Miracle Noodle

When I found out about these zero calorie, carb free, gluten free noodles I nearly died. They REALLY are zero calories because they’re made out of 97% water and 3% fiber (glucomannan). These noodles have been around forever and originated in Japan. It’s a good way to get full when you’re really watching your caloric intake. The noodles can be subbed for any pasta or noodle dish. They end up taking the flavor of the sauce you cook with. They are AMAZING. Click here to go to their store.


A durable yoga mat

blogilates yoga matI designed yoga mats just for you! I currently have designed 3 styles! Supergrip texture for nonslip performance, provides cushion for your body, lightweight, durable, and comes with an exclusive Blogilates yoga mat bag ($10 value).


A fashionable and functional yoga bag or gym bag

I couldn’t find myself the perfect yoga bag so I designed my own! The new designs are super chic and roomy enough to fit your mat PLUS a ton of other stuff! They each have sweat-proof lining, ventilation holes, adjustable straps, key clips, lock loops, jewelry pockets, water bottle pockets, phone & iPod pockets, and a matching shoe bag. Get one here!



Love my Nike Free Run’s!! So comfortable and cute!




Vanilla Whey Protein

One of my fave things to eat in the morning are protein pancakes. Without my whey protein, I can’t make it! There are so many brands out there, and I don’t particularly have a go-to one yet. What I can recommend is to try to look for a powder that is low in carbs, fat, and sugars (under 3g each) and high in protein (at least 20g, most are around 23-26g) at 120-130 calories a scoop.

Protein is great for building muscle and is essential to consume within 30-60 min after a strength training workout. You can also get complete protein from sources like lean meats, egg whites, and tempeh.


Books I recommend


Gotta love my Tosca Reno. The clean eating queen!

Quick and dirty tips for real. I got a chance to speak with Monica on the phone and she is so knowledgeable about nutrition it’s insane. And she has a very realistic view on dieting. Love her!

Note: Some of these are affiliate links and some are not. Everything listed on this page are things I personally recommend. Happy shopping :)







  • Serena

    Hi Cassey. You’re truly an inspiration to me. I do your workouts every single day but I don’t really see much progress. I guess there’s something I’m doing wrong. I was wondering, is it a must to consume protein shake in order to get abs and toned arms?

  • Elif

    I really don’t understand. Aren’t pilates mats thicker than yoga mats?

  • Asking questions are actually nice thing if you are not understanding anything entirely, but this paragraph provides pleasant understanding yet.

  • Etta

    Cassey what is your shoe size?

  • Yasmin

    If anybody from the uk wants an alternative to the miracle noodles. You can buy some from holland and barrett. They’re called ‘zero noodles’.

    • Rachael

      Thanks for that xx

  • Sheena

    I keep reading everywhere that eggs are great protein and almost every nutrition plan I look at has eggs included. The thing is, I cannot eat eggs so I was wondering if anyone new a good substitute for eggs for things like the pancake recipes?

    • Miss Dietician

      There are a few things you can replace eggs with. Are you just wanting to replace them for their baking purpose or for their protein purpose? If you just need them to bake with there are many substitutes like mashed fruits or for just the egg white to be substituted you can mix 1 tbsp plain agar powder with 1 tbsp water (whip together, chill, then whip again). If you are looking to just replace protein flax seed oil is a great substitute or tofu. As for making a pancake without an egg. many pancake recipes can be made without eggs if they only require 1-2 eggs. Just adding a little extra liquid to make up for the egg should do it. I have not tried this out though i just know theis from things i have read. hope this helps

  • Nevada

    Does anyone have any favorite protein powders they can recomend?

    • Ika

      Syntha – 6 protein isolate in vanilla, da bomb

  • Annie

    Hey Cassey! Could you do a vlog or something about your Nike Free Runs? Like when do you use them, can you run long distance in them and that kind of stuff. I really want to buy a pair but to be honest I don’t really need them cause I already have a pair of running shoes that I think are great.
    Love your training videos! They have made my training so much more fun and giving. And you have also inspired me to eat healthier <3

  • Sara

    Sadly I am allergic to peanuts so I can’t have peanut butter. I love and make my own almondbutter but I was wondering, is there anything out there like PB2 for people who can’t have peanuts?


    • I am not sure, but some people use seed butter such as sunflower seed or pepita butter to replace nut butter in baking, so I assume it has similar taste :) If you can’t find seed butter in store, perhaps you can make it by yourself by blending the seed into creamy consistency in high-performance food processor.

  • Meghan

    Hey Cassey!

    I too love powdered peanut butter and to be the barrier of good news….. 2 TBS is 45 calories! Hope I brightened your day!

  • Chelsey

    I live in Belgium and I love peanutbutter.. But as you know it’s a bit high in calories and I want to have the PB2 but they don’t sell it here.

    Does anyone know how I can get some?

    • stephanie
      • Chelsey

        Do they ship it to Belgium? Because I read that they only ship in the US..

    • Deisy

      Hey! I’m also from Belgium :D

    • MiinaMarie

      if you can’t get it shipped there – there is a third party site (international orders) where you have it can shipped it to them and they’ll ship it to you. I’ve used them for Christmas presents before because I don’t live in the US either. It’ll cost a little bit extra to include a third party though. Good luck!

    • Kristen

      I saw some at Delhaize in the American food section. I don’t remember what brand it was, but I know it something they sell in the States.

  • Amanda

    I started working out in Jan. I am glad I found you via Bubz recently. I am comment on protein powder. I like the flavor and content of Pure Protein because it has a lot of vitamins.
    Thanks again

    • Devon

      I found her through Bubz too! I love her! :3 this peanut butter stuff sounds cool

    • MiinaMarie

      Also through Bubz – woo woo!

  • Haven

    Cassey you are truly an inspiration to stay healthy & fit! you helped me sooo much & thanks to you I have alot of confidence about my body! thank you again!(:

  • Kalyn

    I love your pilates videos and your blog! I was wondering what are some of your favorite beauty products? Like makeup, shampoo, and body wash? I’m looking for some good natural brands and want to know what type of stuff you use!

  • Alicia

    I have a disability called Ehler’s Danlose Syndrome, type 3. It causes all of my ligaments, muscles, tendons, ect. to have complications that don’t allow me to excercise and stay fit. I do physical therapy daily, but that isn’t meant to keep me fit, only to prevent future complications from my disease. I am only 13, but I am already getting very prominent signs of cellulite. I eat very healthily, but I need help Cassey! How to I stay fit? You can research my disease if that will help you find ways to allow me to excersise too. I always look at your videos and longingly look at the amazing comments about how well it’s working for your followers, and I want to participate too!

    Thank you

    • Michelle

      so did you find help so that you can work out with Cassey?
      Wish U luck!

  • Sina

    I’m a new fan from Germany:)
    I hate sport but you are so motivating.
    I have a question to your Vanilla Whey Protein.
    Which flavor is it?
    French Vanilla Creme or Vanilla Ice Creme?

    • Asha

      The protein powder is just regular vanilla flavored…
      Any flavor would be fine, though, as long as it meets the requirements she said above.

  • laura

    i asked you about a yoga mat and when i looked under your favs i found you suggeseted the manduka mat, that i ordered today from amazon. ive read that sooooo many times but missed the mat part; a blonde moment for me, lol

  • laura

    I LOVE your workouts and videos! I am trying to find the white and multi colored top you’re wearing in one of shopping for workout clothes vies but cant find it. I am soooooo disappointed; its a dorable. Actually, all of your clothes are great that you wear. Could you tell me what store you got that tank/croptop and also the booty shorts with the rouching on the butt, I think they were pink or fushia. Thanks Cassey.

  • arielle

    Cassey, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these videos for us for free!!! That’s pretty much the main reason I couldn’t do a program before, because I couldn’t afford it, and I think it’s SO incredibly wonderful that you are kind enough to care about us and our health that you would make us these videos to help us and not even ask us to pay. I really appreciate what you do for us! and I will send you pictures of my progress SOON!!! Much love<3

  • Lily Smith

    hey, my thighs are getting abit big and they are making little dimples in the back of my thigh how do i get rid of the fatt for thinner fighes? :)

    • Joanne Walmsley

      Cardio cardio cardio!
      Also- Doing some of cassey’s leg workouts like Inner thigh Insanity will help too!

  • baker

    hay is there another name for this noodles? i cant find them in my country?

    • lauren

      i think you have to click on the “click here” button in the description from cassey and it takes you to their website. im pretty sure you can only buy them online from their website :)

  • Samia

    Hello! I love your website, and youtube channels! I don’t know if you know but the ads you have on your site cover up information that you wrote. It is quite annoying when i’m reading a post :( just thought you should know :)

    thanks for being awesome!

  • Reem

    I noticed you have yoga mats as one of your faves. I was wondering if you use a yoga mat or a Pilates mat in your videos? :)


  • Cassandra

    Hi! I was looking at your favorites and your grocery list and came across the Miracle Noodles. I clicked their website and saw recipes, but they were full in sodium. I was wondering what your recipes for Miracle Noodles are. Also can I find it at Trader Joes or Whole Foods?!

  • Katherine Smailis

    I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!! i have been following your youtube videos and i am in love! Thank you so much. I now want to be a pilates instructor. =)