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  • Kirsten

    OMG YOURE CRAZY!!!!!!! haha i have this secret love hate relationship with you! you make me laugh and cry a little at the same time when i do these! but seriously you help me stick to working out so much, you make it so fun even though i die just a little bit each time :o I’m so glad i found blogilates :D

  • Anna

    Cassy! you should do a pop-zumba video to the song mr.saxobeat and a few others:) btw ive been doing your workouts and loveeee them!! they are the best and the first day i did abs i was sore for almost a week! :0 and the workout calender KILLS!

    • Anna

      cassey* sorry!

    • Rodelyn Lipumano-Smith

      YES!!! I was totally thinking this for the longest time. Zumbalates!!! Haha. Do a collab with Yana – if she’d be down for it:


  • Rhela

    Cassey, my doc wanted me to start getting exercise for my depression. so i found you on youtube a few weeks ago for depression therapy, which brought me here and to your tumblr. I had given up trying to make my body what i wanted it to be, and was focusing on my depression. You were so happy and upbeat that i kept up with it. and then started eating clean… and it has been only a few weeks but i can see the difference this morning!! and about flipped out!! your videos are very short but SOOOO effective!!! it fits my lifestyle perfectly. not only are you helping with my depression, but you are helping my body more than i ever did. thank you soooo much. and btw, gangnam style. HOLY WOW. so much fun. sorry for be so sappy!! and again, thank you!! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyy sexy ladaaaaay!

  • Catt

    Cassey! Your Fat Burning Cardio warmup is my favorite to date! It’s so cute and fun. And DUH wedge sneakers are a yay; I got mine from MANGO when I was in Milan!
    Loads of love!

  • Samara

    Cassey! I can’t get any of your videos to work on the website! =[[[ It’s never happened before, is there something wrong with the site right now, or do I need to check on my computer?

    • lindsey

      i’m having the same problem. i just have to go to youtube and endure the stupid miller 64 commercial for 30 seconds at the beginning. please let me know if you find the solution. very frustrating.


  • Hi! I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and absolutely LOVE the pilates. I love hearing what other people do and I saw your about me video where you said you run most days of the week. What kind of runs do you do and when do you combine with strength training? Thanks!!

  • Ella

    OMG Cassey, I know summer is a long ways a way, but I am burning up!!! It might be winter outside, but your summer sweatfest vid made me feel like it’s a hundred degrees. I love it!

  • Gabby

    None of your video links work anymore :( The only one that plays is the first video on every page. Anyone else having this problem?

    #POPsterProblems ;)

  • Eve

    Y can’t I select other related workout videos pls? Seems to be stuck on 1st clip of each category :(

    • trish

      i also can not get the Heart throbber to play?

  • Chandler

    I LOVE the Gangnam Style cardio!! I LOVE you too !! Really hope I win.the DVD from the #jaNEWary calendar it getting hard just watching videos front my IPod on the floor then I could see you without breaking my neck lol ( fingers crossed) :) !!!!!

  • Abbi

    You are such an inspiration!

    Your recipes have helped me daily and your persistence with exercise has truly been amazing.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with prosperity; and the every bit of happiness you wish for.

  • Sarah

    You seriously can’t ever stop making workout vids! I thought I was fit before I started your workouts.. but since starting #DashingDecemeber I am in the best shape and look the best I ever have!

    Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into helping us popsters stay cute and healthy! <3

  • Tara

    I am debating on buying Miracle Noodles, are they really that good for you? Please let me know!

  • Danielle W.

    The Gangnam style cardio was soooo fun, i must admit though, I could hardly finish because of all the other exercise vids you had me to do for today. I know i will be good and sore in the morning.

  • laura

    Thanks so much I lost 26 pounds so far

  • thanks Cassey i really feel the burn in my workouts!!! I’ve really saw improvements thanks!!!!!

  • thanks Cassie i really feel the burn in my workouts!!! I’ve really saw improvements thanks!!!!!

  • RB

    OMG, im so dead tired!! thnx for the awesome workout! <3

  • Catt

    Love the quiet cardio!!!!!!!!
    <3 you Cassey!

  • Catherine

    Hey Cassie! THAT WAS GREAT!!!

  • Annie

    Just did your Pop Cardio: Fat Melting Routine. It nearly killed me,LOL. I haven’t done real cardio in a while. I did 1 full cycle, took a 2 minute break then tried to do 1 more. I go half way through and had to stop. But instead of giving up completely I put a song on that got my heart rate going again without putting me in a come. You HAVE to do a routine with Bruno Mars’ Runaway Baby….it writes itself. I just danced and ran around like a freak!!! it was awesome!!!

  • chancie

    looooooove the pop cardios! so much fun!!

    • chancie

      the gangnam style one!

  • Courtney

    Oh my gosh the Gangham Style workout was so fun! I actually laughed and had a good time doing it! ha I’d love more cardio with the dancing. Thanks so much for all you do!!!

  • melinda

    can you please do a dance workout with ‘fantastic baby’ by big bang or a pink song like ‘so what’ or ‘blow me one last kiss’ pretty please with exercise on top!!! :P

  • celina

    i dont think i can walk tomorrow after doing day 4 of october workouts! THAT WAS KILLER! loved it though! Thanks Cassey, now for my homework :/

  • Miriam

    I love your PopCardio Carnage video!!! It hurts! I love it!

  • Love this cardio!!! So fun!!!

  • Sarah

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE you you you and your trainers <3

    • Jennifer

      I love your Gangnam dance video so much. Im totally addicted. I had so much fun, and got an great workout:) Please make more

  • Angie

    I love you Cassey! I’ve been watching your vids forever, but I never really tried them, so I decided to try a couple and for the past week I’ve been loving them! I seriously can not stop! ;)

  • JT

    Hey! I love your videos and they are the first kind of exercise that I really stick to and try to do consistently! I was just wondering, is it necessary to wear shoes to do the cardio workouts?? I don’t wear them usually but I’m afraid my knees may be hurt or something..

  • JA

    I live in Korea. That song is EVERYWHERE. I am tired of hearing it but I love it lol. It’s so catchy. Btw, I teach his daughters. They are so cute.

    • No way!!!!!!! You do!? What!????

      • JA

        Yep. Home tutoring :)

  • Anna

    Olaaa Cassey! Please do a cardio dance on Sak Noel-Peso(Nini Anthem).TE AMO!

  • stacee rowland

    you should do the countdown abs countdown by beyonce knowls

  • Lupino

    OMG Cassey! You’re amazing but, you know, i was just wondering have you ever been fat?

  • bunny

    can u do more chart i love them ty

  • Christine

    I love this video because it is a great way to either start or end my workouts! I start with a cardio video to get my heart rate up and then start alternating with pop Pilates and it lifts my spirits! Love your videos.. Keep them coming girl!

  • Sheng Lee

    I have NO dance coordination at all! I have lots of practicing if there is going to be a FLASH MOB!!!

  • RG

    Cassey, you’re great! Your enthusiasm is infectious :). LOVED this video; dance workouts are the best. What do you think about doing a Bollywood song workout?! It would be fab, PLENTY of pelvic thrusts there. I’m sure all us POPsters will have plenty of song suggestions if you want to try it out :).

  • Matti

    Love the Gangnam video! Was laughing and having so much fun the entire time. Thanks, Cassey!

  • Kelly

    OMG Cassey your Trafalgar Trimdown Toner is definitely one of my new favorites, I had to take some breaks and at the end my legs were shaking like CRAZY but it was amazing!!! Haha and I love how you don’t even seen to care about working out in public!

  • Shabnam

    I absolutely LOVE the gangnam style dance!! You should try doing a pop cardio video for a Girls’ Generation song, most of their newer stuff is upbeat and easy to make dance moves to(mostly because they dance themselves in the music video’s).

  • Sophie

    OH MY GOSH!!! i loooooove PSY’s Gangnam style!!! THANK YOU <3 kpop is my favourite music to exercise too!! The Wonder Girl's "like this" dance is totally fun as well xxx

  • Lauren

    Can you please add the Pop Dance video to this page/do another dance video? It’s so much fun because I do it repeatedly in order to memorize the dance, burning a lot of calories as a result!

    • GK

      Omg I totally agree with you I love this pop dance/cardio video. Now I can’t wait till Sathurday and you are so pretty in the video and is it just me or those your hair look different!?!?!?! Maybe it is because there is a line in the middle… OMG but i love it so much AND i LOVE U XOXOOXO PLZ PLZ PLZ DO ANOTHER POP CARDIO SLASH DANCE VID!!!!!!!! /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

  • GK

    Omg I love your Cardio Carnage workout I already did it four times and I am sweating like a pig. I have to say it is the most intense workout that I have done in my life and it is only 3 minutes. That is insane!! I am hoping that you could do more videos like that even though I was pretty much dying right after thew mountain climbers. I REALLY HATE MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS!!! But I am trying my best for you!!! Also I can’t wait for the gangnam style workout omg/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

  • GK

    Plz plz plz Casey do another food baby workout and also plz plz plz I’m begging you do an Abs For the Boys workout to the song the boys by snsd and I’m hoping that workout could focus on the tranverse abdominals. I really want abs like victoria secret. Plz plz plz. I’m gonna keep pleading!!!!So please /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    Btw I <3 u

  • Johanna

    Please do a dance-cardio video, would be so fun! Or maby a dance-toning video..

  • ok so i just started deciding to b more healthy and fit so i was wondering where does it say how many calories i burn while doing these workouts?

  • Ania

    So, this is the workout? Or should I repeat this? Workout with the video or just do the exercises for 1 minute each? I don’t get it :(

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  • Mari

    my little son laughted so much when i did the plank hops^^ great video!