• Abril

    Last week was the first time I’d done the total body workout and I had to stop at least once with every movement. This time I didn’t stop once although it was still quite hard.

  • Victoria Rodrigues

    video 2 realy made me feel like a looser my midsection is no ,where near as strong to do this excercises. i did a few :-(

  • Brooklyn Brewer

    Finally made it to day 8! Glad to see some vids repeating. Obviously my abs aren’t very strong yet, but I definitely feel my neck still straining, even though I’m trying to keep my tummy down. Any suggestions?

  • Laura Badham

    I am struggling to maintain balance during some of the exercises, would you have any movements I could practice every day to help strengthen my balance?

  • Sarah

    Day 8 done! Still struggling with some of the moves in the total body video, so I’m glad we keep revisiting it to see how much stronger I’m getting! The 100 wrkout was tough and I could only keep up with like 7 of the moves. Baby steps!

  • Charlotte

    I’m FINALLY on week 2! It’s taken me about a month to get here as I can’t keep up with the everyday calendar due to my crazy job and the fact that I really wanted to master each video before I moved onto the next one! Although I’m young I have problems with my hips and I was advised to start Pilates to help strengthen my muscles. I couldn’t manage work around the gym classes so finding Blogilates online has been a life saver! I can feel myself getting stronger now and I love how the stretching videos make me feel so good and alive. Thank you Cassie for the inspiration and hello to all the beginners out there like me! :) xx

  • Alison

    Coming into today tired but got it done! Second video was way too fast for ,but did as much as I could!

  • Phaedra

    Hi Cassie! I was doing the original beginners calendar and then I switched to this one and I was wondering what the difference is and if its going to effect the progress I was/am making? Thanks! :)

  • Kimberly

    feeling stronger but having a heck of a time downloading the videos, haven’t even been able to get the first one done. I had to scroll through the frames and just do the exercises myself. thank goodness we’ve already done this one.

  • adhya

    WOW!! these exercises look so good!! i bet you worked really [email protected] P.S ilysm!! :)

  • Jumala

    Second video almost killed me!:) You are doing great job here! Thanks for all:) After one week completed I fell much better – have more energy and new view on life! Because every day is something new and because it’s really available for beginners I always wait for next day to start it with you! Greetings from Poland!

  • Done! This one was also hard! x

  • Allena

    Day 8 complete!
    Even though it’s only been 8 days, I’m already feeling stronger than when I first started. Gotta keep going !

  • Kennedy

    What am i doing wrong? in the leg exercises my hip hurts? am i suppose to feel the leg workout in my abs too?

    • Jessica

      I get pain in my hips as well, I personally have wide hips, and I also have problems with my hip flexors. You should mainly be feeling this in your butt as well as your outter thigh. As you get stronger, your hips shouldn’t hurt as much. Try changing the angle of the upper leg by turning it out more or less.

  • Seren Gómez

    Oh…my…(breath)…god! Let’s go for more!!!! i feel positive :D

  • Katie

    Anyone else experiencing really loud and horrible popping in their hips during the star exercise? I couldn’t do it. Suggestions??

    • Mariana SB

      Yes!! My hips pop insanely! Especially the left one! I feel like that can’t be doing any good to my hips or the top of the femur, but I don’t know what to do about it and I can’t only work my right leg! I need suggestions too, otherwise I’ll end up with a problem there when I’m older :0

      Great day though, feeling really tired! :D

  • Eli

    Second video was. So. Hard… :(

  • Sarah

    Day 8 done !! I’m so happy ! I have to keep going !!

  • D

    Day 8 done !!!