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Shocked. 💔 RIP Kobe.

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Complete shock. 💔Today Kobe Bryant passed away in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, CA along with his 13 year old daughter and 7 other people. Literally was just in Calabasas last weekend buying fruits and flowers.

When Sam and I started dating in college, he brought his love and enthusiasm for basketball, the Lakers and Kobe Bryant into my life. I was never into sports, but Sam’s spirit for the game was so cute (he literally changes from the chillest person in the room to the most outrageous, passionate sports fan in the arena), so – I became intrigued. Sam often updates me with game stats, quizzes me on players, tells me how his fantasy basketball team is doing, shows me clips of cool plays on House of Highlights, and tells me about things I don’t really understand. I’m not a b-ball fan myself, but I am a super fan of Sam being a super DUPER fan of the Lakers!


Today’s tragedy reminds me that we don’t know how long we have on this earth, so we must not waste our time holding grudges…we must not waste our time with toxic people…and we must not waste our time being unhappy. Seriously, stop doing things that don’t being your joy. Go be with the people you love. Go travel to the places you dream about. Do it. Because the clock keeps ticking. But we don’t know when our time runs out.

With a heavy heart, I leave you with this Kobe quote that struck me deeply.

This is why I hate competing against others. It’s better to just go, and go hard – regardless of what other people are doing or saying. Focusing on your journey, not someone else’s is the key to success. That’s what Kobe did, and that’s why he will forever be remembered as a legend.

Sending my love and strength to his family. What a sad, sad day.

Love you guys.

I went meatless for 20 days and this is what happened… | Day 20 of 20

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I officially finished my meatless challenge! I was strictly lacto-ovo vegetarian for 20 days straight! Very proud of myself. Before I get into the details, I wanted to let you know that I released a new series on my YouTube channel called “12 Minutes to Toned”!


These are intense 12 minute workouts that are timed, and also set to the beat of the music. They are fun, intense, and will make you die. I mean, it’s Jan 2020 – of course we’re gonna go hard!!! This week we are focusing on arms! And omg – your triceps, biceps, chest, shoulders, and traps will burn. Like SERIOUSLY.

It’s 6 weeks of brand new 12 minute workouts that will challenge you and change you. C’mon. Let’s go HARD.

Also – totally obsessed with the decor for my new set. I love love love interior design and had so much fun designing this one to feel fresh, semi boho-y, and semi havana-y. Do you LOVE!!???? Cuz I LOVEEEEE.

Now…onto to the findings from my meatless experiment! I went lacto-ovo vegetarian for 20 days straight, meaning I could have anything I wanted except for actual meat. So eggs and dairy were ok. In general, I tried to be as grain free and dairy free as possible. This experiment was inspired by the controversial Netflix movie The Game Changers which tries to prove that plant based athletes are stronger than meat eating athletes.

20-Day Meatless Experiment Goal:

To see if going meatless would increase my fitness performance and my energy levels!

20-Day Meatless Experiment Results:

  Day 0 Day 20
Weight 116.6 lbs 114.8 lbs
Body Fat % 20.1% 19.6%
Muscle Mass 35.2% 35.4%
Abdominal Muscle Tone Some definition. Light to no definition.
Cardio performance Good Good – no difference.
Strength ability Good Good – no difference. Lifted the same weights.
Energy Levels Good Good – no difference.
Mental Clarity Good Good – no difference.
Quality of Sleep Deep Deep – no difference.
Skin Normal Had a 2 week rash on my face. Still on my face.
Digestion Normal First week I was bloated and had slow and blocked digestion. The next couple weeks, it became normal.



Body composition:

I went down in weight and body fat a bit, but nothing too significant. The one thing I noticed the most was that I started feeling softer all over. I began noticing a loss in muscle tone in my abdominal region, which is the most difficult place for me to see any definition.

Fitness performance:

Overall, I did not see a difference in my fitness performance or my energy levels, which was kind of a bummer! But at least it did not decrease. I purposefully did not want to time myself doing a sprint on Day 0 versus Day 20 because I wanted to be extra conscious and attentive of how my body FELT. I did not feel a difference in my cardio performance or in how much weight I could lift. Everything pretty much stayed the same.

Mental clarity:

Mental clarity was on point before and stayed on point after. No changes.


With sleep in general – I just don’t sleep enough. It has everything to do with the amount of work I need to get done daily. I averaged about 5-6 hrs of sleep a night on my 20 day experiment, which is about the same as what I was doing before. I’m tired by the time I get to bed, so I knock out immediately. Quality of sleep? Really good/the same before and during the meatless challenge.


Ok, I have no idea if this has anything to do with me being meatless but I developed a terrible red rash on my left upper cheek that has been on my face now for over 2 weeks. Usually weird face stuff goes away after a couple days, but this one is still here. I am not exactly sure what this is caused by and I am surprised that it hasn’t gone away yet.

The only thing I did differently during this time period was I tried using a derma-roller on my face the first week of the challenge. It’s a little rolly device that has mini spikes on it. You’re supposed to roll it on your face and it’s supposed to poke your skin so that your face will want to produce more collagen to repair the pokes. It is indeed a modern day mini torture device for beauty. Ha!

Once I saw the red rash come in, I stopped using the derma-roller. And now it’s been 2 weeks and the rash is still on my face. Not sure what happened, but I hope it heals soon.


The first week or so of the challenge, I was having terrible digestive issues. I was bloated, constipated, and my stomach hurt. I believe it was due to the fake meat I was eating. A lot of times fake meat has wheat gluten in it, and in general, I eat pretty much gluten free. So – that was bad. Once I stopped ordering fake meat from restaurants like Veggie Grill and focused on getting my protein more from eggs, tofu, and the occasional Beyond Burger, things got better and my digestives returned to normal.


My goal was to see if going meatless would increase my personal fitness performance and my energy levels. My results show that everything stayed pretty much the same.

In The Game Changers, they really tried to paint the picture that vegan athletes are much stronger than non-vegan athletes. They did a wonderful job showing how very specific vegan athletes excelled in their sport. But, what they did not do was look at the bigger picture to give the audience a fair understanding of how the top athletes eat. They never laid out the best athletes in each sport to examine what their diets were. It would have been interesting to see what % of them were vegan vs non vegan and to correlate their diet to their ranking in their sport.

So, what now?

The 20 day meatless experiment allowed me to get super creative with my veggies, and I enjoyed cooking so much on this challenge! I will continue to cook and eat with a much more plant-based focus, but I am not going to continue eating vegetarian for now. It was difficult to be a low carb vegetarian whenever we ate out at restaurants and I would often leave feeling hungry. Almost anything vegan or vegetarian had bread or grains in it, and those things make me bloat intensely. Additionally, my blood test results confirmed that the best diet for my body would be low carbohydrate, and I have found that to be true.

The takeaway?

  1. Eat more vegetables, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds in general.
  2. Eat whole foods and avoid processed foods, meaning things that have a ton of added sugar, are fried, or have ingredients that sound chemical.
  3. Realize that your body is unique. We have different genetics and biochemistry, so what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. You need to do your own experiment.
  4. When watching documentaries and reading things on the internet, don’t believe everything you’re being told. Do your own research – ALWAYS. Read articles from both sides and come up with your own truth.

Should you try going meatless?

YES! You should. Sam went meatless with me for 20 days and he survived, so I know you can too! I’m a huge believer in committing to something new, different, or difficult, and learning something you didn’t know about yourself. You may discover something that could change the rest of your life. Or maybe not – but at least you’ll know what your limits are!

Yesterday’s Day 20 Food Log:

Tofu with cauliflower fried rice and a side salad of butter lettuce and cilantro dressing.

A snack of plain greek yogurt. I added in some monk fruit sugar to sweeten it up!

A fun middle of the day drink.

Sweet strawberries for snacks!

OMG it looks like the seaweed is on fire – haha.

Dinner! Went to a restaurant called Gjelina in Venice! It was really good. I ordered a bunch of veggie appetizers and shared with our table. This was the kabocha squash! There was a lot of olive oil, pomegranate seeds, and some green leafy thing on top. Super good.

Roasted beets.


Japanese sweet potato.

Brussels sprouts!

Maitake mushroom! So crispy and good. I also had some roasted cauliflower but forgot to take a pic of that.

I was really craving some ice cream, so Sam took me to Target to get some Oatly. OMG. It was perfect. The original plain flavor is my favorite!

Alright you guys! That is all for today! I hope you enjoyed reading my 20 day meatless challenge posts. I will write to you again soon.

Today, do something nice for yourself | Day 19 of 20

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Wow you guys! Today marks the FINAL day in the 2020 Challenge! AHH!! Officially you have completed 800 reps. EIGHT HUNDRED. Think about that.


I am currently obsessing over all of your check marks on all of your calendars!!!

Usually by this time of the year, 91% of people who set new year’s resolutions have already quit. But not you. NO. YOU ARE SPECIAL! You are unstoppable! 2020 is your year FOR REAL.

So, today, you need to go do something nice for yourself. Whether it is soaking in a luxurious bubble bath surrounded by candles, doing a face mask, scheduling a massage, or indulging in some retail therapy – give you body the thanks it deserves. Because if you don’t give appreciation each time you accomplish something hard, you will burn out. You need to take the time to say thank you. Physically you need the rest, and mentally you need the reward to keep you motivated for your next challenge.

To celebrate, I’m giving anyone who finished the 2020 Challenge a special discount code to get 20% off the new POPFLEX Constellation Collection! I never ever EVER put new collections on sale, but since you epically crushed this challenge, I had to do something special for you.

Use code “2020CHALLENGE” to get 20% off anything in the Constellation Collection. The code will deactivate on January 27th, so hurry before everyone grabs what you want.

To help you decide what to get…I’ll do a lil review here for you of my fave things!

For your reference, I wear a size small in most brands. I am 5’5″, I wear a 32B bra, and am a size 25-26″ jeans depending on brand and stretchiness of the material.

BEST LEGGINGS: Capricorn Legging


The V-shape waist band. It automatically creates the illusion of a smaller waist and wider hips, giving you a natural hourglass shape. Most flattering legging I own. Also, it has pockets.

I am wearing a size 4.



It’s the first bra we’ve ever designed with a pocket! This is perfect for runners or gym girls who need a place to put their phone when working out. I’m soooo guilty of sticking my bra in my chest and trying to do burpees without it falling out of my boobs. Impossible. IT ALWAYS FALLS OUT. It’s just a terrible, clunky, sweaty boob situation that no one should have to deal with. The Zodiac bra eliminates this issue :)

I am wearing a size small.

BEST YOGA MAT: Vegan Suede Yoga Mat by POPFLEX


The sweatier you get, the GRIPPER IT GETS. The unusual microfiber material that I use is velvety soft to the touch! Plus, the material does not wear away over time like with your regular neoprene mats. You can wear shoes on this, do plank jacks for days, and the color and material will not rub off.

COOLEST POST WORKOUT OUTFIT: Hypernova Hoodie Mini Dress


It’s made of the same buttery material the cardigan is made of, so it’s super duper soft. The dress is baggy so it’s comfy and doesn’t cling to every curve on your body. I love the cutout on the chest – it gives it a slightly sexy feel. There are thumbholes, a front pocket, and a hoodie. I truly enjoy designing things that fuse my girly side and my athletic side.

I am wearing a size 4. Be aware though that if you are taller, this may not be a dress on you! It might be a tunic. Looks so cute with sneakers.

There you go! Those are my fave pieces from the Constellation Collection. I hope that helped you make a decision! If you end up getting something, TAG ME!!!! I wanna see!!!! And take a mirror selfie immediately after you get your new outfit. I must see how beautiful you’re gonna look in your POPFLEX!

Yesterday’s Day 19 Food Log:

Brunch was mushroom scrambled eggs with cauli rice with coconut aminos and sriracha, and a side of butter lettuce with tomatoes and cilantro dressing.

Strawberries.  So sweet. So good. Perfection.

Had a little macrame crafting night with my friends and everyone brought some food! This is just one of my like 5 plates that I ended up eating that night! It was a mixture of guac, carrots, mangos, dehydrated broccoli, blackberries, brie cheese, and bits of chips and french fries here and there.

Oh yeah, and of course, I had more flourless blue velvet cake :)

And then proceeded to snack on some coconut chips.

Twas a great day :)

DIY Macrame Night! | Day 18 of 20

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Hey guys!

I just finished a fun night of crafting and games!

I had some friends over for macrame night! Have you every macrame’d? We wanted to tackle making plant hangers today. I chose a YouTube tutorial that claimed to be “easy” and only take “5 minutes” but…WE ENDED UP TAKING AN HOUR AND MESSING UP A LOT. None of us are expert crafters. Maybe that was the REAL problem?!!

In the end, we did come out with some pretty cool macrame planters though! Not bad though, huh?! I want to do a more advanced version one of these days now that I have my feet wet in the macrame world…

Then we played some games on Jackbox.tv. Have you guys ever played? If not, try it out! You get to use your phone to connect to the game on screen, so it’s really interactive and cool! Your phone is your controller.

Above is a game called “Drawful” – kinda like Pictionary! This one made us all laugh so much because you have to use your finger to draw on your phone and that alone is just SO HARD. The prompts are weird and the drawing is incredibly inaccurate. So, you’re bound to have a great time with your friends!

Yesterday’s Day 18 Food Log:

Went to CAVA and ordered a salad with falafel and roasted veggies. Had a side of harissa tomato soup.

Snacked on some super sweet strawberries! The current batch at Costco is ruby red and perfectly sweet!

Kombucha while getting my nails done!

Dinner was spring rolls with tofu, lettuce, avocado, and my hoison/sriracha/lime sauce.

I also had some tofu shirataki noodles with mushrooms, zoodles, and tofu! Slathered on that sriracha of course!

Also had some more of my flourless blue velvet cake. Yup. Still can’t stop eating cake. Hahaha.

Can’t stop eating cake :P | day 17 of 20

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Hey guys!

This morning Sam and I went to go do some heavy lifting at the gym before we checked out some wedding venues with my sister and Nick!

It was a full day of site visits, wedding dress talk, bridesmaid talk, music talk, photographer research, veil research, color palette research, and EVERYTHING I LOVE ABOUT WEDDINGS RESEARCH! I am so excited to help my sister plan her wedding. It’s like I get to relive my wedding planning ALL OVER AGAIN! I think my sis found her venue today! So next up…I am going to plan her engagement party! WHOO!

Once again it is a late night so I will keep it brief! I have another class in the morning, so must make it to bed!

Yesterday’s Day 17 Food Log:

A 4 veggie spring rolls with hoison/sriracha/lime sauce. These were filled with thick slices of tofu, spiralized zucchini, and crunchy butter lettuce. YUMMMMMM.

Cauliflower fried rice with egg, peas, corn, and sriracha. A side of seaweed soup.

After this I also ate a bowl of plantain chips with salsa. No pic, sorry. It was impulsive.

Then I snacked on some of my blue velvet cake :P …

…and ate some green tea matcha mille crepe cake too! The celebration continues I guess! Hahaha.

After eating all of the sweets, I do notice my belly getting extra bloated and gassy. I know it’s due to the dairy, the sugar and the grain – but oh well, my b-day only happens once a year! So eat cake I will!

Ahh, only 2 more days of meatless. Proud of myself for doing this. Almost there.

How to stop time. | Day 15 + 16 of 20

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Hey guys!

The last couple days have been so jam packed that I didn’t have time to blog. I decided to prioritize sleep, so at least it was for good reason :)

Anyway, on Jan 16th, I celebrated my birthday!

And you know what I’ve realized? That time keeps going and no matter what you do, you can’t buy more time. Doesn’t matter how much money you have – the clock keeps ticking, the world keeps turning, and you keep getting older.

However, here are some 9 tricks that I learned that will allow you to play with the perception of time:


Let think sink in.

Now, let’s recap some festivities!

Brought my flourless blue velvet cake to the office for the Blogifam to enjoy and the team said they liked it! I kept saying “DON’T LIE TO ME!!!!” But everyone ended up finishing their entire slice. So it was indeed a hit!!!

Released 2 new vegan suede yoga mats on POPFLEX on my b-day! This one above is called Terrazzo. I love the fresh new pattern so much! Plus the baby blue matches my Dream Collection outfit so well.

This one is called Desert Sky. I feel at peace practicing Pilates on this mat. Don’t you love!? Also, if any of you have not tried a vegan suede mat…OMG. You must switch now. The microfiber texture actually get GRIPPIER as your hands get sweatier.

Then, because everyone knows I love blue velvet cake…my friend Laura surprised me with 2 slices of ACTUAL REAL blue velvet cake from MILK – the bakery that inspired my wedding cake! Hahahaha. OMG. I totally devoured. So good. But like…was it better than my flourless blue velvet cake? Honestly guys…maybe my tastebuds are weird…but I kinda liked mine better!!!

Then I went out to dinner with Sam, Jackelyn, and Nick (forgot to take a fam pic!) and they surprised me with my other fave cake ever – green tea matcha mille crepe cake!!!!

OMG. Absolutely delish. Guys. Green tea matcha mille crepe cake goes head to head with blue velvet. These two are my fave two cakes in the entire world. And in case you were wondering how to healthify it…I’ve already made a Cheap Clean Eats video on it! ;)


I don’t know if I have ever had so much cake in one day, but it was so good and so fulfilling…for by belly and my SOUL!!!! I’m going to skip the food log for the past couple days because, well – in all honesty – there are too many pics to upload :P I’ll start back up again tomorrow!

I can’t believe I have been meatless now for 17 days! Only 3 more to go.

I’ve taken some intense cardio classes and I don’t notice a difference in my energy levels. I felt great when eating meat and I feel great now. So at least there is no negative impact. What I do know is that I am eating more carbs than I normally would on my regular low carb omnivore diet, and I am noticing that my muscles look and feel softer. You can’t tell obviously, but I can. I’m probably not getting enough protein for my body. I will review my average macronutrient intake on this 20 day meatless challenge versus on 90 day journey in my final blog post. I am actually curious how different my protein, carb, and fat intake has been compared to before, and how that is changing my body composition.

Time for bed! It is 11:31 PM, Friday night.

Going back to what I wrote at the beginning of this post…I really need to work on DOING LESS. My days go by too fast because of work. And then it ends up sucking away time from the people I love. Sam already went to bed and I always have to crawl in quietly after. It’s been like this for a few weeks. We were supposed to watch a show together tonight, but we couldn’t because I was editing and writing. I’ll need to figure out how to get more help in my business this year because it will begin to severely eat away at my personal life and my most important relationship.

Ridiculously Dense & Moist Blue Velvet Cake (Flourless) | Day 14 of 20

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Hey guys!

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that my fave cake in the world is Blue Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese frosting! I even had it as our wedding cake!

So, for my birthday, I wanted to find a way to make a healthy version of blue velvet cake. Is that even possible!??? After lots of research, I decided to come up with my own recipe. I wanted a recipe that would be flourless, keto friendly, gluten free and dairy free! Could it be done!??

Well, I am happy to tell you that last night, I tested the recipe…and it turned out super moist AND super dense!!!! I was soooo surprised. I’m so glad it worked out because now I get to share the recipe with you today.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Blue Velvet Cake Ingredients:

  • 3 cups almond flour
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1 tablespoon baking cocoa
  • 1 cup of 0 calorie monk fruit sweetener (you could also use real sugar here)
  • 3/4 cup of vegan butter, melted (you could also use real butter here)
  • 8 eggs
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (or any type of milk)
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 1 and 1/2 tablespoons baking powder
  • 0.75 fl oz of blue dye
  • One 6 oz package of blueberries (also get an extra 6 oz package for decorations later)

Cream Cheese Frosting Ingredients:

  • 24 oz softened vegan cream cheese (regular cream cheese ok too)
  • 1/3 cup softened vegan butter (regular butter ok too)
  • 2/3 cup – 1 cup powdered monk fruit sugar (regular powdered sugar ok too)
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract

This is the monk fruit sweetener that I used! So far, the only brand that I can find is Lakanto. I love these because it actually tastes that real sugar, but it’s 0 calorie! Amazing.

I used Tofutti cream cheese to replace real cream cheese. This tastes a bit sweeter than regular cream cheese, so pick your preference and go with it. I still think it tastes good, but if you want the true milkiness and creaminess that comes with full fat cream cheese, just go for the real thing unless you need to be dairy free!

Blue Velvet Cake Directions:

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Mix together all of the cake ingredients in a bowl until there are no more lumps! (Only use one 6 oz package of blueberries.)
  3. Then spray down a circular cake pan with some olive oil or coconut oil and pour the batter in.
  4. Since this will be a 3 layer cake, depending on whether you want to bake 1 tall cake (you’ll need to cut it into 3 layers after it’s done baking) or 3 shorter cakes (no cutting required), the times will be different. For one tall cake like mine, I baked it at 350 degrees F for 1 hour and 45 minutes. It did this in 15 minute increments because I was really scared of it burning. I’m not sure if there is something wrong with my oven (new oven), so please test yours in increments and let me know if it also took you that long. For the 3 smaller cakes, I think 18-22 minutes would be good. The best way to check if your cake is done is to slide a toothpick into the center of the cake and take it out. If there is no wet batter sticking to it, it’s done.
  5. Allow you cake to cool to either at room temp, or by putting it in the fridge if you’re low on time. You do not want to cut your cake while it is still hot or even warm! You also don’t want you icing to melt on the cake.

Cream Cheese Frosting Directions:

  1. Slightly warm the butter in a bowl in the microwave. It should not be fully melted. Just soft.
  2. Slightly warm the cream cheese in a bowl in the microwave. It should not be fully melted. Just soft.
  3. Mix in all the ingredients in a bowl until all the lumps are gone.
  4. Then let cool in the fridge.

Decorating Instructions!

  1. Cut the cooled cake into 3 even layers (unless you baked 3 separate cake layers).
  2. Make sure the cake layers are like cylinders with flat tops. If baking created a little dome on top, cut the dome off so you have a flat top. This will allow the layers to lay evenly.
  3. Place the first later on the bottom of a cake pedestal, then smother some chilled cream cheese frosting on it. Try to make it even so that when you cut the cake, the layers look straight.
  4. Place the second layer of cake on top of that frosting, and then smother some more chilled cream cheese on top of that.
  5. Place the third and final layer of the cake on the very top!
  6. Now frost the entire cake with the chilled cream cheese frosting!
  7. For decorations, I lined the bottom rim and top rim with fresh blueberries! I used about one 6 oz package of fresh blueberries here.
  8. Chill the cake in the fridge to let it all set. I’d probably let it cool for about an hour.
  9. Then cut and serve!

OMG look how beautiful those layers turned out! And look at that stunning blue!

How did it taste?

It was dense, moist, and sweet. I loved it. I can’t believe I made a flourless, keto friendly, gluten free, dairy free blue velvet cake that doesn’t taste like cardboard. Like seriously guys, they should have this at restaurants. It’s really THAT GOOD! I think the butter in the batter really helped pull everything together so nicely.

Nutritional Content:

This recipe makes 16 servings. Each slice is 45 g fat, 17 g carbs, and 12 g protein at 434 calories.

If you’re trying to go even lower carb for keto, you can remove the blueberries all together.

Tag me @blogilates if you end up making this cake! I wanna see how yours turns out!


Yesterday’s Day 13 Food Log:

For lunch, I had a Beyond Burger, sautéed broccoli, cauli rice with coconut aminos and sriracha, and a side salad of butter lettuce and cilantro dressing. YUM!

Snacked on some macademia nuts. Ugh, love these.

Had a peach mango drink midday at work.

Had raspberries and a Chobani non dairy yogurt on the way home from work.

Had my vegan seaweed soup with carrots and mushroom balls for dinner.

Snacked on some plantain chips as I was making my cake.

Also snacked on popcorn while I was baking. I was in a very snacky mood. Period is coming, so makes sense!

Oh AND I had a mini slice of blue velvet cake with cream cheese, some blueberries, and some strawberries. Yup. Very snacky.

There ya go! Hope you enjoyed the recipe post. 2 more days til my bday! Ahh!

What’s your fave type of cake?

New puppy at the Blogi HQ! | Day 12 of 20

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Hey guys!

OMG OMG happy Monday! First of all, how are you doing on the #2020Challenge? You’re about to finish up your second week! Can you believe?

Here’s a YouTube video for you to follow along. If you’re not up to speed – CATCH UP NOW! There’s exactly one week left until you complete your first big new year’s resolution! Let’s not break this guys.

Now guys…I am so excited to share with you a new member of the Blogifam pup family!

Meet Woofer! AHHHHHH! Those white paws and those eyebrows! He’s an 8-week old puppy! He makes Sir look like a giant huh!?

Laurel, our social media manager just adopted Woofer over the weekend and we are so excited to welcome him into the Blogifam. So far Sir George is being a good big brother to Woofer and they seem to be getting along. Today Sir is spending a lot of time just watching over Woofer, and it’s super cute. I often find him perched on a sofa nearby, just observing, and then coming over to gently touch noses.

I hope you are having a great start to your week so far. Monday in the office has been lovely today with the new furball energy. Later my sister is coming over to the office, so Denali will get to meet Woofer too!

Yesterday’s Day 12 Food Log:

Yesterday was really awesome in terms of food. I got to cook a bunch of new things, all Asian cuisine inspired, and we ended up unintentionally eating vegan all day, which was cool.

For brunch, I made Sam and I a Vietnamese spring roll spread! Instead of vermicelli noodles, we had zoodles. Instead of meat, we had tofu. As stuffers, I had butter lettuce, avocado slices, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed zucchinis, and furikake shishito peppers!

Look at this beauty! It was actually SO GOOD! Rice paper rolls are one of my favorite things in the world.

I was afraid that it wasn’t going to be filling, but it truly was. The zucchini was awesome inside. Totally raw and did not take away from the flavor. My dipping sauce was part hoison sauce, part sriracha, part lime juice, and part water.

We started out with a seaweed soup I made out of vegetable broth, dried seaweed, mushroom tofu balls, and baby carrots. I just seasoned with salt and monk fruit. It was delish!

Snacked on a banana with peanuts after.

I really love this combo honestly. The peanuts last way longer than peanut butter! Plus you get that extra crunch.

For dinner, I made us mapo tofu over cauliflower rice with a side of broccoli. I bought the mapo tofu sauce at 99 Ranch, and it worked out just wonderfully! Normally you’d add minced pork on the top, but I skipped out on that and it was fine.

Snacked on some toasted coconut chips. UGH soooooo good. I could eat these forever.

Finished up those berries from the farmer’s market.

And ended the night with some kombucha!

By the way, after this day of eating, my stomach felt much better! I will continue testing, but I think it must have been the fake meat from Veggie Grill. Not sure what that fake beef was made of, but probably seitan or wheat gluten! So, I need to be careful. I usually eat pretty gluten free, so that could have been the culprit. The Beyond Burger seems fine so far on my digestives!

How’s the start of your week so far?

4 more days til my birthday! | Day 11 of 20

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Hey guys!

I am so happy because I had SUCH a productive day today! Sam and I went to the gym and did a total body weight lifting workout, then we went grocery shopping, then we went to Target to buy a bunch of stuff we needed for the house (including a front door welcome mat whoooo!!!), then we went to Costco to buy a heater (yay because I have been FREEZING), and then I exchanged some shoes – ALL BEFORE 11:30 AM!!!! THEN – yes it’s continues – I cooked a really delish vegan brunch (Sam-approved) that I will show you guys tomorrow, then I decorated a new area where I will be filming the next series of Blogilates workouts, then I filmed some videos for Tik Tok, then I cooked a totally vegan dinner, then I meal-prepped for our lunch tomorrow, and then I did the dishes!



Also, I can’t believe there’s only 4 more days til my birthday! WHAT!! I don’t think I’m gonna do a big party this year because I just wanna keep things simple. Parties are so much work, and I wanna do less work.

Anyway, it’s almost 10pm and I need to get to bed soon, so let’s get to the food log shall we!?

Yesterday’s Day 11 Food Log:

For brunch, I made scrambled eggs with sauteed onions, some cauli rice with coconut aminos and sriracha, and a side of butter lettuce with cilantro dressing.

Snacked on some farmer’s market fresh berries! AHHHH so good!!! I might need to go every weekend to get fresh berries there because they taste so much better than in the store.

These. Are. Addicting. Toasted coconut chips for the win y’all. Costco.

I had to satisfy my cereal craving. So I went for a bowl of honey nut o’s, oat milk, and freeze dried strawberries. So good…HOWEVER – I do notice that when I eat carby things that cereal, I tend to feel very ravenous and never full. So I think I will lay off the cereal for a bit.

For dinner, I made myself some tofu shirataki spaghetti with a high protein veggie burger from Trader Joes. Side salad of butter lettuce and cilantro dressing.

There ya have it!

How was your weekend?

Gym then Farmer’s Market! | Day 10 of 20

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Hey guys!

Today was my first weekend of 2020 being 100% healthy! I started off by taking a circuit training class and then going to the farmer’s market. Literally my fave combo of things to do ever. Bought myself some flowers and fruits!

AHHHH look at how gorgeous these fruits are! Can you believe?!

I got a tray of raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries from $10. The razz’s were sweet to perfection. You never know with raspberries sometimes…it’s been a hit or miss 50/50 situation at the grocery store every time. Good thing you can sample before buying at the farmer’s market!

Yesterday’s Day 10 Food Log:

Breakfast was scrambled eggs with avocado wrapped in Nuco coconut wraps with a side salad. That’s butter lettuce with Tessamae’s Jalapeño Ranch dressing. Finally finished the bottle!

Some popcorn as a snack.

Tried out these Whisps as a crunchy low carb snack! Pretty good. Cheese doesn’t seem to make me break out but straight up milk sure does!

Some kombucha for the digestives :)

As an appetizer, tried out a sweet corn tamale from Trader Joes and it was quite excellent!

This right here is one of my fave meals. A Beyond Burger, cauli rice with sriracha and coconut aminos, and a side salad of butter lettuce and cilantro dressing. AHHHHH. If I could eat this all the time, I would! I’m going to try to do a bit less fake meat for the last 10 days of my meatless challenge to see how it affects my digestive system.

BTW so many opinions on my last blog post! Especially on Facebook and YouTube. Things always get a little heated when it comes to the vegan versus non-vegan debate.

As always, whether you choose to eat a Beyond Burger or a real burger, the choice is yours, and you should fully own that choice and be happy about it. No shoving things down people’s throats. Do your own research and respect one another. Something that is healthy for one person may be poison for another. We are all made up of different DNA and require different foods to reach our optimal health levels. To say that everyone is the same and would thrive off the the same food is like saying there’s only one type of moisturizer that works for all skin types…or one career that is going to make everyone happy. FALSE!!

Then for part 2 of din, I wanted to have a bowl of honey oat O’s over Trader Joe’s oat milk! I sprinkled some dehydrated strawberries over the top and ahhhhhhhhhh this was absolutely amazing!!!!! I don’t know why but I LOVE CEREAL. I don’t usually have it because I tend to eat lower carb but I’ve been testing more types of food on this meatless challenge and it’s been fun :)

What are you up to this weekend?

Is a Beyond Burger even good for you? | Day 9 of 20

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I have to admit – I LOVE THE BEYOND BURGER. To me, it tastes like meat, but at the same time – WAYYYYY better than meat! I actually have no idea if it’s good for me though. So today, I wanna dive deep into the world of the Beyond Burger to see how much I should actually be having of this stuff. Also – is it any healthier than meat? Because I could eat this stuff for the rest of my life and I’d be super satisfied never having beef again. Is it too good to be true?

The promise:

A 100% plant based burger that “looks, cooks, and tastes” like a beef burger but without the environmental and health problems that can come from red meat. Because beets are one of the ingredients, the burger even changes color as you cook it, to mimic the bloodiness of beef. Wow, they thought of everything.

Beyond Burger versus a regular beef burger?

This is a nutrition label comparison of 4 oz of Beyond Meat versus 4 oz of 85% lean, 15% fat ground beef. By the way, from observation, the beef patties sold fresh right next to where Beyond Meat is being sold is made of 100% beef, which is why I chose the comparison below.

Macronutrient wise, you can see that the Beyond burger is 30 more calories per serving, has 3g more fat, has 305mg more sodium, has 5g more carbs (of which 3g are fiber, so really only 2g more net carbs), and 1g less protein.

I wouldn’t really count the sodium against the Beyond Burger as it’s already been seasoned, whereas the regular beef one hasn’t. Overall, it’s pretty comparable with the beef patty!

What’s the Beyond Burger made of?

I went on the Beyond Meat website and found this:

I counted 19 ingredients on the Beyond Meat burger, whereas the ground beef above has 1 ingredient: beef.

So, what’s healthier?

If you’re looking to go meatless, Beyond Burger makes it easy to make the transition because it tastes so good! Calories and macro wise, it’s comparable to a regular beef burger, so you won’t be saving any calories. And as for the answer to the question “Is it healthier for you?” My answer is – it depends.

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian looking for a solid source of protein that aligns with your morals, then yeah, it’s wayyyyy better than a beef burger!

If you’re an omnivore or carnivore, you have the freedom to make the choice that’s right for you. And I guess it will come down to price, taste, and personal preference.

But overall, the two are quite comparable macronutrient wise which is pretty awesome. I’ve been eating my Beyond Burger with salad and cauliflower rice with coconut aminos and sriracha and it’s been tasting AMAZING. BTW this is not a sponsored post. I just really like the burger.

My only complaint is that since I’ve gone meatless, I’ve been having more digestive issues. I don’t know why, but I have a hunch that it’s all the fake meat product I’ve been consuming. I don’t think it’s because of all the fiber I’m getting from my fruits and veggies because I always eat tons of produce. I don’t know if it’s the soy or something else…but something isn’t sitting quite right.

Anyway! Onto…

Yesterday’s Day 9 Food Log:

Started the day with some edamame.

Then a kombucha for the probiotics!

Brunch was eggs with mushrooms, homemade guac, cauliflower rice, and home pickled cucumbers!

Snacked on some toasted coconut chips. SO GOOD. These are addicting.

Also snacked on some Tom Yum cashews! YUMMMMM.

Dinner was the bulgogi protein bowl from Veggie Grill again. I don’t know what this fake beef is made of, but I think it’s this that is the cause of my digestive issues.

Dessert was mangoes and my spicy, sweet, and salty dip!

There ya have it! Hope you learned something today. Have you had the chance to try a Beyond Burger or an Impossible Burger? What do you think?

Eating for the soul | Days 7+8 of 20

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Hey there!

UGH! I went to sleep early last night and then woke up realizing that I forgot to blog! So here’s my first 2 for 1 blog post of the year :) It will cover days 7 and 8 of my meatless challenge!

First off I’d like to share that my flexibility is increasing a little more, which is cool! I haven’t been consistently stretching everyday so I need to get on that! Crotch touching the floor in middle splits is not gonna happen if I just sit here and write about it, you know what I mean!?

Anyway, today I went to go help one of my friends attempt 10,000 squats in one day!!! UMMMMMMM. When he told me he was gonna try it, I was like…ARE YOU SUREEEEEEEEE!!???? I’ll tell ya when that video goes live, but I can already tell you – DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME KIDS.

Also, in case you’re wondering, my pants and top are from POPFLEX! The top is the Telescope Tank with adjustable straps and the bottom is the Capricorn Legging with a flattering V-shape waist band that accentuates your hips and creates an hourglass shape at your belly button! Oh and pockets too cuz DUHHHH!!!! I love these pants so much. They are my staple!

Oh and one more thing!

My friend Joseph sent Sir George a gift! I think it’s a blanket but Sir prefers I call it a tapestry. And guess what!!??? Sir George just happened to be wearing literally the same exact thing last night! HOW META!!!!!

Day 7 Food Log:

I’m not really sick anymore, but Sam makes an Eggo every morning and it’s hard to resist!!! So, started my day off with a plain Eggo!

Had no time to make a proper lunch so I ate 2 hard boiled eggs with cauli rice, coconut aminos, and sriracha. This combo was terrible! Don’t try it!!

Washed it down with some Body Armor Lyte drink. Promise this isn’t sponsored haha. They just sent the office a bunch so it’s in the fridge and I’m drinking it!

Dinner was a Beyond Meat Patty, cauli rice with sriracha and coconut aminos, butter lettuce with Tessamae’s Jalapeño Ranch, and a side of vegetable broth. This was excellent. I must have it again!

Dessert were some green grapes…

Some Tom Yum cashew pieces…

…and some popcorn! I was feeling quite snacky!

Day 8 Food Log:

Started the day with 2 eggs. Currently not a fan of the hard boiled egg scene. I think I’m gonna stop for a bit.

I ordered the Bulgogi “beff” protein bowl with roasted tomatoes, cauli rice, cucumbers, and brussel sprouts. This meal is pretty good! It’s from Veggie Grill if you wanna try!

Another Body Armor drink! What can I say. It’s in the fridge and it tastes like real juice but is only 20 cals. Yum!

Also had some Whisps in tomato basil flavor. George really wanted some it seemed. He did not get any.

Can’t really help myself from snacking at the office, so I had some Siete cassava root tortilla chips.

For din, Sam really wanted to go out, so we went to a Korean Tofu Soup place! Above are the free appetizers that come with our meal!

No this is not a cheese pizza. This is a potato pancake! Sam really wanted to try it, and I am glad he ordered it. I had some and it was delicious! Kinda of chewy, kind of crispy, and very very oily. Haha. I mean, YOLO right?!

This is soon tofu! It’s a boiling hot clay pot of very spicy tofu soup that you crack a raw egg into (eventually it boils to be cooked). I got the full veggie one. Normally I’d get like beef and mushroom. Still great!

I was having such a snacky day that I was like let’s keep going! We ordered some bread pudding with ice cream on top cuz WHY NOT. It was delicious.

Finally, I came home and washed it all down with kombucha :P

Okay well there you have it guys! After my flu situation, I’ve been a little more relaxed on what I am eating. Been nice to just let my body heal and eat what fulfills the soul for the time being, all while still being meatless!