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September Workout Calendar & #GOODVIBESChalle...

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September Workout Calendar & #GOODVIBESChallenge! Get PW by signing up for newsletter.

Click to download and print!

Hey guys!

It is time for the new September Calendar! I literally cannot believe it’s gonna be fall. Like. WHAT!? WHAT HAPPENED!!!!! Time flies by so fast, so please try to live in the present and don’t worry too much. Worrying doesn’t do anything good. It just makes you stressed. You can’t change the past and you can’t affect the future with worrying. What you CAN do is either take action or let the universe guide you.

September is back to school, back to work, post vacay month. So let’s kick our booty’s back up into high gear. Print this out and paste it on your wall. I also went back to “landscape” style because I know a bunch of you guys like using it as your desktop background, so by popular request, we have switched back!

The new exclusive app video this month is “The BLT Workout!” for butt, legs, and thighs. You can find that in the Blogilates Official App when you subscribe to the workout calendar in there.

Also! For any new POPsters…if you’re ever confused as to which workouts you need to do, check my YouTube channel daily. I make playlists everyday for you so that you don’t have to go typing in every workout title. You’re very welcome :)

FINALLY!!!! I AM SO EXCITED to announce that we are back with our monthly challenges!!! YAY!!!! This one is different.  It’s not a workout challenge or a stretch challenge. This is an inspirational photo challenge that will get you thinking creatively. You need to do this. It’s going to be so fun! PLUS….HUGE prize at the end for one lucky POPster who has participated every single day of the challenge. I will show you what this is later…


  1. Make sure you have an instagram account! If you want to create one dedicated to fitness, then feel free to use the words “pop”, “popster”, “blogilates” in your username so that we can all identify who’s part of the tribe :)
  2. Follow @Blogilates, @poppilatesofficial, and @blogilatesdesigns.
  3. Repost the challenge image and tag a few friends to do this with you.
  4. Post one pic every single day based on the daily challenges (see below). Every time you post, you must use the hashtag #Blogilates and #GOODVIBESChallenge.
  5. Finally…FOLLOW EACH OTHER! Just by searching those hashtags, you will find other POPsters who will want to support you very easily! Also, like each other’s pics and comment. Let’s build friendships and root for one another!

Now…without further adieu…here is your #GOODVIBESChallenge!!!


I literally cannot wait to do this with you guys! I am committing to all 30 days. Are you? I will do my best to post early so that everyone knows what the challenge of the day is. And if your pic looks cool, you may get featured on either @BlogilatesDesigns or @poppilatesofficial. So get creative and have a good time!

Alrighty guys…love you!


Confidence is Silent. Insecurities are Loud.

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Confidence is Silent. Insecurities are Loud.


Hey guys!

Congrats on starting your Blogilates August Workout Calendar with a BANG!! Saw so many of you posting with your calendar selfies. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, go here.

Did you get a chance to preview your new Monday workout? It’s POP Pilates for Beginners: Slim ‘n Sculpt. I thought it was a good time to bring it back to basics. But basics doesn’t necessarily mean easier. It means PROPER FORM. So actually, you may discover why some of my moves feel “too easy” or why you “don’t feel it in the right places.” I highly encourage you to watch this video above to get a refresh on the foundation of your POP Pilates practice!

pilates 1

This is the punny tank I wore in the video! :D It’s literally my favorite thing right now. Do you like puns? This design was a test to see if POPsters are punny people or not. So if you like it, let me know in the comments so that I can design more tanks like this! And awesome news…all of these tanks go from Small to 2XL! Yay for fitness fashion in ALL sizes :) Check it out here.


Did you see the Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia fight? Well even if you didn’t tune in to watch, there’s no doubt that you probably caught the buzz on social media this morning! I made this image above for Instagram and it seemed to strike a chord with many people. It even started trending on Instagram under #RondaRousy with over 41,000 likes and now on Facebook, it has over 200,000 likes and 75,000 shares! Literal craziness.

So I want to share with you the caption I wrote along with the photo:

I’m not one to watch fights, but this morning I couldn’t ignore all the buzz around #RondaRousey‘s fight vs. Bethe Correia who had been trash talking her leading up to the event, making fun of her father’s suicide and implying that Ronda was mentally unstable.
It’s low to attack someone off-court. But it’s even worse to bring your opponent’s family into it! Ronda knocked her out in just 34 seconds.

What I love about Ronda is that she’s showing what it looks like to “fight like a girl.” She also represents a body type that some may criticize for being “too masculine.” But you know what? She offers soooooo much more than her looks (which btw, I think she’s gorgeous)! This is a reminder to all of you that no matter how strong, successful, rich or famous you get, there will ALWAYS be haters. Most likely there will be even more. But don’t listen to them. Keep doing your thing. Keep being you. That’s how you’ll end up on top.

Love seeing strong, powerful women! Whether that’s in business, in sports, or whatever…I love supporting other female powerhouses. It’s so inspiring to see so much positive press around women.

Who is your inspiration?



July Workout Calendar. Sign up for newsletter ...

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Hey guys!

HAPPY JULY!!! This is the month of sunshine, smiles, short shorts, sunscreen, sand, and swimsuits! (What other “s” words can I include!?) That’s why your July Calendar was artfully painted to bring you to the beach. I really hope you like it :)

                                                              print calendar

A perfect combination of POP Pilates bodyweight exercises along with some HIIT and cardio daily to make sure that you’re burning fat and building muscle at the same time. Do not pay attention to your weight on the scale. Please pay attention to how your clothes fit and how you FEEL. I promise you will have a lot more fun this way. Also, to make this month even more exciting, I am giving you an end goal that ALL OF US are going to complete. Along with building a strong and sculpted body, you are ALSO going to get into the SPLITS!!! OMG what is it with me and illteration today? Haha.

That’s why you will have daily stretch homework. Only 10 min a day and I promise that if you are 100% dedicated you will either get into the splits or get very very close!

Journey to Splits Square

print calendar


1. Screenshot the image above and post it on your instagram as a sign that you’re in! Make sure to hashtag #journeytosplits and #blogilates. Also follow @blogilates and @poppilatesofficial because we’re announcing random winners every Friday just for participating!

(If you don’t have an Instagram account or don’t feel comfortable posting on your personal one, just make a new one dedicated to your fitness! Feel free to use the words “POPster”, “POP”, or “Blogilates” in your username!)

2. Stick to the 30 days. Do not skip a single day. Promise? That’s how you’ll get into the splits. Every day I want you to post a picture of the pose of the day as a sign that you did your stretches.

3. Ok but here’s how this month’s challenge is different than The Stretch Project. Everyday I will need you to do stretches 1-5, your foundational stretches. You may not skip them. So, the first 5 days, you are doing the first 5 stretches! Then beginning day 6, you will just add one move on. So on day 6, you will do 1-5 and 6. On day 30, you will do 1-5 and 30. Get it? So you will do 6 moves a day beginning day 6.

4. How long to hold? I want you to hold each stretch for around 30 sec to 1 min per side. Total, each day you should spend around 10 min. stretching.

Alright guys! I cannot wait to see you start this month’s calendar! It is going to be AWESOMENESS!!! Also, feel free to share with me your fave summer essentials…like your latest bikini, your new braided summer hairdo…your summer smoothie…whatever! Just tweet me @blogilates or photo tag me on Instagram! That’s the easiest way for me to see!!

K love you and see you soon!!!

<3 Cassey


June Workout Calendar. Sign up for newsletter ...

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June Workout Calendar. Sign up for newsletter & the PW will be emailed.

June 2015 smaller

Click to download & save

Hey guys!!

I’m posting your June 2015 Workout Calendar a little early this month because I am SUPER excited about our brand new 30 day challenge…THE STRETCH PROJECT.


So what’s going on for June? In the new month, I want you to complete your workouts of the day as listed on the June Calendar. Please download and print the calendar above! I always love seeing you guys check off your videos. It’s one of the most satisfying feelings!

Also…go download the Blogilates App now! (It’s free on iPhone and Android!) The calendar that you can subscribe to is in there, the exclusive new video of the month “Ab-centric Pilates Workout” is in there, and the community is just thriving inside. I feel like you guys are less hesitant to open up within the safety of our community, post what you truly feel, and show everyone your rawness. I love that. I love that we can trust each other to be real :)

Then, after each day…you have a mini challenge to complete. This one is different than what we’ve done before because it’s all Instagram based!


(Haha there’s me in a leotard with leg warmers. It was so fun to dress up! You obviously don’t have to for the challenge :P)

I want you to participate in THE STRETCH PROJECT because sooooo often we focus on losing weight, gaining weight, maintaining weight…that we forget to work on releasing our muscles, bettering our posture, and getting more flexible! That’s why June’s 30 day challenge is focused on STRETCHING.

Here’s how to participate!

1. Save #TheStretchProject image and share it on your Instagram as a sign that you’re in! ???? Invite your friends to join.

2. Follow @blogilates and @poppilatesofficial

3. Everyday beginning June 1, post a pic of the stretch of the day. ???? Hashtag #thestretchproject and #blogilates

4. If you don’t feel comfortable posting everyday for 30 days on your personal Instagram, make one that is dedicated to fitness! ???? You can use the words “Pop” or “blogilates” in your name so we all know you’re a popster!

5. Follow each other and like each other’s stuff!

6. Every single day for 30 days, I’m giving away a daily prize for participating! Blogilates flash tattoos!

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 8.32.17 AM

???? Use the hashtags and make sure you’re not on private so your post can be found. Winners can be from anywhere in the world.

7. On day 30 I’m giving away a GRAND PRIZE – my summer beauty package! One winner will get a Polaroid camera, the Blogilates Fit Journal, Steve Madden Sunglasses, an Essie Nail Polish Collection, my fave eye makeup essentials, Pura Vida bracelets, and a flower crown!

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 8.31.02 AM

Let’s make real life look like Instagram…


That’s it! Make sure you hold each stretch for at least 15-30 seconds on each side. Ease into it. Do your best! I’ll be posting daily to remind you! We’ll feature our faves on @poppilatesofficial and announce daily winners there too! Yay and lets do this!! Are you in?


May 2015 Workout Calendar! Get the pw by signing u...

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Hey guys!

I am currently in New York City – wow the weather is incredible! All the tulips are blooming and I am no longer cold. I already ran into some of you already which was awesome :) If you’ve been following my Snapchat, you saw that I was hanging with 100 of my fellow YouTubers here in the city for the first ever YouTube Creator Summit! It was so nice to see some of my old friends which I haven’t seen since I was in London for the Olympics in 2012 with Youtube. Everyone’s still super nice but also way more successful. I am SO PROUD of everyone in the YouTube community for pursuing their dreams and just KILLING it. It’s always the best when you can be genuinely happy for your friends – there’s no room for jealousy. Just support.

Also…wanted to let you know that the Detox Timer Bottles are back! They ran out so fast last time! I had a chance to redesign the new look and if you look closely below, you can see that the timer goes all the way to 7pm now! (It was 6pm before.)

detox timer bottle


How tasty does that mango look!? I want it so bad…


detox bottle


One of my favorite sayings is “Choose to be happy.” It really is true that happiness is a choice. You can look at yourself like a victim and wallow in your sadness, or you can take a breath, move forward, and use what you learned as a lesson. Smile when you can guys, it’s really liberating.

Now…guess what?


Hahahaha. I coudn’t resist. Ok my peeps who were a part of the boy band craze in the 2000’s, were you a BSB fan or an N*SYNC fan?

Alrighty, here’s your May Blogilates Workout Calendar!


May 2015 300ppi smaller


Click to download and save

YOU’VE GOT THIS! I believe that you will be able to start off strong and more importantly…end strong too. If you feel like you’re lacking motivation or a reason to work out and live a healthy life…then think about how badly you want this. How badly do you want to achieve your best body? How badly do you want to find balance and master that headstand? How badly do you want to find the joy in cooking and share it with your family?

If you want it bad, you will figure out how to make it happen. And remember, I am here with you and FOR YOU!

Also, please go download the Blogilates App! That’s where all the super awesome POPster action is happening! Amazing transformations…incredible support…and all the videos are there! You will find this month’s exclusive “5 Min Slim Thighs” in the calendar subscription. I know you will love :)

Also guys, I wanted to get your opinion. Do you like the calendar portrait style like this or landscape? Please let me know ok?


#Aprilates 2015 Workout Calendar! Get PW when you ...

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April 2015 494kb

 Click to download and save

Hey guys!

HAPPY APRIL!!! Or almost…but I’m getting this up early because I’m trying to be good ;)

So here’s the new #Aprilates 2015 Calendar! Woohoo and guess what you get to pair it with? Your #30daySleekArms Challenge! WOOHOO!

30 day arm challenge 300 ppi 2 497kb

Click to download and save

So here’s the deal guys. This is the first calendar of Spring. I need you to COMMIT! Not for me. But for you, ok? We gotta get ready now. You want to feel better, look better, and get stronger by summer, yes? Then you’ve got to start right now, right here. Promise me you will stick to the calendar.

*lock pinkies*

GREAT. NOW!! Guess what else this month is? It’s the official launch of Hot Body Year Round on April 7th! OMG I can’t believe it guys, like what! Our book will be in all major bookstores?!! *dying*

hot body prize

I really really want you to have your copy on April 7th, so please pre-order it now. It would mean the WORLD to me for all of us to be holding the same book together next week. Plus, as a thank you I will send you this exclusive tote bag. They are almost all gone…so get it as soon as you can!

cassey and canvas tote

Any order after April 6th at 11:59PM pst will not get the bag, so don’t wait! Once you buy your copy on Amazon or bookdepository.com (free shipping internationally) go fill out the form on hotbodybook.com so I know where to send your bag. The bag and the book will ship from 2 different places, so watch out for 2 different packages!

When you get your book or bag, please use the hashtag #hotbodyyearround! I am going to basically die when I see the first pic of the book on Instagram or Twitter with you guys! Eeeeek!!!


Ok let’s have an amazing #APRILATES!!! Let’s kill it!! See you guys on tour soon…will get your more deets asap!


#MarchofthePOPsters 2015 Workout Calendar! Get pw ...

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March 2015 3


Click to save & print

Hey guys!

HAPPY MARCH! (Well for me, there’s still one more day, but BASICALLY!)

Here is your new March 2015 Workout Calendar. The official hashtag is #MarchofthePOPsters. When I saw this I almost died. I mean, it is the most perfect hashtag ever and makes me laugh. I keep imagining, March of the Penguins but replace them with POPsters and we’re all waddling along :P

Anyway, your workout schedule looks like this:

Sunday: Bunday (butt)

Monday: Legs & Thighs

Tuesday: Core Crusher

Wednesday: Hump Day HIIT

Thursday: Arms ‘n Back

Friday: Relax ‘n Revive (For stretch day, make sure you download the free Blogilates app and subscribe to the calendar to see my exclusive “Revitalizing Stretch Routine.”)


Saturday: Total Body

Also, I want you to pair every day with the super simple moves in the 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge. It’s quick and will take no more than a few min in the beginning to get started. You can do these right when you wake up or spread em out throughout the day. Please print it out, paste it up, or save it and invite your friends, family, and co-workers to join in on the challenge!


Click to download & print

If you want to see how all the moves should be performed, please click here to see the gifs I made for you. The official hashtag for this challenge is #30daythighchallenge.

That is all guys! Let’s have an AMAZING start to our new month!! Please share your calendar selfie when both of these guys are printed! I wanna see!


#FABruary Workout Calendar! Get the password when ...

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feb 2015 540kb

 Click to print your #FABruary Workout Calendar

Hey guys!!

HAPPY #FABRUARY!! I really love this month’s calendar name. Thanks to everyone who helped me pick it!

Ok so you know the drill:

1. Click the calendar to print!

2. Take a selfie with it and #FABruary on Instagram and Twitter so I know you have it in your hands!

3. Download the Blogilates App (free) for inspiration and to meet other POPsters in the community! This is also where you will find this month’s exclusive workout, “All About That Butt.”

4. Follow the calendar exactly. Each workout video will be done once. Check them off as you go. You can do them throughout the day or in one session. Doesn’t matter. Just do it.

5. You will also add on the moves from the #30daybuttlift Challenge. These are easy, super effective glute toning moves that will give nice shape to your booty in a month. Follow it. Share it with your friends, family, and co-workers. I want to make getting active as fun and easy as possible!

30 day butt challenge 72ppi

Click to print your 30 Day Butt Lift Challenge

6. Finally if you want some EXTRA motivation, join the Hot Body Challenge Dietbet here! I am also giving away 5 pairs of Nike Free runs at the start of the game on Feb 2!

nike free run heart

Andddddddd just in case you haven’t hear yet! My first book, Hot Body Year Round just launched for pre-order!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!

HotBodyYearRound cover small

It’s been 2 years in the making and I cannot believe this is actually happening. Thank YOU for being a part of this magical community and for working out with me every day. It would mean the world to me if you got a copy for yourself and even for a friend! I took all your suggestions and comments from over the years (since Blogilates started) to help formulate the ULTIMATE exercise and nutrition guide for you. It is basically the Blogilates Bible :D

Please get it before April 6! Because if you do, you will be the first to receive it! And also, as a thank you I will send you an exclusive tote bag that I designed just for my Blogilates Bookworms!

Click here to get Hot Body Year Round!

K that is all for now guys! Let’s make #FABruary the best month ever! It’s the month of looooooveee!! And if you didn’t know already, I LOVE YOU.


PS: Pretty kissy lips on the calendar by Talula Christian.

#DecemBURN Workout Calendar! Sign up for my newsle...

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#DecemBURN Workout Calendar! Sign up for my newsletter to get the password.

Sweat Time:

Equipment Needed:

Workout Type:

Body Focus:



dec 2014 2

Click to enlarge and print

Hey guys!!

OMG it is the last month of the year! 2014 is almost over!? This is not happening. Is it happening? OMG it’s happening.

Well then, happy December POPsters! It’s the last 31 days of the year to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! If you’ve been kinda sorta doing the workouts and kinda sorta following the calendar, take a moment and ask yourself to commit. Let’s get it done. Because on New Year’s Eve I want all of us to upload pics of ourselves in our NYE dresses looking hot, confident, and SPARKLY!!! (Yes the sparkle is a must.)

Also, because the holidays are here, it’s time for #POPsterPresents! It’s 4 weeks of prezzies for you guys. And it’s gonna be goooooddddd. Every week it’s something new and it’s something big. Watch to see how to win the first giveaway.


It’s Beats headphones and a Fitbit Charge! OMG you will love these so much because I certainly do! Also, don’t just enter the contest, do your new Monday video too :) It’s 6 min to Sexy Abs and it’s HARD! I know you like hard so I really brought it.

Okay, you ready to bring it home? 31 days. Print the calendar. Follow the workouts. I promise you will have fun and you will look and feel soooo good on Dec 31st when we ring in 2015.



PS: Been working on a really awesome update for the Blogilates App so make sure you have it downloaded! It’s free! :) It should be available in the next week or 2!

#MOVEmber Workout Calendar. Sign up for newsletter...

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nov 2014 fully edited

♥ Click to Print ♥

Hey guys!

Here is your new #MOVEmber Workout Calendar! I honestly cannot believe it’s November already. Like, what!!??? Wasn’t it just like summer? But hey, you know what? At least we were training together throughout the whole year as a big Blogilates family!

This month’s program starts out with a cardio or HIIT video and then you get into toning the muscle group of the day. This way you’ll be sweaty, burning tons of calories, and getting the most out of your session.

For those of you doing the 8 Week Hot Body Challenge (that starts on Nov 10th and ends Dec 31st) this is the exercise program you will be using for your daily workouts.


 I’m already seeing so much friendship flourishing in the private Hot Body community! I know that you guys are going to be so successful with this plan and with all the support you’ll be getting. Do not forget to take your before pic on November 10th along with your measurements for bust, waist, hips, arms, and thighs.



You can record everything in your new Fit Journal 2.0!

♥ Click to see inside ♥

These last 2 months of 2015 will be hard. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. There’s hot chocolate, holiday cookies, a turkey feast, pumpkin pies, and food GALORE! You will be surrounded with temptation. But remember that on the #8weekhotbody plan, you can have 1 YOLO meal a week, so your Thanksgiving dinner is already accounted for! You’re good! Also, remember that your dreams are more important than your excuses. Think about that every time you start to feel weak.

Guys, it’s going to be a fun ride before we finish out 2014. Let’s do this together, yes?

(Say yes.)

K love you! And please invite a friend to do this with you. It’ll be way more fun!

<3 Cassey

Let’s #Rocktober! Get the password by signin...

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Let’s #Rocktober! Get the password by signing up for my FREE newsletter!

Hey guys!

So proud of you for finishing #sepTONEber like crazy beasts. Now we have 31 days to shape up for that fun (possibly leggy, maybe midriff bearing) Halloween costume!!

oct 2014

click to enlarge and print

 This month I am going to rock your core with some intense ab-focused days. Also, you will notice that the first video of each day is some type of cardio or HIIT because I want you to start sweating and get moving right from the get go!

Your exclusive video of the month is “Total Bodylicious” which can be found in the Blogilates App! I really love this workout because I’m targeting your butt, arms, and abs in a super fun, effective, and graceful POP Pilates routine. You’ve got to download the app right now if you don’t have it! The community in there is soooo motivating!

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 11.47.53 PM

Now, listen up. I want you to take the next 31 days seriously. Follow the routines I’ve created for you every single day EXACTLY and I promise you that by the end of the month you will look smokin’ and SOLID in your Halloween costume.

Also! To kick off this #Rocktober, I wanted to surprise you guys with a fun contest and giveaway for our community! :) I thought it would be such a cool idea to ask you guys to show me your best plank and get entered to win a ton of cool prizes that I know you will DROOL over. I’ll announce the prizes later because I’m making a video for it, but here are the contest details if you want to get a head start:

#POPstersinPlank Photo Contest!

(Begins Oct 1st . Ends Oct 8th.)


How to enter:

1) Take a photo of yourself doing a plank (any plank, any style, side plank, on your hands, on your knees, starfish style, doesn’t matter, the more creative the better!)

2) Upload to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #POPstersinPlank. (On Instagram make sure your profile is public or else I can’t see your entry.) I also suggest that if you have more than 1 social media account to upload that pic to all 3 places so you have a better chance of winning, esp. for the 3rd category.

3) You can be any age, you can enter as MANY times as you want, and you can be from any country! Starts today. Ends Oct 8th.

plank stack

To make it fun…I have some cool categories for you to win big in:

*Plank in the Oddest Location*

On top of a taxi? On a horse? Under the sea? GET CRAZY but be safe! :)

*Most People Planking in One Pic*

Pretty self explanatory. And easy to win if you keep checkin’ the hashtag to see the number to beat! You must be in the pic!

*Random POPster in Plank*

This is open to any type of photo! As long as you’re planking you are entered to win!

Alrighty!! I can’t wait to see your pics!! I am going to go create your prize packages now and make a vlog showing you what ridiculousness you will be winning. You will not be disappointed :)


<3 Cassey

PS: For those of you who are concerned about the shutdown of my.blogilates.com (again, I am very sorry) – I will be making playlists everyday on YouTube for you so you don’t have to look up the work outs one by one or you can get all the videos laid out for you in the Blogilates App along with the exclusive video of the month for just 99 cents! I’ll be linking all the #Rocktober Playlists right here. Check back soon. Also, developing some AWESOME new features for the Blogilates App that will help connect you guys closer together. Promise I will make up for everything my.blogilates was supposed to be!