Day 3


  1. Just finished day 3 workouts first thing in the morning and did the “Toned Arms & Sculpted Back POP Pilates | Cocktail Dress Series” workout as well! Now time for shower and breakfast, feeling good :)

  2. i feel good!!!! duh nuh nuh nuh nuh haha im sweating and i feel great knowing that im doing something for my body (:

  3. Day3 almost done! It’s killing me but I will not stop.
    Anyone else on day3? Let’s do this together!?

    • Kandice Grantham says:

      I am on day 3 too! You workout earlier than I do, but we can help keep each other on track and make sure that we get our workout in each day. I usually do a mile run before all the workouts; I’m trying to work up to 2 or 3 miles everyday but we baby steps!

      • Hi Kandice, nice to meet you!

        Are you trying to lose weight or just a fan of pilates? Is there a way we can talk more easily because I’ve love to have somebody doing this with me.

        • I’m on day 3 also wow it is challenging. I would like to lose 25 pounds. And I also like pilates because I feel like it can help me have a lean toned body. I’m looking to be pencil thin but I’d like to be a stronger healthier version of myself. Pilates allows you to use your own body weight to strengthen and lengthen those muscles. i’d like to add walking or running. How did you work up to running a mile? or have you always been a runner?

    • I just finished day 3 also. The cardio warmup wasn’t bad at all, but I had a really hard time balancing for the banana move in the second video, I was rolling all over my mat!

      • I am on day 3 as well! Great how many beginners there are!

      • Hi Sophie!
        I agree!! When I saw the banana move I was like…”nope, not going to happen” :D Hope it gets better because these moves are really hard to do for me.


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