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So the other day, I was having dinner at a restaurant and saw the cutest little boy walking by with his mom! He was holding a huge iPad in his tiny hands and looking down at some game, totally distracted. He was doing all fine until the pathway turned into a mini set of stairs…and then before anyone could do anything, the poor lil thing face planted to the ground. At first it was pure silence. Then, the type of hysterical cry that makes your heart clench.

His mom immediately picked him up and comforted him. He was upset, of course. But after a few sniffles, he started smiling again. He was fine! And they kept on walking.

You’ve totally see this happen before, right? You know, there’s some little kid running around a playground and, out of nowhere, the kid just falls. And, oh boy, they fall HARD! There’s usually tears and maybe a bandaid necessary.

For a moment, the world came crashing down for that child. It was embarrassing and scary. And it hurt! They might need a little consoling. A hug. Someone saying, “You’re okay!”

But do you notice how quickly they bounce back? The tears dry up. The bandaid is applied. 10 minutes later, that kid is laughing and playing again.

This ability doesn’t go away just because we grow up. We’re still capable of getting back up after we fall. It’s just that, as adults, we feel shame, pity, embarrassment and we worry about what others think of us. So, we need to stop that. We need to brush it off and start again. It really begins with our mental strength to recover.

Our falls aren’t always physical. They can be emotional. Maybe you were broken up with. Maybe you lost an opportunity you REALLY wanted. Maybe you messed up. You failed somehow. You fall down. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a terrible feeling. But you can bounce back! You are never stuck at that low place. I promise, even if that’s how it seems. Feelings are TEMPORARY!

Sometimes our hardest falls actually push us to a place we never could have dreamed! It’s life. It’s balance.

Whenever I fall in different aspects of my life, I am going to remember that little boy and how he brushed it off. I’m going to stop feeling sorry for myself and instead smile, look for solutions and get on with it! I’m going to remember how he was brave. And how he didn’t let one bad experience ruin the rest of the day. We can keep going!

Let’s remind each other of that sometimes, okay? We can do this. We might fall, but we’re just going to get back up!

Did you ever have an experience like a “fall” that actually lead you to a better place? Would love to hear your stories!

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