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The Unicorn Smoothie Bowl Recipe of Your Dreams

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Hey guys!


I used to be the kind of person who just threw everything together and called it a day but being able to make my food look fun has been sooooo gratifying (especially when I get to serve it to my fam and watch them eat it). The inspo for this bowl came after that Starbuck’s unicorn drink that launched briefly a few years ago – do you remember that? It was like a vibrant pink and blue frappuccino that was very Instagram-worthy and super pretty. But the standard 16 oz drink had 410 calories, 16g of fat and 59g of SUGAR.

Just to put that into perspective, the American Heart Association recommends an added-sugar limit of 24 grams of sugar a day for women and 36 grams for men. So this drink was handing you 2x more sugar in just a single drink than you should have in an entire day! Ummmmmm CRAZY right?

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to create a unicorn smoothie alternative to this Starbucks drink for a long time, and I’m so excited to share this with you! It is actually super easy to make and it looks and tastes soooooo dreamy. Plus, if you choose an unsweetened almond milk, there shouldn’t be any added sugars depending on the brand – just natural ones from the fruit. Just make sure you check the nutrition labels if you’re keeping an eye on the added sugars.

This recipe is also 90 Day Journey friendly!

YUM! You ready?!!

Unicorn Smoothie Bowl Recipe


Blue Part

1.5 frozen ripe bananas, sliced
1 tsp blue spirulina powder
1/3 cup almond milk

Pink part
1.5 frozen ripe bananas, sliced
1/2 cup frozen raspberries
1/3 cup – 1/2 cup almond milk


1. Blend all pink ingredients together and set aside
2. Blend all blue ingredients together and set aside
3. Scoop dollops of pink and dollops of blue smoothie together, trying not to mix
4. Top with fruit of choice

Are you ready to impress all your friends and fam with this recipe?!

If you make this, tag me on Instagram or let me know in the comments! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOUR UNICORNS!

1 Year Ago, I Made a Decision That Changed My Life.

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Hey guys!

Happy 1 year anniversary…to meeee!

It’s been exactly 365 days since I made the decision to get in the best shape of my life, once and for all. Mentally and physically.

It was also 365 days ago that the barrage of negativity and controversy came at me like a huge tsunami. People telling me that I was a shame to all women, mentally disordered, a bad role model…all amplified by the media of course, to top of off. It was painful. But not as painful as being stuck in a place where I didn’t feel like myself.

I’m glad I stayed my course. I knew what I needed. I needed to find myself again. And that meant going on a #90DayJourney to push myself to discover the best version of me.

I allowed myself the grace to try, fail, and try again. I honored my body’s needs by listening carefully to what it was telling me. That was the key to unlocking my body’s potential.

Today, I went to go put on the same swimsuit I wore on Day 1. (It didn’t really fit so that’s why the sides are pulled up).

Happy in all of them, but there’s renewed energy the more you go to the right.

Guys, seriously, what I’ve been eating has been doing wonders for my hair too! Unintended!

So proud of how strong my upper body has gotten!!!

I know what you see is how lean I’ve gotten. But you know what’s way more important? I’ve gotten so much stronger – MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY. And that mental transformation has affected other areas of my life in a way I’d have never expected. The coolest thing? I’ve kept it up. This whole thing was SUSTAINABLE.

If you guys want to know exactly how I did it, you can read my 90 Day Journey blog posts, starting right here on Day 1. I tell you exactly what I ate every day! It’s all experimental though, so you’ll see how my diet shifted as I begin to better understand what my body needed.

Also…I was trying SO HARD to surprise you with something today on my 90 Day Journey anniversary but the project ended up being wayyyyyyyyy bigger than I had expected. So I decided not to rush, as it’s something that needs extra care. Can you guess what it is?

I’ve been working with an amazing Registered Dietitian to take everything I’ve learned on my journey to create the OFFICIAL 90 Day Journey Meal Plan for you! It has EVERYTHING you’ll need to know to go on your own 90 Day Journey.

Is this something that you think would help you? I’d love to know how many of you guys would be interested in the meal plan! If you have a second, can you fill out this survey so I know more about what your goals and diet preferences are?

Thank you so much! Can’t wait to share this with you guys when it’s ready!

Fill Out the 90 Day Meal Plan Survey!