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  • morgan

    omg!! i love this series!
    I was just wondering why it is, that my neck has pain shooting through it when i do the crunches or anything with that ‘get-up’ movement, what i can possibly be doing wrong, and how to fix it thank you!!

    • Samantha

      A late reply, but better late than ever. Anyway, your next is hurting is because when you crunch you were lifting with your neck. You should lift with your chest. I had the same problem ^.^

  • Elisa

    What’s the song Cassey uses for the VS arms workout by Taylor Swift? The first song! :)

    • Emma

      Starlight :) its on the RED album :)

  • lauren h

    i love all these videos they are the best. i do them all every day. thank you so much for this

  • Ashley

    Happy Birthday Cassie!!

  • I blog often and I really thank you for your information.
    This great article has really peaked my interest. I will take a note of your website and keep checking for new information about once a week.

    I opted in for your Feed too.

  • Lauren

    I did the legs one, I never wear heels and OMG! I fell down like 8 times and only was wearing 2 inch chunky heels I borrowed. I need to wear heels more often :p

  • Candice

    Thank you so much for this series, girl! I just started! The other day was my first time, and, since I haven’t worked out in a while, man, it was killer! I was SO sore yesterday. Now I’m back again. :) I do this every other day, so I can give my body a rest in between. I pair this up with some weights and stretching, and it’s effective. I love this, and I love you! Thank you again.

  • Niamh Middleton

    Hey Cassie, will doing this video once a day help me loose weight in 10 days?

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  • Brianna

    Hey Cassie! I would really love to know how many calories you burn in each of the VS videos. Please get back to me soon!

    • Katie

      How many calories you burn in a workout completely depend on your own standards — how much you weigh, your height, muscle, etc. because think of it this way: if a lean 135 pound athlete and a not-so-lean guy eating a bag of fudgee-o’s run the same distance in the same time, who do you think had to work harder?

  • Alex

    Hey Cassie,
    Could you create a workout calendar for the Victoria Secret workouts? I have no idea which days to do what. Could you help us out???
    Thank you!

  • carla

    hey Cassie! I just really wanted to know, how many calories do you think was burnt while doing the Victoria Secret Ab Workout? please respond!!!

  • Divania

    Hi :)

    My friend told me about your videos and I just tried this…my butt is ON FIRE!!! Absolutely freaking amazing.

  • Stela

    Cassey , after this workout my legs are still on fire ! :xx :D :D :D Thank you for it ! :)

  • Hey Cassey,
    can you make a VS Angel Meal plan. it would be awesome!!!

    • Katie

      ^^I second that! :D

  • Hannah

    Hey Cassey!
    I’ve really been enjoying your workouts so much! I used to run every day but I started getting so burned out.. It just got so repetitive!
    Anyway, I’ve been following the August calendar and I am in the middle of doing this VS Bombshell butt workout and am finding that my hamstrings are cramping up really badly when I try to do most of the moves. It’s not a soreness thing, it’s like a “my muscles are threatening to drawstring in on themselves.”
    Is there any way to solve that?

  • Mary

    Thanks for the workout

  • Jessica

    Hey, Cassey! Thank you sooo much for this series. However, I’m just wondering how many times I would need to do the exercises to see results. I’ve been doing them for a few weeks now and not much has changed…

  • Kennedy

    i do this workout everyday! i’m starting to see some serious results!

  • Bec

    could you make a printable for this workout?? :)

  • Brittany

    I just did this workout with wine bottles because I didn’t have weights. And now I think I may have to crack one open! You killed me!!!!

  • Emma :)

    Legs workout very cool with this kind of shoes … This is an occasion to go buy one ;)

  • Atealnix

    This was the first time I’ve worn heels! XDD It was so much fun~

  • Emma

    Sorry Cassey!! I don’t own any stilettos!! So, I had to do it without stilettos, and I was still falling all over the place… I would probably kill myself trying to do this with stilettos! XD

  • Pam

    Hi Cassie! I love the VS series! The stiletto idea kind of concerns me as an ankle injury waiting to happen, though. What’s the best way to modify this?

    • Brenda

      Hey Pam–I was worried about my ankle(s) rolling as well, so I resorted to my dance training. Stand as tall as you can on your tip toes. It works just as well, if not better–you aren’t relying on any support at all to stay up on your toes. Hope this helped!

  • jess

    hai cass! awesome and sweet are the best word to describe you. anyway, how come you do all the work out without effort like that. you do that smoothly and happily, make itu looks like easy and singing and everything. but when i try this, i can even talk, so tiring! u’r the best!

  • Chika


  • Dizzy

    How many cals burnt in the victoria secret abs workout?

  • Katie M

    Thank you for the butt burn!! Love, Love, Love your enthusiasm!

  • Cai


  • Sar

    I was stumbling all over with this workout but loved the “sexy” twist to all the moves!

  • Madison

    Love love love these workouts! My hubby is in the Marines and is off training right now for a month and I’m gonna look FAB when he gets back ;)

    Thank you Cassie for making working out enjoyable now!

  • amanda

    love the series cassie!!! you should check out the song 22 by taylor swift, its really good.

  • AngieMac

    So are you supposed to do all of those video workouts in one day?

  • Emily

    Hi Cassey ! Thank you so much for your fantastic videos…and MOTIVATION !
    I just wanted to ask you : I can’t do the first exercice (without the books), I get cramp in the legs…:O
    Happy Bday ! And thank you again !!!

    • Heather

      OMG!!! I love the workouts!!!! Ur amazing, I have just begun a few days ago and I already see inprovments thanks!!

  • Jenan

    Hi Cassie! I am not fat , but I just want to define my stomach and have the lines , so how many times or rounds should I do this workout? I also jog before my workout and eat healthy.

  • Ali

    Love the leg workout! I wore my new heels and i am a hot mess right now! Can’t wait to feel the burn again tomorrow!

  • Elena

    Just tried the butt workout. You made it look so easy but then I felt the burn!

  • Jeanie

    I see you have a bombshell butt video but to be honest (sorry) you don’t really have a butt. Is this going to get rid of my butt if I do the workout or is it suppose to “lift” it?

  • Ashley Byrd

    A Team by Ed Sheeran (:

  • Candice

    Hi Cassey, just want to say thank for your VS workout series I have to say the abs one is my favorite I’m 16 and I never felt so good working out to your video I’m 171lbs and petite(5’3″) so I’m overweight but my goal is to lose 35 pound as my new year resolution. I want to reach my goal by June or July. Do you think it’s possible? I have to say because of you I’m going to stick to my goal !!! I have never felt this way befor so thank you so much!!!!!! :)

  • Seni

    You’re the best Cassie, you are the only trainer I can stick to & never get bored! I love this VS workout series, can you please do a Girls Generation SNSD workout series also? Pretty please????

    • Julia

      SNSD is the best!! Working out to them would get me even more pumped up than blogilates does! :)

  • Lauren

    Hi Cassie,

    I wanted to know if you could do a video about some tips for trying to gain weight? I was wondering if you had any advice on how to do it in a healthy way.


    • Jennifer

      I’ve been wanting to ask the same thing im 5’5 and weigh 105 but I can’t even gain a pound I workout alot and use weights to build muscle but I can’t gain nothing I’m a vegetarian as well but I wanna gain atleast 5 or 10 pounds do you have any advise Cassie????
      Thank you for your amazing videos!!:D

  • Sandy

    Hi Cassie!
    So this is awkward, but I don’t know where else to mention it and thought it might give SOME female viewers a bit more motivation.
    So, I ALMOST finished this workout, but somewhere between the BIG leg circles and the leg drop-lift things, I might have had a moment of, erm, “feminine release.”
    I was completely caught off-guard, but it was really interesting.
    APPARENTLY, this is actually scientifically proven as being possible! (Look it up-“the coregasm”!)
    So yes, DO THOSE LOWER ABS, ladies!

  • Erin

    Hey Cassie! Love this series of workouts! I could feel my muscles working all over! I enjoyed doing these workouts, even though at the same time I was in AGONY. I’m looking forward to doing these again soon! Thanks soo much for all your videos, they are life changers! It is very much like doing a workout with a friend; your enthusiasm and encouragement makes it all so much more enjoyable and do-able.

  • kat

    Love the VS Stiletto workout! By focusing on doing all the moves in a sexy way (and not falling over!) in my heels I can go through the entire workout without thinking about how sore I am/how hard it is. (Plus now I can walk a lot better in my heels!) :-) Great idea, thank you!

  • Angela

    I love this series! It’s the perfect set for a total body kinda day. Could you make a video geared towards pre- and/or post-workout stretches?

  • Lauren

    This series just shows another reason why you’re awesome.

  • Michelle

    Hi Cassie! My lower back has been sore lately– sometimes because of the way I sleep and sometimes it hurts when I’m standing for a long period of time. I felt this workout mostly in my lower back and a little in my butt. What was I doing wrong? Or is it because I’ve been having problems with my back lately?

  • Tiff

    Hi Cassie! I just wanted to say how much a fan I am of the VS workout series. Would it be possible to do one featuring the back?