Perfect Summer Salad + White Crops


Hey guys! Happy hump day! How are your workouts going? I’ve recently started getting super crazy excited about my workouts at the gym again. I mean, not that I wasn’t excited before…I just wasn’t super CRAZY excited. I know, it sounds weird that even your instructor sometimes wants a lazy day once in a while! But it’s […]

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Craziest Most EXTREME Ab Workout Ever + Blueberry Protein Shake


Hey guys! So this weekend I filmed literally THE hardest ab combo ever. I was DYING during and after this workout. You can’t really tell in the video because I’m all smiles and stuff but oh boy oh boy…this workout is INTENSE. That is why it gets awarded the name “EXTREME ABS” – not any […]

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Happy Fourth of July!


Hey guys! Happy Fourth of July (to my Americans)!! Let’s take a moment to appreciate the freedom and the opportunities that we have here in the US. Like even the fact that YouTube isn’t banned here!! If it was, where would we all be!?? So thank you US of A. I appreciate you :) I […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Protein Powder!

pop pilates die

Hey guys! My new video is something I’ve been wanting to research and share with you for a long time! After reading all your emails, messages, tweets, and comments, it seems that you guys have some questions about protein. So it is time to address everything in one comprehensive, easy to understand video! Click play below […]

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