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Toned Arms & Sculpted Back for Cocktail Dresses


Hey guys! Thank you so much for all of your support and kind words on my last post, “You’re thigh gap’s not good enough FYI“. You guys are beyond appreciative and it makes me feel so strongly about the future of our Blogilates Community. Each and every one of us contributes a bit of ourselves […]

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Your thigh gap’s not good enough FYI

thigh gap pic

So I’m looking through comments on instagram just to see what questions you guys have and what I can answer. Then I come across this full on conversation about my thigh gap. “Basically touching.” “Why is your gap curvy? I want a straight gap.” “No offense but your gap is weird, it has waves.” PART […]

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YouTube Rewind 2013

Cassey Ho LA Times 12-11-13 Compressed

Hey guys!! So today is the day! YouTube finally released their Rewind 2013 video! I love love love watching these. There’s something about seeing all my fave YouTubers reenact the biggest viral vids of the year that kinda sends chills up my spine but makes my heart warm at the same time. This year guys…I […]

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