Taylor Swift. The evolution no one saw coming.

Oh Taylor, look what you made me do…

So unless you are living somewhere where there’s no internet, (also, how are you reading this????), I’m sure you know Taylor Swift released her first single “Look what you made me do” from her upcoming sixth album, Reputation.

When the song dropped (and I am going to be brutally honest with you guys), I just wasn’t impressed. Like, at all. In fact, I sort of hated it. And when I say sort of I mean totally.

I’m all for artists expanding horizons and trying new things, but it didn’t really feel or sound like Taylor. I’ve been a country Taylor fan for a looooooong time and was sort of thrown off by “Shake it Off”, but I really wasn’t ready for pop Taylor to turn into…Lorde-Taylor?

For those of you who know me, you know that I was a huuuuge Taylor Swift fan since the early days. True story, I even went to her house once! (I KNOW, I KNOW!)


When the whole Kimye disaster happened, my trust in Taylor Swift was broken forever. After watching Kim Kardashian’s video, Taylor went from being my most beloved celebrity and my fave artist after Michael Jackson to a person I felt like I didn’t know anymore. She lost a fan that day. (If you need all the details on the drama, read this Buzzfeed article.)

So why am I writing this article?

Well, after a year of not listening to her music, Taylor somehow has my attention again.

In fact, after she released the “Look what you made me do” music video, she earned my respect…again. A different respect. But a respect nonetheless.


“Look what you made me do” is one of those songs that you don’t like the first time you hear it, but it gets catchier and catchier each time you hit replay. Then paired with a BRILLIANT music video, it’ll be stuck in your head for good.

So what happened? Why do I think Taylor is “brilliant”?

OMG so many reasons.


First, I think everyone can agree that the Kimye situation was a PR DISASTER. (Unless it was a part of a long term marketing plan for her brand’s evolution that involved getting the biggest celebs in the world to play along. I highly doubt this, but it’s one of my conspiracy theories.) Taylor could have defended herself forever and could have made everyone feel sorry for her. Instead, she went radio silent (which made her seem even more guilty) and then BAM came out with a single that basically said “Yeah, you caught me, I AM a bad person. Deal with it.”

Do you know how much FREEDOM she must feel from releasing this single?

Taylor used to be a goody goody that would get scrutinized for every single little tiny misstep she took, while other celebs with a less-than-perfect reputation would get applauded for basically not committing a crime for the day. Now that she’s admitted that she’s a new Taylor…a bad Taylor…a mean girl Taylor….she has the freedom to release herself from those perfect girl shackles and do whatever the heck she pleases.

Side note – I can TOTALLY relate to this. Because Blogilates is a very family friendly and overall super positive female fitness brand, when I say one slightly tough thing, I seem to really upset people right away. I mean, literally the other day I posted a motivational quote that said this:

It was meant to be inspirational. A little kick in the booty! But I got a ton of comments on Instagram saying how disappointed people were in me…how people were going to stop doing my videos because of how insensitive I was. My follower count was in the negatives that day!

Honestly, if this quote made you mad enough to unfollow me, then I apologize for offending you, but I urge you to take a step back and ask yourself why. There’s a big difference between actually being lazy versus taking a rest day, needing a moment to relax or taking some time off to not work.

Anyway, I digress.

But see what I mean? “Good girls” aren’t allowed to make mistakes. “Bad girls” are.

Taylor can wear skimpier clothes, she can get plastic surgery, she can cuss, she can cut off all her hair, she can even release sex tapes – because guess what, you do not have the power to judge her based off of her old good girl standards. Those ancient standards are dead. The new Taylor has written her own rules – rules of which the public no longer has control over.


This is the brilliance that I am impressed with. Who Taylor Swift is as a person, I am unsure. (I mean she was nice when I met her, but that’s all I know.) But the marketing behind her image and the execution of her new brand is SO GENIUS that my mind is exploding.

So for my business and advertising people…listen up.

Taylor went from naive country girl to romantic country princess to a squad-goals pop star to a certified bad girl. She’s been in the spotlight for over a decade and STILL has my attention. Many stars fade after a year. How did Taylor withstand the test of time? BECAUSE SHE EVOLVED. Even when people didn’t want her to.

In her latest transformation, Taylor went with the flow. She could not fight against the tide. Though the tide was one of major negativity, she embraced it and embraced it HARD. I really did not expect her to admit to her character flaws in her music video, but when she did, I forgave her. Once I did that, I felt like I was allowing myself to enjoy her music again.

The fact that Taylor is so self-aware (a la the scene at the end of the video where the Taylors from different eras argue with each other – ugh so good) lets me know that she’s smart, she’s creative, she’s funny and that she’s one step ahead of us.


Maybe diss tracks aren’t your type of content (not mine either), but this year it’s been HUGE on the ‘Tubes. Hands down, the “hottest” YouTubers now are Logan Paul and Jake Paul.

Logan got to over 11 MILLION subscribers in less than 1 year! To give you some context, I’ve been on YouTube for about 8 years and I am about to hit 4 MILLION – and that’s supposed to be pretty good.

But anyway…

The Pauls are brothers whose entire empires rest upon their oddly successful diss tracks – each video racks up hundreds of millions of views. The numbers are OUTRAGEOUS and pretty much unheard of these days for non-celeb musicians. These diss tracks are rap songs where the brothers make fun of other YouTubers. You could call it comedy or you could call it straight up bullying and harassment. Either way, kids LOVE IT and it’s super viral.

So, was Taylor’s new music video a type of high production super celebrity diss track? Is that why “Look what you made me do” became the highest viewed video of ANY VIDEO in the first 24 hours of it’s release?

You know, I think yes.

Do I think diss tracks are good for society? No.

But the truth is, I think people love a good drama…especially when it’s “real” drama. To be completely honest though – what’s real and what’s not these days? It’s hard for me to tell because I feel like everything is planned. Especially social media.

Entertainment has evolved and it is not at all what it used to be. We went from seeing actors in plays, to seeing actors in movies, to seeing “real people” on reality TV shows, to seeing “real-er real people” in YouTube videos, to seeing the “real-est, rawest, real people” in Snapchat videos. I mean, we think we’re seeing the truth, but is there still an underlying script that we don’t know about? Like are YouTube feuds and IG story dramas the new reality TV drama? Are we all just being played by Kim, Kanye, Taylor and Katy?

I don’t know. But either way, it’s all marketing and PR brilliance because it gets the entire world talking about them over such petty little things.

I mean, I just wrote an entire blog post about Taylor Swift after a year of ignoring her music. She got me. And she got me good.

Oh gosh, this post ended up being wayyyyyyy longer than I wanted it to be. But I have some takeaways for you:

  • If you run a brand or business who has made a mistake, own up to it. Admit it. I find it much easier to forgive a guilty person who has admitted fault than to believe a semi-guilty person who keeps trying to defend their innocence.
  • If you’re a person who feels boxed up and restricted by what other people want you to be, set yourself free by not letting their expectations shackle you. Allow yourself growth and change. Those who can accept the new you deserve to be by your side on your journey. Those who don’t can stay left behind.

HAHA who would have thought that this blog post would end up with “Look what you made me do” life lessons?

What did you guys think of the video and the song? What do you think of Taylor Swift? Let me know your HONEST feelings in the comments below! I am DYING to hear them!

  • Christy Allen

    Hello all,
    I feel like everyone who has watched Taylor Swift grow and change in her career is either a supporter, or acting like current releases from her are just the “end all” but then…. these people will still listening to her music and watching her videos. Fans have become bitter. Because I am sick of seeing just negative comments about her, I am going to play devils advocate on both sides, Taylor and fans/previous fans. The newest issue with the “naked” but it was actually just a bodysuit…. okay, yes Taylor first presented a beautiful innocent little country girl in her gorgeous green dress in her earlier release “tear drops on my guitar”, however…. clearly that’s not what she wants to focus her career in right now and everyone either needs to accept her changes as an artist or stop being a fan and blasting up social media with their disappointment all together. You can’t expect someone to be the same person from 16 to 27. Sex sells…. point blank… and she is beautiful. Her choice to go from the “innocence” that her first videos and music represented, to the “dangerous, sexy, bad girl” recents, is no reason to come down on her. Arists express and create in all different ways. More skin showing does not mean that she is now tasteless and typical, it does however, mean that her music and videos have definitly changed from when she started out. If your expectations are still for her initial output …. then you should probably continue to focus your energy on her past work. If her changes upset you…. Get over it! Either accept the changes she made as an artist, Or don’t. But everyone needs to stop with the “wow was me, I’m so sad and disappointed in Taylor” negativity. I personally have been, and will always be a fan of Taylor’s earlier workings, but that is simply because of the connection I felt to it. I am no less of a fan of her, just because she became “the good girl gone bad”. Though I am not blasting her new music through my car radio, I will still always be a fan of her for a lot of different reasons. Just because there is a clear change in her work over the years, does not mean that she is any less talented, beautiful and strong.

  • Cinta

    I’m a little surprised you stopped being a fan because of a snapchat video that Kimye made. Especially since those two are the exact opposite of what you stand for/believe in( or well at least i think so). I never bought into because Kim K is fake she can’t even own up to having work done and claiming she’s natural making girls try to have unrealistic ideals of beauty. Plus if something only gives half the truth then to me it’s not the truth at all, meaning. She never approve of the I made that ____ famous line. Just her name being in the song. And a lot of people gave her a hard time for it. Like she killed someone. Even Kim had people cyber bully her page. I don’t understand why you side with her but anyways glad you’re a fan again. I think what she’s doing is edgy and I like how she uses what people have said about her and done to her to her advantage. I’m sorry you lost fans over a post. That’s a little ridiculous. I thought it was very inspiring. But I guess it’s the same as the Tswift thing but people are people.

  • Zee

    Honestly, i find it stupid that people unfollowed you just because of a motivational quote, and because of this post. Were all humans, who all have their opinion on something, so why the hell do some people feel the need of stoping someone from sharing their opinion on things?

  • #HoustonStrong ✩

    To be honest, I believe there was something always wrong with the past Taylor. Maybe it’s because she’s the same horoscope as me and I can somehow connect with her that way. But her new song gave a sense of power that I didn’t know that I had also, especially dealing with it at work. People at work is just fake and does all of this BS.

    That’s what Taylor taught me, and you also. I definitely rather forgive a guilty person who admits at fault than a semi-guilty person who will never admit at fault (I know too many people like that and they are not good people at all). So, my post is irrevelant, but I want to say good article and I agree. Some people might hate it, but you said what you felt and I respect that even more about you.

    Never be fake, stay true to yourself, and know who is real in your life.

  • Brianna

    I’m a Taylor fan. Always have been, but you hit the nail on the head. Her music has gone from one extreme to the next, but it’s YOUR opinion. I didn’t like when her music started to get a little crazy, but that’s MY opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, BUT I do have a problem with people getting so mad at you (their opinion) for saying what YOU thought. Yes, they can feel how they want, but aren’t we all entitled to say how we feel? Why do we have to get mad at another person just because she stated how she felt? It’s silly.
    Good for you for saying how you feel. And I’m so sorry for those people boycotting your amazing workouts! Guess what?! They’re the ones that are losing!!!
    You keep doing you!!!!!

  • Madeega

    @BLOGILATES this is so crazy. Why is everyone getting so emotional about this? I mean I read most of the comments and I just think it’s ridiculous honestly. Who Cassey likes or dislikes or follow or unfollow or being a fan of or not, got nothing to do with any of us. It’s her opinion and everyone has the right to have their own views and perspectives. She’s a great role model, in fact the best. AND THE ONE THING THAT MAKES CASSEY ,CASSEY it’s because she’s REAL and that’s why I started following her. She express what she feels and she says what she wants to.
    So for you guys that feel soooo disappointed in Cassey for just saying what she thinks or evens her not being a fan of taylor after the Kanye incident, like seriously? Who cares. We all make mistakes, not that I see that this was a mistake cassey did but in the end of the day we all human. LEAVE THESE PETTY COMMENTS AND DO SOME POP PILATES, AFTER ALL THIS IS WHAT WE LOVE ABOUT CASSEY, NOT ONLY RESULTS AFTER HER VIDEOS BUT HOW SHE MAKES US FEEL DURING HER VIDEOS. AND I’M NOT REFERRING TO THE PHYSICAL PAIN OR SWEAT BUT TO FEELING INSPIRED, MOTIVATED AND GOOD ABOUT OURSELVES AND I’M SURE MOST OF YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.

    Xx peachy

  • Jysika

    A little piece of information – they probably thought you were being insensitive to the fact that people with depression go through these phases where they feel very lethargic and unable to do anything. They literally have no motivation to get out of bed and those uneducated in the matter with push it off as purposeful laziness. Besides this, they should have known better than to think that you would mean something like that.

  • Victoria Golanski

    I personally can’t stand “Look What You Made Me Do”. I understand why Taylor put it out especially because the attention it has received both positive and negative was expected. But I’ve been a fan of TS since the beginning so it’s tough when I hear a song that I feel sounds like every other one on the radio. That’s not to say if you play one of her other songs that’s I don’t know the words, cause I’ll sing every single lyric. Cassey I just want to say that it’s funny how everyone has responded to your post on here, and it just means we’re listening. It makes me feel like I’m talking to an old friend just reaching out to you on here. Keep doing what you’re doing, and congratulations by the way on your engagement ! :)

  • Shan

    Most TS fans are a hairsbreadth away from being crazy when it comes to that woman. In their eyes she can do no wrong. She constantly victimises herself in all scenarios and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, which is why I’m not a fan. If they’re unfollowing you or whatever because you stated your opinions (which weren’t as harsh as they could be) then that’s their loss. Just keep doing you and what you do, because you are awesome at it.

  • Ashley

    Keep being you Cassey. Honest, nice, lovable you. I still follow you and get your emails and try to do you workouts. I enjoying reading your emails that I get. People get easily offended anymore, but we still live in a freedom of speech country! God bless and congratulations on your engagment!!!! So happy for you.

  • Elly Lizabeth

    People are way too easily offended these days. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and move on. Stop looking at the posts and comments that upset you. There’s no need to start arguments and/or purposefully attack someone for having a different opinion than you.

    Though, that’s how the Internet is I guess.

    I’m not trying to start an argument btw XD feel free not to reply.

  • louise

    I think that everyone has the right to do whatever they want, and I used to like her!

    I think she’s smart to turn her PR disastors into something that is beneficial for her. However, I hate that she airs her past relationships and she’s proud of doing them. When she got caught with being not-perfect (Kimye, Calvin Harris, etc etc) (nothing wrong with that) she victimised herself time and again, she’s not sorry for lying, she’s not even sorry of getting caught. That’s what that leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I watched the video! Yes, it is great, but I dislike that she’s doing this again. And that music is pure trash (as catchy as it is) (the lyrics… really? Is she 12? She was great in her old songs!)!!!

    • louise

      Also, absolutely ridiculous that people are disliking you for this. You’re amazing and we all should have different opinions ;)

  • Macy Mal

    I find it a bit strange that you stopped being her fan after the Kimye incident because it was proven that she had only been told about a very small part of the song involving her. She was not told about the part where Kanye claimed he made her famous, which is the part she had the most issues with! Since you are someone who has worked so hard to get where you are, I would think that you would understand how much it must have made Taylor upset to see somebody else taking credit for something she has worked so hard on. How would you feel if somebody tried to take credit for your success? I like your opinion on the new video, but I just think it’s sad that you stopped liking her for such a silly reason. I think it’s important to put yourself in other people’s shoes and try to realize how others might feel. There are always two sides to every story, but as someone in the spotlight you should understand that gossip sites twist things and people lie to create headlines and drama. As Taylor has even said in the past, she will be sitting at home all day and gossip sites will say she bought a castle. Why would you trust those sites? And even worse, why would you trust Kanye and Kim over your childhood hero? Makes me think you were never a Taylor fan to begin with. It also makes me sad to think of Taylor (who is a fan of YOU) reading this article and feeling betrayed that you didn’t stick by her at a time when everybody was attacking her. She invited you to her house! It’s fine to be disappointed in her, but cutting her out of your life is very extreme for ONE mistake. As you even said in this post, she is allowed to make a mistake!!! By you not sticking by her you were buying into the whole myth that she needs to be perfect, and as you always say in your YouTube videos, perfection is not possible! I just don’t understand…

  • Sara

    Cassey, I am so sorry for all the people that left you over this. You are just one person with one opinion and from what I can see, there is no connection between your opinion of T-Swift’s transformation and the real impact Blogilates makes on people’s lives. Your videos and tutorials are exceptional and will benefit all who commit to them. If having a different opinion on one thing was going to cause followers to leave you, they weren’t ready to commit either way.

  • Laïla Ouazzani-Touhami

    I liked what you had to say about all of this, and I very much agree with you.

  • Catcat

    I’ve never really listened to Taylor Swift, apart from “Love Story”, back in the days when I didn’t even know her. I only started listening to her 2 weeks ago and I enjoyed the songs! Especially “blank space”. I LOVE the music video and the lyrics. So when “Look what you made me do” was released (perfect timing) I immediately listened to it, and I honestly didn’t like it (the actual “look what you made me do” part) at first, but as you said, it grew on me :D
    (Also, I wasn’t even aware of this whole shitstorm going on XDDD)

  • popstar mika

    I read your IG post and sad to hear that so many people are unfollowing you because of this post. You are my role model and inspiration. Some people are incredibly insecure and unstable that they cannot handle different opinion.

    I am a TS fan since the start of her career. I have agreements and disagreements with your post. But I am not gonna get offended and stop following you because it would be crazy for me to expect EVERYONE to have the same opinion or be nice to me and hold their criticisms in front of me (How boring this world would be!). I am still a TS fan AND a pop star!

    I think that you expressing your opinion like this is great for this community because I believe in this saying “Those who come are welcome, those who leave are not regretted.” – This community is about positivity, acceptance, inspiration, encouragement, and so much more (am I wrong?). Thus, it is natural for closed-minded ones to go. No worries Cassey! Let them go, so ones who truly bring values to this community will stay.

    I love you so much!

  • Angela

    I applaud you for your honesty, and you too, like Taylor, have my respect.

  • Shay

    I can’t understand why people got mad with this. Why? You made a fair point! Though I really don’t like Taylor, not even a bit, and this comeback is really the worst version of her to me, I gotta agree that this is a really smart move. She knows how to sell, how to promote (or at least her publicists do), and this album is a solid proof.

  • Lauren Kosky

    I totally agree with this and am in the same boat. I used to be a massive Taylor Swift fan but after the Kimye drama I admit I lost faith. With the Katy perry drama going on as well it felt (for me that is) that Taylor was doing everything but making music and shouldn’t that be her main focus? I know celebrity life is hard and I don’t know a lot about it but the ones focusing on their work are the people who are succeeding and that’s the same with us. So I just wanted to say I love this post, some may not but we are all entitled to our own opinions and this blog is your blog Cassey to talk to us! Keep doing it, even if people disagree it might broaden our horizons. Love you and I thought the quote was great too xxx

  • Sofia

    I can totally see your point of view and I must agree that I hated the song at first cause who doesnt love the old Taylor? But life moves on, life changes and so did Taylor and after listening to the song a couple of times I actually started liking it, especially the end!

    I must say though! Thank you for being you, Cassey, and sticking to your own thoughts and being real. I see too many people out there who just wanna be people pleasers and it just makes me sad that they cant stand up for themselves. Same with the quote, you could have easily taken it down and been like ” sorry, sorry guys, I´ll take it down” but you didnt! And people who unsubed or stopped following you, I think need to take a look at their lives. Because if a tiny thing like that upsets them then its going to be really hard when bigger things come around. =) Anyway, thank you Cassey for being you and for inspiring people like me to be a better me! ^_^

  • Berlyn Hale

    Hey Cassey, just wanted to say I love you and I’m proud of you! I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I think you are a super smart business woman. I think you are a wonderful example to your followers. I have been watching your videos for maybe six years now and you are like a mentor and friend to me. Your positivity really helps me. Honestly, the people who have “unfollowed” you… well, they lack maturity. Because anyone who has lived life knows that it is possible to have a friend, mentor, role model, person in your life with whom you don’t agree with but can still love and respect. You are brilliant and lovely– I believe in you! <3

  • Mary Kelly

    Cassey I will never stop watching your workout videos because they are amazing. I love your great attitude and will be forever grateful to you for teaching me to make banana and egg pancakes. I honestly don’t care about Taylor Swift (or the Kimye scandal…I think it’s all pretty dumb) but you are entitled to your opinion and even if I felt strongly one way or the other…who cares? I love that you share so much and put it all out there. I’m one fan who will never judge you for being imperfect because we all are. I do know that your workouts have made my life (and countless other lives) a whole lot happier and healthier. Keep being your awesome self.

  • Georgia

    I too used to be a MAJOR Swiftie- back in the “Tim McGraw”, “Fearless” and “Fifteen” days! But once she turned more into a pop artist I sorta stopped being a major fan because it wasn’t my taste and I prefer to listen to a different style of music. I liked the country vibe more personally, but I still thought her songs were super catchy!
    Honestly guys I had no clue about this “Kimye” thing. I have no interest in pop-culture drama lol! Her new single didn’t resonate with me, but it is very catchy and certainly very different for Taylor. I am excited to see what other songs she comes out with :) Also, no need for people to hate on this post. Everyone has different opinions and music preferences so it is important to be respectful all around!!! Still a Cassey fan forever, love you!!

    • Georgia

      Life is too short to get caught up in drama!! Spread love <3

  • ngoc nguyen

    I actually got your email in my emailbox saying that many people were very negative about this post, but I have no idea why.

    There was nothing wrong with the way you analyzed Taylor Swift. In fact, you recognized both Taylor’s good and bad points and all in all, you somehow managed to make it sound inspirational. I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fan either alike yourself, so I can relate to everything stated in this article.

  • Victoria

    Wow- I’m shocked you sided w Kanye on this one and I got to admit I’m unimpressed. Taylor approved of the line about sex but never about the one he said he made her famous. But just like everyone who you criticize for loving drama, you jumped on the bandwagon and decided to only listen to one little part of the story. I am actually really disappointed that a kind celebrity who let you in her home so easily lost your “respect”. Honestly made me lose respect for you. I have never been a Taylor fan but recently became one after everyone decided she “lied” even though she didn’t. You’re being extremely hypocritical (you’ve never made a mistake before?) and kind of makes me lose a lot of respect for you… didn’t even do your research properly. You won’t admit you made a mistake in this post yet expect Taylor to admit it? Nah girl. That’s not how it works. Step off your high horse for a minute. Not impressed.

    • Annie

      I’m sorry, but where exactly in this post is Cassey being “extremely hypocritical”? She, just like you and I, are all victims of the marketing ploy employed by Taylor/Kimye. NO ONE knows whether any part of the story is true, regardless of how much research you can do on this issue. The funny thing is that the point of this post is not about Cassey siding whichever side of this celebrity drama, it is about the conclusions she’s come out with, and that is the amazing marketing strategy on Taylor’s side. Get off YOUR high horse for a minute, dear Taylor Swift fan.

  • Abby Perkins

    Hi Cassey….I love your workout videos and your positivity that keeps me on my fitness journey. You are an amazing role model to so many, and I can’t believe that people unfollowed you or said nasty things because of this article. All I can say is – stay strong and don’t feel bad if other people disagree with you. This follower isn’t going anywhere.

  • no, asshole

    Cassey, I think the fans who declared that they’re going to stop following you just because of your honest opinions as a TS fan are duuuuuuuumb af. It’s a good thing though because your follower count has been purged of nonsensical, flaky people who come up with any excuse to not be better.

    I love you and respect you so much, all your hard work and dedication in building up your brand. Sure, you may have taken 8 years to rake up 4 million subscribers but you can be sure that Jake & Logan will fade soon and you will stay on. Of course, I don’t have anything against them, but usually when celebrities have a follower inflation overnight, they don’t tend to stay in the spotlight long.

    I’m impressed by TS’s video as well but I still can’t bring myself to enjoy her music from an unbiased perspective. But that’s my opinion and obviously your opinion of her and her music are equally valid. Why would I EVER unfollow you because of differing opinions?!?! No two people will ever have the same opinion over anything. I’m not really impressed by diss tracks unless you’re dissing yourself because yes I do see it as bullying unless the one who is being dissed doesn’t get hurt.

    And the last point I want to state… That quote you posted, so inspirational. That actually is honestly so true, I’d never looked at it that way before… So thank you! My bouts of laziness is a disservice to those who have been working their ass off to get me where I am today. I love you Cassey, and keep shining!! ✨

  • Bonnie

    Ok, first off people spewing hate speech because of your opinion on a celebrity need to seriously get a hobby. For reals people???
    Second, I’ve also loved TS for years simply because it seems as if she’s doing the best she can to be true to herself and she’s always seemed very transparent. She could be playing us all with this Kimye drama but that’s not really worth my time to research and care about so I ain’t gonna.
    Third, I DO however hate to see any person start calling herself a “bad girl”. We have so many negative influences in the world of people who condone crime, violence, vulgarity, sex and perversion as normal and as a young mom who really appreciates old fashioned values and is trying to raise good people in this messed up world, it pains me to see someone who I look to as a good role model turn “bad”. That’s why I’ve always appreciated you, Cassey! But I don’t expect anyone to live according to my values, I just appreciate it when they align and I try to understand and still love when they don’t.
    But fourth, celebrities are just people. Sometimes they’re really messed up people with way too much money, drama and attention pointed at them. So in the end, I think we need to just quit paying so much attention to them and their lives. And while I still love TS for her bold and brilliant music and professional strategy, I probably won’t let my kids watch her music videos. Haha.
    Keep doing you, Cassey!

  • Jessica McCune


    I loved this post! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, especially where ‘unpopular.’ I, too, have been a fan of Taylor for AAAGES, although I haven’t been lucky enough to meet her (OMG!). I completely agree with you that this new Taylor seems so free and it is refreshing! For the last decade we’ve seen her be put on a pedestal of perfection and simultaneously torn down from the pedestal for every little thing she has done or may have done. It’s time that everyone sees that she is human and she is free to live her life the way she wants to, just like YOU (& me, & everyone else). I’m loving Taylor’s ‘real’ vibes right now and your real vibes all of the time. I’ve been following you and working out with you for years and you are so true to yourself, at least as far as we can all tell, so THANK YOU!

    – Jess McCune

  • Tessa Reid

    Man this generation is crazy! If people put this much passion and out rage into social justice issues like slave labour, environmental issues and corruption, body image issues the world would be changed. I actually can’t believe people are getting so angry over this. Like actually I don’t get it. Cassie makes great videos for FREE! That are professional and the best out there, if you want to un follow her because of Taylor swift, then good luck finding some one else to follow as awesome as Cassie. So fickle!

    • Ashley Rae Cameron

      100% truth. The investment that some people have in other people’s drama is shocking to me sometimes.

    • Naomi

      So true. The world could be so great…

    • Madeega


  • martha atakora

    I am drama free well not drama free but, this feud has been going on for 3 years and I had no idea. I knew that Kanye took her grammy or something. And then I watched the music video and I was so confused. I had to watch so many videos and read so many articles to be able to get it. I love Taylor and her music but to be honest we have more things to worry about then celebrity drama or feuds. I’m 13 and I’m worry about money for college and what’s going to happen to my family when my mom quits her job. Any way this is all pointless and I’m sorry that you got hate for your quote or about this post. Do your thing. Loyal fans still support you no matter what. And I’m trying to say I’m here.

    • Susie

      Exactly. Seriously people, why get so worked up over celebrity drama or feuds when there are so many more issues to care about? But it’s inevitable that people like drama. It really is pointless because Cassey’s post wasn’t even about the confusing celebrity drama, but the takeaways she’s gotten from it. People with a bias can really be nonsensical and quick to jump to accusations.

  • Suzanna

    Taylor Swift is a manufactured star, she couldn’t sing her way out of a paper bag.

  • Ericka

    Oh my gosh! I love this post, honestly I don’t know why I never read these posts before. I have never listened to Taylor Swift, and to be honest I think I wouldn’t give her a chance if I didn’t read this. This post is full of such great take aways. Every day I am amazed at the value I find in your content. Keep it up!!!!

  • Regina McIntyre

    Hi Cass! I actually don´t really read these, I´m only here because I got the mail and it said this made you sad. And I´m not even understanding why people would be so upset about this? And even if they were, why would your opinions stop them from doing your videos? Your opinions are yours, you have the right to have them. If they don´t like it, they can ignore your posts. But your opinions have nothing to do with your workouts and missing out on those because of what you think about some drama is just plain silly if you ask me. But eh, people today are way oversensitive about just about everything so stuff like this will happen. I hope you won´t let them to get you down for long! And especially that you won´t let others dictate what you should think about stuff. You do you! (And thanks for reminding me of this at times, too.)

  • Ianthe

    Interesting. I haven’t the faintest idea what the Kimye thing is, but I have no respect whatsoever for any Kardashian or Kanye West. He certainly was a schmuck for the MTV debacle by interrupting her & proclaiming Beyonce the be-all-to-end-all (personally I find all her songs lack melody, boring so not a fan of any of these peeps.) Never been a huge Taylor fan myself, I like a couple ditties as I’m a pop girl & some are infectious, good beat. She seems like a nice person & she took the high road against the scum. I did supah love the video, it’s hysterical, biting & clever here & there, I appreciate the creativity. The song is vengeance-awesome, not sure I’ve ever enjoyed any of her others more. All the players in this charade, or the majority of them, have such bloated unearned senses of entitlement, it is revolting. They somehow think we live & breathe for them, and yet they are basically talentless hacks.. god knows a few of them seem to have the IQ of a potted ficus. So a great story-song from the blonde bard is fine by me, at least she appears to have something to back it up. I’ve no idea who any of those youtubers are; they certainly do not make celebrities/stars like they used to, and if it is due to this new generation of spoiled simpletons that seem not have been brought up all that well, then I am doubly glad I am from a much older generation, I don’t want any part of these new-fangled social media obsessed boxes-of-hair. They can have a different opinion but they need to earn the right of respect if they want me to pay them any heed. They simply do not exist in my world.

  • Tabatha

    You know Cassey if people stop reading this blog at the first three or four paragraphs it does come out kinda negative, it takes a mature patient person to read all the way through with an objective mindset and see that your critique, in my mind is pretty spot on after watching the music video myself. I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fan but I do like this particular song and a good handful of the country songs, she kind of reminds me of Avril a little bit whom I also adore and have forever! I kind of see this as Taylor’s am I many things coming out song. She is human above all else just like the rest of us. This as you said must have been a huge weight lifted from her and over all freeing!
    In the long run Cassey you are wonderful at what you do! You have a beautiful mind and intellect so don’t let the less mature of your audiences sway you one way or another. Their friends and family will help them grow to see the bigger picture through out life! Thank you for being a wonderful inspiration! Much love from Tabatha AKA @tukikosilk

  • Michelle

    Hey Cassey, I just wanted to say that I relate to this post so much because I had the exact same reaction upon hearing Taylor’s new song. At first, it shocked me and I didn’t like it nor her new image, but when I watched the music video, the ending cracked me up and made me realize how the media really did make her evolve. I agree with the good points you made in your blog about how she still manages to stay relevant in the unforgiving media. I can also relate because I was put in a “good girl box” as well. When I started dating my boyfriend (who is 17 years older than me) it was so scandalous to my family that I was iced out for a few months by my family (it was my Mom who got everyone on her side). I felt so lost and sad but also angry that I couldn’t do anything about the way my own family was treating me. And since they weren’t talking to me, I couldn’t even defend myself or my boyfriend. Eventually things settled down and now things are good but, this post has made me realize that EVERYONE reacts with denial when they are shocked. When things are not what they are used to or were expecting. And the people who un-followed you because of your opinion? They are doing the exact same thing that you did with Taylor. It’s like, human nature to push things away that don’t align with your perspective or views. But THANK YOU for still being honest, and sharing your thoughts because that is so COURAGEOUS. You are teaching me to stay true to myself, even when things get hard, because everything will still be okay. The world is not going to end because some people don’t agree with me or like me. At the end of the day you still have followers (like me!) who agree with you or don’t want to judge you on that ONE thing you did or opinion you had. So, this response is way too long, but I hope you read it and I just want to say thank you for being a big inspiration! <3

  • Danielle

    I totally agree with you Cassey. I think that Taylor Swift had an image of ‘people always hurt me but I can do no wrong’. Her entire career was built upon her short shitty relationships with people who ‘supposedly’ hurt her. I think she uses people’s sympathy and somewhat pity in order to further her career.

    I never thought about it until Kim K posted that video of Taylor. Taylor made it seem like she knew nothing of what was going to happen and that Kanye was just so horrible for capitalizing on that moment. When I heard what she said I realized how much she played everyone.

    Everyone had sided with her before that video and afterwards people started to realize what she was doing. There was no way that so many celebrities who had no nice things to say about her were wrong. She wasn’t sorry. She never is. And I think that once again she’s refusing to take the blame or shoulder the responsibility of her actions and is saying ‘you made me do it’.

    She’s a catchy popstar but I wouldn’t trust her at all.

  • Someoneoutthere

    Can you guys respect her opinion? It’s her choice. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Personally, I don’t give a damn about this Kanye vs Taylor thing, but still acknoledge her views and be mature.

  • Lauren

    I agree with you Cassey in that I don’t think we need videos like this. The world is so full of hate and payback and revenge and meanness. We need more examples like how Taylor used to be. I loved Taylors music for years. I even embraced her pop, although I much preferred her country-crossover music. I’m not a fan of this new evil, bad-girl image. Nothing reputable or exemplary in that.

    There’s nothing wrong with being the “good-girl”. Why society seems to think being this way is a fault is beyond me! One of the reasons I love you and all that you put out there is because of your positivity and encouragement to be kind, loving and good to yourself and others. I think people just look to be offended and are so obsessed with being politically-correct or over-accepting even if it’s wrong or destructive. Call me old-fashioned, I’m ok with that! I guess we really need to look for role models of substance instead of celebrities that ebb and flow with the tide of money. ;)

    • Bonnie

      THANK YOU!! What is new and exciting about yet another “bad girl” out there?? 99.9% celebrities are bad girls. If we could find someone with some decent values who continues to stand up for what they believe in matter what people say…now THAT’S new!!

  • Vicky Nguyen

    Christ the amount of butthurt in the comments…

    Ya’ll… Cassey is making a comment about what she perceives is a smart *marketing* move by Taylor. Honestly, who you like or who you believe couldn’t matter less. Imo, Taylor Swift has some of the most uninspired and blandest pop music to ever grace the earth. She is the definition of safe, boring, and bland. Everything she puts out is so mediocre. She doesn’t deserve have the amount of hate she gets at all, BUT she certainly also doesn’t deserve half the praise either. She really is just the most so-so pop singer to ever exist. She couldn’t even stick to doing country-pop, just switched completely over to bubblegum pop because she couldn’t stand actually making music that has any semblance of being unique. Yes, this includes her new song. It’s not freaking edgy or a shock or anything. It’s the same shit she’s been churning out since 2008, except this time she has some eyeliner and there’s a bunch of bass in the song. It honestly sounds like a Selena Gomez-reject song, except Taylor has just barely more talent then Selena does.

    HOWEVER, the reason she is so popular, is because she is so freaking GOOD at branding herself. She knows how to play the victim, but she also knows how to be empowering to teenage girls. She is like, omg, so relatable, to every 12-15 year old girl out there. Her music sucks, but she doesn’t care if people hate on her, because she is smart enough to take all the hate she gets and turn it around so she seems like she’s so awesome for sticking up for herself and other women. In fact, the more you hate her, the more powerful she becomes. It’s like she built some time of impenetrable shield. It grinds my gears, but it is what it is.

    Now if you like her or hate her or if you agree with Cassey’s assessment over CELEBRITY DRAMA for christ’s sake or not… Cassey is correct in saying Taylor has one of the most impenetrable images out there as a pop icon. She could probably take a shit on stage and so many people would still love her and defend her as some magical queen who can do no wrong. She always stirs up controversy, but it’s *always* in her favor. And it’s because she knows how to work the system and how to play her cards right. THAT you gotta respect.

  • Alicia Coast

    Hi Cassey!! I love this post. I have to admit Taylor’s transformation to Pop caught me off guard and all the drama had me thinking twice about how to feel. I was mostly sad about the fact that she couldn’t make a mistake without being scrutinized. This new Taylor is a lot to take in but I loved the song because it speaks to a new start. She’s been through a lot and I think taking a year off was good because she could fully explore herself as an individual and not what she is expected to be by society. She became so big so fast and at such a young age it must’ve been hard to develop her own identity. I can’t wait to see what else she as in store for us. As for all the drama being a huge marketing plan, I wouldn’t be surprised if it started out that way.

  • I can’t believe that people unfollowed you over a motivational quote…….that is the most nonsensical thing I’ve probably heard in a while. I also don’t get why people are angry about this post, yes you touched on Taylor swift and how she is great at branding and marketing herself but if those people had actually read it in its entirety they would have picked up on that fact that there was an underlying message you were trying to make. Oh well…….can’t please everybody. I myself have lost and gained followers over things I’ve said on twitter but I don’t pay it any attention because trying to please everybody just makes you crazy and I’m not about that life lol. I applaud you for giving your honest opinion about things and not being afraid to piss some people off. If they want someone who’s fake and always says the right thing, then they need to get off the internet. I would choose a real person over a fake any day.