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20 Minute Waist Shaping Workout | At home exercises for sleek obliques!

April 1, 2019

20 Minute Waist Shaping Workout | At home exercises for sleek obliques!

Sweat Time: 24 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: Pop Pilates

Body Focus: Abs


13 thoughts on “20 Minute Waist Shaping Workout | At home exercises for sleek obliques!”

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  1. No name plz says:

    I think 2 chuggas and how about Canada surrey?

  2. HeidiYL says:

    Loved it!

  3. miahdchung says:

    P&P in Surf City – Huntington Beach, CA! Everyone loves their dogs in this city 😉

  4. JadeSalony says:

    8 chugs! Congrats on P&P being such a success!

  5. amoeba97 says:

    4 chugas, how about Pitbulls and Planks in New Orleans, Louisiana to support VillaLobos Pitbull Rescue?

  6. jj101919 says:

    Puppies and Planks should come to Wichita,KS. I know it would be a huge success here! =)

  7. michelle[email protected] says:

    Puppies and Planks should come to San Francisco! There are tons of parks you can do it at, and tons of people who could attend!

  8. lindseybrea5 says:

    Come to Denver!! We love puppies and being active!! #4chuggas

  9. jennahdee says:

    I have ADHD so I always believed that there were only two chugas =) As in chuga chuga choo choo. Any more than that would’ve lost my attention… literally. This is my first day ever following your video by way of your workout calendar. Though I’ve been a part of your mailing list for a long time now. I wasn’t able to attend your fundraiser this year, but I look forward to more events in the future.

    1. jennahdee says:

      Keep up the excellent work!

  10. kbiaggi says:

    That went by faster than I expected! It was great, thank you. I definitely believe that it’s 4 chugga-chuggas…6 is too much lol. Also, because I’m in Northern California, I would love the a future one to be up here, like in SF, Stockton or Sacramento 🙂

    1. kbiaggi says:

      *Sorry, I mean I would love for Puppies & Planks to be up here

  11. ellennallen says:

    Bring Puppies and Planks to Kansas City! We’re a small city, but have lots of awesome shelters like the KC Pet Project, who already partners with a local cat cafe and I’m sure would love to spread the joy with dogs too. We’re also awesomely central in the US, so people from several surrounding states might be able to make it in!

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