September 26, 2013


Let’s Workout!


  1. Oh my quaaad :D

  2. i love working out with cassie… i hate it sometimes cuz it kills me .. but like they say , if it challenges you, it changes you.. thankyou cassie.. :)

  3. Hey everyone,
    I completed this and did the food baby cardio workout with cassey! It was crazyyy. I would love it if she could come up with a workout geared toward my outer thighs and hamstrings.

  4. AWESOME workout! #SWEATEMBER’s getting sweating most of the workouts, giving it all and feeling great! ;)

  5. Omg I am sweating so much!!! But I got to admit it, I love it!

  6. Omgawd!!!!! I love you Cassey Ho but you killed me in these videos!! It’s my first day back since I last did you videos about a month ago? I did all the videos for today but I couldn’t go all the way with you for all the moves. Sorry! I’ll get better! I want to get fit! And be healthy! I’m sick of feeling fat and sluggish in my clothes. I’m tired of being the fat friend. No more!!

  7. These workouts are awesome!!
    Still doing the Starfish on knees on Playa del Plank, but I’m getting there!

    I added the Ultimate Fashion Blogger workout today, because I haven’t I tried it yet, and it was great!

  8. Man today’s workout killed me!! I am so sweaty, I swear I lost 5lbs just from sweating lol but so gald I did this! :)

  9. I did 4 Workouts but 3 were from the calendar and replace “Playa del Plank” for “Fat burning cardio warmup”… Did anyone of you heard the song locked out of heaven in the “Beautiful Burn” Video? I ended my Workouts listening to that song and doing my own “Workout” jumping side by side, doing jump squats, and doing jumping Jacks :D I was totally happy and with a lot of power to jump all over my house!

  10. I FINISHED IT! The first two were decent, but after playa del plank, I WAS DYING. Overall, feeling accomplished!

  11. is it just me or was this workout really short? am i supposed to add in the new workout she did on money for obliques to the end of this workout? or do i only do whats on the calender?

  12. Did it! I always click on the videos to watch them on youtube so as I was doing the “Beautiful burn” one I was ok jus’t one more and I’m donde, then I clicked on my other tabb and realized that silly me I had clicked beautiful burn twice and I was done, BEST FEELING EVER

  13. Did it! But my connection had problems sometimes so I had some bonus breaks,not my fault !! xD

  14. I loved this! But omg, I’m shaking, and I’m sweating like crazy! I actually got a sweatdrop in my eye on the last move in the video “Beautiful Brun” and omg, it hurted! But I kept going with one eye open xD Omg, I felt a little wierd when I was going beast mode, but omg, this is so good! Thanks Cassey, this was absolutley a great workout day! The videos fit eachother so well!
    Gonna take a shower know, I need it!

  15. done! good luck, popsters! you can do it!

  16. Ok so desperate to work out forgot to take my make up off lol ooopppss and now im dead in sweat lol

  17. Carole-Anne says:

    Cassey you are awesome! I loved every move and sweated so much!

  18. Definitely sick of plie hops today! Lol good workout :-)

  19. Went beast mode at the end, ended lying dead on my floor. xD Love it!

  20. My quad T____T

  21. I DID IT!!! :D <3

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