• leaving a track on day 9 .. :P

  • sofi

    Omg! I’m super late to this but I just started the calander. Usually I don’t leave comments, but I remember doing the very first ab workout a week ago and IT KILLED ME. I got through it today without stopping once and am honestly so proud of myself! That’s all lol.

  • Sarah

    I’m still struggling with the ab move where you have to push your legs over your nose. Maybe I need to keep with the abs thing, because leg pushes are not my strong suit. Day 9 done!

  • Kinda

    Thanks Cassey it is great website, and really I am seeing difference each day

  • Dawn

    Woke up this morning and could totally notice how much my core has improved and abs tightened! Pumped for today’s work out and many more to come!

  • Es

    Cassey THANK YOU! Really, I never want to exercise. Even today I was like “forget it, I just want to relax” but I looked at the videos and it’s only 20 minutes! I thought “C’mon, you have to do this. It’s only 20 minutes!” Thank you for making the workouts short and fun. And short! It really keeps me motivated! Haha it’s hard to make excuses when it’s only <30 minutes of your day ^^

    • Cathy N.

      Haha you got me at 20 mins! I totally agree with you! Short length workout videos are so motivating!

  • Alison

    Loving this. Thank you Cassey!

  • Maggie

    After nine days, I’m almost to the point where I can do the roll ups without my legs flailing about! They barely came off the ground while doing the first video!