Comparing Female Bodies – is there one perfect shape?

women's bodies

click to enlarge Hey guys! Yesterday on Facebook when I posted this photo of female athlete body types, you guys had such a passionate response that I wanted to expand on it here today on the blog. The photos were taken by photographer Howard Schutz who interviewed hundreds of professional athletes at their physical peak. […]

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WHOLE BODY WORKOUT + What to do when you’re bored of eating clean…


Hey guys!!! Here is your new Monday video! It’s a longer 14 min total body workout that attacks the hips, waist, abs, arms, and butt! You will really love. Warning though. The first move will require a wee bit of coordination (or maybe just practice?) but I know you will be fine. It is a […]

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Gimme Cash or Gimme Squats!!!

russia squat fare

photo courtesy of Hey guys! I just found out that in Moscow you can either pay money to buy a ticket onto the subway…or you can squat it out!!! How cool is that? This is a part of the spirit-rallying initiative that officials from the Sochi, Russia 2013 Winter Olympics have concocted. Amazing. 30 […]

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The Best 5 Ways to Lose Weight + Blogilates Fit Journal is HERE!!!!


Hey hey hey there POPsters!!!! I have a new video for you! I decided to sit in a chair (instead of plank around on a mat) and talk to you about something that is related to our 12 week #NewBodyMakeover challenge! It’s my 5 best tips for losing weight! Please watch. It is very informative […]

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