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August Workout Calendar!

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Hey guys!

Ahhh August. A transitional month for sunlight, weather, fashion and mood. As I sit here and type this blog post, I see the sun slowly dropping down…but it’s only 7pm! No, come back! Summer is my favorite season of the entire year and August marks it’s end, so I can’t help but feel a little sad.

But this time, I’m going to cherish the warmth and the glittering sunshine for the next 31 days. Time really is relative to our age and how busy we are. Remember how when you were 7, counting down the days to Christmas felt like forever? And you know how now you’re like “OMG how is it already August!?” That’s what I am talking about. We all have so much going on now, that life is passing us by!

So if we can all re-learn how to “think like a kid” when it comes to enjoying our rest, our vacations, and the weekends, we can really make life go by as slowly as want.

Anyway, here’s your new August 2017 Workout Calendar! We’re back to 1 new workout video a week beginning on August 7th…my sister’s bday!

Download linked PDF | Download hi-res JPEG

You are going to LOVE the new series on the 7th. It’s all time-interval POP Pilates. Plus! I challenged myself extra to see if I could do a motivational a “life hacks” talk WHILE coaching you how to exercise. Let’s see how it turns out…hahaha.

If for ANY reason you are feeling like you don’t have the motivation to get through a workout calendar, then you MUST watch this video!

Ok guys, good luck! Let me know in the comments how you feel about August. Love it? Hate it? Meh?

Meanwhile, I’m going to try to soak up the rest of the day and goooo slooooow.

This June Workout Calendar will make you :)

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Hey guys!

It’s the beginning of a brand new month and in just a few weeks…it will be the official start of Summer! Ahh!!! My favorite month of all! It’s perfect romper weather. I am just swimming in glee :)

Alright, now can we talk about the cal? Because we ‘gon talk about the cal.

Last month was all focused on the 6-Week Body Toning Bootcamp, so quite a few passionate POPsters were upset at repetitive workout plan for May. For those of you who embraced the shake up and saw new changes in your body – thank you! And for those of you who were like “nope, not for me”, thank you too for your vocalness.

For June, I’m going back to classic Blogilates style where you’ll find a ton of variety in the workout selection! Check it out:

Download Linked PDF  |  Download Hi-Res JPEG

Isn’t it so pretty and summery? I love it! If I were you, I’d download the JPEG and make it my desktop background! That way, you’ll feel accountable and won’t miss a workout! Also, take advantage of the linked PDF. Just click on the video name and boom, it’ll start playing. No time wasted looking for the right vid!

This month is the start of the Apartment-Friendly series on my channel! Even if you’re not going to try my first workout now, just click play so you can look at this cool loft I shot in…

AHH isn’t it amazing!? I am in LOVE with the plants, the brick, the string lights…EVERYTHING!

I think your neighbors will be very happy to not hear you jumping all over the place! But this doesn’t mean that the workouts won’t be intense. PUH-LEEZE. We’ll be working out to the music and flowing hard. It’s gonna be fun and fierce!!!


If you’re wondering where all my workout clothes are from, they’re all POPFLEX! Durr! The black top I’m wearing is brand new. The Danger Tank comes in Night and Cabernet!

I love this tank so much and have been waiting to release it for a long time! I wear a size 4 if that helps any of you make a decision! Make sure you guys read the “Stylist’s Tip” on the site if you’re unsure on whether to size up or down etc.

Okay, let’s all promise ourselves that we’re going to have an AMAZING JUNE!!! C’mon let’s work hard and enjoy the results we earn by doing so.

Love you so much!

It’s Gonna be May! May Workout Cal that is.

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Oh gosh how I love being able to use this gif once a year! I was actually reading a Forbes article that says that at the beginning of each May, N*SYNC gets a huge boost of views on YouTube thanks to Justin Timberlake saying “me” with a slight twang.

So, y’all in the spirit of my favorite 90s boy band: “IT’S GONNA BE MAY.”

The new May Calendar is gonna throw you for a spin!

It’s different than all of our past calendars because it’s preparing you for PIIT28 – my Pilates Intense Interval Training program. This means short bursts of intensity, rest periods, and your workouts will be under half an hour every day (unless you’re doing a stretch video afterwards)!

I think you’ll really love the change in pace, the short workouts, and the extra sweat! You may find that this is JUST the SHOCK your body needs to really get strong and agile.

Check it out:

Download Linked PDF  |  Download Hi-Res JPEG

So here’s how it works:

  1. Download the calendar above! If you download the linked PDF, you can just click on the video of the day and it will take you straight to YouTube without having to search! If you want to save it as your desktop background, download the hi-res JPEG!
  2. Each day has a muscle group focus so that you can switch off throughout the week, not overworking any part of your body.
  3. You’ll notice that most workouts have “4x” or “3x” next to the video title. This means I want you to do 4 rounds or 3 rounds of that video in one workout session.
  4. Fridays are for food and flexibility! That is why you’ll see me linking to some food videos as well as stretch videos. It’s your rest day!
  5. Remember to check off the boxes as you go!

And if you want to advance to PIIT28 after this calendar, I’m giving you an exclusive coupon code “sweaty15” for $15 off my Transformation Pack which includes all of the PIIT28 programs plus The 28 Day Reset!

And if you finish the PIITSTAGRAM 1.0 challenge…I’m gonna send you the official PIIT28 Completion Top!

Each one of these ladies put in their time, sweat, hard work and earned their right to this top because it can NEVER BE BOUGHT. Congrats to @popster_kagami, @tiffanydoespiit28@mikaelastinkypiit, and @lean_like_a_green_bean.

I want you to use the May calendar to get stronger, to get leaner, and to find your most confident self! Be sure to follow other POPsters on IG and become active in the community. Just look up the #blogilates, #popster, #poparmy or #piit28 hashtag. It’s really amazing how much more effective the workouts are when you have a supportive, genuine network around you. And trust me…these are some of the most AMAZING people you will find out there.

After you complete the May cal, you’ll be ready to tackle PIIT28 in NO TIME!!!

The code for $15 off the PIIT28 Transformation Pack (Reg or Vegan) is “sweaty15” and it expires May 31st, 2017.

Love you so much!! And have a STRONG START to your May!

April 2017 Workout Calendar!

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Hey guys!

I hope you had a fantastic week! I’m wearing a charcoal mask on my face now as I write this blog post. Going to try to take care of myself more and more going forward! These are things I normally neglect because I am too busy working. But this body is our temple for this one life…we’ve got to take care of it from the inside to the outside! I’m seriously so amateur in the beauty department, so I am still learning everyday! I’ll share with you what I can.

Did you see that I dropped some new gear in the POP Pilates section on POPFLEX yesterday!!??

I know you guys wanted the hoodie back, so here it is! In charcoal now! And if you earned a bunch of rewards points during the Spring Sale, go ahead and use em! That’s the magic of the program!

Okay are you ready for the…


Download jpeg | Download linkable PDF

There you are guys! Remember to download the PDF because you can just click on the name of the workout and they will link directly to the video on YouTube!

Now food-wise – if you’re looking for a REAL change in your body, you’ll want to try out the 28 Day Reset. This program will help you rid yourself of stubborn fat, bloating, and acne…for real!  Click here and download my free guide.

Also, I am planning to film a bunch of new workouts for you guys in April and I want to know what you want to see! Can you comment below and gimme some ideas!? If I use your idea I will give you a shout out on YouTube!

Thank you and love you!!!

October Workout Calendar!

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Click to download the hi-res calendar

Hey guys!

The month of Halloween is upon us! Do you know what you will dress up as on the 31st? I JUST bought my costume today and I am SO EXCITED for you guys to see it! It’s comfy and cute!! And orange. I won’t give you any more details though…you’ll just have to wait!

3 more months until the new year…that is wildness. By the way, we just finished designing the 2017 Fit Planner :) We’ve been going at it for several months now and I feel soooo happy with it. You guys are going to love it. The graphics are beautiful…the colors are vibrant…and ugh, just everything is PERFECT! Also, we designed it to be more than just a planner for fitness and food – it’s a planner for life. The release will most likely be in a month or so! So hang tight!


Your cardio, strength training, and rest days are all planned out for you. All you have to do is complete each video once, check them off, and boom, you’re done for the day! Rest days are Friday, but feel free to switch that day around with another if it works better for your schedule.

The exclusive video of the month is “Feel Good Pilates Workout” which can be found in the Blogilates Official App (iTunes or Google Play). It’s a lot of core strengthening exercises that will help build a solid abdominal wall. This special video comes free with a subscription to the monthly calendar, which is only 99c! The calendar in the app is awesome because there is no need to search for the videos on YouTube – they are already curated for you! The app is available for Android and iPhone.

If you’ve been doing the Blogilates Calendar for a while now, are short on time, and want to try something new, try out PIIT28! It’s a 28 day program (follow along videos + ebook + online portal) that I developed this year because I found myself “too busy to work out.” The workout is only 28 min and 40 seconds long and it’s all about Pilates Intense Interval Training. Prepare to sweat and be sore!

Whether you’re doing PIIT28 or the Blogilates calendar, BOTH will work to transform you if you give it 100% commitment. What’s the better one? The one you can stick with.

I’ll leave you with some inspirational before and afters from POPsters who decided to give their work out EVERYTHING they’ve got. So proud of what they’ve accomplished and what YOU’RE about to do too.


This is beautiful Belinda (@belindasays) who has been doing Blogilates workouts on YouTube for 3 years while watching her diet. She is now 90 lbs down. Love the hair color change too!

before and after

This is Theresa (@theresa_piitlates). She just finished 7 rounds of PIIT28 while digging herself out of a dark hole. This girl is on FIRE and shining so bright now! You can read her story here.


This is Corina (@chill678)! She lost 27 lbs in 6 months doing PIIT28 and is from the beautiful island of Hawaii! I had the chance to meet her a few months ago while I was there for a meetup! Read her journey here.


August 2016 Workout Calendar

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Hey guys!

Can you believe we have arrived at the last FULL MONTH of SUMMER!!???? I’m crying inside. I am soooo in love with the warm weather, the shorts, the extra hours of daylight…oh my goodness…we all need to embrace the beauty of summer because it goes away so quickly! So, why don’t we close off summer with a bang? Let’s make it one to remember.

So starting right now I want you to commit to your body that you’re going to give it everything it needs. Nourish it with good food and train it to be stronger with great workouts.

Here is your workout Blogilates Workout Calendar for August 2016!

Aug 2016 small

Click for high resolution calendar

As usual, do each workout on the calendar once through. You can find my playlists daily on YouTube.com/Blogilates or you can download the Blogilates Official App (free on iPhone and Android) and subscribe to the workout calendar there which will automatically provide you with the videos and the exclusive video of the month “Back Sculpt Song Challenge” (99c subscription to the app calendar) which you cannot find anywhere else.


Alright guys, I’m going to add something on for us that’s gonna be super fun. Are you ready for the last Instagram Challenge of the summer!!??? We’re going to be doing 28 days of abs to sculpt you a STRONGER CORE with the #AdoreTheCore Challenge!

If you want to join in, just repost this graphic on your Instagram and declare it so! And by participating all 28 days, you’ll be entered to win the POPFLEX Super Prize Package!

POPFLEX Prize Pack

The #AdoreTheCore Challenge begins on Aug 1 and ends Aug 28! You’ll find all the details on the challenge here.

Alrighty guys – let’s make August 2016 a month to remember!


July 2016 Workout Calendar!

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Hellooooooooo there!

May I present to you…


1-July Draft high

Click for hi res version


As usual, all your workouts are listed daily and you only need to do them once through unless otherwise specified on the calendar!

The new *exclusive* app video of the month is the “Flat Abs Song Challenge”. You can get that by downloading the Blogilates Official App (free) and then subscribing to the calendar in there (99 cents a month).


I want you to to join in on the #WHATSYOURMOVE Challenge for the next 27 days of July! This is my personal mission to get people having fun and MOVING no matter your fitness level, size or shape is!

kiss (1)
Annnnnddd to encourage you and your friends to participate, every day for the next 27 days I am giving away one Android Wear Smartwatch that counts calories burned, steps taken, heart rate etc! Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted to know? How many calories a Blogilates workout burns?


All you have to do is go to whatsyourmove.com and upload your GIF of the day and I will choose my fave one to win daily! Don’t worry about making a GIF – the website basically does it for you, so you just need to show me your moves!

Ok beautifuls – that is all! Have an incredible July! I will be posting a yummy July 4th recipe soon for those of you who will be sporting your red, white and blue this Monday!



April 2016 Workout Calendar!

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April 2016 Final

Click to print!

Hey guys!

Here is your new April 2016 Workout Calendar!

This month is going to be exciting for a couple reasons…

  • It’s the anniversary of Hot Body Year Round! WHATTTTT!!!! I cannot believe it’s been a year since the book tour. And guess what? Now the book comes in 3 languages! English, French and German! So crazy! Thank you guys for your support….from all around the world!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.16.42 AM

The original cover!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.59.55 AM

The French cover!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.00.18 AM

The German cover!

  • The new exclusive App video is a bit crazy. It’s called Tricep Trifecta and basically, in just 3 movements, your triceps will die. You can get this video when you sign up for the calendar subscription in the Blogilates Official App.

Download for iPhone (free) | Download for Android (free)


  • SOMETHING BIG IS COMING APRIL 19th. OOOOOOOH yes. I want you to follow @blogilatesdesigns to find out. We will be dropping hints all the way to the big day!

So there you go guys! I hope you love the new calendar – the flower background is actually a pic from some bougainvilleas in my backyard. We had a good time playing around with colors to make it look edgy. Have a fantastic month of April! See you on YouTube!


JANUARY 2016 calendar is HERE! Get the PW when you...

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ARE. YOU. READY. FOR. 2016!!?????


Guys, no matter what happened the past few weeks, months or this past year – I don’t care how badly you ate or how many workouts you skipped. That is THE PAST. It is time to only look forward. Do you promise me that you will commit alongside me in 2016? Do you promise yourself that you will do everything in your power to become the person you want to be?

Say yes, because 16 is my favorite number and I am gonna make sure this is your favorite year yet.

Great…now listen up. Here’s the plan and what I want you to do:



Click to print the hi-res version!

 I want you to do this workout calendar like it’s YO JOB!! This month’s hashtag is #MYYEARTOGROW. Sound familiar!? (It’s the title of the 2016 Fit Planner!)


Use that hashtag every time you post your calendar, your sweaty selfie, or anything related to your growth!

Here’s the weekly workout breakdown:

Sunday: Abs & Obliques

Monday: Legs & Cardio

Tuesday: Upper Body

Wednesday: Total Body

Thursday: Abs & Cardio (This is also Fat Burn to Flat Abs day*)

Friday: Rest & Recover

Saturday: Butt

Do the workouts once as listed on the calendar. Check them off when you’re done! Where to find the videos? Go to youtube.com/blogilates.



*Download the free Blogilates App (iTunes or Google Play) and subscribe to the Workout Calendar inside (only 99 cents a month). When you do this, you will get access to Fat Burn to Flat Abs. This video is NOT available on YouTube. Subscribe to the calendar and get the video. I don’t want you to miss a single workout! Here’s a sneak peek:

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 8.41.25 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 8.42.58 PM

PLUS you’ll get the convenience of never having to look up a workout ever again! It’s all there for you! Here’s a screenshot of what the Dec 2015 cal looked like since Jan 2016 is a couple days away!


As you can see, in the Blogilates App Calendar, you get the calendar in clickable format basically! You can click on the workout in the order it was meant to be done, and you can do it straight from your phone! Then when you’re done, check it off! (The most satisfying part!) On the bottom, you will see your “monthly exclusive video” which will be the Fat Burn to Flat Abs video. Trust me. It is going to be a GOOD ONE.


30 day waist trainer-small-03

Click to print the hi-res version!

No waist trainer gadgets necessary! I want you to tighten the muscle fibers of your own body’s natural corset…your core! This quick and super effective challenge will target your core from EVERY ANGLE, helping you cinch your waist permanently.

If you want to see how to do all the moves, click here.

If you find that you don’t have a whole 1 hr block to dedicate to your workout, no worries. Break it up! Do half in the morning and half at night after work or school. Do what you can, but FINISH. I promise you that at the end of the month, these workouts will feel easy and you will feel stronger.

And guys, listen to me when I say I need you to get stronger by the end of January. Because the challenge I have for you in February will need everything you’ve got.


That is my last request! For a successful body transformation, you need to have a support group. People to encourage you AND a person for you to encourage. It’s gotta be dynamic. It’s gotta be back and forth.

So, please share the Jan 2016 password with one friend and ask them to do this month with you.

Be the inspiration in their life. Afterall…Jan 2016 is basically the “Monday” month of the whole year. If you’re gonna start any time, start NOW!

Good luck and have fun!

Are you guys READY!!!??? COMMENT BELOW how you honestly feel right now and what you want to accomplish!


September Workout Calendar & #GOODVIBESChalle...

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September Workout Calendar & #GOODVIBESChallenge! Get PW by signing up for newsletter.

Click to download and print!

Hey guys!

It is time for the new September Calendar! I literally cannot believe it’s gonna be fall. Like. WHAT!? WHAT HAPPENED!!!!! Time flies by so fast, so please try to live in the present and don’t worry too much. Worrying doesn’t do anything good. It just makes you stressed. You can’t change the past and you can’t affect the future with worrying. What you CAN do is either take action or let the universe guide you.

September is back to school, back to work, post vacay month. So let’s kick our booty’s back up into high gear. Print this out and paste it on your wall. I also went back to “landscape” style because I know a bunch of you guys like using it as your desktop background, so by popular request, we have switched back!

The new exclusive app video this month is “The BLT Workout!” for butt, legs, and thighs. You can find that in the Blogilates Official App when you subscribe to the workout calendar in there.

Also! For any new POPsters…if you’re ever confused as to which workouts you need to do, check my YouTube channel daily. I make playlists everyday for you so that you don’t have to go typing in every workout title. You’re very welcome :)

FINALLY!!!! I AM SO EXCITED to announce that we are back with our monthly challenges!!! YAY!!!! This one is different.  It’s not a workout challenge or a stretch challenge. This is an inspirational photo challenge that will get you thinking creatively. You need to do this. It’s going to be so fun! PLUS….HUGE prize at the end for one lucky POPster who has participated every single day of the challenge. I will show you what this is later…


  1. Make sure you have an instagram account! If you want to create one dedicated to fitness, then feel free to use the words “pop”, “popster”, “blogilates” in your username so that we can all identify who’s part of the tribe :)
  2. Follow @Blogilates, @poppilatesofficial, and @blogilatesdesigns.
  3. Repost the challenge image and tag a few friends to do this with you.
  4. Post one pic every single day based on the daily challenges (see below). Every time you post, you must use the hashtag #Blogilates and #GOODVIBESChallenge.
  5. Finally…FOLLOW EACH OTHER! Just by searching those hashtags, you will find other POPsters who will want to support you very easily! Also, like each other’s pics and comment. Let’s build friendships and root for one another!

Now…without further adieu…here is your #GOODVIBESChallenge!!!


I literally cannot wait to do this with you guys! I am committing to all 30 days. Are you? I will do my best to post early so that everyone knows what the challenge of the day is. And if your pic looks cool, you may get featured on either @BlogilatesDesigns or @poppilatesofficial. So get creative and have a good time!

Alrighty guys…love you!


Confidence is Silent. Insecurities are Loud.

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Confidence is Silent. Insecurities are Loud.


Hey guys!

Congrats on starting your Blogilates August Workout Calendar with a BANG!! Saw so many of you posting with your calendar selfies. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, go here.

Did you get a chance to preview your new Monday workout? It’s POP Pilates for Beginners: Slim ‘n Sculpt. I thought it was a good time to bring it back to basics. But basics doesn’t necessarily mean easier. It means PROPER FORM. So actually, you may discover why some of my moves feel “too easy” or why you “don’t feel it in the right places.” I highly encourage you to watch this video above to get a refresh on the foundation of your POP Pilates practice!

pilates 1

This is the punny tank I wore in the video! :D It’s literally my favorite thing right now. Do you like puns? This design was a test to see if POPsters are punny people or not. So if you like it, let me know in the comments so that I can design more tanks like this! And awesome news…all of these tanks go from Small to 2XL! Yay for fitness fashion in ALL sizes :) Check it out here.


Did you see the Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia fight? Well even if you didn’t tune in to watch, there’s no doubt that you probably caught the buzz on social media this morning! I made this image above for Instagram and it seemed to strike a chord with many people. It even started trending on Instagram under #RondaRousy with over 41,000 likes and now on Facebook, it has over 200,000 likes and 75,000 shares! Literal craziness.

So I want to share with you the caption I wrote along with the photo:

I’m not one to watch fights, but this morning I couldn’t ignore all the buzz around #RondaRousey‘s fight vs. Bethe Correia who had been trash talking her leading up to the event, making fun of her father’s suicide and implying that Ronda was mentally unstable.
It’s low to attack someone off-court. But it’s even worse to bring your opponent’s family into it! Ronda knocked her out in just 34 seconds.

What I love about Ronda is that she’s showing what it looks like to “fight like a girl.” She also represents a body type that some may criticize for being “too masculine.” But you know what? She offers soooooo much more than her looks (which btw, I think she’s gorgeous)! This is a reminder to all of you that no matter how strong, successful, rich or famous you get, there will ALWAYS be haters. Most likely there will be even more. But don’t listen to them. Keep doing your thing. Keep being you. That’s how you’ll end up on top.

Love seeing strong, powerful women! Whether that’s in business, in sports, or whatever…I love supporting other female powerhouses. It’s so inspiring to see so much positive press around women.

Who is your inspiration?