• Sarah

    Has anyone else had the issue while doing the bubble butt video about their knees hurting while in tabletop? I tried putting a small pillow underneath but I felt like it ruined my balance. Any ideas?

    • Lizz

      Try a folded up yoga mat or planket instead of a pillow

  • I just looove the quiet cardio workout!!! I’m doing it all the time now!
    Thank u Cassey, you’re really inspiring and motivating!

  • Sierra

    day 4 done! Holy macrole those Stretches killed me! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • camille

    Day 4 completed !!
    The flexibily workout is so HARD !!
    I have a lot of work and i love it =)

  • Alison

    Loved the bubble butt!

  • Isabel

    Day 4 complete, LOVE LEG WORKOUTS! Wanna look good for prom!

  • Paris

    Am I the only one that likes feeling the burn after the bubble butt workout?!

  • Jarde

    Dear Cassey,

    My wife has told me almost 2 years now to try pilates but as a typical former professional athlete I totally neglected this workout…Now she managed to get me try the 30 days challenges and my god, this is not only hard as f..k also extremely fun and challenging. The weight of my own muscles are killing me. After all the training in the gym and in volleyball exercises I can honestly say that this is one of the best method to train. Your videos are not only inspirational but also offers me a great challenge to explore the strenghts and weaknesses of my own body.

    I cant remember the last time my upper and lower abs were this sore! I love it11 Just by changing the degree on where I hold my legs I can increase the strenght needed for doing the exercise. People who only train in gym and lift heavy weights truly miss the whole meaning of full body exercise. When I will start to coach children again I’m damn sure to put this “Alphabet” ab train in part of the exercises. So simple yet extremely harsh as it shows realyl fast how good or bad ones abs are.

    Thank you so much. Keep up the good work!

    With best regards,

  • Shay

    I am only a teen, and im overweight (which makes me really insecure) so im kinda happy that ive gotten to day four because its not like me to stay focused on a daily exercise program thing.

    • Isabel

      Keep it going! Trust me a lot can change just in four weeks! SO YOU CAN DO IT! :)

  • Suzi

    Thanks you so much! I’m on day four of the beginners workout and feel amazing allready! Can’t wait to see what I feel like in the last day! Good job to everyone who is doing this challenge too!

  • Kimberly

    wow, I feel old and fat. Couldn’t really do that bent over run in the cardio section and during the grasshopper I’m pretty sure I was only moving in my mind. But still plugging away. I love that the plan tells me what to do each day.

  • Sam


  • I just did day 4 :)
    thanks for the video’s

  • D

    Day 4 done !!!!! sooo readt for day 5 :D

    • Stefanie

      right there with you eowwww I am sore but good sore!! :)

  • Sarah

    Day 4 done ! I’m feeling so good right now ! I’m ready to get fit, healthy and stronger. Thank’s Cassey ! ♥

  • leah

    Thanks Cassey!
    i’m struck by how busy you must be! making videos, fb, instagram, twitter and your fashion line… way to go! you are inspiring not just in fitness but in the way you follow your dream and make things happen!