• Rachelle

    I always get my hips stuck when I have to do those tiny circles! Super butt and bootyful didn’t go that well, but they went better than I expected. I almost completed the entire squat challenge but I just couldn’t hold it for the last couple of seconds. Today was wonderful torture haha ;) I’m already excited to start the new beginners calendar next week! I hope that after that I’ll be ready for the real deal monthly calendars!

  • stephanie souza

    day 25 done!

  • Rebecca

    So happy to have day 25 done!
    But I felt so bad at the what makes you bootyful challenge. I never had such a pain as I had when I reached up my leg:( At the end I started to cry, but after a few minutes it got better. Now I feel good again, did the “Amazig Upper Back & Leg Streches” and I’m ready to go on to the last two workout days of the beginners calender!

  • Tam Lam

    do we have to do butt challenge twice?

    • i think so lol dont die!

      • Sarah

        The calendar says Call Me Maybe Squats, I think I’ll try two “Bootyful” and 1 squat challenge. What did you guys do?

        • Amily

          I did the squat challenge followed by bootyful. I could feel my thighs burning as I did bootyful… As usual, I stopped at the single leg raise ‘cos it was too impossible for me!

  • Kelly

    Mother fudge! Cassie killed me with the “call me maybe” squat video (although not linked in the set of the day, I had to find it in youtube). On the bootyful video I paused on the rising of the legs but was able to complete it. The call me maybe video, that was murder!! I… Can’t… Walk!
    Day 25 done!

  • Stephania

    Hey, would you do a call it whatever by bella thorne challenge?

  • Katie

    paused during none of today videos for the first time! so happy!

  • i.wiva

    i feel so bad now i cant do the last video call me.. even the others video i didnt make it good i dont know why

  • Ana

    good job everyone we’re almost done with the beginner’s calendar!!!! i have never in my life commited to a workout the way i do with blogilates. i started feeling the results by the second week so now im addicted! my body keeps changing and getting stronger and stronger thanks to these videos. this workout was killer. i was sweating and suffering but I KNOW it’s all worth it so i kept going! something i would’ve never done in the past. good luck to everyone on the next couple of days. i’m looking forward to diving into september’s workout calendar!

  • Sara Morse

    Yay! So happy to be seeing results! First time I’ve seen my thighs shrink in years! I did physical therapy last year for issues with my muscles around my tailbone. All of it was Pilates based and it worked! I will always stick with a Pilates workout. It’s just so nice to have a routine I can follow. It would be nice to have the videos for your regular calendars all ready to go at the bottom of the page like this beginner one is setup. Just a thought. Thanks!

  • Kayllie

    Only 3 days left!!! So excited to finish and move on to the next month. Love all the changes I’ve been seeing :)

  • Im dying right now… 3 more days to go ^_^

  • Jenny

    I’m so proud that I could do the Call Me Maybe squats without stopping. The first time I did it, I couldn’t even do the first few squats. So happy. :)

  • Brooke

    Oh man my butt and legs and shaking and twitching so bad hahhaha!

    • Me too!! i couldnt finish the call me maybe squat challenge because my legs were shaking so much! :D

  • Kat

    After 25 days, I still cannot make proper circles with my legs -_- … guess I was just not blessed with coordination

    • Camie

      You’re not the only one sister. :,(

  • Jenny

    Do we do the Bootyful workout twice or search YouTube for Call me Maybe Squats like the calendar says? What did you do?

    • Jenny

      Call Me Maybe Squats was the first video linked on the right of the YouTube page for the Bootyful video. Easy to find!

  • mikhaila

    Day 25 donezo!! We are so close to the end guys, then on to better things (ie; monthly calendars). This beginner calendar has really shown me what my body is capable of after my mind says I’m done. I feel so great and so strong. Everyday I look forwarding to working out and before joining Blogilates, working out was the last thing on my mind. Starting April Abs next week is going to be challenging but I’m ready for it. Even though I’ll be doing only three weeks of it, it will get me on track for when the May calendar rolls around :)

  • michelle

    this is showing as what makes you bootyful twice and no call me maybe squats?

    • Jenny

      Did you do the butt one twice? I think I am googling for the squats video.

  • Dhaley

    Day 25 done my butt ache..

  • Stephanie

    My hamstrings and booty hurt so bad!!! Had to keep on taking breaks, but i will get there! Today was amazing. I can’t wait to get on the normal calendar for advanced popsters.

  • Linde

    GREAT DAY! The first time I did the What makes you Bootyful video I collapsed and laughed out loud when Cassey first threw her leg in the air somewhere halfway. Now I only took like two or three mini breaks before I went on and killllllled the rest! On to day 26!

  • October 1, 2012 at 11:46 pmThis sounds dabole. I posted once that I was working on a plan well turns out that Some family members are relocating to my area. We’ve agreed to split into teams, and see who can lose the most in six weeks! I’m going to present this to them when they arrive, and see if they are willing to incorporate this into our competition. It’ll be interesting to see who gets busted at TacoBell first lol! Reply

  • Nova

    What Makes You Bootyful is linked 2 times here ;)

  • Loulwa

    day 25 donee and OMG the call me maybe squats literally KILLED MY LEGS AHHH! but anyway thank you Cassy xx

  • izzy

    Had to pause a few times for the squat me maybe challenge. did i just say squat me maybe? lol

  • Kat Benny

    so I done did the workout for today, feeling good.. I’m eating as healthy as I can, but at a dorm and food allergies plus pickiness is making it hard. But I’m eating lots of veggies and smaller portions. Feeling good. I always have to tell myself to suck in my gut and smile. Awaaaay to day 26!