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  • Sonia Núñez-Gibbs

    Same thing for me…I’ve been trying to get the calendar since August and I never get a code. I finally found a few emails that got through to me, but there were no codes. I really enjoy the videos because Im a single mom and don’t have time during the daytime to get outside or to gym. btw, I really liked you and your sisters videos from way back.

  • Vanessa

    Signing up

  • metebatur

    Verry good perfect

  • metebatur


  • Sara

    Hey! I signed up for the newsletter at the end of August and received the August password, but didn’t receive the one for the September calendar and it’s already the 2nd :(( I’ve unsubscribed and resubscribed twice already and it didn’t work. Please fix this!

  • jasmine

    Hey, it’s the second time that I haven’t gotten the password for the monthly calendar ? Is the june one out ?

    • Po

      It is I didn’t get it either weird huh

  • Ruta

    It’s second month in the row when I don’t receive monthly calendar passwords. I’m sure I didn’t unsubscribe… and I tried many times to re-subscribe, it said that I will receive password within one hour, but after several hours – no email…and I see I’m not the only one in this kind of situation. Please, solve the problem, blogilates team. It’s kind of annoying.

  • dana

    Is the password for April already out?
    Because I didn’t get a mail with the password. but I’ve subscribed and had no problem with it before. Can anyone help me?

  • Rebecca

    I don’t receive the newsletters anymore, even though i didn’t unsubscribe. I tried to resubscribe several times, just in case, but i cant get i working

  • Katharina

    Is the password for march already out?
    Because this is the first time i didn’t get a mail with the password. :( but I’ve subscribed and had no problem with it before. Can anyone help me?

    Greets Katharina

    • Vera

      I have the same problem.
      Did your password arrived?

  • Carolina Costa

    Hello! I recently unsubscribed from the newsletter by accident and now I can’t resubscribe :( It was befre summer and then I was very busy and I thought I would be able to undo this situation when I had the time and now I cant. Is there anything I can do? Really didnt want to make a new email acount just for this… Thank you. My email is [email protected]

    • Iga

      i don’t know how to unsubscribe tho

  • briana

    add me on snapchat — Brianac626 … so i am 220 pounds i am 24.. yes i know !
    that is so young! I’m on a journey to get fit! eat healthy etc.. all the help and tips will be much appreciated !! xoxo thank you!!