September 1, 2013

Let’s Workout!


  1. Just finished the beginners calendar yesterday and started the first of the Sweatember calendar today and my god this was the first time I was literally dripping sweat! I had droplets on my mat that how hard you worked me Cassey!! I still got to build my upper body cos I am useless at planking! I still have a hate for burped but I can see some improvement.. Thanks Cassey the beginners one was the first routine I stuck with for more than 20 days and I hope it will be the same with this one! Sweaty times ahead ^___^

  2. How amazing are these workout :) so much sweat. so much intensity. so much fun!

  3. I feel soooo bad because each time I workout during one hour, especially if it’s intensively, I end up being really demotivated at the end and on the next day :( I feel like it takes so much time that I don’t even wanna go “beast mode” at the end, I don’t make things well, and on the next day I’m too lazy to do this for one hour again… :( :( Am I the only one ?

  4. not yet because I´ve neither twitter nor tumblr but I´m thinking about it :) sorry 1

  5. Starting out a couple days late and having to take mini breaks within each video. I hope i can get back into shape and start loving my body again. Been feeling like i have been gaining a lot of weight the past couple of weeks.

  6. The YouTube files are not loaded upon clicking the link. I’ve to go to YouTube and search for those.

  7. Paradise R. says:

    I started day 1 a day late but better late than never!!! I don’t think I have ever sweat so much!! I went from the beginners calendar [skipped the last few days D:] to this sweatember!!

  8. So. Much. Sweat!

  9. I am a day behind, so this was my first workout of September! Holy canoli. I enjoyed this a lot because of Cassey’s enthusiasm. she’s bossy but in a cute way haha. I hope I stick with it. :)

  10. Loved this workout! Strong start to this Sweatember and Dietbet!!

  11. I love love loved today’s workout! I was sweating so much after the Heart Throbber! I have to admit I dropped a couple of times during Playa del Plank, but I’ll get there eventually. Thanks Cassie! <3

  12. First Cassey video ever and it kicked my butt but I’m proud to say I made it to the end of all the videos! One thing for sure though, all my junk food is not worth getting my butt handed to me in these workout sessions and thats a motivator in itself. Time to start cleaning out the kitchen.

  13. I made it….I almost puked but I made it.

    Holy bejeezus.

    I feel like gumby.

  14. This workout was awesome, but since I’m not in shape I couldn’t really do it ALL, but I did most of it ;) Usually when I’m not able to do some exercises I replace them and it feels soo good

  15. Well I just finished day one of Sweatember! (I didn’t have internet all yesterday.. boo :/) Coming right off the beginner calender it definitely seemed much more challenging. Although my shoulders started to really hurt and wrists, it seemed like every video had a plank in it.. maybe I just don’t have great shoulder strength. Nevertheless still excited to work my way through! The beginner calender was one of the first workout plans I actually stuck with (granted I had a week or so lazy period) but I still finished!! I already eat pretty clean thanks to my dietitian mother but I’m looking to tone up and have more confidence by feeling all over healthy. Thanks for the inspiration Cassey!

  16. yay I finished!!! I did day one on monday cuz sunday is my day off!
    but this was an amazing workout thank you Cassey!!! :) lookking forward to all my Septmeber workout!!! :)

  17. Day 1 done! Was tough and the last video required a few more mini breaks (have been away for a month without internet and even though i worked out – it just wasn’t the same without Cassey’s daily workouts!). Despite the exhaustion I’m glad I did the ballet inspired workout at the end – feeling good!

  18. Woohoo! I’m a day late but I am committed to completing this Calendar! I was not able to finish all of the workouts but it’s a start! Here’s to an awesome sweatember!!

  19. I am super dying!
    Thanks and greetings from Poland, Cassie!

  20. Finished my beginner calendar on Friday. During rest days- 15 min stretching and today a real challenge- Sweatember Calendar. Not sure I am ready though, I need some breaks from time to time and tones of water :) Cassey I just want to thank you for being so supportive and at the same time demanding- I literally feel I am disappointing you and myself whenever I feel too lazy to work out :)

  21. Love the workout. Had to bail part way through the second to last video, because I skipped the last couple weeks of August due to not having internet and party planning for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Plank is still kicking my butt. I promised myself I would stick to working out for September and eating cleaner. Great start to the month!! I am bit sad that I can’t due the dietbet, but I am living off of charity until the start of college in two weeks. Maybe next time. I had a great time working out with you today, Cassie! See ya tomorrow/ when I wake up later today!! Love from Washington!!!! <3

  22. Everyone has their off days! It’s okay :) Today is a new week. I know you can do it. Sending motivation and hugs your way today!

  23. A binge will not ruin your efforts! Remember that every day is a clean slate and a fresh start. The most important thing to do now is forgive yourself and move on! The worst thing you can do is think that its somehow ruined your hard work and give up all together. Everyone has bad days, and they won’t hurt you every now and then. Pick yourself up, and start again – think of it as a learning experience :)

  24. This was my first time finishing all the workouts for one day!!!

  25. You’ve been working so hard! Good job! :D so reward yourself by keeping to that one YOLO meal :) Don’t discredit yourself too much. Eventually, you’ll train yourself to eat clean because of how GOOD you feel after filling your tank with clean fuel. Treat eating clean as reward for your body, and the YOLO meal as a reward for your soul. Best wishes!!!! You got this!!!!

  26. Day 1 down, I rest a lot in the plank but I finish it, I only give up with the knee razies in the last one, I can’t stand my knees another second, sweating a lot…

  27. great! :) now I need a shower…

  28. Doing this in intervals really helps. I was doing this while I did my AP Gove. notes. I did the whole thing!! Yay! This is actually a first for me but I am glad I did it. I cannot wait for the rest of Sweatember!! :)

  29. Hi Karina,

    I’m not sure if you were looking for advice from a fellow blogilates member on here or not, but I just thought I’d share….No! This will not ruin your week’s efforts. What probably happened is that your body just had a relapse. It went into shock when it realized that it may not be getting the same foods that you have been so used to eating anymore, and that probably triggered a binge. But, in my opinion, coming from personal experience, it is best to not beat yourself up over it. As you see on Cassey’s workout calendars, she even allows for one “YOLO” day a week. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean binge on whatever you want, however, it is there for you to allow yourself one special treat a week. That way you don’t end up binging in the long run. Just get back on top of your game tomorrow, and you will see that everything will be fine. No worries :)

  30. It’s gonna be a really sweaty sweatember! lol

  31. One bad meal wont make you fat just like one good meal wont make you skinny :) When I have a binge I just think of this quote!

  32. I just couldn’t finish this today. So disappointed in myself. It’s been a really bad couple of days recently and I just can’t find the strength and motivation to make myself workout. I only did 2 videos today, I also skipped a couple workout days last week. Hoping I can get out of my hole of sadness soon :/

  33. first 3 vids + insanity pylometric cardio circuit! My goal to do them all plus my insanity!

  34. I don’t think 1 day will ruin your efforts. Just keep working out and eating clean and you’ll get there!

  35. I think that you have to enjoy yourself. With moderation of course. I don’t think it hurts if you eat something bad once in a while.

  36. I’m at the day 26 of the beginner calendar and I didn’t want to miss the Sweatember so I did both day 26 and September 1st workout. Great workout, definitely felt it. Can’t wait till dietbet!

  37. This workout was an absolute KILLER!!! I am sweating like crazy but I’m motivated this time. I was all floppy by the 4th video but I made it through!!!! Day 2….. I’m ready to kick your butt!!!!!

  38. I need some advice! I’ve been working so hard for the past week and eating super clean and today I couldn’t take it anymore and had a binge! I feel so bad and so disappointed in myself. Will this ruin my week’s efforts? Please help!

  39. ahhhh playa del plank really killed me, but it feels sooooo good, I’m energized and ready for tomorrows workout, OMG thanks cassey. you’re the best, I’m really looking forward to seeing my results at the end of this month, it’s hard but you motivate me to keep going, I love you <3

  40. OMG! I skipped some of the exercises (not the whole video, just some parts of the last two) because I felt I was going to die.. I was about to throw up and my heart about to explode.. But I finished!! And now I feel amazing!! #Sweatember is gonna be incredible!!

  41. DONE!!!!!
    I love these workouts!!!
    Cassey I did not feel like exerciscing today…When I feel like this I start with stretching rutine of the Beach series, it makes me to get my spirit up…especially when you say “smile, smile…” and ” celebrate your life, this is amazing…” that words really makes me smile and keep happy all day long!!!

    THANK YOU….!!!

  42. Having leg day at the gym then coming come to do this was not a good idea. I am DYING. Oh well, train insane or remain the same.

  43. Man! Am I sweating? Amazing workout to start this month out.

  44. I think I mastered the plank! I can actually do the plank longer without getting tired! :D Im sweating like crazy! At the plank I was about to give up and begin the beginner calendar again but no I can’t give up. This is my first time doing a Monthly calendar. Im doing the Beginner Calendar on October again! I don’t like jumping in the house because it’s old and my mom is always like “the house is going to break down if you keep jumping”. Hehe I’m never giving up! I just lost a friend today (used to be best friend) but that isn’t going to stop me from working out! :D Everytime I do these exercises from you I have a brighter mood again! :D Thank you Cassey! Love you! xoxo

  45. OMG. So sweaty! BUT so so so much fun :)
    dancing to the background music between exercises on the Heart Throbber video !

  46. Spring Fling Fat Loss 2!! So much fun!

  47. Yae!!! First day of Sweatember accomplished!!

  48. Still can’t do the Playa del plank without resting but hopefully one day I will be able to!

  49. That was so hard! BUT it was awesome! I haven’t had this feeling in a while and I love it! Thank you Cassey!!

  50. I have this problem, too.. I have to see the videos on my laptop, but on iPad is more pratic :(

  51. Great workouts to start #Sweatember!
    I feel so energized now :D

  52. This was AMAZING!!! This is my first time doing a POP pilates calendar, and I don’t think I could’ve had a better start! :) I’m sweating like crazy and I’m feeling good :) Love from Norway:)

  53. Never sweated this much, and I’m on cross country!! My first time following her workouts! So excited for the rest of Sweatember! Thanks Cassey <3

  54. Mei (Carmela) says:

    Same here. My upper body (especially my arms) is too weak :/ but let’s keep it up!
    We can do it! :)

    (Sorry for my bad English, I’m not native.)

  55. After the first 3 videos I was unable to do that last 2. :o(
    I tried turning off my computer, another wifi source, you tube and my phone.

    I hope you were able to complete.

  56. Loved today. Sweating like mad!!! The planks are a little much for me. Many shoulder problem from baseball and what not. Felt a push and a pop during the plank and punch. Anyone else have shoulder problem (dislocation) and what do you do different for planks so you don’t get seriously hurt or feel discomfort?

  57. It never seems to work for me on my iPhone either, but I see them fine on my laptop (I use Google Chrome. I think it’s something to do with flash not working on most Apple devices.

  58. Oh my god. I did these videos today and it was HARD! I think the Playa Del Plank just about did me in, I definitely need to work on that. But it was really fun and I am excited to keep going.

  59. just finished today’s workout
    and totally sweaty :( ewwwww

  60. At the end I just rolled over and died. Loved it. :D

  61. that was too easy for me , i have to add more cardio videos , cause it’s feel like i’m not working out , like i’m having too much fun lol maybe that’s good :) am i the only one who feel that way ?

  62. OMG! this month’s calendar really deserved it’s name…. i sweated all along….after the first 3 workouts i just wanted to quit…then i remembered that i want a toned body …and carried on:)
    thanks for the awesome workouts…. i really feel energised and it’s 12 pm here:)) going to sleep now:))

  63. Oh my God, I almost couldn´t finish the last video. After the fourth video I was so tired D: But I did it and finished the first day in the swetember calendar!
    I can´t wait to see the results in 28 days, because today I was sweting like a beast!

  64. Marnie Sunshine says:

    The last one was so good for arms <3 Thanks Cassey great intro to #Sweatember :)

  65. so done!!
    Happy #Sweatember everyone!

  66. SWEATING!!!

    I love the combination of cardio and toning this month, as well as the stretching video every week (though I’ll be doing all of the stretching videos every Friday as much as possible!). Working out with you is so much fun, and I’m looking forward to Blogilates DietBet 2.0…hoping for even better results this time!

  67. I loved the cardio, (which i need more of!). But I cannot hold the planks very long :( I need to build upper body strength!!

  68. I’m in better shape than I’ve even been, is it even possible that I sweat more than I ever did? This is crazy! I’m dripping like rain! Great workouts Cassey! The twist sit ups felt totally relaxing after all that! :D

  69. About to do day one. This is my first workout calendar and I really hope I can stick to it! I’ve lost 20 pounds so far eating clean and doing these pilates videos. I have 10-15 more pounds to go till I’m at my goal weight. I really think this workout is going to get me most of the way there. So determined!

  70. Wow I am so happy!! I only started doing pilates a month ago and I just finished the beginners calendar! I remember my first week of pilates I couldn’t do the heart on fire video or even plank on my knees and now that video was easy and I can do a real plank!!!!! thank you soooo much cassey!!!<3

  71. OMG… The last month I started with the beginner’s calender and now it’s the first time I’ve done your regularly calender & i’m sweating!! But I’m happy to be fit enough now to do this calender. ♥

    Thanks and Greetings form Germany (sorry for my bad english). ♥

  72. I did the beginner calendar in july and I’m happy I did! It’s a real good start :) and thanks ! <3

  73. Am I the only one not seeing any videos on this page?? Am viewing it on my iPad, it’s not very handy having to look up all the vids separately…

  74. me too! congrats :* proud and happy popsters!! :D

  75. I’m new here! It’s the first time that I do a month calendar, in July I did the Beginners Calendar and I thought it was a good idea to start with a month calendar after that :)
    I did the whole work out and my floor is sooo dirty because I sweat a lot but I’m glad i finished every video :D

  76. I can’t get the videos for today to come up… Help please

  77. Ahhhhh so gooood!
    Had to swap the plank vid for another workout cause my back isn’t healthy enough for planks atm but it was still SO GOOD AND HARD.
    I WILL DO THIS this month!

  78. Wowww i’m so swety!!!!
    Great first day :)
    good luck everyone!!!!

  79. truer words were never spoken!

  80. Love the idea! Can you do a twitter one or a tumblr one?

  81. Done and commited to #SWEATEMBER!

  82. Ah, traveling can really mess me up! My advise is just keep trying. Do as much of the workout you can do and tomorrow you’ll feel a little bit better and have a little more motivation. With each workout, it will continue to build until you feel strong and energized again. You’ve got this, Larissa! :D

  83. Oh my goodness! I’ve never worked so hard in a workout before! SWEATember is no joke! Feels great! Let’s keep it up!

  84. POP Pilates for weight loss at 8:51, when Cassey asks, what’s that mean when Cassey says a little bit more…to me it means there’s still at least 8 more so feel free to cry sweat, and roll over into the fetal position on the next child’s pose ^_^

  85. I feel so wonderful right now! ♥

  86. TheWelshPenguin says:

    How does Cassie manage to do it all and not sweat!? I was literally dripping with sweat after the 1st video!- Sweatember indeed! :) I am looking forward to this month :)

  87. plank plank plank… too many planks! x_x It is so frustrating.. I just cannot do them D: My shoulders and arms hurt so much but I still tried my best (even though I felt like dying >_<)

  88. Woo Hoo!!! Great job I am still working towards that goal :)

  89. Just went swimming but gonna do these too, since I ate some chocolate today :3 Eating clean has to start tomorrow! *blush* Thanks cassey xxxxxxxxxxx

  90. Man, I sweated through the whole thing and I did it doing most o the beginners moves in the video, lol. I’m glad it done though and cant wait until tomorrow!

  91. I’m feeling really discouraged and massive, I could only finish three of these videos and then I added a relax and stretch video. What’s wrong with me? I literally felt like I was going to be sick the whole time! I’ve been travelling for the past 6 weeks and I have put on half a stone! And now I don’t want to exercise and when I do I can’t keep up! What should I do?

  92. Just finished the workout! At the beginning I wasn’t really motivated but then I started and video after video I felt like I had more energy and I finally did the whole work out! Keep going!! <3 love Cassey

  93. Yes, I agree! But if we do the workouts every day, we will be strong enough!

  94. Finally made it all the way through Playa del Plank! :D

  95. Thanks! :D You’re so motivating ^^, I always let the video finish completely (she usually talks a lot in the endings) and I let that be my break before the next video ^^,

  96. Oh my god, I’m exhausted now. I feel like I started falling apart halfway through the 2nd to last one. I’m sweating so bad haha. This is a good thing! Thanks Cassey!

  97. I only missed the last video because my head hurts like hell :( but otherwise, I feel awesome! Did the other vids :D probably just stressed because of school tomorrow :)

  98. Today’s was such a good workout day, thank you Cassey!

  99. You can do it! Taking short breaks is acceptable, and really normal! All you have to do it strive to finish the workout in your own pace with good form! You’ll definitely see the changes in your next workouts! :)

  100. SUCCESS!! Cassey I really enjoyed those roll up twists!! We should do them more!!! Also love how Sweaty I got on the first of Sweatember!!! So excited! Hope we lose those lbs for good!!

  101. AHHHHH. FEELS SO GOOD. I love the pain and sweat. Lol

  102. So I did the first three videos, first time ever I tried blogilates and it killed me! Great feeling afterwards, even though I only managed to do three of them, I’m pretty proud of myself for actually trying. Definitely going to keep up this month and improve myself. You’re awesome Cassey!

  103. Maggsinclouds says:

    OMG ! This is going to be a really sweaty sweatember !!

  104. me too :)

  105. Oh nuts. I tried this even though I am a beginner and have never done this before. Let me say it felt good but wow, that work out kicked my butt. I think I’ll start off on the beginner calender after all.

    Good luck for sweatember guys! <3

    but i still cant do the knee crazies -.-” i hope i can do it soon! :)

  107. Wow… Okay so I only managed to do 3 of the workouts! I might do the other two when I feel better… Also almost had an asthma attack! Also had to stop for a bit SORRY CASSEY! I had to put my knees down for the Playa del plank video! BUT I did finish the video! :) I can’t wait to kick butt and do this all month! :)

  108. Ok so I kinda fell apart in the last video but hey, it’s a start!

  109. Cassey you are amazing! you are an amazing soul and person. I dont know how many times i can thank to you! I am dying and sweating like crazy dog..
    I was feeling worthless and sad since now because i ate like survival but right now you helped me to gain back my self confidence and i am on track again. This month will be amazing.
    Thanks again gurl!

  110. Cassey i love your workouts but i have a stress fracture in my foot and can’t do any of the jumping stuff. could you make a workout that is all non weight bearing?! that would be a-maz-ing!

  111. I´m done wow c(: I couldn´t do the last one because I´m a bit sick but I´m still sweating

    and if´ve a question to you popsters under 18 ( or over ;)) Since the dietbet is for people 18+ I thought it would be fun to start our own little bet but without money or prices at instagram just to keep us motivated and fit :)
    Would be fun if you could check out my instagram ( healthyfitness_16) or use the #dietbetwithoutmoney to stay in contact let´s loose those 4%
    May ♥

  112. Ok, I’m new here, I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels videos before, but I’m kind of looking for something different so I decided maybe I’d give sweatember a chance. I started doing the videos, but couldn’t really find what I’m looking for. Jillian’s routines are simpler, I feel more confident when I’m doing them. But these are a little complicated, the move ends till I figure out what I’m doing. Also, just like Jillian, there are lots of direct ab-work outs. I don’t want my abs and obliques to stick out, Jillian did that to me and I’ve been avoiding any direct direct ab work out that targets obliques since I realised that. When I skip those in these videos, I feel like there is nothing left. Are those ALL like that? I’m really confused and lost now.

  113. OMG, just did all five of them and I’m so exhausted, but so exited to of #SWEATemper.
    But I do have a question… Are you supposed to do all the workouts at once, or can you do them throughout the day?

  114. Fret not, co-popsters! Just go to’s Workout Videos Section while in your mobile (I did this using my iPad), and the restricted for mobile device video should play just fine. :)

    Hope I helped! Sweat happy guys! :)

  115. Why can’t I see the video list on my Ipad? Do I have to search for each video on youtube?

  116. I love the squat jumps because they remind me of insanity, but I think that having the plank video second really tired me out and kept me from doing very well on the following three videos :/

  117. Oh, I can’t believe I did this :D I had to make big break and I wasn’t exercising and I thought I wouldn’t be able to do this, bud I DID IT :)
    Thank You Cassey for everything that You are doing for us <3

  118. Feels so good to sweat! #sweatember

  119. yayyyyy!!! i already did the first three workouts i’s sweating and drizzling lol i love it!!! now a little rest and greek yogurt with jam i deserve it!!! Cassey you’re amazing my bf wanna marry you :)))

  120. The second one really killed me!!! OMG!!!

  121. Okay, so I didn’t do all the videos, BUT!!!! I did manage to do the star in side plank!! I’ve never been able to do that, but today, I just super went for it and held myself up!!! A little proud ^o^

  122. Today is my birthday, and I am going to strive to lose some weight this month, because I have been on a stand-still for way too long! Love you Cassey!!

  123. Wow this was a great work out, looking forward to the rest of the month! :D x

  124. I thought I was the only one.-. its rather annoying to have to put my computer on for one video but train insane or remain the same am I right :)

  125. Your comment really kept me going :D
    Thank you

  126. Agreed! :)

  127. Maaaaaan I am SWEATY!!! I love the blogilates community sooo much!!! :D
    I was going to give up like 5 times and skip the last video but I saw all the comments and I though “what the heck there’s only one left I can faint later!!!”
    This is definitely going to be a Sweatember, my top is drenched and my muscles are burning and it feels goooood!!! :D
    Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

    Love you all!!

  128. poppingjay says:

    I’m so glad that I can do this in the privacy of my own home! I wouldn’t want anyone to see me like this :D

  129. Do we do each video one time through? Sorry for the silly question.

  130. OMG!!! did I really just manage to do EVERY Video without skipping or pausing??? never done that before, esp. no cardio routine! so proud of myself!
    thanks cassey!!!

  131. OMg me too…. i couldnt do the last video…. i am wayy too tired

  132. Wish all the videos were configured for mobile..couldn’t get the last one on my tablet

  133. OMG Sweat DRIPPING off my face!
    #sweatember much?!

  134. love all the workouts today!! also joined the dietbet, can’t wait !!

  135. O my goodness, i’m dead! I hate lunges and pliequatsjumpthingies, i’m so sticky and sweaty thank you so much cassey. Melting of that summerfat! :)

  136. yeah,my shoulders hurt too.Its awful..i cant do plank as good as i want to do it.Everything which includes arm strenght is difficult for me to do

  137. omg!!! I went for a run first and then started these! Ouch!!! I also like many others have come straight from the beginners calender to this. Yes it was tough but you can do it!!! If I can YOU CAN to :)

  138. nice way to start the month! I felt like dying and I wanted to quit like 50 times. But I did it and I’m really proud of myself, now I’ll drink my celebratory smoothie!

  139. From the 1st video my favourite excercise is Attitude Touchdowns. These are so graceful.

  140. Yay! Just got done with the first day! Super sweaty :)

  141. I FEEL INVINCIBLEEEE!!!!!! Cassey you are the best!

  142. Did this workout today! It was a blast. I was sweating a lot. So worth it. I’m so hype again for the next coming workouts for this month. Love you Cassey! <3

  143. omg this is seriously killing :P hope i get the results i need!! :D

  144. This is my first ever calendar as I only discovered blogilates a few days ago. Did a few of the beginner calendar days and thought “I’ll just go for the september calendar” I may regret that decision in a few days time!
    I’m so sweaty after day 1 but I did all the videos (beginners moves) so Im feeling proud, and tired!

  145. Jesus that was hard but Im ready for a change and so Im starting Sweatember today. Thanks cassie for the workout I had to stop several times cause i couldnt do the moves but Im determinded i will get there! I am soooo crazy sweaty! ahh But some how i feel good…and tired lol Very excited for my weight loss/ strength gain journey..I hope this does work :) This is my instagram jessnluke_x feel free to follow me, I want to be part of your blogilates community x

  146. Oh my days, these videos killed me and I had to stop at some points but I did the majority of all the videos and feel great from it :D

  147. Oh sweatember indeed!

    I have no arm strength so the plank pose movements killed me, I had to stop several times but looking forward for them to hurt lesser and lesser each time. Just finished the workout videos and this is definitely something much more challenging.

  148. I just finished the beginners calendar, so this routine was realy hard for me to follow. my sholders were killing me :s
    but thank you for killing my body :D

  149. SO. SWEATY. ahhhhhhhh!

  150. I can’t do this 5 videos in a row, otherwises i’ll faint or something !

  151. Okay I came here straight from the beginners calendar.. The sweat was DRIPPING in that last video.. Hope I will be able to stick to this calendar because I would really feel like a failure if I have to go back to the beginners calendar..

  152. It gets to the last video and im about to roll down for the last move when I feel something on my back…turned out to be a big old bead of sweat lol Lovely hahaha

  153. At first it seemed so easy but the last video is quite hard. I was surprised that I sweated! Tomorrow’s workout is KB BP again… I am not complaining but wupssss.. I guess that’s why it is called Sweatember!

  154. Congratulations :)

  155. Sweatember is an apt name. I am so sweaty right now. I finished the beginners calendar a few days ago and am so happy to finally be on the monthly calendars.
    In the final video, I was able to complete a controlled roll-up for the first time. I used to gather momentum and roll up really quickly. But now I can roll up nice and slowly and finally feel confident with the move.
    So thanks, Cassey!

  156. Wow, my shirt is so wet I could wring it out! I’m so excited for this sweatember!

  157. This is my b-day month and I am feeling really motivated. I will be 31 on the 12th and I am trying to tone up from some very unfortunate weight gain due to a medication I took for a while. I have lost the weight but I am just very in need of toning up. Hopefully I’ll see some change by my b-day!!

  158. wooo!! got through all the videos for the first time!! :D SO EXCITED! Thanks Cassey!!!!!! <3

  159. Yay, day one done. Loved all the cardio!

  160. Since tomorrow is my rest day I did this today and the Playa del Plank had me sweating between my boobs lol !! :) I am feeling satisfied and motivated today !! WHOOO!!!

  161. Sweatember Day 1 COMPLETE!! WOOO! I look like I just got out of a pool!
    Thanks Cassey!

  162. Ahh!! Excited that the Sweatember Calendar is here!! Imma start on it tomorrow. Today is my rest day. :3

  163. oh man Cassey this is definitely SWEATember!
    burpees are my number one worst move!! But i kicked day 1’s butt!

  164. Could the flexed booty lift video be made available to play on mobile please :) x otherwise phew, that felt great! My balance is shocking though!!

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