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Fat Burning PIIT // POPster Princess Transformations + Full Workout

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This is a very special video dear to my heart. β™₯ Recently I ran the “POPster Princess Contest” with AT&T & #newgenerasian to find 3 of the most dedicated POPsters out there. The winners would be flown out to LA, put up in a gorgeous hotel, visit the Blogilates HQ, get a head to toe Hollywood makeover, win a full outfit from POPFLEX, win an LG G Pad X 10.1 and get to star in a YouTube video with me.

I am so happy to share with you the stories of Abbie, Connie, and Brynn – the winners of this year’s POPster Princess Contest 2016! In this video, you will also find an awesome Fat Burning PIIT Workout. So, watch for enjoyment, then do the PIIIT routine with us!

The moves are:
1. Lunge Squats
2. Elbow Taps
3. Plank Jacks
4. Single Heel PliΓ©
5. Quick Feet
6. Up Up Down Downs
7. Squat Hops

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