• Sarah

    Day 6 done for me! My boyfriend wanted to watch the butt challenge workout (he’s a butt guy) and held the phone for me above my face so I could see! Love getting him involved and showing him I’m on my way to looking better for myself and for him :)

  • Elizabeth

    Anyone else do that buttiful one with a toddler sitting on ya? My little guy thought mommy needed more intensity I guess. Lol

  • Joao Brito

    hello Cassey Ho you are all 100% american you look a little bite chinese or Japanese ??

  • Joao Brito

    acabei este dia e ache pouco e bom fazer logo a seguir o dia 7 ???

  • Joao Brito

    no ultimo exercício senti muito as costas em baixo e as pernas e não tanto o Rabo isso e mau ???

  • Joao Brito

    ola Cassey Ho sou de portugal e gosto de ver e fazer os teus exercicios comecei a fazer para ter um corpo melhor e para me sentir melhor por isso muito obrigado pelos videos que metes e as coisas que ensinas

  • Baitongntn

    I love today workout sooooo much. Such a pumped-up energy booster!!!

  • Sandy

    I loved today’s workout. It’s giving my abs a very much needed break while working out areas that aren’t sore yet. Plus the stretches are just wonderful in opening up my sore muscles.

    Week one done! I almost gave up on day 4, but if I can get through one week, I can get through another week right?

  • Alison

    Da 6 done! Loved today!

  • Pola

    Wow day 6 done!! I fell in love w/ these stretches :) Thanks Cassey!!

  • Anonymous

    Omg this felt great! Thank-you Cassey! Barely managed yesterday’s workout but plowing through with it!

  • Alaina

    Holy Smokes! The only thing that kept me going through that Butt Challenge video is my love for that song! haha such a hard butt workout!

  • Kimberly

    Love feeling worked out with no foot pain!

  • Natasha

    Wow I’m surprised I made it through the What Makes You Bootyful Workout! I’m feeling pumped after struggling yesterday! My booty’s sore already but I’m lovin’ it :D

  • The second video looks so easy but damn, it thurts!
    Still love the feeling x

  • Chea

    Uuuurgh, I’m trying really hard to stay strong going through! I’ve started the calendar a few times, but never made it all the way through. Abs are murdering me from the last few days, but I’m trying to stay strong! Urgh >_<

    • Hailey

      You can do it! Keep pushing through :)

  • Nicole

    My favorite day so far? So glad Cassey makes these fun! Day 6 done!

  • D

    Day 6 done !!!! last video killed me xD .

  • Lizzy

    the What makes you Bootyful Butt Challenge Video is not available :/

  • Eli

    Today was amazing, iT helped me het over te pain i felt in my whole body from the excessiefst of day 5! Ready for day 7 (i think?)

  • Jessica

    Whoo! Yay! Day six complete *Collapse*

  • ibty

    Ahhhhhhh my butt

  • gwen geelen

    my ass hurts!!!!!

  • Kicca

    completato!!!!ho il sedere in fiamme!!!!aiuto ahah

  • LORI

    DAY 6 COMPLETED!!! Love every bit of the workouts!!

  • Fanni

    OMG!! :D I’m so tired but i like iit :D

  • Nikki

    That was GREAT!!!!!

    You should do a butt one to All About that Bass

    • Ainhize

      ahahhaah yeaah that would definetly be a good one!

  • stephanie souza

    Omg, best day! day 6 done done done !

  • Vendy- Czech republic

    Hii, you’re the best!! I love youre workouts i feel pain and it’s good!!

  • Day Siiiiix! Done Done Done!!! :D LOVE IT <3

  • My Favorite Day XD I totally love today’s workout :D Whooooooo!

  • Aliah

    Today was so amazing I loveeeeeed it so much, i dropped a couple times with the butt exercise but i still felt it and still feel it. I can’t explain how much I love pop pilates

  • Mary

    I loved it! Do more 1D workouts! It makes it so much easier to get through when I know when it will end :) This was one of my best days! Also, I love the stretching videos! Do more of those!