Day 3


  1. Boom! Day 3 done. :) This seemed shorter than the rest. Is that just me?

  2. Day 3 is done!!! Managed to push through and I feel FANTASTIC right now! Gotta love getting that blood pumping!

  3. I’m just sooo excited!! Cause the past two days I couldn’t do any roll up appropriately, and it was really frustrating!! But for today’s workout it was much easier!! And I’m really motivated because of that :D

  4. stephanie souza says:

    Day 3 done!

  5. What are rollups

  6. Day 3 was great, I even did the cardio twice :D

  7. I just finished DAY 3! I’m feeling pumped!

  8. should i be the age of 18 to do these workouts or can i do them at the age of 13??

  9. Brooke. :) says:

    I did it.. :) Day 3.

  10. Finished day 3!! I am loving these!

  11. Yaaay ! Day 3, done ! Loved these videos !

  12. I love your workouts so much and it has helped me so much. Even though at times i feel like collapsing onto the ground just being in the same presence (sort of) as you just makes my motivation rise. thank you so much !

  13. This is probably the first work out EVER that I’ve pushed through without taking a break or collapsing on the floor halfway through, I’m very proud of myself :)

  14. DONE!!! DAY 3. i though the side teaser towards the end was the harderest. but i tried. That’s what matters!


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