Baked Almond Butter Banana Boat! Vegan + Paleo friendly!

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 11.43.10 PM

Hey guys! New Cheap Clean Eats recipe! I made this one night when I was craving bananas and nut butter but didn’t want to eat them as a frozen sandwich or lukewarm…so I baked it…and it was amazing. It was even more epic when I let the ooey gooey creation sit in a warm bath […]

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#ahMAYzing Workout Calendar! Get password by signing up for my free newsletter

may 2014

click to enlarge and print Hey guys! Here is your new #ahMAYzing Workout Calendar!! This month I am having you work different muscle groups throughout the week with a Hump Day HIIT on Wednesdays and a stretching routine on Flex Fridays! Be sure to “tweet what you eat” on Friday too! New workout videos can […]

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Best Workout to Burn Fat and Sculpt Flat Abs!


  Hey guys!! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. I just filmed your new Flat Stomach Fat Melter video yesterday and got it up in time for your Monday workout on the #AprilAbs Calendar! Woohoo! This one is INTENSE. It’s a combination of sweat-worthy HIIT moves and some of my best and newest Pilates abs […]

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Stop holding yourself back. If you are unhappy, make a change.

may dietbet smaller

  Hey guys! Today I want to talk to you about one of my fave quotes of the moment. “Stop holding yourself back. If you are unhappy, make a change.” This one means a lot to me because a lot of us grow up thinking that our parents, our superiors, our teachers, or our bosses […]

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