping a habit for a long time. I’m not really sure what it is about your videos, but I am now working out daily and consistently doing so! The crazy thing is that I have to do it everyday! You are so great and genuine and I am so happy to have come across your blog! Thanks for being you :)


  39. Hello Cassie,
    I wanted to thank you for your videos. You’re a great help. I was starting to dispair about my belly and thought it was getting bigger and bigger. I started doing your workout about a month ago and it’s already showing top results. Somebody even wondered if I’d had an operation.
    You’re great and I love you videos.

  40. Wajiha Sharief says:

    I really feel bad doing this because I am such a big fan of yours. You’ve inspired me to change my life completely with your energy and workouts. I’m always motivated and always happy and energetic now thanks to you.
    I’m writing to you because I purchased a Detox Bottle on August 31, and it arrived September 7th. It was the Train Like a Beast Look Like a Beauty one. I immediately fell in love with it, and used it every single day. But after a week and a few days, so around Sept 15ish the purple writing started rubbing off. It would stain my hands and I would ignore it and assume it was nothing. But now some of the writing has completely rubbed off. I’ve never put it in the dish washer, I’ve only rinsed it out and set it to dry before I used it again the next morning. Do you know why this could have happened? I wouldn’t mind buying another one, maybe the one I got was a defect out of 500. But I wanted to ask.

    • I had the exact same problem! i have the exact sane detox bottle as yourself and i loved it! Never have i put it in the dishwasher or even used hot water and the slogan began to smudge all over my hands and now its literally disappeared! It’s kind of a bummer really cus the slogan was my motivation!

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