Hey guys!

I hope you are loving all the new avocado recipes! They are so delish. I can’t stop eating the Avocado Toast for breakfast. It is just so good and super filling.

Anyway! Can you believe it is March!?? Like what!? I honestly don’t even understand right now. Why does time fly by so fast?

Well, with a new month, comes a new monthly challenge! After asking y’all on twitter what you wanted to focus on, it was CLEAR that thighs were going to be our next target. So without further adieu, here it is:

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Please save and share with your friends, family, and co-workers. It’s a really fun thing you guys can do during a break together that’ll get you moving an out of your chair if you’re at the office! Don’t worry about the judgement. Anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable doing this with you is because they’re insecure about stepping outside of their comfort zone. BE that inspiration they need in their lives.

Here are your moves in cute gif form :)


1. Plie Squats: Make sure that your toes are faced diagonally outwards and that when you squat down, you are engaging your thighs. Imagine that your knees need to open wide as you sit down. But keep your chest open and up. DO NOT hunch over forward! Stay tall.


2. Leg Swings: This move targets your outer thighs and your obliques! It’s a double whammy. If you need a chair to hold on to, go ahead and grab one. This move also tests your balanace. Be sure to FLEX your foot and keep your leg straight as you swing.


3. Side Lunges: This is so perfect for inner thighs. When I am at the gym I hold a 30 lb barbell on my upper back to intensify the movement! But since you’re most likely doing these moves at home and the reps will get high, you’ll be just fine. Just make sure to lunge low! And keep your straight leg straight as you get up to starting position.

side leg lift

4. Side Leg Lifts: Lay on your side, make sure your body is in a straight line, and simply lift your top leg up and down. Please point your toes!

inner thigh lift
5. Inner Thigh Pulses: This move is so effective and one of my favorites in POP Pilates to perform when I want to target my inner thighs! This trick here is to keep your moving foot in “awkward foot” position. Your heel must be up and your toes must face down. Trust me, it’s weird. But that’s how it works. Then simply lift up and down. For the other bent leg, if you can’t hold it like in the gif above, simply lay your knee down on the ground in front of you.

Alrighty my friends! Please comment below and tell me if you’re in! Then I want you to forward this link to one person. Just one! Again, be a leader and a motivator in someone’s life and spread our Blogilates positivity with your world :D

Oh and follow the #MarchofthePOPsters Calendar!


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  • Elaina Lucia says:

    Ok, this might be a dumb question, but I’m new here. Do you do the exercises once a day or multiple times? I’m so used to being in physical therapy and doing my exercises 3x daily.

  • Jacquelyn Doty says:

    my first day was yesterday

  • Neophyte says:

    I’m doing this one, the abs one, and beside that I’m doing 100 days of push-ups. I am already on day 9 today, I can see results on my abs, I think I lost around a cm! :) But my thighs are getting a bit bigger. I’m not going to worry yet since I’m with my period and that might make me feel a bit inflated. Looking forward to measuring myself next weekend! :) You can follow my progress if you want: http://neophytejournal.blogspot.no/

  • Rajeev S says:


  • Miel Wewerka says:

    Hi, I would like to know what foods i should be eating, because I feel like if i do this but continue my normal diet it won’t do very much. I always have a protein smoothie after, and in addition to the sets I have also been running laps in my pool (its not super deep, so this is possible). I want to start running too my my asthma makes it hard. Any way, I’m wondering if theres a diet plan i could follow

  • Michelle says:

    I’m in from today. Can someone please help me out, do i need diet cure as well?

  • Maja says:

    hello everyone! i’ve just found this slimming challenge and thought it would be great to try myself :) but I habe problems with my knees and doctor forbade me to do any squats (including plie) and lunges. Maybe you have an idea what other excercises can I use?
    Thanks in advance, xoxo

  • zibby francis says:

    @blogilates How many sets should i do? just once or 3 sets for each exercise

  • Devani Mayura says:

    I have taken this challenge. And I am loving it

  • Chitra Pal says:

    I just took this challenge from today but I am doing all exercise since day 1

    • Unigirl says:

      And how is it going so far?Have you seen changes?

  • Terricola says:

    My thighs are saggy, will this challenge help me with this issue?

  • Yasmeen says:

    Am on day 7, have definitely seen a difference. Can’t wait to see the final result!

  • Maria says:

    Hey guys, I’m having an issue here so please i’d like you to help me.
    First of all, Do these thigh exercises help in gaining bulkiness to your thighs? Bc I’m afraid it would.
    Second, do stretches help in reducing bulkiness especially in fe leg slimming exercises? because I really don’t like having bulky legs and I wanna start certain exercises but I’m afraid I would get on the wrong foot, so I’m really afraid of taking the risk until I’m sure of it.
    Third, do the butt lifting exercises make the butt smaller or what? because i don’t really know much about this and I wanna have a smaller butt so do they mean by butt lifting having a smaller butt or what exactly?
    Please guys If you know anything let me know bc I’m so confused right now and i wanna start doing something but I’m afraid of taking risks.
    Thank you :)

    • Jenny says:

      it shouldn’t make your butt smaller, really the goal of these exercises is to really lift and shape your butt so its not flat and saggy. as far as the legs go, they will really shape your legs and define the muscle, Pilates def is not meant to become bulky :)

  • RJ Cash says:

    Hey guys! I am in the middle of the beginner plan but after that I am going to do this! And I think I will do this and the ab one at the same time! I have seen comments saying other people are doing the same thing…so is it all right to do?? Thanks ya all :) :)

    • Minnina10 says:

      I’m doing Butt, Abs and Waist challenge at the same time (I’m about to finish them) and yes, it’s totally feasible. Of course it’s going to take more time as you progress, and even if you get stronger some exercises take time and can’t be rushed, but I don’t think it’s going to be more than 20 minutes. I’m also doing the beginner plan btw ?. Good luck for everything!

      • RJ Cash says:

        Thanks so much!! I have time for both and I might to the Butt on also! Thanks again for our help! I wish u luck!

  • bettyboop says:

    I want to do abs challenges what is means 5 roll ups it means you do it 5 times or 5 counts only ?then next week 6 counts and so on..??

  • نهى الخولي says:

    Can I just replace the squats since it may affect my knees ?

  • Jood says:

    dose this get rid of the fats besides the knee? please I really need help. everyone making fun of my knees when I wear shorts :(

  • Cupcake says:

    hi guys! Just started a few days ago, and i want to see ur results! :)

  • Ange says:

    I am half way through this and I’m not seeing any results. I’ve been maintaining a healthy diet and I have been doing additional exercise on top of this and I still see no difference?!

  • S says:

    I thought you can’t spot reduce by exercising the same set of muscles which these seem to do? Has anyone tried this and gotten positive results?

    • Marisela says:

      Well you can spot tone but not spot reduce because your whole body loses fat not just in one specific place. But you can tone a specific area. Hope this helps!

  • Phoebe Chong says:

    Talked to cassey about this!
    Follow what the calendar says. Day 1, do 5 plie squats, Day 2, 6 plie squats, and etc. There are no reps as the days go on. You just simply increase each number as the days go on. Good luck! Hope this helped clear some confusion:)

  • AlbertaRose94 says:

    When I first saw this, I thought “WTF? Why is there 12 days of keeping exercises one to three at the same count, and 6 days of keeping exercise four at the same count?” Having just completed line three of this, I understand EXACTLY why you’ve set it up the way you did. I’ll admit after doing all five for a count of ten, I thought “I’m supposed to do these 22 times?” My next thought was “No, you’re supposed to increase everything by a count of 1 over the next 11 days and finish at 22.” That seemed less overwhelming. I’m really noticing a difference after 18 days. (Technically it’s 16 days, however the two days I missed were days 14 and 15, I’m no stranger to inner thigh pulses so I just picked up at Day 16.) My inner thighs no long remind me of cottage cheese and it’s much easier to keep pace with my husband during our 30-40 minute power walks.

  • Alice says:

    Will I loose fat or gain thigh muscles????

    • AlbertaRose94 says:

      I think it depends on what else you are doing, and how you are eating. I’m wanting to gain muscle while losing fat, so I’m also doing the Abdominal Challenge, power walking with my husband (who is 10 inches taller than me) and doing weight training two-three times a week.

  • rtscott2005 says:

    My first day was Yesterday

  • jana says:

    does these workouts makes thighs gain muscles

  • AlbertaRose94 says:

    Hi! Just wanted to say I am now on Day 7 and have noticed a difference. I’m combining the Thighs with your Abdominal one, plus every other day I incorporate the Thigh and Abdominal with weight training. I’m also eating healthier since it makes sense. What really makes it unique is I usually get bored of an exercise regime after five days but I’m still at it.

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  • camelia says:

    Did the first day! yes!! :)

  • emily lindmann says:

    If I do the arm, waist, thigh, stomach and butt 30 day challenges as well as walking my dogs and burning around 100 calories every day, will I see and feel results? I heard you’re supposed to do these 30 day challenges with the calendar but I’m not, will I still see results even though I’m not doing the calendar?

  • Brandi Barbee says:

    Doing this and starting now!

  • Alex Harrison says:

    I am totally doing this!!

  • Emma Cristiano says:

    will i lose my thigh fat if i complete this ?

  • Sandra says:

    Do you just do 1 set of each exercise with the stated reps or 3 sets of the reps? For instance on day 1 do I just do 1 set, 5 reps of each exercise or 3 sets of 5 reps for each exercise? TIA

  • Sugandha Tyagi says:

    Hey, can someone please Help me out,
    as it is stated “7 leg swings ea” so what does the ea mean ?
    does it mean i do 7 leg swings from one leg and then 7 from other one ?

    • annakin. says:

      I think it means “each” :)

    • Nour says:

      ea. Stands for each . She means by 7 leg swings ea. That you should do 7 leg swings on each leg

    • Ashanti Williams says:

      Yeah it mean like 7 swings each leg

  • Rebekah says:

    Will it really help me to losee thigh fat