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  • Victoria Rodrigues

    ok one feedback part three realy got me frustrated. the excercice to lift yur but with your legs and slowly come down when your core is still unballaced is not ok. i fell down like a brick everytim I came down with a painfull back now :-(

  • Victoria Rodrigues

    yey reached day 5 only the calender is not the same as this rep but still happy and feeling energized to go and wake up my three kids and start the day .-) I CAN DO THIS

  • Sarah

    This was a hard day for me. I work earlier today so I was enjoying that pick me up workout. But seriously sweating by the end of the second video and struggling in the third. Like you guys said, I couldn’t even complete the last move. Strength will come with time!

  • Brandy

    This is actually my second time through the beginner calendar (I did the 2.0 and didn’t feel that I was strong enough to start the regular calendar yet) and today was a killer. I couldn’t do the last move at all! Don’t be discouraged if you are having a hard time, you will get there! I may not be able to do some of these moves, but I have noticed a big difference in my overall strength level and that’s all that matters.

  • Michi

    Wow I really can’t do the last move on the crazy core workout video!! I tried lifting my legs up and stretching it behind but I ended up pulling a shoulder muscle :( was I doing it wrong?

    • Paige

      I would like to think that it’s due to inflexibility and lack of strength. I couldn’t do that last one either. A lot of these made me feel really weak. But remember, we are all beginners at the start. I don’t think that we are expected to do these perfectly. We just need to do the best we can.

  • Sandy

    Unlike the last few days, I couldn’t finish these workout in full, even the movements I had no trouble with before. I had to stop so many times because my abs were killing me! I just finished day 6 and thankfully those were a lot less intense after day 5.

  • Chloe

    Day 5 of the Beginner’s Calender for POPsters and I am currently loving it, Thank you. Hopefully by the end of this i will see some results.

  • Vasu

    Wow..My abs are on fire. I stopped a multiple times in between but managed to complete all the videos somehow. Looking forward for day 6.

  • Vasu

    Wow..My abs are on fire. I stopped a multiple times in between but managed to completed all the videos somehow. Looking forward for day 6.

  • Today my mind just was not in it and I kept giving up as soon as it became too hard for me! Anyone else struggling with this? I still feel it though!!! My abs are on fire!

    • Kamilla

      Me too. I had to stop multiple times, but I finished it somehow. Hopefully we’ll get better :)

    • Kamilla

      Me too, I had to stop multiple times.But I finished it somehow, and hopefully we’ll get better :) Just don’t give up!

  • Alison

    Had my husband join me this morning. Boy was he surprised what I have been doing every morning!

  • Teagan

    During the exersize in the second video when we were on our elbow my shoulder was hurting really bad. Any suggestions?

  • Lauren

    That was so hard! I am a bit disappointed since I couldn’t do the last rep. But I’m just going to keep pushing through this!

  • Anonymous

    When I tried to do the core workouts I kept on straining my neck and felt like I was working the wrong places. Clearly I lack the core strength to perform these moves. I feel so discouraged I don’t know what I should do. :(

    • Alexis

      don’t give up! I had a hard time at first but I kept trying and I can literally feel myself getting stronger every day that I work out. I know it’s hard and I know how it feels to want to quit because it’s too difficult but it’s only foor a little while and I know you can do it :)