Day 3


  1. Day3 almost done! It’s killing me but I will not stop.
    Anyone else on day3? Let’s do this together!?

    • Kandice Grantham says:

      I am on day 3 too! You workout earlier than I do, but we can help keep each other on track and make sure that we get our workout in each day. I usually do a mile run before all the workouts; I’m trying to work up to 2 or 3 miles everyday but we baby steps!

      • Hi Kandice, nice to meet you!

        Are you trying to lose weight or just a fan of pilates? Is there a way we can talk more easily because I’ve love to have somebody doing this with me.

    • I just finished day 3 also. The cardio warmup wasn’t bad at all, but I had a really hard time balancing for the banana move in the second video, I was rolling all over my mat!

      • I am on day 3 as well! Great how many beginners there are!

      • Hi Sophie!
        I agree!! When I saw the banana move I was like…”nope, not going to happen” :D Hope it gets better because these moves are really hard to do for me.


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