Day 3


  1. Just got done with day 3! It was fun! I feel like I’m body or stomach is not burning hard enough but I know the next i will feel it!! Fun! I’m glad I force myself to feet up and do this workout! Can’t stop yet!

  2. Just finished Day 3 and it was super fun – my stepdaughter even tried to get in on the moves! Very fun and I’m excited for tomorrow’s workout! :)

  3. So awesome. I was at work dreading to do todays workout my abs are so sore. But I am glad I had enough brain power to go ahead and throw on the video. What a great warm up and short but powerful session.

  4. Started the beginner’s calendar on Tuesday so I just finished day 3 today! Feeling good. I’m brand new to this site and I’m really enjoying it so far! :)

  5. #3 Day is done! :D Yupi yay! :D This Cardio Warmup is just amazing! :D I did it only 2 times, but next time I’ll do it few more, ’cause it just great! And it’s so positive :D I’m pumped up with so much positive energy :) So next step to great body is done ;) I can feel the difference already :D

  6. Can anybody reply to me as to how many times do we have to repeat the exercises? Or do we have to just do with Casey? Then it does not amount to 60 minutes. Please help me out here. I am excited for this and have started out with the Beginner’s Calendar and on Day 3 currently :*

  7. Wow! Nice workout!!

  8. I just finished day 3 and I’m so confused! I’ve previously done Casey’s newer blogilates videos and they make me DRIP sweat. However, when I started the calendar, day one and day three didn’t make me sweat much at all! Day two however, made me sweat a bit more. Can anyone tell me if it’s because I may not be working hard enough or if it’s because it’s a beginner’s calendar? Thanks! BTW, LOVED YOUR VIDEOS CASEY! ♥

    • I think that it’s because this is a beginner work-out calendar yes. The normal video’s that Cassey makes are a lot more advanced so it’s only natural that this feels a bit easy! If you think that these work-outs aren’t enough for you though you can always try to make them a bit harder for yourself or do them a few extra times?

  9. Loved the cardio so much that I did it 5 times!! So much fun and not half as bad as I expected :)

  10. sophianna says:

    I used To hatee cardio workouts but that workout change my life <3 thank youu..!
    Blogilates day 3 checked √

  11. Day 3 complete! Todays work out was a lot easier than I expected. The word CARDIO just makes me want to cry but it was good! Think it was just an 2 easy workouts though rather than me actually getting better at it! :/

  12. Loved the banana move!

  13. 3 day done !! OMG i feel so proud of myself !!

  14. Hey everyone, do you guys do these videos more than once per day? I am just starting the beginners calendar (day 3!) and want to make sure I’m doing what is recommended (I have been doing each video on each day’s page once)? In combo with clean eating, cardio 3x a week, and this calendar, has anyone seen results in the first month?


  15. Wuhu, I don’t think I’ve ever stuck with any workout plan for more than 2 days, so this is awesome! And i absolutely loved the Ana Caban workout, it was so nice and calm, but packed with intense workouts, hidden in pretty looking moves. Can’t wait for tomorrow :)

  16. Day 3 COMPLETE! My abs have been hurting since day 1. I hope there is a little break on ab/core work because it’s a little too much for me when my core hurts all day :/ Although at least I’m feeling progress.

  17. Annabell Shana C. says:

    First time doing roll ups the right way and legs straight up in the air. can’t believe it. But i know why……. Cassey’s phrase, “train like a beast and look like a beauty”. I’ve never pushed myself like this in my life and i’ve done pilates a lot of times. but in 3 days!!! increadiable. love you Cassey. Thank you!!!

  18. I literally failed at the banana exercise. how did they even touch their toes with their fingers?!

  19. So I just completed day 3 of the beginners calendar and let me tell you, I LOVE these workouts! I am not a fan of working out but I am loving blogilates :) I struggled with the 2nd video on day 2. So I am going to try and go back to that until I can do it! Great workouts!!

    • Annabell Shana C. says:

      i thought she was killing me on day 2. goinng back, y our awesome. its a thought for me to possibly do again…….

  20. Oh!! And thank you for the warmup video!! It helped a lot.

  21. Had a great time today! Day 3!!!! Remembering to keep it graceful helps me stay in the move and do it correctly. It’s like floor ballet lol looking forward to day 4!

  22. I lost over 50 pounds in 5 months previously doing blogilates (I went from 250 at 16 years old to 196), but unfortunately some rough things happened in my life, my depression and anxiety worsened, I went back to school, and fell off track. I unfortunately gained almost all of it back (my starting weight several days ago was 240), so here I am again, trying to relive a healthy lifestyle. It’s kind of disappointing to look back and remember how easy it was to do videos like the one with Ana Caban before, and how I did the Kettlebell/Burpee burn out several times and what not, and now see myself struggle. But that just is more motivation for me to go back to how happy and healthy I was before.

    Thank you so much, Cassey. You’re going to help me make the best out of my senior year of high school, and the best out of myself.

    • Hayley, that’s so inspiring that you actually DID that at one point! That’s such a huge success for you! I know what a monster depression and anxiety can be…I struggle with depression in a huge way, too. But you already won by knowing what to do and how to do it! Jump back on it, and train like a beast! I’m with you, sister!!!

    • Good for you Hayley! Keep up the good work…I know you can do it! Happy Senior Year! Here’s to a healthier and happier YOU!!

  23. Today was my day 3 and it was awesome hurt like heck but amazing! (:

  24. Yikes! Starting day three, and my abs are still on fire from yesterday’s ab workout! I have been working out with Tae Bo and Jillian Michaels DVDs, but this is just as intense! Thanks you Cassie!

  25. Starting day 3 of the beginners calendar today and I’m sore but I’m loving it! these work outs are fun, easy but they really do work you. I’m new to working out on a regular basis I think 3 days in a row is usually my cut off but i’m trying to change that. Anyone want to be work out/ encouragement partners??

    • I would love to be your workout encouraging partner!! lets hold each other accountable! once you can get through this month working out everyday will just be a routine. even after 2 weeks you’ll get into a routine of wanting to workout everyday!

    • I just finished day #2 of the beginners work out Hailey and Jasmine. Is there room for another work out partner? I’m 56, and USED to be good about working out when younger. This is a new start for me and I really need to stick with this! I can use all the encouragement I can get! It seems like a great workout. Cassie is very upbeat, the workouts seem to go by fast and I like the reminders of proper form along the way. I hope I can stay the course. Goodluck to you both.

      • Jamy I am 51 and also like you I used to work out a lot but this is a new start for me too. I am only on day 4

  26. I am going to start blogging my day of what I eat and doing to August Blogilates work outs which will hopefully help me stay on track if anyone wants to watch any of my videos I plan on posting one tonight=] LoveKellyLyn

  27. I am on day 3 of the beginner’s calendar and have noticed that my lower back is sore. Is that just my muscles working, or am I doing something wrong? I’m also having some pain in my collar bone. Can someone tell me if this is normal? Thanks!

    • Not only you dear! My shoulders are sore and my upper back and also both sides of my waist. and my legs too. I don’t know if this is normal. But you’re not alone. ;)

  28. Hi!
    So, I broke my metatarsal in my foot 6 weeks ago, and currently have a walking boot. I want to get in shape even though I can’t walk much, or hike or bike etc… or get to the gym (all things I love!). I started the beginner’s calendar the other day (wanting to do it religiously), but realized I’m going to have some issues! I need advice on what type of exercises to do in place of things like the cardio moves for day 3, etc that require jumping, squatting, or stretched out on toes (I can’t do any of that yet!). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :) –Skipping Gimpy Girl

  29. Anyone else on day 3? I just started the beginners calender and I feel great! Let’s do this together!

    • I just finished day 3 too and I love it! We got this girl. Love these workouts Cassey thanks a bunch!!!!

  30. Hey, I can’t do the workout move where you life up your leg with one hand on the floor, because it really hurts. Is that normal?

  31. I can’t do the other exercises in the second video properly but i hope it gets better :)

  32. Cadie Hockenbary says:

    I love love LOVE this!! I’m officially a blogilates fan! It’s simple and I can get it done before work! Thank you for creating this!

  33. Carolina says:

    Saludos desde España! Yo también estoy siguiendo estas rutinas y me va muy bien. Acabo de hacer el día 3 y me siento bien, aunque me duelen varias partes del cuerpo, malditas agujetas! Jajaja. Hay alguna española por aquí? Seguro que sí, que comente y nos desahogamos! =)

    • Uee otra española! :)
      Jajaj yo tambien tengo agujetas, y de momento me siento bien, a ver cuando aumentemos la intensidad…

    • Yo también soy española!! Acabo de terminar los vídeos del día 3 y tengo agujetas en músculos que no sabía ni que existían…
      Mucho ánimo chicas! :)

  34. Do you recommend eating or drinking anything before a workout? I never know what I should be doing before I workout other than stretching? And tips? And so far Day 3 I am loving this!

  35. Kaitlyn Carpenter says:

    Girl just finished your 1000 squat challenge and the song that got me through the end was Break Free by Ariana Grande and Zedd! Could you please do a workout challenge to that song I’m obsessed!!! Thank you so much for everything<3

  36. Just finished day 3 workouts first thing in the morning and did the “Toned Arms & Sculpted Back POP Pilates | Cocktail Dress Series” workout as well! Now time for shower and breakfast, feeling good :)

  37. i feel good!!!! duh nuh nuh nuh nuh haha im sweating and i feel great knowing that im doing something for my body (:

  38. Day3 almost done! It’s killing me but I will not stop.
    Anyone else on day3? Let’s do this together!?

    • Kandice Grantham says:

      I am on day 3 too! You workout earlier than I do, but we can help keep each other on track and make sure that we get our workout in each day. I usually do a mile run before all the workouts; I’m trying to work up to 2 or 3 miles everyday but we baby steps!

      • Hi Kandice, nice to meet you!

        Are you trying to lose weight or just a fan of pilates? Is there a way we can talk more easily because I’ve love to have somebody doing this with me.

        • I’m on day 3 also wow it is challenging. I would like to lose 25 pounds. And I also like pilates because I feel like it can help me have a lean toned body. I’m looking to be pencil thin but I’d like to be a stronger healthier version of myself. Pilates allows you to use your own body weight to strengthen and lengthen those muscles. i’d like to add walking or running. How did you work up to running a mile? or have you always been a runner?

    • I just finished day 3 also. The cardio warmup wasn’t bad at all, but I had a really hard time balancing for the banana move in the second video, I was rolling all over my mat!

      • I am on day 3 as well! Great how many beginners there are!

      • Hi Sophie!
        I agree!! When I saw the banana move I was like…”nope, not going to happen” :D Hope it gets better because these moves are really hard to do for me.


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