Hey guys!

Today was my first weekend of 2020 being 100% healthy! I started off by taking a circuit training class and then going to the farmer’s market. Literally my fave combo of things to do ever. Bought myself some flowers and fruits!

AHHHH look at how gorgeous these fruits are! Can you believe?!

I got a tray of raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries from $10. The razz’s were sweet to perfection. You never know with raspberries sometimes…it’s been a hit or miss 50/50 situation at the grocery store every time. Good thing you can sample before buying at the farmer’s market!

Yesterday’s Day 10 Food Log:

Breakfast was scrambled eggs with avocado wrapped in Nuco coconut wraps with a side salad. That’s butter lettuce with Tessamae’s Jalapeño Ranch dressing. Finally finished the bottle!

Some popcorn as a snack.

Tried out these Whisps as a crunchy low carb snack! Pretty good. Cheese doesn’t seem to make me break out but straight up milk sure does!

Some kombucha for the digestives :)

As an appetizer, tried out a sweet corn tamale from Trader Joes and it was quite excellent!

This right here is one of my fave meals. A Beyond Burger, cauli rice with sriracha and coconut aminos, and a side salad of butter lettuce and cilantro dressing. AHHHHH. If I could eat this all the time, I would! I’m going to try to do a bit less fake meat for the last 10 days of my meatless challenge to see how it affects my digestive system.

BTW so many opinions on my last blog post! Especially on Facebook and YouTube. Things always get a little heated when it comes to the vegan versus non-vegan debate.

As always, whether you choose to eat a Beyond Burger or a real burger, the choice is yours, and you should fully own that choice and be happy about it. No shoving things down people’s throats. Do your own research and respect one another. Something that is healthy for one person may be poison for another. We are all made up of different DNA and require different foods to reach our optimal health levels. To say that everyone is the same and would thrive off the the same food is like saying there’s only one type of moisturizer that works for all skin types…or one career that is going to make everyone happy. FALSE!!

Then for part 2 of din, I wanted to have a bowl of honey oat O’s over Trader Joe’s oat milk! I sprinkled some dehydrated strawberries over the top and ahhhhhhhhhh this was absolutely amazing!!!!! I don’t know why but I LOVE CEREAL. I don’t usually have it because I tend to eat lower carb but I’ve been testing more types of food on this meatless challenge and it’s been fun :)

What are you up to this weekend?

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  • Kratika says:

    I am not sure if popcorn is healthy. Any inputs?

    • If you make your own it absolutely is! Air popped popcorn sans butter & a tonne of salt is a great healthy snack. There are so many different flavours combos you can do, just jump on Pinterest, they have tonnes of ideas

      • Kratika says:

        But isn’t corm suppose to add to your weight?
        All these years what I’ve heard is corn will lead to weight gain and sugar.

    • hudsonme says:

      I ABSOLUTELY love popcorn and made it all the time because it’s a pretty low calorie, high fiber snack. But I’ve had stomach issues for years and my doctor finally told me nix it. He said it’s basically like eating cardboard – it doesn’t have much nutritional value and does a great job at making you feel full, but only for a short amount of time.

  • Are those whole grain oats?:)

  • NIKNAK094 says:

    Ugh its too cold in the North East to have a Farmer’s Market every week and we stopped getting fruits. Except apples. Anyone else from the NE trying to decrease their carbon footprint? Do you buy organic and try and find it as locally grown as possible? I wound up in Target and grabbed what they had. It’s so warm here in PA you would think it was spring.

    • Megan says:

      I am a PA girl too. I don’t know if you’re close to a Wegman’s but they usually have a good selection. We try to eat what’s in season also.

  • Anna says:

    It’s my birthday!!! Been eating a whole bunch of strawberries with some whip cream, no need for any cake. The topping is the best anyway YUM

    • NIKNAK094 says:

      Happy Birthday Anna. You are in good company this week. My son and Cassey are both on the 16th! I personally feel you Capricorns are super sweet people. Enjoy your day.

    • Happy birthday, Anna!!

  • Kaitlin says:

    Hey Casey, I love how you’re posting everyday and giving us the daily deats and feats. I typically like to use fresh fruit but I definitely need to switch it up and try dried!

  • Sebastian says:

    I’m so jealous you have the best life!!! No offense I know we all have are own struggles and no ones life is perfect and I know you said on that one workout video that other peoples successes aren’t your failures but I can’t help getting a little jealous by how put together your life is and how healthy you are, I am still young so I won’t be able to move out until 18 but when I do I’ll try to be healthy, get famous, move to LA, teach pop Pilates and hopefully meet you! Thanks for sharing!