February 24, 2016

Photo by Rod Foster Oh man guys! I think this is the coolest picture I have EVER taken! I bought   
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The Truth Behind Social Media…
November 27, 2015

  Hey guys! Last week there was so much commotion about young instagram model Essena Oneill who decided to “quit   
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Assorted Carbohydrate Sources Spelling Out 'Carbs'
November 26, 2015

  Hey guys! Today we’re going to talk about everyone’s favorite macronutrient! Before we even begin talking about why some   
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How to make Vegan Ice Cream aka “Nice Cream!”
November 23, 2015

  Hey guys! HAPPY MONDAY!!! It’s time to start a brand new week and guess what…it’s Thanksgiving week too! What!? How   
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November 17, 2015

  Hey guys! You eat well and exercise, but can’t lose weight? There are 2 possible reasons: 1. You’re not   
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