Quick Sweat Circuit, Girl Time, Moonwalking


  Hey guys! HAPPY MONDAY! Today you are working out with me and my handy dandy timer. If you want to burn fat, define your muscles, and work your whole body in 6 min, here’s a circuit that targets your legs, butt, arms, and abs! The 6 moves are: QUICK SWEAT CIRCUIT 1. Football runs […]

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Eat These Foods to Burn Belly Fat


 Hey guys! As you probably know, food is SUCH a big part of a healthy lifestyle. You can’t outtrain a bad diet! Just because you did the 1000 squat challenge, does not mean you can go ahead and stuff your face with a burger, fries, and a coke! You’ve got to eat foods that are NUTRITIOUSLY […]

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Flat Abs Fast DVD + Punta Cana Recap!

underwater model

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely weekend! Hope you are getting ready to do your #FABruary Workout for the day if you haven’t already. GO HARD! It’s a new week and a new chance to keep building that dream body of yours! Oh and remember how last night I promised that […]

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Insane Abs, Butt, & Legs Workout!

abs butt legs

  Hey guys! I just got back from Punta Cana after a week long vacation. I hope you were following along on snapchat (blogilates) for all the juicy goods! Mermaid pools, mini donuts, fire dancers, and beaches galore! It was so much fun! Though the weeklong vacation was relaxing, I’m extremely tired right now because […]

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Extreme Obliques Workout!

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 11.43.35 PM

  Hey guys! Currently at the airport about to take a flight to somewhere warm! Got here early (for once) and now I have time to blog. YAY! Soooo here is your new Monday video! Extreme Obliques! Now this one is HARD!!! So I must pre-caution you that good form is EVERYTHING here. Let’s talk […]

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Get over yourself


Hey guys! Looks like you all are powering through the #FABruary Calendar. I am so proud of you! On my end, I’ve been training super hard too! Yesterday I had a shoot with Cosmopolitan Magazine so for the past month since I heard about this, I’ve been 100% beast mode. You gotta see where I […]

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