Easy, Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas!


Hey guys! It’s time for another #CHEAPCLEANEATS! I am on a roll! You said you love the cooking vids so I am doing my best to do even more :) Also guys, you will notice in the video that I have a new kitchen. YAY!! Click play if you wanna see the space and also […]

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September Workout Calendar & #GOODVIBESChallenge! Get PW by signing up for newsletter.


Click to download and print! Hey guys! It is time for the new September Calendar! I literally cannot believe it’s gonna be fall. Like. WHAT!? WHAT HAPPENED!!!!! Time flies by so fast, so please try to live in the present and don’t worry too much. Worrying doesn’t do anything good. It just makes you stressed. […]

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My new happy place!

hands up square

Hello there! Did you see my new living room yet!? Well if you did 3 min Turbo Arms then you did!   I am literally in love with my new furniture. Does that mean I am old…or am I just more sophisticated!? I’m going to go with the latter :) ANYWAY…I redecorated my living room […]

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Hey guys! Guess what!? 2 Cheap Clean Eats videos in 1 week! That’s right! Last time we made unusual foods in a waffle maker and this time, we are making EPIC BREAKFASTS! Ok, let’s take a closer look at these gorgeous meals! Waffle Taco–Yields 2 (serving size: 1 taco) (Paleo Friendly) – Gluten-Free Ingredients:

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5 Unusual Foods You can make in your Waffle Maker!


Hey guys! It’s time for a new CHEAP CLEAN EATS!!!! Yes it has been forever. I am sorry. I filmed this video when I got my wisdom teeth pulled, so it’s super sad that I was not able to eat any of the creations! You will also see a bit of my chipmunk cheek, my […]

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Why you must choose happiness


  Hey guys, A lot of people grow up feeling like they don’t have control of their own lives. You get a bad grade on a test – you feel sad about it and beat yourself up internally. Your friend gets promoted at work but not you – you feel jealous and incompetent. You get in a car accident […]

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