• Lovisa

    Guy did anyone loose weight and the way they looked after this whole 4 week workout? please m curious let me know

  • Amily

    I”m suddenly able to do the last move of CRAZY CORE W/O with ease! I feel so happy. I see some improvements while doing the 8 minute abs video as well, though my neck is still aching like crazy from straining too hard. I’ve also added 1 more video for today, hoping to tone up my butt: Bootyful video.

  • Minna

    jes i did!

  • Milena

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ;)

  • stephanie souza

    day 26 done !

  • Naz

    I still can’t do the last move on the last video. And I also wanted to know does anyone NOT feel sore the next day? I’m sweating my the end of the videos and I have lost 3kgs since I started. Even my husband has commented on the difference in me. But everyday I try to give my 100% so that I feel the pain the next day but its not there : – C. These moves are not easy either. Although I did feel my calves for 3 days after the call me calves.

    • Evelina


      it’s the same for me. Even when I feel my muscles just after the workout, I barely feel anything the next day. I guess that’s good and I think I’m going to jump to Decemburn calendar just after I finish this.

      The fist time when I did call me calves I couldn’t even walk like a normal person for three days :D

      Congrats, by the way, on finishing beginner’s calendar ;) I asume you’ve already done that. My 27th day is tommorrow.

  • Peter in Bangkok

    Feels so good! 26 days and only 2 more to go. Then, upward and onward.

    Cassey is AWEsome.

    How does she talk so much while she is doing the moves??!!

  • Taryn

    Finished day 26! :)) Agree that last move needs a variation, I’m just hurting my lower back trying to do it!

  • Katie

    day 26 done! some of the ab moves are making me feel really nauseous but managed to complete just about <3

  • Kayllie

    Day 26 done! Looking forward to moving on to the next calendar! :)

  • Bahar

    I still can’t do the last move of Crazy Core WO :(( Feeling bad about it :/

    • youre not alone ;) i couldnt do it either

  • Brooke

    Done!!! Actually finished 8 minute abs without stopping and could do the last move of the crazy core workout for once! Love seeing improvement