Fat Burning Ladder – Great Thigh Toner and Cardio Routine!

Fat Burning Ladder Printable

  Hey guys! Well, I haven’t made one of these in a while! It’s the Fat Burning Ladder printable! I actually had some time to put real heart and soul into this masterpiece of a printable :) Made sure to make it pretty for you since this is one of my fave routines. It’s quick, […]

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Blogilates National Tour!? + POP Pilates Certification dates!

photo 1 (6)

  Hey guys! Happy Grandparent’s Day! Please give a hug and kiss to your grams and gramps for me :) I was so tired after IDEA World that I did not do a recap on the blog! (So…umm…I am going to do it now!) First of all, I must say that it was amazing meeting […]

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Fiesta Muffins! Protein packed back-to-school Breakfast!


  Hey guys! Cheap Clean Eats is officially backkkkk!!! Sorry I took such a long hiatus but seriously my recipes were not really cutting it for me. So I better see you every Thursday in the kitch :) Today’s recipe is one that is super quick, easy, and tasty to make for on the go […]

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September 1st Workout Command!


  Hey guys! HAPPY #SepTONEber! Your first workout command of September is to do 15 Saturn Rings in each leg! A: Begin by lying on your back, one leg extended and hovering over the mat, one leg bent at a 90 degree angle. Hold a weight or any object you can pass around in your […]

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