• yeaahh… im here. didnt sweat as much on day 1 and 2. although i cant really do it right yet and my abdomen hurts but im loving this

  • Victoria Rodrigues

    yey finished day 3 and still believing in myself thankx to your motivational body workout films.
    the high shoes is ne for me to do pilates but yey to go outside :-)
    I noticed that my center is not strong enugh to do the ecercices fluently but I think the strenght will come because I can do the roll ups now the way it should in 3 days yey

  • violetdice

    Jan 3 Day 3 done! So happy!

  • stacey

    Day 3 done! I’ve been so sore doing day 1 and 2! Glad this one was easier! I can finally do a roll up!! I could barely do one two days ago :)

  • aditi

    IT was so easy for me but feeling little bit stretch

  • Sarah

    I feel mostly back pain during the ab workouts, especially the ones that target the lower abs. I keep checking my posture and I think I am doing it right for the most part. My abs don’t burn during the workout and they aren’t sore the next day though.

    • Terra

      I have a herniated disk in my lower back so I feel your pain. Whenever you’re doing something like the leg lifts that work the lower abs be sure to support your back by placing your hands under tail bone. It really helps a lot in taking some of the pressure off of that area. I hope you find what’s causing the problem and find a solution. Good luck!

  • trisha

    am i the only one who doesnt feel any pain what so ever while doing these workouts?

  • camille

    I DID IT !!! yes !
    3rd day of you programme for begginners 1.0 !
    so proud of me

  • Alison

    Day 3 done! Came into today sore and was glad it was a less intense workout! Ready for the next few weeks!

  • Caslanthe

    Day 3 done – today my cat joined, so I did part of exercises with encumbrance hanging on my legs, yay! ^^

  • Kristin

    Loved the warmup so much I did it twice! 2015 is going to be my year~

  • Karli

    Day 3 done! This was a much needed break from day 2! Yesterday was crazy! This won was soooo fun though! Cant wait for tomorrow!

  • sophia

    Day 3 is also done ! :D

  • Cathy

    Day 3 done! yay

  • Paige

    Woah! I’m a teenager way out of shape and I’m already on day three. I am so proud to say that I am feeling confident already and feel more motivated than ever!

    • Jennifer

      The same here! I think I’ll be able to follow the regular calendar starting January the 10th probably :D.

  • Ambar Sepulveda

    Omg this is my 3rd day and it’s complete…. the day 2 was hard, but this day was less hard hahaha thanks for your help! it’s amazing! I’m will have a nice body for my holidays!
    P.S: I’m from Chile
    XOXO <3

  • Sarah

    Day 3 done ! I’m so motivated right now to get fit and healthy !

  • Jammie

    Day 3 done! I am happy to say that i did not feel like crying after these workouts!

  • Nyssa

    Wow, this was so much easier for me than yesterday’s :D

    • For me too! I thought I was not going to make it with yesterday’s ABC abs.

  • Jaclyn

    Done! I thought I was going to have a rough time after doing my C25K run just before these day 3 workouts but nope! I like having a workout plan for after my runs. Feeling great!

  • Sandra

    Day 3 done!!

  • lubna

    okay, just did the roll ups!
    do you think its okay if i put my feet under something to help me life myself for the roll up??
    cause every time i do it, my feet end up on the air

    • lubna

      help me lift ****

      • ibty


    • dalia

      hey! i have heard several times that its ok that your feet lift at first, you should go on without using anything, you will eventually be able to do it without lifting your feet, and you with be able to notice right away when that happens if you do it like that, good luck!! and keep up the great work!

      • Amy

        What a relief, I kept worrying that I was failing so badly at a beginners move – it was especially tough this morning after doing abs yesterday! But I’ll push on then :)

  • Cassandra

    Boom! Day 3 done. :) This seemed shorter than the rest. Is that just me?

  • Day 3 is done!!! Managed to push through and I feel FANTASTIC right now! Gotta love getting that blood pumping!

  • Fernanda

    I’m just sooo excited!! Cause the past two days I couldn’t do any roll up appropriately, and it was really frustrating!! But for today’s workout it was much easier!! And I’m really motivated because of that :D

  • stephanie souza

    Day 3 done!

  • Nancy

    What are rollups

    • Claudia

      Roll ups are in the first and second videos :)

      • Aliah

        Awesome thanks I had the same question

  • Liene

    Day 3 was great, I even did the cardio twice :D

  • Madison

    I just finished DAY 3! I’m feeling pumped!

  • yara

    should i be the age of 18 to do these workouts or can i do them at the age of 13??

    • grace

      You can be any age! I’m 15 and I do these workouts :)

    • Madison

      I think it’s ok I’m 15 and I do them

  • Brooke. :)

    I did it.. :) Day 3.

  • Rachel

    Finished day 3!! I am loving these!

  • Yaaay ! Day 3, done ! Loved these videos !

  • Eliza

    I love your workouts so much and it has helped me so much. Even though at times i feel like collapsing onto the ground just being in the same presence (sort of) as you just makes my motivation rise. thank you so much !

  • Tess

    This is probably the first work out EVER that I’ve pushed through without taking a break or collapsing on the floor halfway through, I’m very proud of myself :)

  • ashley

    DONE!!! DAY 3. i though the side teaser towards the end was the harderest. but i tried. That’s what matters!

  • Pernille

    Finished day 3!! YAY :-)

  • jay

    Is it enough to do these videos once a day? Or are we supposed to do them a few times? :o I don’t have much time to work out so I’m fine with short work outs but will I still see results if I only do them once?