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  • Audrey

    You should make work out videos on the trapoline!! That would be super cool and fun!

  • Sushma

    Hey Cassey !

    Your videos are such an inspiration !

    I follow almost all of them and they are very effective … I am getting stronger by every passing day for sure…Thanks a lot .. :)

    I am really glad I have discovered you :)

  • Allysa

    HIITilates is amazing! Please make more! =]

  • Alin

    It’s really challenging and i’m sweaty.i enjoy all your workout Cassey!

  • Taryn

    The HIIT + pilates combo is incredible. This video kicked my butt. My now well-toned butt.

  • Sharyn

    Hi Cassey!

    I’m doing your videos since 5 weeks now, and it helps me losing that extra bit of weight each week together with diet! I’m a highland dancer, which means that my calves and quadriceps are really well developed, but all the other muscles are weak as hell! Also, I’m suffering from hip injuries which makes it very hard to do a lot of extra sports besides my dancing. I notice that my hips are getting stronger and I think it’s because my flexibility improves as well! I really am thankful for these video’s because I’m getting stronger each day.

    I prefer the hiitilates because of the mix cardio-pilates, are there only 5 videos and are there coming more? Please do ;)

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  • ilona

    As we say in French; ” Elle est malade!” But, I love your workouts! I thank my friend Karine, every time I do these workout videos…she’s the one who told me about your Blogilates!

  • Hey Cassey and Popsters,

    I have been working out with you for probably 5 months now. I love your workouts and I absolutely love the calendars! I think that helps me stay on track the most. I feel like since it’s written down and on my coffee table, I have to do it! Yes, I keep it on my coffee table so I’ll see it all of the time. Anyway, my point in this message is about the HIIT workouts. I tried one, but I do not do them. On HIIT days, I’ll do some toning and 2 or 3 miles of walking/running. The reason I do this is because every time I try HIIT workouts or when I try doing a mix of cardio and toning together at the same time, I get dizzy/blurry eyed and sick! Like, I literally feel like I’m going to have a heart attack or pass out! I make sure I am hydrated before I work out and I eat a small snack or meal beforehand for energy. Why do you all think this happens? I’m just curious if I’m doing something wrong or I just need to stick with not doing HIIT workouts.

    • Ashley

      Hey Tasha,

      It sounds like you’re overexerting yourself, I get that a lot when I’m running so it isn’t exactly my favourite activity. What you may want to try (I found it worked for me) is to do 2-3 minutes of the workout first. The next day (or whenever you’re feeling rested) do 2.5 – 3.5 minutes and so on and so forth. I did it for running, increasing the distance slowly and it helped me a lot (but I increased it really slowly, I’m not that fit :P)

      • Ashley G

        Hey Tasha!
        Ashley has a great idea! But also, what you can do is follow along to the best of your ability. Just because Cassie does 20 reps doesn’t mean that you have to. If you feel yourself getting dizzy, etc. just take it down a notch. I’ve never done Insanity, but I know that’s the way their program works. The goal is to increase your endurance over time. Not to kill yourself on your first workout! With Blogilates, I couldn’t even keep up with the Beginner’s series, but I did as much as I could and soon I was staying right there with Cassie!

        Ashley G.

    • Aleshia

      How do u follow September one

  • Ariel Bennick

    Love love love the HIITILATES series. I have been in the midwest not able to run due to the negative temps. These workouts have made me sore in places I didn’t know I could be sore in and were pretty good cardio considering I run 4 miles a day. Thanks and keep and keep it up!

  • Sara

    Hey guys,
    I did this workout but I felt nothing. I mean nothing. I used 5 pound weight to make it challenging. Am I doing something wrong? Is it suppose to burn?

    • Annabelle

      Hey Sara! I think it may be a form issue- are you doing each exercise correctly? Perhaps your butt isn’t high enough or your leg isn’t straight enough, or something like that. See if you can record yourself doing this and then look back to see if you look like Cassey does when you workout. Get a friend to watch you do the workout and see if they spot anything. Also, see if you can do it in front of a mirror! Hope this helps.

  • Bridgette

    LOVE your workouts!!!

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    my myspace group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content.
    Please let me know. Cheers

  • Hope

    the new year Hiit and scream and shout Hiit were so hard and sweaty!! :)

  • Michelle

    I love this series so much :)

  • LaToya

    I love you and your workouts! I am requesting that Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” be used in a future workout. It is super upbeat and fun. Pretty Please??!! Also, how about a workout that targets primarily transverse abs??

  • Jenny

    Seriously love you and this workout! Your cheery attitude and motivation made the video fun and go by so fast and I’m sweating!

  • Cindi

    Help! I have the May calendar but how do I access all the workouts listed?

  • hey Cassie, what is HIIT ilates? What does HIIT stand for?

    • Philippa

      Hii, HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. :)

  • Amanda

    Your outfit in this makes you look kinda like batman. It’s pretty awesome.

  • Sophie

    Hey cassie, just did these 4 hitilates videos, what great work out. i have done a tonne of your workout videos and have never commented so i just wanted to say thank you!!! I love all the encouragement you give, and how fun you make exercise, you are an awesome instructor!

  • sandra

    oohh cassey, help me…i want to workout the april calendar but in germany i can’t see the hiitilates scream and shout workout…:O
    xx sandra (:

  • Briana

    The reach for the stars one really killed my inner knee muscles which is awesome!!!! Thanks so much for the awesome video!

  • Agnessa

    Can you make a hitilates video on a trampoline for extreme cardio?!

    • Meg

      I just bought a rebounder and would love if you did a workout video with a trampoline fitness rebounder involved!!

  • Sayaka

    I wish I can do these…My house literally shakes when I do this…and well..yeah :( I wish my house didn’t shake so much.

  • Peach

    I love the videos! But may I know are these for losing weight or building muscles? Thank you :-)

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  • Justine

    i LOVE your workouts but I wish that there were printables for each one. I know it’s a lot of work but it’s super helpful for at the gym (I go with friends so we can all do the workouts) :)

  • Jesleen

    It was a Killer. YOu always surprise me with something new all the time. Love you Cassie <3

  • clara

    awesome workout!

  • Kareal

    cassie you killed me! :D