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I am new – how should I pair your videos for the most effective workout?

Follow my Beginner’s workout calendar!

Do you have a DVD or is there anyway to download your videos?

Yes! My first DVD was released in January 2013! Check it out HERE!


How many calories do I burn when doing your workouts?

I advise going to sites such as Weighttraining.com, MyFitnessPal.com, LoseIt.com, or MyNetDiary.com to track your calorie burn. Enter your age, gender, intensity level, and type of activity exercised. You can choose “calisthenics” or “advanced Pilates” for POP Pilates and “circuit” for any HIIT videos. You can equate my cardio videos to “aerobics”. The reason why I cannot give you exact calorie counts is because everyone is different and will burn calories differently.

How many times should I workout a week?

Try to be active for at least 30 minutes a day most days of the week. If you’re doing my workouts and are trying to lose weight and tone up, I suggest doing Pilates at least 3x a week an hour at a time. Pair with a quick 10 minute cardio blast after each session. That’s just a sample routine. Of course you can workout everyday if you want, as long as you are able to keep proper form a.k.a. you are not too sore to function. I workout 5-6x a week, but that’s because it’s my job and I like it.

How do I get flat abs? A 6-pack? The V? The vertical line down the middle like a Victoria Secret model.

These are all features of someone who has little fat covering their abs and strong core muscles. To get nice abs you’ll need to pair any of my POP Pilates ab videos with a clean diet and some cardio. Cardio will help melt the fat covering your muscles and the diet will help make the process a lot quicker. The more fat you lose, the more of the above features you will see. According to Tosca Reno, author of “The Eat Clean Diet“, your physique is a result of 80% diet, 10% workout, and 10% genetics.

How do I lose weight?

The simplest answer is to consume less calories than you burn. You can figure out how many calories you need to maintain or lose weight by using tools such as LoseIt, MyNetDiary, or MyFitnessPal. These daily calorie intake numbers are determined by things like your age, gender, height, and activity level. In general, no healthy diet will tell you to eat less than 1,200 calories. Doing so may put your body in “starvation mode” which will then in turn backfire and make you hold onto fat.

To lose 1lb a week, you will need to create a deficit of 3,500 calories. If you eat 250 calories less a day and also work off an extra 250 calories a day through exercise, you will create a deficit of 500 calories a day. Do that for 7 days and you will create a grand deficit of 3,500 calories. This is how you can lose 1 lb! It is safest to lose up to 2lbs a week for consistent weight loss.

Tricks than can help you stay full on fewer calories include replacing all of your refined carbs with veggies and whole grains. Instead of sweets, have fruits. Try to eat lean meats, egg whites, or tofu for protein. Cut out all sugary drinks and fried things. Doing this is called “eating clean” and will for sure help you transform your body. One of my fave health & fitness gurus, Tosca Reno says that your physique is based on 80% diet, 10% workout, and 10% genetics. I believe it.

The best exercise combo will be anything that keeps you motivated to workout. I like Pilates, weight lifting, HIIT (high intensity interval training), and running. The exercises that will give you the QUICKEST results are probably weight lifting and HIIT.

Will lifting weights make me bulky?

NO! Especially not for women – unless you are taking TONS of supplements and training with ultra heavy weights for hours a day.

How do I get rid of cellulite?

“Cellulite occurs when fat levels get too high in a particular area; thus, the most effective way to eliminate cellulite is to lose body fat.” [Livestrong.com] So this is what I am going to tell you. More cardio, strength train, and eat clean. It is the same formula for all fat loss. I don’t believe in creams. You need to treat from the inside, not mask from the outside.

How can I get slimmer calves? Mine are too bulky.

You’d be surprised how many emails I get a day about this! I just want to say that if your calves are bulky because they are muscular, don’t be so self-conscious! That’s more muscle to help burn fat! Embrace your strong calves!

HOWEVER, if you really want to make them less prominent, the truth is, you need to stop working them out. Unfortunately this means to stop doing any exercise that targets the muscle. No more calf raises. Lunges. Stretching the leg will help…very slightly.

Now if your calves are bulky because they are covered with a layer fat, the solution is just like any other solution for melting fat and building muscle. More cardio, eat clean, and continue to spot tone the area while strength training overall. Try my POP Pilates for Slimmer Inner Thighs and Runner’s Calves video. Click HERE to watch.

How do I make my face skinnier?

You cannot target fat loss. If you want to lose fat in your face you will have to lose fat overall. This means more cardio, eating clean, and strength training! You’re on your way to a toned face in no time.

Cardio before or after Pilates?

Doesn’t matter! If what you’re really asking is which order actually burns the most calories, then my answer is the order that will make you workout harder for longer. For example, if you are stronger at Pilates than running, I’d run first, use up my fresh energy and go ALL OUT. Then when I hit the mat, it’d be challenging but I’d be able to get through it with good form because I’m experienced in Pilates. Personally, I like cardio before Pilates because it gets me warmed up. You need to find what works for you.

What does suck your belly button in mean?

You will frequently hear me say this because it helps you engage your core. It makes all the Pilates moves a lot more effective.  Squeezing your abs is also a great way to do a crunch without doing a crunch. You can even walk around all day long with your belly button sucked in – not only will no one know you’re working your abs, you’ll also look slimmer and taller!

What does “Eat Clean” mean?

Eating clean means to eat whole, nutritious, unprocessed foods that are good for your body. This means cutting out anything fried and sugary. Also cut out any refined carbs like white breads, regular pasta and white rice. Stay AWAY from soda and be careful with fruit juices. They contain a lot of sugar. Instead opt for steamed veggies, whole grains, lean meats like chicken breast, and lots of water. You can find what clean foods I recommend eating in “My Grocery Shopping List“.

What should I eat before and after a workout? And when?

PRE-WORKOUT: The farther away you are from working out, the more you can eat. If you’re about an hour away, a handful of fruits and nuts are great. MAKE SURE YOU ARE HYDRATED! That is most important. However, it is important to note that YOU CAN workout without eating if you feel energetic enough. Technically, you should be able to work out for about 60 min using reserves from yesterday’s meals. Then again, that is very dependent on how you feel. Every one is different, so take some time to see if you workout harder with food in your stomach or if you like feeling “light” as you sweat it out.

POST-WORKOUT: If you just strength trained, I love eating something with high protein and a bit of carbs. The protein helps rebuild muscles (if you’re looking to get “toned” this is what you want to eat) and the carbs help restore glycogen stores for the next day’s workout. Try to eat within 30-60 min after a workout. THIS IS VERY important for optimal absorption of nutrients.

What protein powder do you use?

The only kind of protein I’ve tried are vanilla flavored ones. I like Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard. GREAT for protein pancakes and drinks. You can read more about these in My Fave Things section.

I hear clicking in my hips!

This is a common complaint that I hear from people new to Pilates. You are probably hearing hip clicking noises as you’re performing the Leg Circles while lying on your back. If it does not hurt, you are okay. Until you can gain more pelvic stability and flexibility in your lower body you can do these things in the mean time:

1. Make your circles smaller

2. Bend your knee slightly

3. Use a strap or your arms to hold up your leg

You will get stronger. Promise :)

My back really hurts during Pilates, what should I do?

What this probably means is that you are over-arching your back as you are performing moves involving your legs and lower abs like the Double Leg Lift. Try to eliminate that arch by curving in the opposite direction. Pull your belly button to your spine and press your low back into the mat. If you still cannot avoid the arch,  place your hands together underneath your tailbone. You could also place a rolled towel or small pillow beneath your tailbone to give you support until your abs are strong enough to pull themselves to the floor. This will take time.

If your spine hurts as you are performing moves such as Rolling Like a Ball, simply grab a thicker mat with more cushioning. If all else fails and it excruciatingly painful, STOP! You do not want to hurt yourself. The move may not be for you! There are other exercises you can try that won’t put as much pressure on your back.

Is it normal to be so sore after a workout?

Yes! Especially if it is your first time doing a workout with me. This is VERY COMMON with my classes.  I like to do the moves in my exercise videos in high reps so that you can “feel it” the next day. All this means is that you’ve worked muscles you haven’t used in a while. Personally, I like the sore feeling. You can still workout if you are sore, but try to train another part of your body and give your sore muscles a rest.

How do you stay motivated?

You need to have a clear vision of what your goals are. You need to think about it everyday and you need to see it. Print out a picture of an inspirational person and role model who has achieved what you want to achieve. Paste a collage on your wall. You don’t have to do this, but it makes the goal a lot more tangible and real. It will keep you focused. Every time you feel like you don’t want to workout and instead eat mindlessly, look at the picture and ask yourself what it takes to get there. Of course some “cheat days” are healthy for your sanity, but if you constantly feel lazy and unmotivated, you need to make the change for yourself. From within. Only YOU can take control. You have all the power. So what’s stopping you? Go do it! Now!

Who films you?

Sometimes me, sometimes my sister, and sometimes whoever is around the house.


  1. hi Cassey!
    I was just wondering how much a serving of your pancakes were, (any recipes) or recipes in general. Do you do it based on the amount of ingerdents, as in the amount you put in the recipe is the amount you eatÉ
    Thanks Cassey for all your hard work and dedication!! You rock :) You`re totally my inspiration, I`ve got a bit of a girl crushhhhhhhh ! haha.
    Thanks and I LOVVVE your videos and recipes! I learn loads :)
    love yahh

  2. Christina Kenny says:

    Hey Cassie!!
    I have just decided to join the gym with millions of classes to choose from along with my pole dancing classes!! Problem that I am having is that I have become so addicted to the classes (way much better than staying home and doing nothing) that I end up taking 2-3 per day….Obviously I become extremely hungry during this time and I can’t keep up. I have added a bit more healthy carbs to my diet besides the obvious Quinea, brown rice, and vegie pasta, but was wondering if you have any advice of what to eat before to keep me going and after. I want a nice body, but I really don’t want to become too thin (not a nice look on me)
    Thank you for your time and any answer you may have!!! Greetings from Vienna, Austria!!! Tina

  3. Hi Cassey,
    I was just wondering i know its a silly question but in order to achieve maximum weight loss. Do i eat before or after a workout? Thank you please reply.

  4. How do you design the bags? Who makes them?

  5. Can you eat protein powder without working out ? or as a pre workout meal?

  6. Hi Cassey, I have a couple of questions for you. I am 17 years old, 5’2, and 120lbs. People consider me thin, but I know I can be a lot more lean. I have a lot of muscle, especially in my legs, but I have a little layer of fat over it. I am really trying to get rid of it. I’d like to lose a couple inches all over. Basically I need your advice as to what I should do. I know a lot of cardio, and some strength training. But I always feel like lifting weights is going to make me bulky. I used to play soccer and my legs were pretty big, but mow that I have stopped they have gotten a lot smaller. I feel like I gain muscle so easily, but cant get rid of the fat. What should I do? And what is a good workout plan for me? And diet? Lots of protein? Sorry for all the questions, lol. And also, is it okay to do light strength training on every muscle every day and then a cardio session for 20-30 min afterward? Or should I target a certain muscle group on a certain days?

  7. Xtinecantabile says:

    Hi Cassey.. How do I combine your challenges with your other exercises? Thank you.. :)

  8. Hi, I was just wondering if an exercise is a must when doing Pilates? It’s just that they’re really expensive and I don’t have that much money. ^-^” For the time being, I’m just using a simple bath towel… just for cushioning, not very helpful though. But if the mats are a must, can we use a yoga mat? perhaps at 3mm? or does it have to be at least 5mm?


  9. okay.. so i jst found out about you cassey n i wanna ask u something or anyone whos reads through the comments. the challenges, the week challenges, can we like do that all the time?? or must we do that all the time even when the week is over?? I don’t know if you understand. wad im trying to say is that can we still do the things like you tell us to do in the week challenge even if the week is up?

  10. Hi, i’m 14 years of age..And 50kgs (110 lbs/pounds) And I recently discovered your videos..My first video I did was Drive By – Inner thighs challenge, and also Abs All Night Challenge and 50 situps. The next day I am sooooooo sore!! is that normal? I am trying to melt down my fat on my stomach and legs..I looked at your meal planner, and I don’t think i can eat that much in a day..advice please? >-<

  11. How do I get a gap between my Thighs?
    I have nice calves and skinny ankles, though my thighs are massive and are really big, i want to get rid of the fat, and have a gap between my thighs? Help me please? xx

    • The call me maybe challenge is good! (: if you do it one time a day for two weeks you will start to see results(:

    • I’m agreeing with the girls above. The videos they mentioned and cardio are great ways to get rid of extra fat but also, an important thing to note is not everyone is physically capable of having a thigh gap. There are a lot of people who would love to have one (myself included!) but some people’s bone structure won’t allow for it, and trying too hard can be unhealthy. You should always make your health your top priority. :)

  12. Jenevieve Salas says:

    What if we don’t have weights to work out with like you do in some of your videos ? what’s a ultimatum we can use ?

  13. Allison Vogel says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I just wanted to know what brand of whey protein you use? I am looking online to order some, but there are waaaay too many choices and everyone’s opinion is different. Should I just randomly pick one?

  14. How do i get skinnier legs like near my thys? Nothing works for me

  15. Kelsey Reimer says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I’m just going into college as a freshman. Can you put up creative meals to make with a microwave and how to lose weight and stay fit during the hectic college year? Personally, I would like to be down 40 lbs by Christmas break. Love the videos, you’re awesome!

  16. Stephanie says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I was just wondering if you had a list of the equipment needed for all your videos. I have just started with the beginners videos and once I get the hang of them I would like to do your other videos but I’m not sure what I will need until I actually watch them all.

  17. Pippa McCartney says:

    Hi Cassey, I love your videos and I’ve been trying to lose weight but no matter what I eat or burn off I just don’t lose weight! I’ve even tried eating 800 calories for a week and exercising 200 calories off and drinking lots of water, but that didn’t even help me lose any weight. I just feel so discouraged. :( All my friends are a lot skinnier and they think they’re pudgy, and sometimes I wonder what they think of me? I’m 14 and 52kg. ( i haven’t told anyone my weight) & I really want to lose weight around my hips and thighs. Can you help me? Please?
    Pippa <3

    • 800 calories a week?…1000-2000 is recommended per day. You sound like you’re starving yourself.

      • Pippa McCartney says:

        Sorry, I had written it wrong, I meant 800 calories a day. I know thats not enough, but I was so desperate to lose weight!!! :(

        • If you eat less than your body requires, your body will hold on to the weight because it will think you are starving it. Also, are you sure you are eating 800? Some people underestimate their calorie count. Also, treadmills and other such equipment isn’t accurate in telling you how many calories you burned. Eat healthy, not just less. And workout for an hour 6 days a week.

  18. Hi :) i was wondering if there is a good substitue for the candlestick exercise, whenever i do it, my knee feels very uncomfortable and stops me from doing it properly
    Thanks Ali

  19. Melissa Farress says:

    Casey; please answer this :(
    I did 30 day shred and now I’m on week 3 of ripped in 30 (the Jillian Michael’s dvds); I also run for 35 minutes a day (4 miles) and do your abdominal abdominals video every day. I eat around 1300 calories but that stupid lower pooch just wont go; why is this?
    I’m super confused and its really upsetting..
    Mell xxx

    • Cassey addressed this in her videos by saying you have to “train” your lower abs away by sucking it in all the time – when you are working out and when you are not working out.

    • It could be that you are not sucking in your belly button while doing the ab exercises during your workouts. Suck in your lower tummy and squeeze your abs when ever you can!

  20. angelica says:

    Hey Cassey,
    i love your videos a lot, they’re really good and influential.
    i have a question ;p i am 16 years old and i am not active at all, i hate sports and healthy diet. i am not fat or chubby, but i feel like i need to lose more weight. i have no problems with sports even though i hate sports but with healthy diet, i have few problems. its so hard to me to control myself when i see cakes or chocolates. i want a solution for this, i cant control myself at all, i tried a lot. And also i cant stop eating a lot. when i am on diet i can control my self and eat small amount, but when i am not on diet, i eat a lot. i want to eat small amount of food when i am not on diet. And i have a big problem with my inner thighs. i want to have gap between my thighs i don’t want them to touch. i need a solution for my inner thighs. and is there anything that i can eat, and can make me feel Satiated?.
    Thank You… =D

  21. Yuen Wai says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I have a question, is it normal if i don’t feel sore after working out?

  22. Are you ever going to take a visit to Wisconsin?! Me and my friends LOVE doing your videos!! Even tried the vegan challenge. (That didnt work too well though only lasted 3 days. Love my Cheese too much :) ) but yah you should take a visit and do a class in Wisco sometime!

  23. Do you know of any good Gluten Free protein shakes/meal replacement shakes?

  24. chuckie says:

    Hey Cassie i just wanna say thanks i have seen a lot of transformation with in my body and i m so happy so thanks a bunch. i also was wondering how do i get the calendar for June on your website and it says i need a newsletter subscription so how do i get that because i really want the June calendar.

    • Jasmine says:

      you cant get the password unless you have a newsletter subscription :) when cassey sends you an email to confirm your newsletter subscription, she tells you the password for the calendar :)

  25. Genovieve says:

    Hi Cassey,
    Well i just wanted to thank you for what you do and all of your videos. Next year i’m going to study a year at canada and i was really getting worried about returning home being fat because i will be eating probably not so good and i did´t knew what to do about working out but now i know i can use your videos and instead of returning as a fat girl i may come home way better and all toned-up. Please don’t eliminate any of your videos I really want to use them.

    I have a question though,
    I was working out pretty good and i was getting a really toned abd but then vacations came and i just stopped doing the same workout because some dance classes ended and i started eating more junk food (i LOVE desserts so its really hard for me not to eat). But now i`m working out again just different routines because now i go to the gym but instead of feeling thinner and toned i feel way more fat and i´m getting really depressed :(. Any ideas of what should i do?

    PLEAAASE read this, i never post things about me but i don’t know why i did this time.
    PD: sorry if my english is not really good. Spanish is my first language.

  26. Hey Cassey, I just recently discovered your videos and blog. They are amazing! I’ve been trying to find a pilates video that really breaks it down for beginners, and yours was the winner. My doctor has challenged me to gain 10-15lbs before my next physical. What types of foods should I eat, and what combos of workouts would you reccomend I do?

  27. answers are still not expanding? Any idea? Do you have anyone that can respond to my questions>

  28. I am trying to click on the questions but the answer is not expanding. Any idea?

  29. hello cassey,
    I’m one of your new fans.
    im currently trying to lose about 15lbs, i was just wondering how many carbs are just too much carbs?

  30. Hi Cassey!
    I have kind of the same question as Helen. Do you think it’s a good a idea to work out at around 6 am before going to school? Someone told me that that’s not good ’cause at that time (if you have a lot to do during the day) your muscles don’t get toned and you don’t burn calories (or something like that), apart from exhausting yourself before starting your day. Let me know what you think. Btw, I love your videos :>

  31. Dear Cassey;
    I have work at 8am-5pm. I have to leave my house by 715am to take the bart, and then get home by 6pm. Is it a good idea to workout at 5am in the morning before i head to work? I think i might have to start doing that, im afraid i’ll over exhaust myself. Some advice? help!

    • I don’t know if this answers your question but I’ve read that Michelle Obama wakes up everyday at 4:30 to workout and the woman looks FAB. :)

  32. Hanna Charoy says:

    Hi, Cassey, where have you get your Pilates Education? How long had it take? How had you made an acquaintance with Pilates?
    Thank you soo much !!!

  33. Beverley says:

    Hi :) Was just wondering if you could offer any advice on stretching out calf muscles after a workoout. I’m currently doing the 30 Day shred. jillian barely seems to do any stretches for legs at the end meaning the next day i’m sore for a run and in large amounts of pain. apart from popping painkillers everyday to mask the pain, I don’t know what else to do to calm my calf muscles down. Sometimes it tends to be calf muscles and the front of my lower leg too. Are these shin splints and if so, how do I get rid of them? thanks :)

  34. Hey Cassey! I have a couple questions for you. So sometimes I run out of time and end up having to fit my pilates workout in right after eating (sometimes after eating a large amount). I figure better workout on a full stomach than not at all. I am not looking to lose weight or anything, just get flat, toned abs. Well, after I eat my stomach tends to stick out a little, and even when I contract my abs/suck belly button, my abs still stick out because of all the food. Now, the food in my stomach does not hamper the quality of my workout per se, but since I am contracting my ab muscles over a puffy stomach, will my ab muscles be “molded” to that shape if I do my pilates ab workout after eating as such? I still try to maintain proper form (no arched back), breath, etc. but I don’t want my abs to stick out!! I’ve been doing your workouts for about 5 weeks now and have noticed improvements in my stomach, but I’m wondering if it could be flatter had I not been working out on a full stomach. I’m kind of worried about this :/

  35. Hey Cassey :)
    I appreciate A LOT that we can watch your videos for free on youtube, but I live in the dorms and the internet is really bad. It takes forever to load a little bit of the video and I can’t simply do two minutes of exercise and than wait another 20 minutes! That is not effective.
    Do you have any way how to DOWNLOAD your exercises to my computer? I would appreciate it a lot!
    Thanks :)


    P.S. Thanks for the hard work you do, I LOVE your POP Pilates :)

  36. Hi Cassey!!

    I’m a new popster and your videos have really got me motivated!

    I use myfitnesspal to calculate my calorie intake but i’ve recently hit a wall in my weight loss and i was just wondering if you advise eating back the calories you burn? I’ve heard a bunch of mixed opinions on this, it works for some but doesn’t work for others and it’s got me very confused.

    Thanks x

  37. Jennifer says:

    Hi Cassey!

    I found your workout videos and blogilates about a month ago. And now I’ve been doing your workout routines for those 4weeks. I combine them like this: 30 min POP Cardio and 30 min POP Pilates (5x a week). I also have a long 40-60 min walk with my dog daily, train my abs 30 min (5x a week) and do some Method Putkisto stretching and pilates 60 min (I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about that) (5x a week).

    I eat 1300 calories daily. I have 5 small meals and time between them is about 2-3 hours. I also drink 3 liters water every day.

    When I started doing POP Pilates and Cardio routines, my weight was 123 lbs and now it is 136 lbs. I was trying to lose weight not gain. I’m REALLY sad about that. Because I need to lose weight.

    Do I gain weight because my muscles grow or what? What am I doing wrong? I don’t want my muscles to grow, I just want to lose weight and be skinny and beautiful. Do I have to go back to my old workout routine (running 40 min, walking 40 min, ab training 30 min and method putkisto stretchings 60 min) to lose weight again.

    I see you haven’t been answering lately, but I really hope you reply for me. I really need your help.

  38. hi Cassey
    excuse me for my bad english
    my legs have alot of muscles and big inner thighs i want slim legs and I don’t want my thighs touch. I want legs like miley cyrus :) Do you have workouts to get those legs? or can you make a video of those workouts? btw I’m in love with you’re workouts and how positive you are about everything. everytime I watch you’re video’s I want to live healthy and workout :)

  39. hey casey, I have saw your videos and I really appreciate your trying to help all people that need to fitt their bodys but can you say what can I do specifically to take results from workouts and diet cuz’ sometimes I eat soo much and destroy all the trying of past days? thank you..

  40. Hey Cassey! I want my legs to be slimmer not bulky and I’ve noticed they are getting bulky with muscle and I don’t want that. What exercises do you recommend to avoid? and which ones to do?

  41. Hi Cassey,

    I’m new to working out. I’ve been told recently by family members that I’m starting to gain weight, get a little wider, and have cellulite in the back of my legs. I just want to not feel so bad all the time and find a workout that will help me lose the fat in my abs and the cellulite in my legs. I just want my summer beach body back and I want to feel better about myself. If there is any advice you can give me, I would appreciate it.

  42. I sometimes struggle to eat 1200 calories a day, and I’m not trying to starve myself at all, I just find that I’m often satisfied, even full at daily calorie intakes as low as 800, and usually have to resort to eating junk food to reach 1200.
    I am in the normal weight range, exercise almost daily (even if I don’t do a workout, I walk at least 30mins a day), my doctor says I’m very healthy, I don’t feel weak or ever faint, and I am almost never sick.
    I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s because I’m vegan and eat healthy overall that most of my meals are low calorie but very filling? MyFitnessPal keeps yelling at me for not eating enough but it’s hard for me to eat if I’m not hungry. Any advice?

  43. Hi there!

    I was wondering, if I’m still in the process of losing weight should I also be doing ab workouts or is it not necessary? Because I seem to have a very flabby stomach, not very tight and I want to tone it but I’m not sure if I need to lose more weight first in order to do so. Also, I love your cardio workouts! Keep them coming :)

  44. hey cassey! i’ve been loving your youtube videos! i done them for about..3 months and got some results since i suck at keeping a clean diet. i really want to lose fat in my thighs and get some nice abs. should i just do tons of cardio and lose fat first? or should i just do an equal amount of cardio and pilates and lose some fat and gain muscle? please help!

  45. my wrists always hurt when doing the tricep exercises, is there something I can do for that?

  46. neha rizvi says:

    casseyyyyyyyyy :) thanks for ur bikini body pic :).. u r like lets say my workout goddess :).. and when i saw that pic it restored and replenished my motivation to work harder and eat clean ( i had been slacking for almost 2 weeks :( ) but yes thank you soo so so much and keep up the ”exc-spendi-aboulus” work needless to say u r perfect :)
    <3 always .

  47. Hey Cassie, I was wondering if doing POP Pilates can make you more flexible, or does only streching do that?

  48. Hi Cassey,
    I have quite big hips, whats is the best way to loose weight off my hips?

  49. Hi Cassey,
    I have to start out with YOUR AMAZING!!!! I only have been doing your vid’s now for about 2 months but I am already seeing results and losing weight with my cardio workout I do at the gym plus pilates every day! I see this amazing pic of you now in the heels and that’s the look I am going for as well. I weigh 158lbs. but have been steady losing weight and EATING CLEAN =) Super clean actually. Once in a while (like once a week) I have red meat but I see it as more protein and I don’t add any salt EVER!!! My question to you is:
    What moves can I do or vid’s to achieve that super long lean belly of yours now? How can I get those lines on the sides? Not so much a 4 pack is what I want but those 2 lines on the sides is what I am after….lol! Can you help?

  50. hey I was wondering what something fast and easy to make for school lunches?

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