Day 3


  1. I feel mostly back pain during the ab workouts, especially the ones that target the lower abs. I keep checking my posture and I think I am doing it right for the most part. My abs don’t burn during the workout and they aren’t sore the next day though.

  2. am i the only one who doesnt feel any pain what so ever while doing these workouts?

  3. I DID IT !!! yes !
    3rd day of you programme for begginners 1.0 !
    so proud of me

  4. Day 3 done! Came into today sore and was glad it was a less intense workout! Ready for the next few weeks!

  5. Caslanthe says:

    Day 3 done – today my cat joined, so I did part of exercises with encumbrance hanging on my legs, yay! ^^

  6. Loved the warmup so much I did it twice! 2015 is going to be my year~

  7. Day 3 done! This was a much needed break from day 2! Yesterday was crazy! This won was soooo fun though! Cant wait for tomorrow!

  8. Day 3 is also done ! :D

  9. What a relief, I kept worrying that I was failing so badly at a beginners move – it was especially tough this morning after doing abs yesterday! But I’ll push on then :)

  10. For me too! I thought I was not going to make it with yesterday’s ABC abs.

  11. The same here! I think I’ll be able to follow the regular calendar starting January the 10th probably :D.

  12. hey! i have heard several times that its ok that your feet lift at first, you should go on without using anything, you will eventually be able to do it without lifting your feet, and you with be able to notice right away when that happens if you do it like that, good luck!! and keep up the great work!

  13. Day 3 done! yay

  14. Woah! I’m a teenager way out of shape and I’m already on day three. I am so proud to say that I am feeling confident already and feel more motivated than ever!

  15. Ambar Sepulveda says:

    Omg this is my 3rd day and it’s complete…. the day 2 was hard, but this day was less hard hahaha thanks for your help! it’s amazing! I’m will have a nice body for my holidays!
    P.S: I’m from Chile
    XOXO <3

  16. Day 3 done ! I’m so motivated right now to get fit and healthy !

  17. Day 3 done! I am happy to say that i did not feel like crying after these workouts!

  18. Wow, this was so much easier for me than yesterday’s :D

  19. Hahaha

  20. Done! I thought I was going to have a rough time after doing my C25K run just before these day 3 workouts but nope! I like having a workout plan for after my runs. Feeling great!

  21. Day 3 done!!

  22. help me lift ****

  23. okay, just did the roll ups!
    do you think its okay if i put my feet under something to help me life myself for the roll up??
    cause every time i do it, my feet end up on the air

  24. Boom! Day 3 done. :) This seemed shorter than the rest. Is that just me?

  25. Day 3 is done!!! Managed to push through and I feel FANTASTIC right now! Gotta love getting that blood pumping!

  26. I’m just sooo excited!! Cause the past two days I couldn’t do any roll up appropriately, and it was really frustrating!! But for today’s workout it was much easier!! And I’m really motivated because of that :D

  27. stephanie souza says:

    Day 3 done!

  28. Awesome thanks I had the same question

  29. Roll ups are in the first and second videos :)

  30. What are rollups

  31. Day 3 was great, I even did the cardio twice :D

  32. I just finished DAY 3! I’m feeling pumped!

  33. I think it’s ok I’m 15 and I do them

  34. You can be any age! I’m 15 and I do these workouts :)

  35. should i be the age of 18 to do these workouts or can i do them at the age of 13??

  36. Brooke. :) says:

    I did it.. :) Day 3.

  37. Finished day 3!! I am loving these!

  38. Yaaay ! Day 3, done ! Loved these videos !

  39. I love your workouts so much and it has helped me so much. Even though at times i feel like collapsing onto the ground just being in the same presence (sort of) as you just makes my motivation rise. thank you so much !

  40. This is probably the first work out EVER that I’ve pushed through without taking a break or collapsing on the floor halfway through, I’m very proud of myself :)

  41. DONE!!! DAY 3. i though the side teaser towards the end was the harderest. but i tried. That’s what matters!

  42. Finished day 3!! YAY :-)

  43. Is it enough to do these videos once a day? Or are we supposed to do them a few times? :o I don’t have much time to work out so I’m fine with short work outs but will I still see results if I only do them once?

  44. Whew! day 3 done!

  45. Day 3 done and i feel great! I’m full of energy thank you very much Cassie! :D

  46. Day three complete! I was so sore from yesterday but weird enough working out today made it feel better. Looking forward to day 4.

  47. Day three done!! i didbt think i was gonna do it because my baby is sleeping and didnt wanna wake her but i did it!! yay!!

  48. It will take at least a week or two for the strength in your core to build up. Please don’t expect changes overnight, you have to work a bit longer for it.

  49. Cardio is good for your health, it’s okay to do it even if you’re thin! :)) But eat and rest well!

  50. Day 3 done. I feel like the third day was the hardest to motivate myself to do so far since I lost that initial inspiration that made me want to start this. And even though I was sick all day I sucked it up and did it and I’m proud. :)

  51. its day 3 but when i exercise my body is still shaking, is it normal?

  52. Angela Terreros says:

    I just can´t wait for tomorrow… I love this so much !!! i feel that i have so much energy…i want make it all !!! Thanks Cassey

  53. Noneofyourbussiness says:

    I just do it with casey

  54. jasmine ali says:

    yaaaay ,, Day 3 wasn’t hard after all , i am so excited for day 4

  55. Hi! I do usually do the videos twice then go on a fast paced walk/jog. It really gets my heart rate up and I always feel energized afterwards.

  56. Day 3 down omg! I feel soooo good :)! It isn’t really HARD or anything and it doesn’t make my muscles die any more. I repeated the first day until I was able to master it, then I did 2nd day (I didn’t like it because it made my back and arms hurt and I have issues there) so I repeated it twice only, might go back to it later when my core is stronger. And now I’m going to repeat this workout again today later and move to day 4! :)!!! Love it SO MUCH.

  57. Plzzzz helppp, i am sooo thin and i am doing workoUts to get energized, today i finished day2, SHOULD I DO THE FAT BURNING CRADIO TMWW ????? HEEELLPPPP PPLLZZZZZZZZZ FASSSTT !!!!!!

  58. Just got done with day 3! It was fun! I feel like I’m body or stomach is not burning hard enough but I know the next i will feel it!! Fun! I’m glad I force myself to feet up and do this workout! Can’t stop yet!

  59. Just finished Day 3 and it was super fun – my stepdaughter even tried to get in on the moves! Very fun and I’m excited for tomorrow’s workout! :)

  60. So awesome. I was at work dreading to do todays workout my abs are so sore. But I am glad I had enough brain power to go ahead and throw on the video. What a great warm up and short but powerful session.

  61. I think that it’s because this is a beginner work-out calendar yes. The normal video’s that Cassey makes are a lot more advanced so it’s only natural that this feels a bit easy! If you think that these work-outs aren’t enough for you though you can always try to make them a bit harder for yourself or do them a few extra times?

  62. Started the beginner’s calendar on Tuesday so I just finished day 3 today! Feeling good. I’m brand new to this site and I’m really enjoying it so far! :)

  63. #3 Day is done! :D Yupi yay! :D This Cardio Warmup is just amazing! :D I did it only 2 times, but next time I’ll do it few more, ’cause it just great! And it’s so positive :D I’m pumped up with so much positive energy :) So next step to great body is done ;) I can feel the difference already :D

  64. Can anybody reply to me as to how many times do we have to repeat the exercises? Or do we have to just do with Casey? Then it does not amount to 60 minutes. Please help me out here. I am excited for this and have started out with the Beginner’s Calendar and on Day 3 currently :*

  65. Wow! Nice workout!!

  66. I just finished day 3 and I’m so confused! I’ve previously done Casey’s newer blogilates videos and they make me DRIP sweat. However, when I started the calendar, day one and day three didn’t make me sweat much at all! Day two however, made me sweat a bit more. Can anyone tell me if it’s because I may not be working hard enough or if it’s because it’s a beginner’s calendar? Thanks! BTW, LOVED YOUR VIDEOS CASEY! ♥

  67. Loved the cardio so much that I did it 5 times!! So much fun and not half as bad as I expected :)

  68. sophianna says:

    I used To hatee cardio workouts but that workout change my life <3 thank youu..!
    Blogilates day 3 checked √

  69. Day 3 complete! Todays work out was a lot easier than I expected. The word CARDIO just makes me want to cry but it was good! Think it was just an 2 easy workouts though rather than me actually getting better at it! :/

  70. YAY! Day #3! even more excited for day #4! :D loving it!

  71. Loved the banana move!

  72. 3 day done !! OMG i feel so proud of myself !!

  73. Hey everyone, do you guys do these videos more than once per day? I am just starting the beginners calendar (day 3!) and want to make sure I’m doing what is recommended (I have been doing each video on each day’s page once)? In combo with clean eating, cardio 3x a week, and this calendar, has anyone seen results in the first month?


  74. Wuhu, I don’t think I’ve ever stuck with any workout plan for more than 2 days, so this is awesome! And i absolutely loved the Ana Caban workout, it was so nice and calm, but packed with intense workouts, hidden in pretty looking moves. Can’t wait for tomorrow :)

  75. Day 3 COMPLETE! My abs have been hurting since day 1. I hope there is a little break on ab/core work because it’s a little too much for me when my core hurts all day :/ Although at least I’m feeling progress.

  76. Annabell Shana C. says:

    First time doing roll ups the right way and legs straight up in the air. can’t believe it. But i know why……. Cassey’s phrase, “train like a beast and look like a beauty”. I’ve never pushed myself like this in my life and i’ve done pilates a lot of times. but in 3 days!!! increadiable. love you Cassey. Thank you!!!

  77. Annabell Shana C. says:

    i thought she was killing me on day 2. goinng back, y our awesome. its a thought for me to possibly do again…….

  78. I literally failed at the banana exercise. how did they even touch their toes with their fingers?!

  79. Jamy I am 51 and also like you I used to work out a lot but this is a new start for me too. I am only on day 4

  80. Good for you Hayley! Keep up the good work…I know you can do it! Happy Senior Year! Here’s to a healthier and happier YOU!!

  81. So I just completed day 3 of the beginners calendar and let me tell you, I LOVE these workouts! I am not a fan of working out but I am loving blogilates :) I struggled with the 2nd video on day 2. So I am going to try and go back to that until I can do it! Great workouts!!

  82. Hayley, that’s so inspiring that you actually DID that at one point! That’s such a huge success for you! I know what a monster depression and anxiety can be…I struggle with depression in a huge way, too. But you already won by knowing what to do and how to do it! Jump back on it, and train like a beast! I’m with you, sister!!!

  83. Oh!! And thank you for the warmup video!! It helped a lot.

  84. Had a great time today! Day 3!!!! Remembering to keep it graceful helps me stay in the move and do it correctly. It’s like floor ballet lol looking forward to day 4!

  85. I lost over 50 pounds in 5 months previously doing blogilates (I went from 250 at 16 years old to 196), but unfortunately some rough things happened in my life, my depression and anxiety worsened, I went back to school, and fell off track. I unfortunately gained almost all of it back (my starting weight several days ago was 240), so here I am again, trying to relive a healthy lifestyle. It’s kind of disappointing to look back and remember how easy it was to do videos like the one with Ana Caban before, and how I did the Kettlebell/Burpee burn out several times and what not, and now see myself struggle. But that just is more motivation for me to go back to how happy and healthy I was before.

    Thank you so much, Cassey. You’re going to help me make the best out of my senior year of high school, and the best out of myself.

  86. Today was my day 3 and it was awesome hurt like heck but amazing! (:

  87. Yo también soy española!! Acabo de terminar los vídeos del día 3 y tengo agujetas en músculos que no sabía ni que existían…
    Mucho ánimo chicas! :)

  88. Yikes! Starting day three, and my abs are still on fire from yesterday’s ab workout! I have been working out with Tae Bo and Jillian Michaels DVDs, but this is just as intense! Thanks you Cassie!

  89. I just finished day #2 of the beginners work out Hailey and Jasmine. Is there room for another work out partner? I’m 56, and USED to be good about working out when younger. This is a new start for me and I really need to stick with this! I can use all the encouragement I can get! It seems like a great workout. Cassie is very upbeat, the workouts seem to go by fast and I like the reminders of proper form along the way. I hope I can stay the course. Goodluck to you both.

  90. I would love to be your workout encouraging partner!! lets hold each other accountable! once you can get through this month working out everyday will just be a routine. even after 2 weeks you’ll get into a routine of wanting to workout everyday!

  91. Starting day 3 of the beginners calendar today and I’m sore but I’m loving it! these work outs are fun, easy but they really do work you. I’m new to working out on a regular basis I think 3 days in a row is usually my cut off but i’m trying to change that. Anyone want to be work out/ encouragement partners??

  92. Not only you dear! My shoulders are sore and my upper back and also both sides of my waist. and my legs too. I don’t know if this is normal. But you’re not alone. ;)

  93. I am going to start blogging my day of what I eat and doing to August Blogilates work outs which will hopefully help me stay on track if anyone wants to watch any of my videos I plan on posting one tonight=] LoveKellyLyn

  94. I just finished day 3 too and I love it! We got this girl. Love these workouts Cassey thanks a bunch!!!!

  95. I am on day 3 of the beginner’s calendar and have noticed that my lower back is sore. Is that just my muscles working, or am I doing something wrong? I’m also having some pain in my collar bone. Can someone tell me if this is normal? Thanks!

  96. Hi!
    So, I broke my metatarsal in my foot 6 weeks ago, and currently have a walking boot. I want to get in shape even though I can’t walk much, or hike or bike etc… or get to the gym (all things I love!). I started the beginner’s calendar the other day (wanting to do it religiously), but realized I’m going to have some issues! I need advice on what type of exercises to do in place of things like the cardio moves for day 3, etc that require jumping, squatting, or stretched out on toes (I can’t do any of that yet!). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :) –Skipping Gimpy Girl

  97. Anyone else on day 3? I just started the beginners calender and I feel great! Let’s do this together!

  98. Hey, I can’t do the workout move where you life up your leg with one hand on the floor, because it really hurts. Is that normal?

  99. Uee otra española! :)
    Jajaj yo tambien tengo agujetas, y de momento me siento bien, a ver cuando aumentemos la intensidad…

  100. I can’t do the other exercises in the second video properly but i hope it gets better :)

  101. Cadie Hockenbary says:

    I love love LOVE this!! I’m officially a blogilates fan! It’s simple and I can get it done before work! Thank you for creating this!

  102. Carolina says:

    Saludos desde España! Yo también estoy siguiendo estas rutinas y me va muy bien. Acabo de hacer el día 3 y me siento bien, aunque me duelen varias partes del cuerpo, malditas agujetas! Jajaja. Hay alguna española por aquí? Seguro que sí, que comente y nos desahogamos! =)

  103. Do you recommend eating or drinking anything before a workout? I never know what I should be doing before I workout other than stretching? And tips? And so far Day 3 I am loving this!

  104. Kaitlyn Carpenter says:

    Girl just finished your 1000 squat challenge and the song that got me through the end was Break Free by Ariana Grande and Zedd! Could you please do a workout challenge to that song I’m obsessed!!! Thank you so much for everything<3

  105. I’m on day 3 also wow it is challenging. I would like to lose 25 pounds. And I also like pilates because I feel like it can help me have a lean toned body. I’m looking to be pencil thin but I’d like to be a stronger healthier version of myself. Pilates allows you to use your own body weight to strengthen and lengthen those muscles. i’d like to add walking or running. How did you work up to running a mile? or have you always been a runner?

  106. Just finished day 3 workouts first thing in the morning and did the “Toned Arms & Sculpted Back POP Pilates | Cocktail Dress Series” workout as well! Now time for shower and breakfast, feeling good :)

  107. i feel good!!!! duh nuh nuh nuh nuh haha im sweating and i feel great knowing that im doing something for my body (:

  108. Hi Sophie!
    I agree!! When I saw the banana move I was like…”nope, not going to happen” :D Hope it gets better because these moves are really hard to do for me.

  109. Hi Kandice, nice to meet you!

    Are you trying to lose weight or just a fan of pilates? Is there a way we can talk more easily because I’ve love to have somebody doing this with me.

  110. I am on day 3 as well! Great how many beginners there are!

  111. I just finished day 3 also. The cardio warmup wasn’t bad at all, but I had a really hard time balancing for the banana move in the second video, I was rolling all over my mat!

  112. Kandice Grantham says:

    I am on day 3 too! You workout earlier than I do, but we can help keep each other on track and make sure that we get our workout in each day. I usually do a mile run before all the workouts; I’m trying to work up to 2 or 3 miles everyday but we baby steps!

  113. Day3 almost done! It’s killing me but I will not stop.
    Anyone else on day3? Let’s do this together!?

  114. Day 3 feels amazing, I feel guilty if I even think about not doing it now, falling back into routine and gladly health holds vito over eating junk, I’m starting to feel in control again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

  115. Christina says:

    Me too! This is just what I needed :)

  116. just finished day 3 and im feeling great :) cant wait for the 4 weeks to come :p

  117. Michelle says:

    Today was so fun^^
    I loved it and I’m so exited for tomorrow :)

  118. I love this! Thank you so much. It’s so much fun and I’m already seeing results! :)

  119. New here and day 3 complete! Feels so good and the warm up is fun too!
    But I felt nothing at the banana move ):

  120. Just completed Day 3! I’m feeling very good. I’m also very impressed that on Day 1 I could already feel the soreness and now it’s triple. I can already see results. Can’t wait to complete the 4 weeks. :) You’re amazing Cassey. :)

  121. Charlene Bovent says:

    Love day three warm up puts me in a good mood oh yeah

  122. Day 3 complete! Loving the sore ab feelingggg!!

  123. This day was definitely what I needed. I was so meh about failing a little yesterday, but from the warm-up on I was so excited today! I have done the warm-up twice and I may include in other day’s just to motivate myself. Thank you Cassey!

  124. Day 3 and lovin’ the warm up.

  125. Good Job! Me to day 3 gave me the confidence to keep going. You go girly! :)

  126. I loved day 3 it was so fun!!! Those bananas and twists were hard. Lets get fit together guys, you’re doing great.

  127. whew! I am new. Day 3 was the first time I felt like maybe I can stick with this! Loving Cassey, just frsutrated with my own body. Here’s to another day!

  128. Abrielle says:

    DAY 3 IS THE BEST <3

  129. Agnieszka says:

    I did it yesterday. Cardio was very easy and second video wasn’t hard too. So I also did 3 videos from Tiffany Rothe for fat burning. I hope that today I will be much more tired :) But I love your excercises for that they make me much more flexible :) Thank you!
    Greetings from Poland! :)

  130. So did I!!! I ended up looking like a fish out of water!!!

  131. the cardio was fast and easy. i get a lot of hip pain doing most of the leg lifting parts….hm

  132. Love, love love the cardio warmup. This is my second time doing the Beginner’s Calendar (I’ve been lazy) and I gave you a shoutout on my blog ( because this is just amazing and is really helping me tone my body. Love you so much Cassey!

  133. I always do the fat burning cardio workout before the calendars workouts it really gets me ready to go thanks cassey!!

  134. Elizabeth says:

    Day 3 is done, I think it was much easier than the past 2 days. I could even do a roll-up today with out much assistance!

  135. Briannaflemings says:

    I really like the banana twist or twists in the second vid

  136. Just finished day 3! I agree it was easier than the previous two days.
    But I was wondering if it’s normal to feel pain right in the middle of you thighs. Also, in that exercise Ana do small circles with one leg at a time… I just can’t do it, before I even start doing it that part of your hips responsible for moving your legs hurts, it has happend before with other exercises that moves exactly that part of my body: is it just a “weak” part or is something wrong with me?

  137. Day 3! Go me! Feeling better already!

  138. i agree i think day is easier to follow too..
    keep it up guys!! lets do this together :D

  139. Day 3 done! I thought this was much easier than the last 2 days.

  140. Danielle says:

    i really love this work out!

  141. I really liked the cardio warmup! it was fun and energizing :) Thanks Cassey!

  142. I absolutely sucked at the second video today; I could barely get any of the moves done! Oh well, on to tomorrow!

  143. Me too! So accurate!

  144. :) you start in a crouch position, after that you go into a plank, then back into the crouch and then you jump up high. it’s not a good description but i hope i was able to help you :)

  145. i can’t do the “slide, reach the toe position”(forgot the name).

    on my 5th day!!!—-its hard!

  146. maryrose says:

    DAY 3!
    i cant keep smiling while doing tye cardio, so much fun!
    yey! my fat is cying right now. lol

  147. Dedtiny says:

    Wow! Did the first video twice and afterwards my heart was beating crazy hard and i was definitely sweating. Never thought I could get this kind of workout without equipment!!! Thanks Cassey for all you do!!

  148. Day 2, 6 weeks after my second baby was born. Looking for great pre baby body by mid. July.

  149. Can anyone please tell me what burpees are? Hahaha I have to know for tomorrow’s waking up workout(: Thanks!

  150. Totally agree with out, i could not keep them straight! They were a little bent and sooo shaky. Hopefully it’ll get easier. Here’s to day 4! Good luck!!

  151. The cardio warmup was the best, like I really enjoyed it so much. About the second video, it felt good at the end but I did spent a hard time in those excersices in which I had to keep my legs straight and up in the air, my flexibility sucks.


  152. I am so sore. But after 3 days of these workouts, I can finally do a roll-up without having to go to the side. My core is getting stronger. This is awesome!!

  153. Marieke says:

    Let’s get started with day 3! I’m sooooo sore, but nothing can stop me :-)

  154. Not the first video for today, I meant the one on Day one by the way ^.^

  155. It’s ok to put a little curve in your back (: if you watch the first video, she says it is when she’s explaining. Also, have you tried bending your knees?? That has helped me a lot while I strengthen my core. Hope that helped!

  156. charlotte says:

    On day three now and it seems to be getting a lot easier, my stamina has improved. I feel super motivated and happy with the workouts

  157. Sabrina says:

    Day THREE!seems to be slightly easier than last two days, so I might go over the second video again :

  158. My knees were trying to hurt on the cardio warmup but pushed through and they quit.. So glad my sister talked me into these videos! I fell dormant into a “chunk-funk” far too long. My muscles are waking back up, the roll ups were so hard the first day, but by day 2 and day 3 (today) they were coming easier and easier without struggling grabbing my hips. I look forward to being able to push myself more and more everyday. Short videos that aren’t grueling hours of work make it really easy to get out of the slump and on the track to slimming down and being healthy. <3 these videos thank you so much for all of your time and effort. Ladies keep up the hard work! Focus on what the little changes are everyday that come easier and easier, we're getting there! :)

  159. Okay someone help. When doing some floor workout moves and she says not to let your back arch it is impossible for mine not to arch and come up some. Even when I press my back to the mat, suck in, and use my hands in a triangle under my tailbone. Maybe i just have a bend to my back? Is it harmful to do those moves if i do?

  160. Just finished day 3! Was it just me or did anybody else have trouble doing the kneeling side series? I just ended up hurting my butt and I didn’t really feel it in my abs…

  161. The double leg lift was the one that killed me but my roll ups are so much better now, before i couldn’t do them without grabbing my legs or shaking about, now i can do them with only a little shake and with my arms in the right positions. I’m really loving thins, can’t wait for day 4!

  162. other_side_again says:

    I just finished day 3!!!!!! I am sooooo excited!!! Let’s do this!!! :D

  163. I just finished day 3, but I feel really insecure, because I couldn’t do the sit ups with the legs holding up.. I had to keep hold of my mat, but I want it so bad :-/

  164. I just finished day 3 and I feel great and motivated. I am still having trouble with my rollups but I’m not giving up! Reading the comments on here makes me so happy to be a popster, all of you are wonderful!

  165. Started on this and I’m now on Day Three. Enjoying every bit of it!!

  166. Thank you!
    I decided I’m going to start adding other workouts with the original as well.

  167. Today is also my day three. I am definitely loving these workouts and feeling the difference in my body! Thank You Cassey Ho!

  168. Maybe you have strong abs, strongest than your sister at least, so the exercise was kind of easy for you. Normaly I start to feel the area only the day or a few days after doing the exercise. Hope it was helpfull, go ahead girl! :)

  169. Melissa says:

    My husband has watched me now for two days! Lol day three…he’s working out with me!!! Love it! Thanks! Xoxo

  170. After doing yesterday’s ab workouts (day two) my abs were not sore. I thought I was doing them right so I’m a little confused why my abs are not sore. I did both of the videos and my sister did one video and her abs were sore. Help?!

  171. Lindsey says:

    Rollups are finally getting better… I literally couldn’t do them at first. They’re a little jerky, but we’re getting there.

    I did both of today’s video and thought I could do more… so I did the cardio one again and the Roar ab challenge…. which was kinda brutal but fun. I can’t believe I’m actually enjoying this!! Off to find a stretching video to end this workout with!

  172. Sry i mean Tali ;) i was to fast at scroling.. and saw the wrong name -.-

  173. Hi Hannah
    I also started this beginners calender. Now the day 3 !!
    The most important thing is , that you continue your workout’s.! ;)
    Triy it… and one day you will ROCK all this exercises!! :)
    No matter what it is. It’s always enough. Just do your best..
    Keep going . wish you the best
    Best Greetings from Switzerland ;)

  174. caroline says:

    It was so fun today, I loved iiit ! :D

  175. Thank you and yes it helps a lot :)

  176. Séverine says:

    Hey, I wouldn’t recommend doing the workout at night because your metabolism slow down then, best to do it in the afternoon or first thing in the morning…and I read in different magazine, that for weight loss, doing your workout in the morning is better. I’m actually splitting the workout when possible between morning and afternoon.
    Hope that helps.

  177. yyeeeee.. Finaly i made it to day 3.. i was going to procrastinate today but then i decided to do it nd i really enjoyed today warmup nd i can do rollup a more easier now.. Thank you so much Cassey.. <3 :)

  178. Miriam says:

    Hey, I was just wondering if it would be better to do the workout at night before I go to bed, in the afternoon when I come home from school or first thing in the morning?

  179. Alexandra says:

    Thank you Cassey, I love those workouts, I feel like I’m progressing and empowering myself, they look doable so you don’t give up right away (like sometimes you do when you see some workout videos). Each day I can do more and I love it. Yes my muscles are sore after, but I don’t feel broken after, just tired, and in the morning they’re sore, but once woken up, it’s easier. I can trully mesure how better I am doing by me Roll-Up performance, almost there to do them completely properly. I just have to keep thinking about sucking my belly button in !!

  180. Is it weird that the roll ups were easier this time? 2 days in and they got easier??? I’m loving this! Im feeling great and am ready for tomorrow.

  181. Ashley says:

    I am done with day 3 and so proud of myself. Thank you for these awesome work outs and the calendar makes it so easy to follow!

  182. Day3 of my own may challenge : done!

  183. im currently in the run up to exams and this beginners calender is an amazing way for me to get some stretching and exercise into my days alongside the studying. It is burning my body and I ache a lot but I know that it is working – plus it makes me sit still at my desk while I am studying rather than finding excuses to get up and move around! over all i am loving this!!! THANK YOU!

  184. i have start this and feel like it’s too hard for me. some of the moves i can’t even do Physically. ( what a wake up call). i’m trying my best yet i’m not sure it’s enough.
    i start also Zumba from youtube.

  185. I completely agree! Day 1 and 2 did make me sore, but by this point I also feel a lot more comfortable with the moves and wasn’t tired at the end of either of the videos. Even if it’s not cardio, I like to sweat when I workout! I went ahead and clicked a couple of the video links that show up at the end. Make your workouts your own :

  186. DAY 3: feeling amazing and ready for day4!!

  187. Glad to have made it to day 3. But I’m feeling a LOT of soreness in my inner thigh. Any good ideas on how to relieve it?

  188. Missed day 2, so did the day 2 and 3 workouts in one day to make up for it. I can already hold more positions than day 1 and I feel my muscles getting stronger. Didn’t expect that to happen so soon!

  189. They’re not cumulative – day 3 videos are just for day 3 etc. If you’re sure you’re using correct technique then you might want to jump to the normal monthly calendars ehich are more intense per day, or add some cardio to your day on top of the beginners videos.

  190. Day 3 done! Feeling so good, can’t wait to see the results at the end! already seeing an improvement. Loved the warmup!

  191. I meant day 1 and day 2 weren’t cardio

  192. Hey, I think I understand what you are saying. I also am doing day 1 video only once a day and day 2 for day 2 and so on. But i’m not really sweating and at the moment it’s tough but doesn’t really feel like I did enough. Maybe because it’s not cardio? I’m not too sure :(

  193. yay – i made it thru day 3 :))) i can do the rollups a lot easier now, but whoa my abs are still quite sore!

  194. Harmony says:

    WOW! the cardio workout was AMAZING! day 3 finished and feeling so strong! resisting the urge to weigh in already! I always feel soooo good when I’m eating clean and exercising!

  195. I’m so proud of myself today. I was able to do everything exactly the way they did it. I was sweating but I felt really good. I will keep myself motivated and I hope I finish every workout, so I can start the regular calendar in a month. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PEOPLE!!!! WE CAN DO THIS….. :)

  196. Just finished day 3!
    Am i doing something wrong? so far i’ve been doing each day’s videos once for the day. Am i suppose to repeat them? Like for day three am i suppose to do day three’s videos several times this day? or am i suppose to day one, day two, and day three’s videos today?
    I just feel like i’m not really working out that hard. I only start sweating at the very last few minutes of the video…

  197. day 3 done! pooh I feel roll up is more easy now :’) gonna keep it up!

  198. Day 3 done :) The fat burning cardio warmup was awesome :) Got the heart rate up!
    And I’ve noticed that my abs are feeling a lot stronger, and I can do the roll ups easier now :D

  199. On man, I can’t do those banana twist things, but I was sweating my butt off trying!!!

  200. Day 3 done! I see everyone’s on track still, great job!!!! We can keep it going, guys!

  201. Claudia says:

    Dooone!! OMG! that last one was a tricky one =P, but right now I’m fully committed with this, so let’s keep doing it!

  202. Bernardett says:

    Day 3 finished! This one was easy! Except for that “banana” move. I couldn’t do it, I kept falling to my sides :( I loved the warm up! <3

  203. Gemmels says:

    Been putting on a little weight lately, so kicking myself back into gear. Thanks for making it fun and inspiring with these workouts. Even though it’s me and a screen, I feel I am not on my own knowing that I am linked up to a community like this. And all for free, too. Cassey, thank you so much.

  204. That’s awesome, Lillian!! I wish I would have started working out in high school. :-)

  205. Yay, day 3 done! i´m so refreshed after that work-out and looking forward on tomorrow :)

  206. Marilyn says:

    Day 3 done! This was a little short, but I’m guessing tomorrow is going to kick my butt..literally! I’ll enjoy a little break today.

  207. Day 3 Done! Feeling good … and so proud of myself.

  208. Done day 3!! Yes I can definitely see that I have gotten better in my roll ups and totally a lot more stronger than the first two days :) Though I’m kinda sad I ate 1 donut today huhuhu, I can really feel as if I’m heavy when I ate that YOLO food. Anyways, excited for day 4~ :D

  209. Pandarage22 says:

    Yay! Day 3 the soreness is going away some. I still need a little help doing the workouts with out shaking so much when it comes to the core. But I’ll get there ^.^. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Cassie your freaking awesome for putting these workouts out to help people =3 =3 =3.

  210. Scuttle says:

    Day 3. Done. I actually really enjoyed the warm up video! It was fun stuff. That last one in the second video killed my abs, but in a good way. I’ve been aching a little, but miraculously have experienced no menstrual cramps the past few days since doing this. I’ll take workout pain any day!

  211. Daniela says:

    Day 3 done.. waiting for day 4

  212. Lillian says:

    Only on day 3 and I already feel more energized! I’m a 16 year old so I attend high school. This morning, I did roll ups at 5:40 am. What a way to start my morning!

  213. Day 3 beginners done !!

  214. Try on carpet! That worked for me!

  215. Wooo! ALREADY able to go from struggling to do the roll ups with beginner’s bent knees.. to doing all 10 (and then some) without lifting my straight legs from the ground! Also, the humor in the cardio warmup was sooo welcome, haha. Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout!! :D

  216. Just finished day 3. I have to say I’ve tried several different videos on youtube. Couldn’t really find a plan that fit my schedule. I’m thankful I came across blogilates. It’s been such a motivation. Can’t wait to finish this month(: Thanks cassie for the awesome videos.

  217. sarah alsaud says:

    Day Three Finished!!!

  218. Kirsteen says:

    Day Three Finished!!!
    Abs are now aching cos I did abc abs twice yesterday trying to get the proper form. But Sore today Strong tomorrow so I’m actually kind of enjoying that!!!
    Did the warm up twice and then the Ana Caban video. I really like the banana move.
    Roll on tomorrow!!!
    P.S. Dreading the burpees ;-)

  219. My roll ups are so much better than they were. I thought it would take ages to do them properly!
    I’m only a teenager so the fact that Pilates is more import to me than my phone is really making me feel happy.
    Ready for Day 4!

  220. Wow! I’m also getting much better with the roll-ups! So satisfying…. I had so much trouble the first day! I too had a lot of soreness, but it’s gotten better today. It probably doesn’t help that we did the double leg ab thing in my yoga class yesterday, but hey. Sore today strong tomorrow, right?? :D

    The only thing I’m wondering… Are we supposed to be doing additional cardio? Or are the cardio videos she supplies sufficient?

    Yay for fitness!! :)

  221. I just finished day 3 after a 30 minutes brisk walk/jog! I’m adding some other workout besides this wonderful 30 day challenge, but my body don’t get that sore! My legs are sore but yesterday’s videos are for abs! Haha Is that okay or should I do the videos again? But yeah, I’m doing the Total Body with Ana Caban again! :)

  222. Hello beginners POP pilates community!

    I am four days in and loving it – something about Cassey makes me want to suffer more. Haha!

  223. Day 3 is done..I found the cardio quite easy, but the second video was a killer..especially the circles and the last move (which I really struggled with as my abs are so sore).

    But on the plus side I managed to do the roll ups properly, which is /a big improvement on day 1, so I’m really pleased about that!

  224. Hi everyone, I just wondering how can I minimize the pain on my tailbone mainly for doing roll ups? :(
    I really want to do it :(( By the way I’m only using mat on wooden floor.



  225. Wow! It’s my third day on the beginners calender and I can already see how much everything is gettig better! I added the Arms on fire and the Drive by Inner thighs workout. Now I feel like dying but it’s I love it!
    Thanks Cassey!

  226. I feel like this day was so much easier! I was really afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do today’s workout because Im so sore from the previous two days, but holy moly! It wasnt that hard at all :)

  227. Shocker!! Day 3 and my roll ups are sooo much better! I was doing them and going ‘wow! I’m doing them!!’ Lol This workout went super quick so I did the routine with Ana Coban twice. The cardio I did only once because of problems with my knee. Looking forward to day 4!

  228. Holy cow. Half the things in the second video caused really bad cramps. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Maybe I shouldn’t have done the cardio first?

  229. I’m doing the beginners calendar and i’m also doing the 30 day yoga challenge from and hula hooping for minutes a day hopefully i will see change soon :) i’m not to paitent lol

  230. Kayla Gardunio says:

    Day 3 done! :) I can’t believe how much improvement I’m seeing already! I can already tell I’m stronger because that last video with ana caban was a lot easier than the previous ones.

  231. OMG Ana Caban!! I started her workouts on VHS!! Love her videos! Awesome workout <3

  232. This is my third day on the beginner’s calendar and I really had a hard time for the first two days, but I’m noticing that I’m slowly getting stronger. Yesterday I couldn’t even pull myself up into a rollup and today I was able to do twenty. I’m finding this community so helpful in keeping me motivated. I’m sure I’ll be super sore tomorrow, but I’m pushing through it and going hiking too! Love the videos!

  233. It’s normal for you to feel some stiffens and soreness in your muscles after a work out, especially since you are just starting out! If you are really in pain, try doing a good stretch before and after your workout and know your limit. There are also always modifications that can be done to make moves easier.

    If I need a breather during the video, I hit the pause button..stretch out my body and drink some water before returning. It helps a lot! This was you will still get the full workout in, but at a slower pace.

  234. Hey! I totally felt the same in the beginning… I was in so much pain, that I couldn’t do them as the calendar suggests. But I noticed as I progressed that after the first couple of vids the targeted muscle groups vary which makes it possible to do them every day.
    But I think going your own pace is definitely the best way to do things, as long as you keep trying!

  235. Yesterday I woke up in pain, so I skipped day 3 and did it today instead…I don’t wanna quit, but I don’t wanna hurt myself either. I’ll do it first on my own pace and then I’ll try again. Anyone feel like it’s too fast and they can’t keep up? How freaking hard are those roll ups?! Wow, I get so frustrated!

  236. Mikhaila says:

    Wooo!!! Day 3 donezo! :) Did the warm up twice, then total body pilates, next I did 10 extra rollups, and to finish I added the perfect legs workout. I am so sore all over, but I LOOOOVVVVEEEEE it<3

  237. Woooooo the warmup is AWESOME ! I’m motivated to do it each day before the videos of the calendar ! Wooo come on I can do it ! #automotivationyayyyy

  238. Both of these workouts were awesome! Got a warm up of cardio which really got my heart pumping and loved working the abs again! Still sore from yesterdays workout but starting to slowly feel stronger as the days go by!

  239. I really think I can already feel the change in my muscles, especially in my abs. I feel like my overall muscle control is a lot better than it was yesterday, or I did something wrong, (or maybe I did something right?), because I didn’t struggle as much at all as I did yesterday. And I feel great!!

  240. Day three for me! Yesterday was really tough, and I’ve been sore- but I can already see a difference. I think I just love how much pilates are like ballet warm-ups, which makes this so much more fun. Love doing the demi-pliés during the cardio, my body was all, “oh, I got this.” xD

  241. Yey! I did it! three days soooo far! :D Let’s freaking do this! I love Cassey, shes the best!

  242. Usually 30 minute to an hour cardio

  243. Thanks Zandra! :)

  244. Thanks! Hopefully it gets warmer near me so I can get outside!!

  245. It went very quick today, it was a good one!
    Would say i was falling and rolling over by one exercise .. but hope that will be better!

  246. Hi!
    I about 30 – 40 min power walk or skipping rope for about 10 min plus the videos, I was so happy to find a cardiovideo, really need to get in better shape! I I feel so motivated doing these videos and reading your comments, lets me know I’m not alone ;)

  247. Me too :D

  248. DevenAnn says:

    My friend and I just started doing these 3 days ago and we could swear we already LOST some weight. However i am concerned about something, my arm is very sore from yesterday (I believe it was from the oblique part) but it doesn’t feel like the rest of my body does. Its kinda like a numbing pain that starts at my arm-pit and goes to my pinkie, it just hurts.. Its kinda hard to explain but if anyone has a suggestion to help me fix my problem I would be VERY grateful. Maybe some kinda stretches?

  249. DAY THREE ACCOMPLISHED :) man I’m hot and sweaty ! i really likes the cardio because it was super fun ! i didn’t stop at all during these workouts unlike yesterday :/ ! absolutely love it and i am hooked

  250. Hi chelsey :)
    I walk for an hour (plus) a day and do these workouts .

  251. Chelsey says:

    How much cardio is everyone adding with these workouts? I’m on Day 3 (obviously) and just wanted ideas. Thanks guys!! :D

  252. cheesydoublebeefburito says:

    i would love a friend to do this with! :—(

  253. Shannah says:

    First time EVER working out and sticking to something I am just so inspired! Day 3 all done and plenty more to go! WOOHOO!

  254. Mariana says:

    Yay, done!

  255. Day 3 done! Wakingup early to do these moves feeling great ;) Cant wait to finish and start next months calander xx

  256. Pakkawan S says:

    DAY3 DONE!!

  257. Hello Ali, it’s nice to see reply that says you started out at 200 pounds, because today is my 2nd day and i’m 210 pounds. It nice to see someone gets it what i feeling now. It is really hard for me to moves at all. But, i’m trying hard to not give up. Can I ask you, how many weeks do you lose 60 pounds? by the way, congratulations! keep it up! :)
    And Inge, don’t worry it will get better, I feel you that can’t move at all. Especially for me because I’m a big girl. We will get through this, i hope :D

  258. Mikaela says:

    A lot easier today, but still finding it hard to do the moves properly. Going to keep working hard untill i am able to look good while exercising

  259. I’m done on my third day yes! Only a few moves I can’t do but I’m hoping tomorrow I can all do the moves without stopping. Positive vibes!

  260. I agree! I got a boost of confidence doing those roll ups and they were a little bit easier today! Im with ya girl!

  261. Day 3 done :D it is really easy compared to day 2!! So glad i am doing this, i feel the energy in my body already :)

  262. inge V.E., I started out at 200 pounds (currently 140 and goal weight is 120) and I honestly couldn’t do much as far as “workout moves” at all, but in time I realized that using my body’s own range of motion (and listening to it if something hurt) as it was then and there helped me even if it wasn’t what I thought was ideal. Building muscle little by little will help teach your muscles how to do these! Impossible is just the possible of tomorrow. Hope this helped! And good luck!!!

    <3 Ali

  263. I have the same problem as well :/

  264. Here you are and good luck!!

    Burpee –

    Sit-up –

    They’re not the best examples but i hope they help


  265. some things you do are impossible for me:(
    i hope i ever can do that

  266. i do have that problem

  267. day 3 done..did everything except those banana lift thing movements..that was tough!

  268. Just done third day ! I feel more ernegic ! I hope I’ll never stop !

  269. Day 3 completed with 20 mins of high intensity cross trainer at the gym. :) Already feeling healthier as i’m not sitting still the entire day, can’t wait to see visible results at the end of this calendar thanks Cassey xx

  270. Guys,

    I signed up but I still don’t see the daily password in my inbox. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?


  271. Hi Cassey,
    This is my first time on your blog and I have started the beginner’s workout calendar. I’m on my thirst day and i find it amazing!
    but i have some questions. on your calendar says everyday to woke up and do 1min plank, 10 roll ups, 10 burpees, 20 situps, and go on. I managed to find out what the two first was but can’t find the others. Where can I find and explanation about the others workouts to do, as I am a new member in all of this I am not familiarized with the names and I would love to do it! Thank from Spain.


  272. omg! thats what I thought…but we might just be being hopeful :D

  273. Still holding strong!! havent been able to do too much cardio along with these videos since i couldnt go to the gym or make too much noise at my apartment :( so I’m not feeling as satisfied but I’m going to keep going!

  274. Absolutely loved today’s workout. That warm-up was great and I will definitely do that warm-up for every session. Can feel myself getting somewhat stronger than the first day. Feeling the pain, but never got up and I feel amazing! :)

  275. I feel so lucky for having the chance of working out with you, you’re so inspiring!!! Lots of love from a Mexican popster :D

  276. Finished third day. Eating a lot cleaner. So glad I found blogilates! I already have more energy. :)

  277. Kezzabusz says:

    Love doing pilates with Cassey, I’m just starting out and love your enthusiasm and encouragement. Got my mum. Into it as well.

  278. alura raven says:

    I love the fat burning cardio routine, day 3 done! <3 <3 <3

  279. Tegan Payne says:

    I had the same problem and the physio told me to stand on one leg while doing simple things like brushing your teeth and to make sure you do it on both legs. When you improve on that you can make it a bit more challenging by standing one legged on a pillow. Do it while brushing your teeth for a week and see if you feel a difference :) xx

  280. Just did it ! Thanks for all Cassey, it’s sometimes hard for me as a beginner but I already can see some results on my abs (or maybe I’m dreaming!!) … Kisses from FRANCE :)


  281. The fat burning cardio was actually super fun!! It will be a staple in my workout regime from now on!!! Day 3 DONE!

  282. Ahh! I can’t wait to do this later after work!! This looks like soooo much fun!! I can’t wait!!

  283. Day 3 done omg this is very challenging, but i refuse to give up.

  284. Day 3 done! Since the videos were shorter I did both of them twice and I am going to pay for it in the morning! I have sweated before really bad in the gym, but this is the first time I have felt my WHOLE body sweating!! Love it!!!

  285. Day 3 Done! :)

  286. Hi everyone,
    So I am new around here though I did a good bit of pilates a few years ago, so I might as well be a beginner at this point. My question is, what should I do to improve my balance, I am having a LOT of trouble not falling over and am having to skip some of the exercises to avoid a bruised head… Any ideas?

  287. Day 3 just finished! This was much easier than the first two days =) I’m happy that I’ve found this website. Ana Caban also explains very clearly and I could imitate her very well! Greeting from Holland (the deaf girl; see for more information my comment at day 1)

  288. Thank you Cassey!! This is the first time that I exercise 3 days in a row.

  289. Is it possible to make efforts after 3 days?
    This two videos were much easier than before!
    Thank you so much for being so inspiring for me! :)

  290. I just finished Day 3. I am late with the post cuz I wanted to see if I can come this long. But I just love these exercises. Short and intense and I just feel fresh all day long. Looking forward to Day 4!!! Greetings from Hungary! ;)

  291. tinny_the_rex says:

    Day 3 done and done. :D

  292. Day 3 completed! Less pressure than ballet, but great to be working out again!

  293. day 3 done

  294. I totally share the same feeling about the rolling over part was easier than trying not to roll over during the first piece of the the workout! BUT WE GOT THIS!!!

  295. Balance balance balance! Getting my powerhouse on point! the banana teaser twist was surprisingly my favorite despite where i need improvement! I am so excited for day 4!!!

  296. On day 3 I am really excited to lose weight and my body is sore

  297. I can’t get my legs straight either – i think that will come with time, practice and strength! Loved the cardio warm up!

    See you tomorrow for Day 4!

  298. Florencia says:


  299. Belen Garcia says:


  300. All these work outs feel so good!!

  301. Day 3 done! That got my heart rate up. Nearly got a bruise on my knee though! My legs were shaking on the 2nd vid one :0 and my side is not flat so I kept rolling no matter what I tried :0 the 2nd part of that section though (when you roll onto your butt) was okay, so I did more of those.
    Still carring on #nevergiveuponceyouhavestarted

  302. I thought I was the only one without straight legs!!

  303. Day 3 done and feeling great! Def gonna have to work on the last ab exercise to get straighter legs, but what a workout! Thanks Cassey!

  304. Its day 3 and feeling the burn in my abs. I love that i want to do more when the video end which give me full confidence I can…will complete this beginner calendar!!

  305. day 3 done! i cant get some of the moves right still..i have no strength in my legs..but i am hoping it will be better soon!

  306. I loved both videos! Day 3 done!

  307. I kept losing my balance and rolling over on the banana twist! It wasn’t that hard when I did it the couple times I could, so I don’t know why I just kept failing! Everything else went well. I really liked today much better than yesterday’s ABC abs! OUCH! haha

  308. Everyone starts at a different level, there are many people (like myself) that push themselves but can’t completely hold the excercise the same duration and persistence as cassey, but as long as you are pushing yourself, I think you are getting a good enough workout! And I’ve heard over and over that the bigger you are, the more calories you burn because your body is working harder, so even if you do a little less you are still good to go on to the next day in my opinion. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.

  309. I’ve just finished my day three, yay! What a great workout I’m sweaty and I feel fab. So excited to start day four !!!

  310. I’m getting really good at those roll-ups! The banana twisty things were difficult, mainly probably because I’m being really careful with my tailbone since it hurt so much during yesterday’s workout. I could definitely feel my lower abs working with those leg lifts. I pride myself in having excellent stamina, and I can dance like crazy for an hour straight, but that cardio warm-up really got my heart pumping! Thanks Cassey =)

  311. Woohoo! That was great! I agree with Aria, I didn’t feel it as much during the workout, but I do feel like my form is getting better. Loved the cardio warm-up. It was so cheerful and inspiring. 3 days done!

  312. So proud of myself. It’s only day 3 and I skipped yesterday (was supposed to be day 3), but this is better than I’ve done on any other workout. For this one I didn’t really feel it – I hope that doesn’t mean I’ll feel it tomorrow :).

  313. The fact that you’re doing some of it will help you no matter what. After all, it’s more working out than doing no work out at all :) Besides, eventually you can work up to being able to do it as much as she does anyway. So just do as much as you can and before you know it, you’ll see a change and get a lot stronger!

  314. You’re not alone! Especially when you’re new to working out, your muscles can get micro-tears and they become sore. That’s what your muscles do– they’re worn down and they build back up even stronger. The soreness called delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS for short. It’s very normal. I get it pretty often.

  315. I can’t remember the last time I got to Day 3 of a workout plan… Thank you so much, Cassey!

    QUESTION: For anyone. On leg lifts, I’m feeling a (non-painful) popping in my lower back. Any idea what causes this? Will it go away with strength? I’ve had this problem for as long as I can remember with similar exercises.

  316. Am I the only one who feels sore when walking? I hope I’m not doing the wrong thing….

  317. I still have a sore tummy from day 1 and 2! I just hope that it won’t take long to recover =P

    Today’s workout was my fav so farm even though I could not do the banana twist at alll. Also, the last move I had to hold on to the wall for my legs not to fall to the ground, so there was a little cheating there! My entire body is sore though, and I think some of these are difficult because I am really overweight, I hope so anyway.
    I was wondering is it bad if I can’t get it done like she does? Because I feel like there won’t be the results I hoped for, I just don’t wanna get discouraged!
    Thanks again though so much!

  319. Day 3! I’ve actually been doing these in my classroom during my prep time… shh… My last class of the day comes in and I must look absolutely stunning with my glistening temples. haha. Thanks Cassey! You are an inspiration.

  320. I am the worst when it comes to balance so this day was kind of tough but I had loads of fun!

  321. day three completed. can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s workout is like.

  322. She emphasizes pulling in your belly button. Do that. Flex your stomach. For example. Lie down flt of your back and relax your stomach and try to get up. Simple right? Now pull in your belly button and flex your abs and try to get up. A bit more difficult right? If you want to feel the burn then you have to engage the muscle you are working on. It’s like writing a review.You can’t really comment on something unless you focus on what it is you are reviewing.

    If you have trouble flexing then what you could do is stand in front of a mirror and relax your stomach so you see how it looks like, then try multiple ways of “sucking in” and tightening your stomach so it looks like your abs are more defined or that your stomach is smaller.

  323. Hi, are you making sure to bring your belly button in,
    I find that I can really feel it the day after when I’ve been focusing on making sure I’m brining I’m belly button in,
    Also maybe push yourself a little more to lean a little further back when holding a stance.
    Most of the time I’m definitely not comfortable during the exercise but I definitely feel it the next day :)

  324. Day three done!!! I feel great already! My abs and legs are burning with every step I take but I’m learning to love it! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  325. Just finished day 3. I am enjoying it, but I feel like my abs will never get any stronger. I can’t do the roll ups at all without pulling myself up and the banana twisty thing was beyond me. Also my abs don’t hurt the next day – my hip flexors, butt muscles, arms etc do, but never my abs. I’m worried I must be doing something wrong. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  326. Day 3 complete.
    Thanks to my daughter for introducing me to Cassey and Blogilates.

  327. Day 3 done!!! wow these exercises are so good…tired, sweaty and happy!!!!! can’t wait for day 4!!!!

  328. WOW!!! that was the best workout ever!!

  329. wooowww that was great workout! day 3 done. Cassey i love you!!<3 i feel burn in my abs!!!!!!!.thank you Cassey for everything.i am your the best popster XOXO

  330. Day 3 completed, and I feel like “i wanna have morree!!!”

  331. Day 2 finished and I am sweating a lot! Can’t wait to do day 3.
    I hope I can finish the whole month by doing every day

  332. When I did those first 10 roll ups of the day, I was so suprised to find that I had so much less trouble with them. I had a lot of fun with today’s videos. I loved the banana twist thingo, I thought it was interesting and fun :3 I’m all sweaty now!! feels great! MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAVE A FANTASTIC NEW YEAR

  333. I usually go for a run with my dog afterwards, it gives me a chance to cool down. :)

  334. I finished my day 3 and I’m happy about it. I haven’t done exercise routines in my entire life, I’m so lazy! but now I motivate myself to do your calendar program and I’m very excited :)

  335. I def do cardio too! Either afterwards I run a quick 1-2 miles…or I break up the vids with 10 min cardio intervals. Like today I did 10 mins on the elliptical, then vid #1, 10 more mins on the elliptical, vid #2, then 10 easy mins on the treadmill! I’d say it all depends on how your body feels :)

  336. Day 3 done!!! Every day I have felt a little more sore, but a lot stronger! I love what these workouts are doing for my body in such short amounts of time. My only problem is: I live with 2 male roomates that are in good physical shape but don’t tend to make the right eating choices, which in turn poses consequences on me (a girl has to eat, right?). I don’t know how to get them to make healthy choices at the grocery store but I don’t want to eat McDonalds or T-Bell once a week. Anyone in the same position that can give me some helpful hints? How do I eat healthy with a house full of growing hungry guys?

  337. Day 3 done! I already feel so much stronger! I think I’ll do both videos again after work!

  338. Day 3 DONE! I even added in some other workouts!

  339. Day 3 completed. Thanks for the workout! <3

  340. day 3 done! I really love this workouts :)

  341. Completed day 3! Feels so good. But still in a lot of pain from day 1 and 2. So between day 2 and 3 I had a rest day, because otherwise I can’t handle it haha.

    Not following exact the calender, but I’ll do all days. Maybe with one more rest day in it. To let my body rest.
    But OMG, this feels to good. Can’t wait for the results.

  342. WOW! Just finnished day 3 and already feel stronger!!! How amazing is that!! And to think that on the first routine – day 1 of begginer’s calendar – I struggled to follow the first move (the basic warm-up with ‘table top legs’ and arms moving up and down), not to mention the roll-ups! To be honest, I couldn’t even do them without “cheating” (supporting my hands on the back of my tights to help pull my trunk up). Not even in my dreams I could have imagined that only 2 days later, I would be able to do the same exercise without cheating, let alone find it easy! Ok, I admit: the banana/teaser twist were a little tricky, but after today’s surprise with the roll-up, I’m confident that within a couple days I will have mastered those new moves too ;)
    Cassey, THANKS A LOT for sharing this! I’m so excited to keep following the routines and looking forward to start seeing results :)

  343. Third day finished! Oh my goodness, though! First day I could not do a roll up without support from my arm! Today I completed all my roll ups without using my arm at all! This is really exciting!! I’m super sore in my abs and arms, but it’s so worth it for the strength I am feeling from these workouts!!

  344. Day 3 done!!! I LOOOVVEEEE the banana twist!! My core is getting so much stronger already! I love it! Can’t wait for tomorrow!! <3

  345. Well, finally got day 3 done! I’m still struggling with getting into the routine of things, but I can definitely feel my core getting stronger. I’m going to schedule tomorrow’s workout in my phone, so that when the reminder goes off, I won’t have an excuse! haha

  346. Sweating isn’t an indicator of work, it’s more about your heart rate. I know that cardio warm up got my heart pumping, so as long as yours was, too, then that’s all that matters. :)

  347. I’m just doing those on the calendar but if u add more I guess it’s fine haha

  348. Jacqueline says:

    I have a question for the ladies doing the beginner calendar.. are you guys adding cardio or just doing the exercises on the calendar? I’ve just been doing exactly whats on the calendar but I’ve also been doing a stretching routine after. Should I add more cardio?

  349. Day 3 is done :) Even though my body is aching from previous work outs I can see myself getting stronger already!

  350. Day 3 complete . I am feeling great.

  351. DoctorWhat says:

    Love love loved the banana twist (although when I first did it I fell off the bed, whoops). Starting to feel it in my abs now, and in my butt to Yay. Ready to be sexy for christmas

  352. Sarasvati says:

    NICE! I’m starting to feel it in my abs! done!!

  353. Day 3 complete ^^.
    That warm up cardio really brightened up my day and your music become one of my favorite music now.

  354. Larissa Ferreira says:

    Love love love the fat burning cardio warmup, it was so much fun!

  355. Just starting says:

    day 3 done !!! loving this

  356. WOOHOO!!! Cassey, I just finished day 3 and I feel so incredibly amazing!! I was able to do every exercise and repitition with you!! My core is already so much stronger than it was on day 3:D:D:D Im so excited for tomorrow!!! YAY!!!

  357. Jennifer Rodgers says:

    Just finished day 3! I am trying to add Cassey’s great calendar routines to my jogging schedule and so far am really loving it. I can tell I’ve been away from Pilates too long when these beginner sessions are challenging, but I’m looking forward to getting stronger every day!

  358. fashionbyvali says:

    I am so sad I couldn’t do the banana and the teaser twist AT ALL !!! :((( I tried the hardest I could though…
    Finished my third day on the calendar and I love it.

  359. Yayyy done!

  360. DAY 3 DONE!!!!

  361. Day 3 done!

  362. KurlyBeautiful says:

    day 3 done! My body is warmed up but I didn’t sweat like I thought I would, is this good or bad?

  363. Day 3 Check!
    I normally do my exercises in the morning but i was just too busy today to do that so i ended up doing them at 11:51 pm. But hey i did them and succeeded :D

  364. Day 2 and 3 done :)

  365. Every time I sneeze my abs are killing me, but I’m so happy to finish day 3.

  366. perhaps you should get a blood test done just to see if your vitamins and mineral levels are in order. Ever since i started treating my vitamin d and iron deficiency, I have started feeling so much stronger and less tired

  367. Is it weird that I’m starting to actually LOVE the pain when doing these exercises?? Cuz I am!!!!!


  369. Whoo! I feel so good following her meal plans and doing these exercises. Add me on myfitnesspal! My username is OliviaDavis15!

  370. CASSIE!! Thank you for creating a beginners calendar! I had stumbled onto your general workout calendar before, and tried doing it, but really wasn’t in a place physically yet where I could do it. I got discouraged real fast, THEN I found your beginners calendar, and have come to feel so ENCOURAGED AND EMPOWERED (and it’s only Day 3!!). The beginners calendar has given me a solid place to start and work my way up. You make working out FUN–and that means a lot to someone like me that has never really enjoyed exercising. You’re the best!!!

  371. Feeling stronger by Day 3. Bring it on. Feel amazing.

  372. I actually looked forward to working out today. Excited to feel the burn!!! Can’t wait for Day 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  373. Add me on ig beautiful ladies @xgwenchong and yeaaah day 3 done. :)

  374. Day 2 and 3 completed yesterday after work, since I won’t be able to workout today ! Feeling sore.. but feeling good ! And have been eating super healty this week. Happy!

  375. Is it just me or this is too easy …After reading all the comments i feel left out o.olll

  376. Ohh man normally I do the workouts in the morning before I leave the house so I won’t find any excuse to not do it. But any time I start commiting to a workout plan my body starts breaking down! I get ill or I hurt myself this is soo frustrating and now I just started again and baam I’m ill! soo annoying I think I ‘m just gonna push through the workout anyways… so let’s go day 3!!

  377. Day 3 done!!
    I’m so glad I have stuck with it so far, normally I’d take a break if my muscles were sore but now I’m just fighting through the pain!!
    I’m so stoked about these workouts even though I’m so clumsy and couldn’t really pull of that banana XD
    I don’t know why but I just didn’t know how to make it happen properly, oh well I tried and I’ll keep working this calender!!
    Thank you so much Cassey for these work outs and the community you created <3

  378. Day 3 – COMPLETED! And before 9am too! I never wake up early, but POP Pilates totally motivates me to get my day’s workout in even if I won’t be back till super late. I loved the cardio warm up so much!

  379. Andreakiddo !(add me on instagram) :) says:


  380. Day 3 done!

  381. Day 3 Done!!!

  382. Yay second day completed :) loved anacaban, I can see why you looked up to her :)

  383. Day 3 is over!!! XD I’m just lovint it! I feel that my whole body hurts, but it’s that good pain! =D

  384. Finished Day 3!! Feeling sooooo great :)

  385. woo! day two completed! i have a feeling my abs are gonna be killing me tomorrow haha!

  386. Woop woop! Day 3 finished! I’m so stoked and I swear that my muscles are getting stronger already! I’m also really glad that I have stuck to this for 3 days, I didn’t really think I would be able to do it, that sounds so bad! Can’t wait for the rest of the month! Thank you Cassey! xo

  387. I feel my abs stronger already!

  388. I had the same problem, too. A really thin pillow helps a lot. :)

  389. OMG beginners level is still hard, i have no muscles at all! But this is a great start to build them :)
    Question: what is a good replacement for the banana exercises? it hurts soooo much on my hipbone even on my yoga matt :S i just couldn’t do it without doing wobbly weird stuff because of it, and i think that’s not so good for my back eighter.

  390. Ohhhhh it felt so good!! I can’t believe that in summer i stoped doing this calendar… Day 3 done!!! Let’s keep going! <3

  391. Emily Blackwood says:

    Really felt it today!

  392. Day 3: DONE :D Was struggling on that last move, but practice makes perfect! Can’t wait for Day 4 tomorrow

  393. Did this calendar in September, and totally just stopped in October. Doing this again I can feel my muscles going “oh there you are, I missed you, pilates!!”

  394. I have a hard time keeping my lower back to the ground when doing that last move :/

  395. my butt was so sore from the spining i did yesterday, I couldn’t do the banana going up! otherwise , great workout(:

  396. I just finished day three! my abs are pretty sore! Im sooo stoked for this entire month! Thank You sooo much cassey!!

  397. Just finsihed Day 3!!! Feeling good already :)
    BTW, day 3 is so much easier than yesterday!

  398. Stephanie says:

    Starting up with pilates! so far i love it so much! My abs and core feel tight and every morning i can feel whats left of my workout the day before. Thanks Cassie!

  399. I actually enjoyed this workout! I’m starting to feel tighter around my core too.
    It inspired me to hit the gym too for an hour in the evening. 3 days of exercise without a break…? Unheard of for me. Thank you for motivating me. Hopefully this will all become a habit now. :)

  400. Danielle Morgan says:

    Yes! I couldn’t do it either. I’ll try the towel next time.

    P.S. Just finished Day 3 and I’m loving it!

  401. Day 3 workout done!

  402. I have the same problem, only my tailbone also hurts, so what I did was put a folded towel under my butt. Not very pretty, but it worked.

  403. Stephanie says:

    I couldn’t do banana, my hipbone hurts so bad when doing all the sideway workout like banana, is there anyone has same problem with me and can help?

  404. Taniagetsfit says:

    Did the day 3 workout this morning-my butt is still on fire- feels amazing :)

  405. same here, 2nd time through he beginners calendar. everything is much better, but I still need my hands an my hips to get up slow. shows me how my abs need this!

  406. hi, josie, so I am not the only over forty here. I have back issues and hope to strengthen my core.
    I am going through the beginners calendar the 2nd time, and its much easier then the first time. I try some workouts from the regular calendar but it is still too heavy.
    as I stopped smoking too I dont loose weight but never mind.
    greetings from vienna

  407. ilove this

  408. Amg! 3rd day, I’ve been trying to start this calender for so long now I did it for real =) YAAY but amg I totally don’t have balence, I keep falling all the time XD

  409. day 3 i do cardio very easy and simple. the second i have some trouble especially when put my legs up and down ,when my leg come down the touch the floor than i complete but i feel so good :)

  410. I’m on day 3, and this is amazing, I can feel every muscle working out, and after 3 days I already feel the difference. Thanks Cassey for this amazing calendar! Love, Sara x

  411. Katrina Marie says:

    Day 3 is done. Feeling great! Combining my workouts with good eating and using My Fitness Pal to log all my food and workouts! Wedding ready body here I come! :-)

  412. JOSIE CHAPA says:

    i am 46 and have been working out for years but for the past two years my stomach area has grown and cant seem to loose that blog i am hoping this program helps i am on my second day

  413. Day 3 is done and I did so much better especially on the roll ups! Im still having trouble getting up but I have going down slowly under control.

  414. Im feeling so good :) I could finally do the roll ups!!! Love you Cassey!!

  415. I couldn’t lift my left thigh because it hurts when doing the sideway workout :(

  416. I actually really enjoyed the warmup :) This was the first morning rather than afternoon I was working out and I might do that warmup every time I have to wake up to exercise – it was really enjoyable and got my heart pumping!

  417. Phew made it but I had a really hard time with the one that u look like a “T” I could not get to a 90*angle which made it difficult. But will keep trying.

  418. Wow. Day three and I can finally do the roll ups properly. This is great :3

  419. I am so happy that I made it to the third day, this might make me sound bad but I rarely do. Especially on school days. I’m sore and my arms and abs are already tightening up and trust me it feels amazing. Thank you Cassey. So much.

  420. Today is my day 3 too! Yay! We’re on the same schedule ^_^

  421. Yay))) Done with Day 3, and it feels great!

  422. yes! :D

  423. same here!!!

  424. Same here!!

  425. Day 3 completed and to me was the easiest thus far but still i feel the pain and I know once i finish the next 26 days I will be strong, slimmer and happier about me and my shape!!

  426. Christie ~Chippi~ says:

    That was awesome! I am loving the beginners calendar, it is absolutely perfect for me!

  427. Day 3 done! And I am feeling great! Thanks so much Cassey:)

  428. By accident, I kicked my kid in face on warm up!! lol I was barefoot, so hes not hurt! No worries! Loving these workouts. I feel great!!

  429. day 3 done here too….and just to be clear and thats a GOOD thing!! thank you!!

  430. Juliana Santos says:

    Day 3 done !!!
    Love it <3

  431. Yay!! Day 3 = COMPLETED!!!

  432. you only have to do each one once, cos this is the beginners workout calender so i guess it’s kind of like easing into it, but you can do it as many times as you want, i always do it again if im not feeling tired enough

  433. omg the warm up was so fun, i had to do it at the end as well!

  434. Day 3 down YAY!!!!!

  435. I did both videos twice and then I really felt it.
    Thanks Cassey !!!! <3

  436. OMG!! so sweatttttt!!!
    READY for next day!!~

  437. Yay! just finished Day 3! Omg! These workouts make me sweat! :)

  438. Hey, are we supossed to do the video just once? Or maybe two or three times? It’s just that it seems like a really small amount of time doing the workout (i love it, don’t get me wrong)

  439. Every time I do a video I forget how much I sweat. But I absolutely love your videos, hun!

  440. Day 3 completed whew that was surprisingly fun!

  441. I just completed day 3 and loved it!!!

  442. Yey! Completed day 3! :D

  443. Hi Cassey,

    Thank you so much for sharing this series.

    This is my Day 3 completed. Although, i am unable to bend and lift completely, but i am trying to go as far as possible…


  444. Day 3 done. Although I did struggle with the double leg lifts. My legs were shaking and I couldn’t keep them straight I hope I can improve on them with a little more practice. Thank you so much casey !!♥♡♥

  445. Thanks for talking to us through each exercise and for making Pilates fun and doable!
    You have motivated many and will continue motivating more! :)

  446. Day 3 completed and still feeling good! I like to add a couple of target area videos to the mix on top of the daily ones so I get a little extra.

    So much fun and I can definitely see myself doing these for a LONG time.

  447. just finished day 3! It was good, thanks Casey!

  448. are we supposed to the 2 videos once ?

  449. Day 3 done! Thank you Cassey! You are my motivation <3 <3 <3

  450. Bless you Cassey. This is excellent for people like me who hate going to the gym.

  451. day 3 done :D

  452. i thought so too! thank goodness haha

  453. We should be doing both :)

  454. Day 3 completed!!!! Thanks Cassey for this awesome WO :)

  455. wow this was awesome :)) DAY 3 COMPLETED! I always feel so proud of myself. from doing nothing for two years this feels just amazing seeing your body sweating and working through all the videos :) I love it. and I am always excited for tomorrow! I think I will do the first video again as a good end of Day 3 :)) god my abs are hurting from yesterday’s video but I love the feeling of it kinda cause then I see that I am not a lazy person anymore and that I am doing something good for my body now :) thanks Cassey for your videos!

  456. Should we be doing both videos each day or just the first one?

  457. Day 3, completed ! I loved both videos, even if I struggled with the first one: I can’t seem to get my arm and leg to go opposite directions (I’m not sure if this makes sense or not written like this) , so then I get really unbalanced and can’t do the exercise… I need to train more and get over that ! Anyway, I feel much better starting the day after a workout.
    Have a nice day fellow POPster beginners :D

  458. I loved todays workout! I have also learned that I REALLY love cardio, who would have thought!

  459. karina scalise says:


  460. Day 3 COMPLETED! :D

  461. Terra Coffin says:

    This was way easier than yesterday!

  462. Liz Phillips says:

    Day 3 Done! :)

  463. Good morning Blogilates friends! Day three for me, too. I was dragging through this morning but showed up and persevered; time for a shower (and a better day than waking up without Cassey)!

  464. Yay! Done with Day Three of Beginner’s workout! I got up at 6:00 am, unnecessarily early, because I was so motivated to do this! Bonus: now I have time to study!

  465. Today’s WO was great :)

  466. Done with day 3 workouts! Creating new habits… YEAH

  467. I started on the 1st, too and I am feeling your pain. I hadn’t realized how out of shape I had gotten until I started! I ALMOST didn’t do my workout this morning because I was so tired (busy work and class schedule) and it was 7 am and just…I didn’t want to get up! But I made myself do it, and I’m so glad.

    It’s nice to read these comments and see others who are in my position. Hopefully we can all get through at least this first month!

  468. OMG, just finished day 3, I feel amazing!
    -The niveau is just perfect ;)
    I’m already so excited for tomorrow :D

  469. I started on Sept 1 too Caroline! And feel exactly the same. This is the first exercise I’ve really enjoyed in ages though; I love Cassie’s enthusiasm and the way she acknowledges when things are f**king tough but yells at you to push through. Like the best PT ever! Hang in there, I want to debrief with you at the end of the month :)

  470. I just started the beginner calendar on sept 1. the amount of my struggle shows how out of shape i am. thanks for all your hard work, cassey! you’re doing such amazing work.

  471. Love it!!!! must keep it up for the month woo

  472. I am so in love with Fat Burning Cardio Warmup. Allways have a good mood when I am doing this. :)

  473. day 3 done!

  474. You’re amazing! Your videos are the best, and I finally taste to exercise with you. Thanks, you big motivation for me!

  475. Eh, first video seemed really irritating and required way too much hand-eye coordination for me, so I opted for doing another cardio workout instead…

  476. I loved both videos, I actually did the Fat Burning Cardio Warmup with a friend, it’s fun it’s just like dancing lol. Feeling great, I’m soo happy doing this thanxx

  477. Im so addicted to This!!!!!! I started out just doing ab work every other day and did little body work. Now that I have a set schedule I’m doing everything and I’m feeling sore but wanna keep going! I never have Motivation like this. It feels so good!

  478. Yay day three done! Only 15 minutes of working out but I am all sweaty … Thanks Cassey! Love your videos! xxxx

  479. Gahhh the ending of the second video KILLED after yesterday’s abs!

  480. Zayda Semeleer says:

    day 3 done,. And I’m sore from day 2 …;-) feeling great

  481. Day three of #Blogilates for Beginners is complete! Thanks, Cassey! I just downloaded your new app #exciting stuff!!

  482. Day 3 is done!! Easier than day 2 abs killer! I’m really enjoying pilates more than I expected!
    Thank you Cassey, you’re the best!

  483. Yesss day 3 is done and I love it more & more .. c: <3

  484. *€l Czech Rep. says:

    Yay!! I love your videos!! Day 3 is DONE!♥ Thanks

  485. Hopefully with this with the beginners workout I can lose the 4 inches I so desparetely want. Any advice on how I can before the middle of September.

  486. Yah day 3 done!!! I’ve been feeling great!! Thank u :)

  487. I`m agree with u, it was difficult.

    Day 3 done!

  488. I know exactly how you feel! At the end of the day, I can’t wait for the next day to start so that I can do the next work out! For so long I’ve despaired of ever finding a reliable exercise partner, but Cassey is so upbeat that I don’t need one. I also think it’s great that this is a community where we can all share our thoughts and motivate one another. Thanks Cassey!

  489. Same here! I was a little concerned about today since I was so sore from yesterday but once I started everything went easy! I actually feel better than before!
    Can’t wait for day 4!

  490. I always lack motivation when exercising and it normally takes me a couple weeks to finally get in the swing of things. Blogilates is so different though! I’m hooked after three days. Sore but still looking forward to tomorrow! Thank you! :)

  491. Day three seemed so easy for me! I find this so unusual, because usually I can hardly move after one of your workouts! Did anyone else feel that day three was easier? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

  492. hi! can you explain me how can I have the complete lesson? thanks!! :)

  493. Wahoooo!! Loved this workout! Got me all set and ready for my day ahead! Thanks, and have fun everyone :D

  494. Day 3 done and I hurt, but it’s awesome! Feel so positive for making a change! Thank you so much!!

  495. Wow – felt good to re-visit day 3! Have been away on holidays without internet so thought I’d do some of the beginners workout to get back on track!

  496. Finished day 3. My body still hurts a bit from the abs we did yesterday but i am not giving up.
    I’ll see you tomorrow for the 4th day, and, Cassey, thank you for keeping me motivated to workout!

  497. Day 3 COMPLETE~!!!
    I’m amazed at how much I look forward to these (as much as they can hurt sometimes >.<)
    Usually I put these off, and I NEVER exercise. But I'm keeping up with it! Hallelujah! Three days is an accomplishment for me O.o
    I'm noticing that these get easier every day ^-^

  498. I think your exercises have made me more flexible! I can almost touch my toes now :O still trying to come to grips with this! Looking forward to day4! Thanks cassey!!!

  499. I woke up super early this morning just to do this workout. I can’t believe how excited I am every day just to do these workouts! Usually, when it comes to working out and exercising, I’m sluggish and I dread having to do it and am glad when it’s over but not these workouts! I love them so much! I got bored later in the day and went back and did day 4’s workout on top of day 3’s workout that I did this morning. I feel awesome! I’m so so glad that I found this! :)

  500. I completed days 1 and 2, and loved the challenging videos and easy format of the calendar!! Today, for day 3, I was busy the entire morning and aftenoon, which is when I usually work out or these complete videos . After reading the comments, I decided to go for it. It might be 8:50 at night but I can still do this! I am glad I did! This video was enjoyable and the easy conversation made the workout somewhat easier to accomplish :) Thank you Cassey!!!

  501. I’m pretty impressed that I made it through both videos without a break! YAY! HAPPY~

  502. WOO! I was actually so excited for today. My abs feel amazing, sore, but i am loving this feeling. I am getting stronger every day! thanks Cassey!

  503. If you add up 20 min of HIIT (running, biking, swimming, etc) it is an amazing combination! I feel so great!

  504. Charmaine says:

    Hi there Cassie!

    Thank you so much for putting up this calendar, I could never be more motivated cause i’m a lazy bum bum when it comes to working out. I am weaning of gyming only cause the gym is so inconvenient with my busy schedule and am gonna give pilates a try for the entire month! D3 is so much easier I got to say! Although I’m still feeling the pain from d1 and d2.

  505. Madison G says:

    Day 3 Done!! Although my stomach still aches from Day 1 and 2, today’s workout was, dare I say it, easier than the others. I think I must be getting a bit fitter. The warm up video also had me laughing and smiling a lot more than yesterday. Thanks Cassey!! I’m so glad I started doing blogilates :)

  506. After day 1 and 2 I was sooo sore. I just finished day 3 and omg it felt amazing! I was sweating like a pig while doing the fat burning cardio, woah really. Thank you so much Cassey for putting so much work into all this.
    I’m the ”lazy” person, I don’t like going to the gym but with these videoes I can just roll out my mat and start. I’ve always been a chubby girl, so this is a great start for me!

  507. Done day 3 just now and I can tell I am getting stronger because todays workouts didn’t kill me, looking forward to day 4, can’t wait

  508. Finished Day 3! Sore and sweaty, but smiling :D

  509. WOW what a workout!!! love the cardio warm-up and absolutely loved the total body!!! I’m super excited to try tommorrows workout!! Good luck to all and have fun!!!!

  510. Elizabeth says:

    So thankful that Cassey has gone through all this work to make these workouts available to everyone! Finished with day 3 and super excited to start getting my body back! Thank you Cassey!

  511. So I did day 1 and 2. I’m going to do day 3 later today. I feel my core working when I do these, but I’m not THAT sore. I do go to the gym daily on top of all this, and do ab exercises there, plus the rest of my body and cardio. IS that why this doesn’t make me THAT sore? Or am I doing something wrong?

  512. Rachelle says:

    Day 3 done definitely feeling it in my abs a lot but it is worth it keep going everybody

  513. just finished day 3 and it was so fun! im getting used to the workouts and feel a lot stronger :D

  514. just finished day 3!!!!!! i think im getting addicted to this pilates :D

  515. god, I never thought I’d say this but Cassey was right, the pain on my lower abs from the ABC’s feels awesome.!!!! I’m looking forward to the next 25 days.!!!

  516. Christie says:


  517. stephanie says:

    Day 3 done and feeling great!!

  518. Stephanie says:

    Finished Day 3! Feeling a lot better than I did yesterday but I’m still sore. hahah Looking forward to tomorrow!

  519. Loved day 3! I watched the videos last night to see what the next day brought and thought “OMG, what are they doing!?! I can’t do that!” But I did :) Loved that it was a short workout since I’m still sore from yesterday’s ABC Abs. Can’t wait till tomorrow!

  520. Just finished Day 3! On my way to a healthier lifestyle :)

  521. My goodness!!! I am so sore! I’ve been wondering to myself if I can do this today??? But I will. I actually look forward to today’s, so here goes day 3! I am so glad you are all out there. I feel your support.

  522. Just finished day 3! I’m extremely sore but excited. I need to get workout clothes because I am motivated but I want to be motivated and comfortable. Usually after a day or two I stop my workouts because I’m sore but with this calendar, I actually look forward to the next day. :D

  523. Samantha says:

    Just finished day 3!!!! YWeY i feel awesome

  524. Right before it said “Try not to elbow yourself” I elbowed my knee twice before falling over T-T I’m so klutzy haha but it was fun! Love your videos, Cassey <3

  525. I loved it! It’s so inspiring to see everyone else’s comments! They cheer me on!

  526. Natacha says:

    Day #3 done! I did the corset video too, though I don’t have any corset, but I felt so motivated ! Can’t wait for day #4 !!

  527. Day 3 was awesome! Loved the first video. Really got me pumped for the second one! Now I want a third! can’t wait for tomorrow!

  528. Just finished day 3. Absolutely loving it. I only woke up half an hour ago and now I feel completely awake and energised. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s.

  529. Charlotte says:

    Feel so good after day 3! After day two I felt like I was about to die, but I’m feeling a lot better today!

  530. karelle says:

    just finished day 3 :D anyone is at day 3 today too? we could help each other like with support and motivation or whatever hahah :)

  531. I just did day 3!!! ^_^ YEA! lol im sore from the previous days but oh well this one was awesome!

  532. Just finished the workout for this 3rd day and I am feeling good. The only part I struggled to do was the Teaser Twist. I just couldn’t find any balance.

  533. Allison says:

    try making your lunch the night before!

  534. Hi Joy! I’m not an expert and I’m just about to start my day 3 workout, until I saw your comment!
    Eating healthy is a struggle for me too, but I have learned how to gradually go into it. First I had to really thing about when I was eating the junk food. For me it was either breakfast (whatever th fastest since I had school) and coming home and pigging out after my volleyball practice. The first step (for me, sorry if this doesn’t work I hope you get some ides though) is to get rid the junk food! I don’t mean you have to throw it a way but get it out of your sight but still keep in mind that if you have family they might want to eat the unhealthy food but you don’t have to! After you get it out of sight, stock the places that are easy access with healthy food. For the fridge I take a small plastic bin and right healthy snacks in colorful letters and have pre made snacks like carrots, celery,apple,strawberries all ready in little baggies. Next to it I have a bowl with pre made hard boil eggs that are easy to just grab crack and eat. For a quick snack after volleyball to help tie me over to dinner this is perfect! For breakfast I usually like greek yogurt with truvia and blueberries and or strawberries, to make this a lot faster I have my strawberries pre cut and my bowl and truvia (its like a little packet of 100% natural sugar) ready for when I walk down I can just throw it together and eat. Basically my key in healthy eating is pre making and get the junk food out of my sight, whether it be having pre made snacks and a water bottle or just a simple bowl out for breakfast. I hope this kinda helped you sorry if it didn’t!

  535. Am I the only one that felt like this workout was a bit easier than day two’s workout? I felt a lot more at ease this workout for some reason. Anyways, I’ve been keeping up with my workouts but I’ve been having a hard time eating healthy :( I don’t have that much time in the morning to make a nice breakfast and lunch for during school. Does anyone have advice on how I could easily begin to start my healthy eating? Not exactly hardcore but like a light east start so I could gradually build up on my healthy eating. All help is appreciated!
    Check out my blog for more info!

  536. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Cassie. I just finished both videos and I seem to be having trouble balancing on my side. It’s like I wobble from one side of my hip to the other and eventually fall over. Also, after doing the ab exercises yesterday and also after today’s exercises, I had a bit of, like, inner pelvic pain. I’m not really sure how to describe it, kinda where the lower section of my gut is. lol I would say that I pulled a muscle in my uterus but that just sounds silly. Anyway, I would really appreciate your opinion and I can’t wait to hear back from you.

  537. The cardio warmup was so fun that I did it three times!

    Attempt 1: I suck at dancing so I messed up a lot of the moves.
    Attempt 2: I finally got the moves and thought it was fun.
    Attempt 3: I FEEL LIKE BEYONCE.

  538. Your english is really good =] keep practicing! good luck on the work outs too!

  539. Woohoo! Day 3 done! Those banana twists are hard for me because my hip bones stick out and throw off the balance, but I got them done! I can’t thank you enough Cassey! You are so positive and it’s contagious; I’ve never been this motivated to work out before! Although I’m not feeling super sore yet (I just finished out my swim season), I feel happier and more full of energy than ever! Thank you so much!

  540. Done! Yay..

  541. It is normal, no worries :)
    You don’t have to feel sore to have results. Cassey is just trying to ease you into the workouts so that you don’t injure yourself and prepare your body!

  542. Carolin says:

    Just finished day 3 and i´m so proud of myself!!!! I am trying since a long time to get fit and I think through your workouts I can achieve my goals.
    Looking forward to do the next days :)
    (I´m from Germany so my english is not perfect…)

  543. Day 3, check. I did the workouts earlier today but i’m just obsessed with your videos so i’m gonna do them again! You’re amazing Cassey, thanks for helping me feeling happy again ♥

  544. Day 3 – Done! Starting to feel committed to finishing this calender and the cardio warmup was SO fun.

  545. Riccelen says:

    I was doing insanity for like a week, and then I found Cassey’s videos and decided to follow this beginner’s calendar instead. I’ve done day 1 and day 2 and I haven’t feel sore at all… PLEASE GUYS, tell me it’s normal that I don’t feel sore. I guess that doing stronger routines previously has already got me out of feeling that intense sore the day after, am I right? Thank you very much, lots of love <3

  546. I do this as supplement to my other workouts. I run 5/6 days per week and just started doing this as well.

  547. Just did day 2 and 3 at the same time!! Proud of myself!!! :)

  548. Day 3 done! Although I felt kinda silly doing the banana twist. My balance/coordination isn’t all that strong. Question: for beginners, are y’all simply doing these exercises in one day or are you adding other exercises like cardio, weights, etc?

  549. I love doing the fat burning cardio warm up!!! It’s so much fun and it’s a great way to start off my workout! I could really feel my obliques on the banana curl :D. I feel like doing more workout videos now >_<

  550. Day 3 was much easier!! idk if its cause of the workouts or because im gonna more fit! hopefully the latter :P thanks so much cassey!

  551. Daniela says:

    Day 3 accomplished!!!

  552. Day three! Barely made it through day two lol! I am feeling very optimistic now though :)

  553. Day 3 done. :)

  554. Just completed day 3 woot woot

  555. Chzarlotte says:

    Day 3 done! It’s been a while since I’ve done the Fat Blasting Cardio Warmup, I forgot how fun to do that was! My abs are still sore from yesterday and it was nice to do an easy workout today! I can’t wait for more! Onto Day 4! :)

  556. Day 3 DONE! :D

    This was great!

  557. Just finished day 3 and I’m feeling great! I did the Total Body Pilates Workout 2X thru and I am loving the soreness in my abs! Thank you Cassey for these great videos!

  558. Done!

  559. Ok that was not so bad :) I did get sweaty and I feel good. Cannot wait for tomorrow!!

  560. Day 3 done!

  561. Day 3 done ! I feel like it’s such an accomplishment since I’ve been wanting to get fit for such a long time. Thanks Cassey !!! You’re awesome ! <3

  562. Day 3 done and on to day 4! Decided to do 2-a-days until I get caught up. I am guilty of starting the calendar and getting sidetracked partway through. BUT, a big thank you to Casey! When I committed myself I lost 15 pounds and I had more energy. I still have some more work to go, but these videos make it possible. I love Casey’s energy, positivity, encouragement, and yes, even getting my butt kicked too haha. Okay day 4 here I come!!! Keep up the great work my fellow sufferers! We can do this!

  563. Elizabeth M says:

    day 3!! my abs are so sore lol. Love it. Makes me feel like I’m this right. since its summer I had swimming as much as I can. :) thanks for this beginner workout!

  564. day 3 – check!

  565. That’s because this is the beginners calendar.

    Her usual calendar workout videos total from 45 minutes to even 1 hour 20 minutes on some days! :)

  566. I want to ask a question. Videos are total 17 minutes. Isn’t that short as a daily pilates programme?

  567. Shannon says:

    Loved day 3 :) day 2 killed me!

  568. it’s just me or this workout it’s more easy than day 2 ?

  569. Macey Rowland says:

    Could you do opera for legs/hips?

  570. Nikki,
    Your soreness is normal. When you work the muscles hard, you are actually creating microscopic tears. As your body recovers the tears are repaired and the soreness fades. Muscle soreness is a sign of hard work! Good Job!

  571. Are you making sure you’re tightening your abs (sucking your tummy in)? It will make a much better impact if you aren’t!

  572. My stomach hurt hours after but it’s gone the next day… Is that bad? Or is that okay?

  573. Super easy yayy!

  574. This one was too bad! Can’t kill us everyday I guess! I’m so glad it wasn’t too bad! I just want to believe that I’m getting stronger as the days progress! Can’t wait to finish the beginners calendar and actually step it up with the more experienced POPsters!

  575. My abs still hurt!! Woah Cassey, I’ve never been this sore before. I totally loved the Fat Burning Cardio (maybe because it was a bit easy? hahaha!) Well, I will thank you everyday for helping me in this weight loss journey.

  576. never felt so good after a workout! feel motivated to take on the world after todays!!!! :) Question; how many times are we supposed to repeat the workouts in the beginner’s calendar? Has many as we can do? Or are there specifics?

  577. Thank you so, so much for the Beginner’s calendar and the workouts! I’m (so far successfully) doing a lot of your videos and now the calendar to sculpt my body as I loose weight. I’m also starting the Master Cleanse and go jogging 30 minutes a day and was wondering whether it was alright for me to try and build up muscle like this even thought I don’t have a source of proteins in my diet. There is only lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water. I’m used to the amount of cardio, but I can really feel my muscles. So far I feel amazing, but it’s only been three days…

  578. Allison says:

    I felt like this was still an ab workout! My abs will still be mad at me tomorrow!!! >.<

    But I already notice that on Day 3 I'm happier and more energetic :)

    You make working out fun, Cassey.

  579. My upper body is the only thing that is sore from days one and two. My abs aren’t the least bit sore. Does this mean I need to step it up? And when are we going to start burning some major calories??

  580. My abs are totally screaming! They most definitely have NOT recovered yet from days 1 & 2 but I’m still going strong! I’m taking a lot less breaks and I’m feeling great! Thanks Cassey!

  581. michelle says:

    aaaahhh!!! DAY 3 my abs are on fire. lol hopefully i will start getting stronger.

  582. Courtney says:

    Just one day later and I can do roll ups with straight legs, yesterday I had to bend my knees and they were still hard…..yay for day 4, lets see what else I get better at :)

  583. Ariel Goldstein says:

    Day 3- WHEW. I will be feeling this tomorrow.

  584. I love both videos and especially the Banana Twist Teaser Combo! It was super fun :D

  585. Day 3 done! Couldn’t do the twisted bananas so just did more of the other ones-NO core strength. Had to take a couple of breaks, but happy with my progress so far. Bring it day 4!

  586. Day 3….Done. Killing myself with blogilates are making me happier! Hope I will keep doing this till the end. :D

  587. Brittany says:

    finished day 3 :) i seriously can feel myself getting stronger, i didn’t have to take one single breqak during the whole workout. Thanks Cassey!

  588. So glad not a lot of abs work in this one! lol Mine needed a break after yesterday! I am still sore! And that is good! I am getting strong. Woo hoo! Good luck to anyone else doing this calender this month. We rock!

  589. Those kneeling leg lifts… ow!

  590. apparentlyblue says:

    Ha, my abs had sooo not recovered well enough from day 2 to make any headway with the leg lifts at the end!

  591. Day 1 – cheat a lot
    Day 2 – cheat
    Day 3 – RIGHT DONE!!!

  592. Completed day 3 and I have to admit that this workout was pretty easy. I probably could go to advanced level because I’ve been training/working out before discovering Blogilates but I find that this beginners calendar is really great if you want to get into actual pilates (which I’ve never tried before!). It’s always nice to change things up and although I find yoga really boring, pilates is really great! I like challenge myself, so I wonder how far I’ll be able to go. :)

  593. Day 3 – check ^_^

  594. Katrina says:

    Finished day 3! I feel like my roll ups are terrible and I keep plopping down on the floor instead of rolling slowly. Hopefully they’ll get better soon but the cardio workout was really fun. I could do it everyday.

  595. Finished Day 3. Thought it was pretty easy since I tried the Ana Caban one before. I have to admit though that this Cardio thing is way to fast for me, like I don’t get the moves until you are already done with them :D Guess I just have to practice Cardio for a while and it will work ;) Thanks for doing this calender!

  596. Day 3 complete *happy dance* feeling so sore but know it will be worth it! thank you Cassey for helping me get in shape for my wedding dress!

  597. The warmup was great, I was starting to feel it and was eager to move on to the next one, but I felt the main exercises were too easy. Perhaps I shouldn’t be on beginner and should do the monthly ones instead, but I’m going to stick to the end of this one (because days 1 and 2 really hurt) and because if I jump in the deep end too soon I worry I won’t stick with it. I like plodding along steadily to things :)
    Anyway, not sore at all today!

  598. Another day complete! And now I am covered in sweat….hahaha : )

  599. Day 3 Complete!!! :) the cardio was supper fun!

  600. Hi Cassey! I just finished day 3, and I’m wondering if you have any tips for pilates moves or accommodations for people with spine problems. Trying to do the banana twist combo thing was a challenge, as I have a herniated disc in my lower lumbar spine. Any suggestions? I’m loving the videos so far!! Thanks- Rachel

  601. day 3 done! So proud and happy I found your blog. It’s amazing I didn’t even know what I am able to do. Feeling great. Thanks. xxx

  602. Great set of videos, I feel great! I used to think i was pretty well coordinated and balanced, the warm-up really has shown me how much i lost of that over the last couple of years. like some of the others I was so happy that for the roll-ups in the video i could finally do it without reaching for my thighs! Thank you Cassey!

  603. finished day 3! feeling like a mini champ! :D

  604. Day 3 is done! Awesome warm up exercise. It was so much fun!

  605. Yes! Day 3 is done! :D Can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout! ^_^

  606. I just finished Day 3! Thank you so much for this! I think I am falling in love with pilates.
    I am a total workout VIRGIN and trying to figure out how much/what I should each day has been so confusing! This calender really helps!

  607. How thick is your guys’ exercise mats? I have a half inch one and I could honestly be in any position on it and not feel pressure points. It’s amazing! And I workout on hard wood floors!

  608. I’m on day 3, I just did both videos, and they were really fun! I feel very good about myself for sticking through with it, I think I’m going to like POP Pilates.

  609. The POP Cardio was SO. MUCH. FUN. I absolutely loved it. I think I should probably start the monthly calendar asap, considering I am not feeling sore whatsoever but since I am still having quite some trouble with my legs, I’m doing the 25 days I have left from the beginners calendar. You’re great Cassey, thank you. x

  610. malchampion says:

    yay!! today is the first day i did roll ups without assistance

  611. Justine says:

    still having some trouble with the roll ups but i’m working on it! i love your videos<333

  612. Loved this one! Especially the cardio, so fun! And the banana twist wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! Guess all those sit ups I did paid off XD

  613. Love love love these workouts, just one day 3 but loving it! Thanks so much!!

  614. OMG *abs groan*!!! Day 3 done :)

  615. Day 3 Done. All gross and sweaty from the cardio. Woo hoo!

  616. christina says:

    DAY 3 DOWN!!!!! Loved those banana twist they were a lot easier then they looked. I really broke a serious sweat on these videos. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS WE CAN DO THIS!!

  617. Not a huge fan of todays workout it wasn’t as fun or me as the others I loved the warm up and roll ups but the other one just was not for me I didn’t feel in the mood to finish it to be honest hopefully I will enjoy tomorrows more :)

  618. Day 3 done! Now that was a workout!

  619. Felicia says:

    I have this problem aswell! Good to know I’m not alone!

  620. yee.. done! :)

  621. Day 3 done. Good solid workout.

  622. I have the exact same problem – I am in so much pain on my hip bones but if I rearrange myself I feel like I am not in the correct position for the exercise.
    Can anyone help with this?

  623. Bethany says:

    Day 3 done! Rollups are definitely easier and would much rather do those then burpees!

  624. wow that was amazing!
    but, every time there are thoses ‘layin on your side’-exercises of the second video, I am totally hurting myself!! I always lay down right on my hipbones and this pose is hurting me right there becuz they are somehow standing out a bit :/ I am really almost balancing straight on my bones, has it to be like this??? Or is there another option? :/

  625. hcimtwb says:

    Day 3! Done early in the morning!

  626. Brianne says:

    Done with day 3! Yay , I can do my roll ups with no problem ! I’m so happy (:

  627. Archana says:

    Did both workouts non-stop and with almost no pauses. It’s day 4 and was able to do almost everything except the kneeling side-kicks…almost fell a couple times >.<

  628. Day 3 DONE! I love rollups so much… I had a smile on my face every time I did one.

  629. Feeling much better doing day 3. Not in as much pain now haha. Slowly getting there! x

  630. Watching how do I look after Day 3 workouts and you look and sound JUST like Jeanie Mai!!!!

  631. do you just go through the videos one time through or do you do them two or three times?

  632. I meant I’m soo much better with the roll ups… Sorry auto correct…

  633. Killed day 3!im soo much better with top she roll ups now! Thanks for the calendar Cass! Might be doing another video tonight!

  634. Cassie, you have made me excited to work out! I’ve been looking for something for a long time and this beginners calendar is perfect! I’ve never been so excited about my fitness. Thanks for all you do!

  635. Brilliant attitude! Good luck at your parents! xoxo

  636. This happens to me as well! Maybe our abs aren’t strong enough yet? Either that or I just have terrible balance! I found with the ‘bananas’ it helped if instead of putting my free arm along my body I used it in front of my abs on the floor to stabilise me so I could stay upright whilst using my abs to pull up my legs. Hope that helps!

  637. Kathleen says:

    OMG DAY 3! Thank you so much for these work outs, Casey. I’ve learned so much. My legs are still sore from Day 1 but I will persevere~ I probably won’t be able to go through the beginner’s work out as planned because I will be leaving for my parents’ place for a couple of weeks and they apparently don’t have internet there (NOOOOOOOO!) but my dad has free access to a pool and gym so I’m just going to pick up on my cardio there. Of course, when I return, you can bet that I will continue where I left off because you actually made me feel empowered and excited to be healthy. Thanks for the inspiration, Casey!

  638. Finished day 3 and I feel awesome! Thanks for the beginner calendar….I am excited to work my way up!

  639. Thank you so much for the Beginner’s Calendar, Cassie!

    The intensity level is just perfect for me and this time I’m really gonna stick with it. I hope I’ll be able to do the July Calendar when it comes out :)

    Can’t believe how much my roll-ups have improved after only three days!

  640. Day 3…I just killed it :)

  641. I totally loved today’s workout. Roll ups have definitely improved too. Aren’t I luckily to have discovered Cassey? Bring on Day 4! Never been so excited about working out in my life.

  642. Finished Day 3. The warm up kicked my butt. So it was really difficult to complete the full workout. But my Roll ups have improved. I’m pleased with myself.

  643. Natalia says:

    Cassie! Thank you so much for a genius beginners calendar! I am a beginner myself and I wanted to start working out with you a month and 2 months ago but when I saw the plan I was like ‘Ohhhh… there is no way I can do this!’ but you broke it down so perfectly for every single newbie now so there is no excuse! :-) I’m on day 3 and cannot wait my tomorrow workout! Lots of love from London

  644. Natalia says:

    Cassie! Thank you so much for genius beginners calendar! I am z beginner and I wanted to try working out with your month and 2 months ago but when I saw the plan I was like ‘Ohhhh… there is no way I can do this!’ but you broke it down so perfectly for every single newbie now so there is no excuse! :-) I’m on day 3 and cannot wait my tomorrow workout! Lots of love from London!

  645. me too! Good luck <3

  646. Me too! Keep it up! :)

  647. I’ve just done day 3! I can do full roll ups now but I still have trouble with my balancing especially when I’m doing the banana workout. I couldn’t keep my body stable and I swayed every time I lift my legs up. This always happens whenever I do workouts that require lying on the side. I wonder why.

  648. i am at day 3!

  649. Tiffany says:

    On the calendar it says to do roll ups, hollow rocks, teasers, etc. when i wake up. where can i go to see how he moves are done?

  650. jennifer mcmullen says:

    this is great! thanks – now i can download them without my internet freezing and interrupting my workout! very nice! thank you very much!


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