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Pop Pilates: Legs!

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Pop Pilates: Legs!

Sweat Time:

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Who wants legs that guys can’t take their eyes off? Umm, we all do. So here it is. The slimmer inner thighs and runner’s calves workout from Pop Pilates. I had a ton of fun making this one and was seriously sore a few hours later. (Well, I had to film it a couple times because one of the songs came on twice. Ugh.) Anyway, enjoy, and invite your friends over for pilates workout party.


“Secrets” by One Republic
“Live Like We’re Dying” by Kris Allen
“All the Right Moves” by One Republic

Drawing of Gym

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Drawing of Gym

STUCK IN THE 80’s LADY (24 Hr Fitness, somewhere in CA)

  1. Let’s just address it. Yes, that’s right. It’s a THONG LEOTARD!
  2. Make that a BELTED thong leotard.
  3. Leg warmers. And matching wrist sweatbands.
  4. A scrunchy.
  5. Inappropriate tights.

I was kickboxing. I was standing diagonally behind her. It was very hard to concentrate on my jabs and kicks.

How can you let yourself out of the house looking like that? Do the stares not pierce through you at some point? Oh well. At least she’s exercising and she thinks she looks good.

Drawings of Gym

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Drawings of Gym

I have this sickly desire to take pictures of people violating the rules of fashion in the gym for the ultimate fitness fashion foe album. But OBVIOUSLY, that is not okay.

So I have decided that I could just draw cartoons of them instead!!!

No exaggerations here. These are all real people with real fashion problems. Exact locations have been omitted for the privacy of the individuals featured. Enjoy.

First up we have JUNGLE LADY. (24 Hour Fitness, somewhere in CA)

  1. First of all, she has a full on Apolo Anton ohno headband going across her head. You can’t do this unless you’re a half asian speed skater with huge quads and a goatee.
  2. The see-through shirt? It’s actually camouflage mesh.  Really? I don’t wanna see through that shirt! And it aint camouflaging anything! Stop! Stop it!
  3. Red spandex capris with rips all the way down the thighs! Fought a tiger on the way to the gym much?

My first ever 30 min Pop Pilates Video

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My first ever 30 min Pop Pilates Video

Sweat Time:

Equipment Needed:

Workout Type:

Body Focus:



My first ever 30 min Pop Pilates!!! KILLER leg, ab, and arm workout! YOU MUST DO IT.

Songs, we’ve got a great mix:

“Grenade” by Bruno Mars
“Stereo Love” by Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina
“Cowboy Casanova” by Carrie Underwood
“Forget You” by Cee Lo Green
“Please Don’t Go” by Mike Posner
“Marry You” by Bruno Mars
“Take if Off” by Ke$ha
“Rhythm of Love” by Plain White T’s


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MOTIVATION: pop up yoga!

You’re traveling right? Long lines, delays, tiny seats, heavy luggage, food on the go. The JOY of holidays!

Well fear not, because even amidst all the madness, you’ve got a friend on your side. And according to this guy who’s popped into a headstand in the middle of Dulles Airport in DC (thanks to Stuart for the photo!), it’s yoga.

Even a few stretches and neckrolls in your seat or deep breaths will probably do you some good during your travels. Travel safe all! And don’t forget to breathe..

Cool! One time I was so cramped up between flight transfers that I just got on the floor and started doing pilates. Totally owned it! ;)

The Fashion of Fitness

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The Fashion of Fitness

Style and functionality make a sexy couple. Without fashion evolving every season, who’s to tell us we absolutely NEED another top at Lululemon? What a boring wardrobe of yoga attire we’d have if those Canadian designers just kept it at function.

So begins my post on some of the cutest, loveliest, hottest things in the world of fashion and fitness.

One of my favorite collections is Stella McCartney for Adidas. No one does femme sports better than she does. The detailing in all of her clothing makes everything so couture-feeling, but at the same time so workout-able. The prices may be high but sometimes we can get lucky and snag ourselves a good deal at Nordstrom Rack or the sale section at Sweaty Betty in the UK. Here are my top picks!

1. The adidas by Stella McCartney Run Winter Jacket, sale £80.00, regular £160.00 at Sweaty Betty

I really love the romantic dusty rose color of this jacket. The high collar and the pleats at the arm make this sporty coat so regal-looking. There’s a hood tucked away in there too! The semi-metallic sheen of the jacket is also so so so attractive to me. I may have to break down and get this…it IS on sale after all.

2. Stu Bouson, Adidas by Stella McCartney, sale £60.00, regular £120.00 at Sweaty Betty 

“The crinkly, crushed-paper feel of the adidas by Stella McCartney Cover Up Studio Image Blouson gives a luxurious sensibility to the jacket’s loose batwing silhouette.”

Ohhhh pretty as a peach. Soft, romantic, and so flowy. I love flowy. I am not sure how I feel about the crushed paper feel though. I’ve definitely felt this fabric before and I sometimes question why I would want to be wearing a plastic bag. Pretty though.

How can I write this post without featuring some Lulu? Man, the whole yoga and pilates community is OBSESSED with this Canadian company!!! Oh and before I start sharing top Lulu styles, did you know that there are 4 Lululemon Outlets in the world?! Yes there are and if you live by one, make a trip. I personally have never been but I hear it’s like the sale rack all mushed up into one place. I am not sure if you can use your instructor discount there. I’ll post more on the outlets later…

3. Yogi Dance Jacket, $118.00, Lululemon

I so totally have this jacket in the purple. I had a hard time choosing between coal or purple, but when I put the purple on, it made me smile.

Obviously this jacket was Cassey in a nutshell so I had no choice but to get it. Ruffles and Pilates? C’mon, yes, and thumbholes while you’re at it please.

4. Tadasana Pant, $98.00, Lululemon

I didn’t get a chance to get this pant while they still had it in my size. Ugh. I hope this remake it because I love the corseted waist detail (and I have the Tadasana top). Apparently there is also a drawstring cord at the hem to adjust it to more of a ruched capri style. Comes in black/purple, black/aqua, and heather gray/hotpink.

5. Boogie Short with Ruffle, $48.00, Lululemon

If anyone knows me, they know I love working out in booty shorts. Oops. Or Boogie Shorts in this case. They stay in place when you’re running or stretching and no underwear-showing situations (ahem, running shorts). Can’t wait for summer to come so that I can wear these again.

Lulu does it right with the ruffles, and just subtle ones in this case.

Now I’m not a REALLY big fan of Lucy – I feel like it’s a plain and boring version of someone TRYING to be Lulu. With their Lulu-esque price point, I think they can be a little more adventurous in their design. Anyway, I bought the top below the other day on clearance with an EXTRA 30% off! Oh and that reminds me…they are changing their instructor discount to just 20% off…not 30%. Use yours before the 2011!

I love Lucy’s fitted bra tops. They are long and the boob cups are perfect. Goodbye sports bras.

6. Karma Racerback, $48.00, Lucy

I like the hole in the back. Super sexy and super ventilating! The sweetheart neckline is also very flattering. I have this in Laguna. Great quality, great fit, I’d buy more Lucy if they kept their styles more interesting.

7. Multiway Wrap-around Bolero, $58.50, Kayayogawear

Sometimes you gotta go to custom-made for extra special activewear. I found this shop on etsy. The fitted arms and low neckline on this bolero are very flattering. I also like that you can tie this in the front or hook it in the back for a completely different look. This would be a great top to teach in.

8. Tree Pose Foldover Yoga Shorts, $49.00, JMorco

Each of these shorts are sewn by Crunch fitness instructor Jennifer Morco! Foldover is the way to go. I like the large floral print of the band, matches very nicely with those booty shorts underneath. I might have to get myself a pair come summer.

9. Enchanted Bouquet yoga mat sling, $45.00, oGorgeous

Oooops, what’s that?! Including my own product!? Why yes. Afterall, oGorgeous is all about fashion and fitness!

This mat strap or mat sling is adorned by 100% genuine suede hand-cut flowers. I actually make them each time I get an order. It’s a compliment magnet.

Okay that’s all for now people. Keep it stylin at the gym. Remember as Kimora Lee Simmons once said, “Dress like you’re going to run into your worst enemy.” This holds true at the gym too! You never know who you may run into…



What is my ASIS and where can I feel it on my body?

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What is my ASIS and where can I feel it on my body?

Link: What is my ASIS and where can I feel it on my body?

ASIS: Anterior Superior Iliac Spine

This is often referred to as your “hip bone”. You can feel this best when lying on your back – the bone will stick out to the sides right below your belly button line.

I’m taking notes on proper positioning of the body during footwork on the reformer and it seems to stick better when I have to publicly take notes…haha.

When performing footwork, you will need to keep your ASIS, center of your knee cap, the middle of your ankle, and the 2nd toe all in line.

OK that’s all for now!

Reasons why you should try the Pilates Reformer

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Reasons why you should try the Pilates Reformer

Okay so I am about to start teaching Reformer! Eek! this begins in January at the Watertown BSC. Nervous, excited, yes, but still learning it and loving it. If you haven’t tried reformer yet…check it out. It will really help bring your mat work to perfection.

For those of you that aren’t really sure what the heck a refomer is…here’s a quick rundown from livestrong.com!

The Pilates Reformer is an exercise machine used to incorporate the Pilates exercise technique for a challenging and intense workout. Springs, leverage and body weight are used as resistance while performing movements targeting specific muscle groups. Workouts consist of controlled, flowing movements working your muscles through a full range of motion. The reformer adds increased resistance to the movement. By working to overcome this resistance, training results in increased fitness levels.

Benefits of using the Pilates Reformer:

1. Increased Muscular Endurance

Muscles exert force to overcome resistance. Training results include increased muscle fiber endurance, size and strength along with increased connective tissue strength. With increased muscular endurance, your muscles are able to exert force for extended periods. Increased endurance enables you to perform everyday tasks without fatigue. Additional benefits include improved muscle tone as muscles are lengthened and strengthened without appearing bulky.

2. Increased Core Strength

Exercising on the Pilates Reformer requires proper form and technique. The focus of proper positioning is within the core, your abdomen and lower back muscles. By conditioning the core muscles, they will contract with all movements to stabilize and align your spine. A strong core will increase the effectiveness of all exercises due to your ability to maintain proper alignment. Core strength increases your ability to generate power to your muscles and decreases the risk of injury.

3. Improved Posture

Workouts on a Pilates Reformer will improve your spinal alignment. With improved alignment, your muscles will strengthen to improve spinal support and stability. Improved posture will lengthen your joints giving you a taller appearance. Muscular imbalances will be corrected decreasing the risk for injury, especially to the lower back. Awareness of proper posture during exercise will carry over to awareness of proper posture when performing everyday movements.

4. Increased Flexibility

Flexibility is the range of motion of your muscles and connective tissue. Workouts on a Pilates Reformer require your muscle groups to move through a full range of motion. Improved flexibility decreases strain and stress on your joints and muscles. Muscles contract with increased efficiency, and workouts are more effective. Improved flexibility reduces stiffness, soreness and the chance of injury. You can perform everyday movements with less strain and fatigue.

5. Improved Breathing

Pilates workouts emphasize proper breathing. Breathing becomes deeper and less frequent, resulting in improved relaxation. Benefits include increased lung capacity and breathing efficiency during workouts and at rest. Your lungs are better equipped to supply your body with increased oxygen during workouts. Energy levels increase during exercise and at rest.

6. Reduced Body Fat

Exercise increases your metabolism, your body’s ability to burn calories. Increased muscle mass increases the number of calories burned. When the amount of calories burned is more than the amount of calories eaten, excess body fat is burned and used for energy to meet the increased demand.