6 Minute Sexy Abs Printable


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  • Carla Callangan says:

    Love it!

  • piush says:

    I love this

  • Alexandra says:


  • Sammi says:


  • niamh mahony says:

    I lovelovelove blogilates! I find it so good because I love excercising x I love snow and tea that’s what iu love about winter!x from Ireland xx

  • GOODNESS !CASSEY HO IT IS specifically U who has inspired me to start MY VERY OWN FITNESS website & youtube channel.. i hope nowa days u aren’t TOO busy to read this :( it would be MY DREAM ALONE.However my website &fitness will be based on buddhist (concepts). I am trying to get to peoples MINDS FIRST, they MUST find themselves BEFORE they spiritually KNOWW that THEY WILL get on that YOGA MAT!!!!!!!**** SO i have been following your videos/ amazing spirit since 2011!!<3 :D i am SOOO proud that u followed your dream & are where u ARE doing what u were BORN TO DO. i want to be a pediatric nurse. BUT i can relate to your story a little. my mom INSISTED that i go to school ONLY :/. however she did come to an understanding and supports my blossoming idea. BUT i have JUST began my journey. i am at point A. planning my very FIRST challenge calendar/ meal plans :) i won't directly copy your ideas but they have inspired me to pursue a sports apparel line as well<3 with buddhist concepts on it;) <3 i LOVE U!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! GOD BLESS YOUR beautiful SOUL.

  • angela says:

    love this one!!

  • Deborah says:

    I loved the video and I am going to try it as I have a injury from hiking with my dogs last week so that means no gym workouts for 6 weeks so if I can do my abs exercise then I can still be in shape when my time is up at home.I cannot do the planks as I have 3 broken toes and no jumping but the video I am sure I can do or try and do!