We need to get EVERYONE moving.


Hey guys!

Today marks the first day of the 30 day #WHATSYOURMOVE Challenge and my mission to get EVERYONE moving this summer! It really annoys me when people flake out when I ask them to come work out with me or they come up with some last minute excuse to avoid exercising. UGH! But I think the deep rooted issue is that they are actually scared, but won’t admit it! So, I understand.

But only to a certain degree. You can’t keep being scared forever.

So, I am DETERMINED to help everyone embrace the fact that fitness can be FUN!! I mean, you know it and I know it already! So let’s help our friends and our family members understand. They’ll be so much happier and healthier once they join in. You can be the positive change in their life.

I’m super excited that Android Wear reached out and asked me to partner with them to host the biggest summer fitness party of the year to help further spread this message in the #WHATSYOURMOVE campaign! Everyone is invited AND there are crazy good prizes guys…everyday starting today and for the next 30 days…I am giving away 1 Android Wear Smartwatch that tracks calories burned, steps taken, heart rate, and bunch of other great features.  That’s 30 watches!!

android wear smaller

This is the biggest giveaway ever and I want you guys to join in at whatsyourmove.com. All you have to do is upload a GIF (don’t worry, it’s not hard, there’s a timer cam on the website that does it for you) and I’ll pick my fave GIF of the day. Just click on the yellow camera button in the left hand corner!

whatsyourmove smaller 1

That’s it! The #WHATSYOURMOVE party is worldwide y’all!

And if you’re not sure what your first move should be, no worries. I gotcha covered! I made a video for you that is meant to inspire you. But maybe you’ll just think I’m weird.

That’s it guys! I want you to get all your friends to join in too for the next 30 days. It’s fun for everyone and will help people move past their fear of getting active. Let’s make it our mission to get everyone moving this summer. Comment below if you’re in!


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