February 4th

Cardio Ab Attack!


  1. I had to switch to another abs video instead of the lower ab workout because I have nothing to put my feet on :(

  2. This workout was killer! So glad to be back and part of the Blogilates family again. Can’t wait to get into shape :)

  3. My whole mat is soaked in sweat.. :P I am disgusted but also very proud :D

  4. OMG!! I’m really tired but sweating a lot!!! I just love this feeling and O really really love the corset workout one of my favourites :D :D

  5. So for some reason I’m never sore :C I did yesterdays workout (it was pretty intense) but I don’t get sore… I push myself as far as I can, but I never feel it the next day. Does anyone else have this problem? Am I doing something wrong?

    • I’m exactly the same. I push myself so much , some days literally until my body gives way on me, but it will rarely hurt the next day . The only time I ever seem to feel sore is after HIIT days. I don’t really know why this is, but I just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone!!

    • Ladies – I am EXACTLY the same as you.
      I never ache from the videos but ALWAYS do from the HIIT days – even after pushin myself as far as I possibly can.
      My theory is that my muscles aren’t yet strong enough to complete enough reps (from the videos) to get to the point of lactic acid build up.
      Whereas with HIIT they are intensive movements with fairly low reps.

  6. I’m so glad that I found this calendar! I’m only on my third day, but I’m already feeling so much better about myself. Thank you so much Cassey!!

  7. Man I could not do the last work out I literally tried I didn’t have paper plates tho but I used plastic covers on containers yeh it was difficult and I found my self stoping so I’m going to find an ab work out that I can actually do and I try to practice this one daily so I’ll be a pro at it

  8. omg last week i tried the corset workout for the first time and it was so hard i couldn’t even finish!! today when i did the video again i actually could do all the moves and complete the whole workout! yay I’m so happy!!!

  9. Man after 4 straight workouts and a break before I did the 4th one I was dyhydrated and I needed water I usually don’t like water but I drank the whole bottle in 1 go


    BUT CASSESY SUGGEST ME ENGERY DRINK OR FOOD FOR WORKOUT !! bcoz me feeling really weak and tried now :(

  11. Valicitie says:

    So, today is the first day that I have worked out in… Let’s face it.. A LONG TIME! Haha, but I have been wanting to get fit for a long time. There is a little bit of extra arm, thigh, and lower pooch I would like to get rid of, but it’s more about gaining muscle and less about gaining weight. I am 16, Five foot nothing and around 125 pounds, give or take a few from food. I don’t want to be one of those crazy insane girls that have more muscle than a heavy weight champion. I want to look like Cassie. Long, lean, and slightly toned. That is why I do her videos. Lets get real though, there is no way I finished all five of her videos today. I did do the first two, though! And, I am really proud of myself, it is more than I did yesterday!! I know I will get there, and I know I will have to work hard to get where I want to be, but I believe with the popsters by myside, I CAN DO THIS! You know what?! WE CAN ALL DO THIS! SO CONGRATS GUYS! WE ARE DOING THIS! Even if you’re like me and had to pause the video and take a short break in the middle of the second video. It’s more than we did yesterday!

    Cassie (or popsters) When is the best time to work out? I have school so I am already up at 6, and don’t get home til 3… I like to shower at night, ( one less thing I have to do in the morning. ) What are your guys thoughts?!

  12. Woohoo! Great workout today! I really enjoyed this lineup today. Like Cara, this has been my first time finishing Hot Abs without modification! I have always been able to go the whole time, but for the last 30 seconds to a minute I would do the modification. But not today!!! Oh, and I am feeling so proud because I just modeled for a swimsuit and I’m so proud! I’m sooo fit thanks to you Cassey!

  13. I died mid way through but I did it all.. well kinda… Styrofoam plates don’t work so well on my carpet… I got stuck and fell… haha…fail…

  14. OH MY. I had never know that Lady Gaga song was ACTUALLY that long. What a burn!

  15. Done them all, except I exchanged the last one with Abs Express. I feel a bit of a failure because I had to take a month and a half break due to university exams and work, I materially didn’t have time :( So for me some workout that used to be easier, now feel veeeeery hard and especially with planks I’ve been falling all over the place in these last three days.
    But I’m going to do this every day and get the strenght I had before back!
    Kisses from Italy!

  16. Plank workouts are really difficult for me. My wrists start hurting too much… :( Does anyone have any tips to prevent that from happening??

  17. OMG :O I couldn’t finish it was so hard for me :(

    • Valicitie says:

      You know what, that’s okay! Maybe you did more than you did yesterday, and that’s whats important! If it makes you feel any better, I couldn’t finish today’s either. I have never been able to finish all of Cassie’s videos. That is my goal by the end of the month, I want to be able to go one whole week of going through every video on her list! And, I will make a deal with you, YOU DO IT WITH ME! (:
      We are all here together, and anyone who is willing to put their selves through Cassie’s workouts are serious about getting fit! And, Kodus to you (: I know it’s hard. It’s hard for me too! But, we are sticking together! So let’s do it together!

  18. Annemarie says:

    Dear lord this was my first day of doing the workouts and no wonder she looks amazing. These videos are a killer. I should look great in a few months at this rate

  19. I did everything including the plates… and believe me when I say I hate any and all moves involving plates. >_< But I feel good because I did all the videos without stopping. ^_^

  20. I could not do it today :( still feeling sore from yesterday’s workouts and exhausted from a busy day O_o

  21. I seriously wish she had something for people who are in between her beginners calendar and her normal calendars. I can breeze through the beginners calendar, but I can’t even get into half the poses on these videos much less keep up or keep any kind of form. So frustrating. And for a day dedicated to abs, my arms and neck hurt not my abs. So so so very frustrating.

    • Annemarie says:

      Stay positive. Everyday you will get stronger and feel better:)

    • @Ashley keep at it and do what you can. For the moves that seem difficult or advanced just do the modifications that she provides and you’ll get stronger in less time than you think as long as you stay consistent with the calendar. I used to have such a hard time with some of the moves where my neck and wrists would hurt but it’s much less now. Remember to maintain proper form and with time, your core will develop so that your neck and arms won’t hurt as much.

    • Please don’t get discouraged. It’s fantastic that you are working on your fitness every day whether you finish each video or not. A lot of the moves are very hard but I think she wants us to push ourselves continuously. She usually gives us a modification for each of her moves that she does. I usually try to do as many reps of the advanced modifications as I can, and then finish with the easier version of that move if it starts hurting too bad.
      Maybe try that, and with each time you do the video, try to do one more advanced rep than you did last time. You will continue to get stronger I promise! Cassey says we’re all on different parts of our fitness journeys and I think it’s very true, but you can only get better if you stick with it.

    • I’m in the same boat! Beginners workout calender spoiled us. We will definitely get stronger with time.

    • Hey why don’t you do half and half?

  22. Cardio Ab Day was SO needed! I’ve been on a new medication which has made me feel super hungry all the time so I haven’t been eating as healthy as I was previously. But when you mix cardio and all those ab moves, I really feel my bloating going down!

  23. OMG how I hate planks!! I thought I’m going to die through this workouts and couldn’t properly do the last video ;)

  24. I absolutely LOVE this Cardio Ab day, it’s such a killer, a really tough day!!

  25. Im going to have to do VS abs instead of the last video because my wrists always die in that one and I never feel my lower abs :( great WO though. Love Cardio and Abs day!

  26. LOL till today I thougt I had strong abs…but I loved the videos of today especially the corset workout<3 but I always get frustrated when I'm doing ( trying fits better) the "best lower abs ever" workout because I have to give up after the first few moves:D hope I'll get it one day, can't wait to get my body stronger

  27. oh my gosh my lower abs is dying! awesome workout <3

  28. Great set of workouts! Loved them…but what was the surprise? My video cut off!

  29. todays and yesterdays workout were so hard, I can’t finnish anything :(
    I already tried the whole beginner calendar but it isn’t really a challenge for me, while this months calendar seems to hard :S every move is too hard and I only feel it in my shoulders, not my abs or legs.
    feeling worthless right now..

  30. Sarah-Jane says:

    I totally ditched the best lower abs video, I just can’t take the plates lol I did however do the fat burning cardio warm up video, the stretching for flexability video and also a short yoga sequance for that time of the month instead.

    • I also ditched the best lower abs video ^^ I did the 5 min abs express instead. Will do some strechting later as well. When watching bunheads on TV. It kind of motivates me seeing them dance and stuff :D

  31. I think Legs For Days has to be my favorite Cassey’s workout. It’s super super fun and my everything burns.

    Kinda waiting for the other videos to load, my shitty internet won’t let me watch them completely. It sucks.

  32. Valentine says:

    I don’t really know why I was really demotivated today. It might be because of the planks. There were so many in these videos and I couldn’t get through any of them..

    • Same here, I find the planks really hard and a lot of the times I have to be on my knees and do the half planks instead :( Changing from beginner’s calendar to a regular month’s workout is probably also the reason, I am still getting used to working out an hour rather than half an hour. But, I am trying to stick to the routine, I don’t want to stop and have to start the beginner’s calender again! Hopefully the planks would get easier soon!! :)

  33. you KILLED us today…… I LOVE LOVE these workout!

  34. i hope i could get half way today

  35. my least favorite moves are anything that involves using paper plates to slide on the floor. i’ve never been able to do them. :-/

  36. Did Thigh Trimmer today too since it wasn’t uploaded in time for my w/o. (Damn time differences)
    Just wanted to say; I love it! Don’t have resistance bands, but it’s still really tough, first move really killed my bum. February is so short, but feel like I’m going to get in the best shape of my life.

  37. I feel unworthy to hear Cassey say “Good job guys” today… I had so no power to get through the workouts. Had to break legs for days cause suddenly all went black around my eyes. >.<
    before that I did the other workouts. Best lower abs was really hard. I didn't really finish :(
    at least I'm sore from yesterdays wo.

    • it took me a while to be able to finish workouts, and felt like a bit of a failure to start with. But loved feeling sore – at least I knew I was doing something. After about a month, I’m able to do some workouts without stopping. I still struggle with anything using my arms (so weak) but it gets easier.
      Just keep going and you’ll get there. I feel so much better! Best of luck :)

  38. I’m a total beginner who has just finished the beginners calendar feeling pretty good about how I was getting on but after attempting these vidoes, not the cardio but the corset (didn’t get as far as even watching the next 2) I feel totally rubbish. I really struggled :(
    Should I restart the beginners calendar or just push through even though I know I’mI not doing the moves with the correct form?

  39. These particular ab workouts frustrate me so much, I remember doing them once before & not feeling like I’ve gotten anything out of it.
    I swear I’ve kept proper form – as best as I can – but I don’t feel afterwards, or fatigued, or generally like I’ve worked my abs at all (I felt more fatigued in my legs and my neck killed). Anyone have any ideas why? It’s really frustrating, feels like I’ve wasted the past 35m!

    • Yeah none of these really work my abs :-( I quit at the corset workout and knew the others never work for me so I did the 50 facts about me and Roar workouts instead :-P Oh and the want u back arms challenge! I am so bad at sticking to the calendar!

  40. Writing this here so i’ll get off the sofa and do this! Feeling abit lazy today because of my medication. But I can do this, i’ll have my rest day soon.

  41. Summer sweatfest! Oh my Lord! sooo good. So pooped! onto the next video:)!

  42. I’m so totally excited for this tomorrow. I finally decided this month that I was going to change myself and nothing was going to stop me. I’m also starting Zumba this week. Does anybody have any Zumba tips for me? I don’t really know much about it.

    • Ooh, Zumba is so fun!!! I would just say to take your time and watch the instructor closely. :) But be sure and have a blast!!!!!

      • I do Zumba on DVD. Zumba Tone. Been doing Cassey and Zumba, if you feel you can’t get the moves right, who cares ‘that’s the beauty of zumba’ -zumba quote! You can have your own style! Just have fun with it.

    • Hey girl! I am a Zumba instructor and my biggest tip for newbies is to keep moving!! We all get lost in the music sometimes (even the instructors!), so focus on dancing and having fun rather than doing everything perfectly. If you get lost, do a little jog or march until you catch on… and smile!!

  43. Does it mean I am obsessed when I look at this and feel like a child and it is Christmas eve–just cant wait till morning :)

  44. Excited to do this tomorrow! I don’t think I’ve ever done any of these workouts yet. :)

  45. I can’t wait to do them! I watch the videos from before so that I am prepared for the moves. I have a feeling that the 4th and 5th video will KILL ME! This is my first month after the beginners’ calender so I am excited to see the results! Let’s get going =D

  46. Can’t wait to do this tomorrow!

  47. I had to do this a day early because tomorrow’s my full day internship in the city. But I had to comment because I DID THE BICYCLE CRUNCHES WITHOUT STOPPING FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! It’s my ninth month of blogilates calendars (wow, can’t believe it’s been that long already!) and finally I could do it! :) Perseverance!

    • 9 months! Props! I’m in about 3 months. I’m already getting stronger, but the “best lower abs” video was pure torture last time. But gimme 6 more months and I’ll get there, too! Thanks for your motivation! :)

    • It’ll be my 35th day and “best lower ab wo” is my worst nightmare (like burpees lol)… I’m so scared of it. :S I tried to do it one time at last month’s calendar and i couldn’t do any moves. :D I wish i could be like you one day. :)

      • Actually burpees I don’t seem to mind that much. But this. The way we tone was hard though. And basically any moves where you’re in plank position with your elbows on the floor – for some reason it’s super hard for me to breathe in that position :/

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