• stephanie souza

    day 24 done!

  • jen

    Did the calves one and the second one basically without stopping! (And the first as well:P) Apart from in the calves one I fell over at some point as my balance went a bit off :L After a horrible yesterday (sorry I couldn’t do all of ABC abs) today was amazing! Unfortunately my abs are the part of my body I am most self conscious about so I guess I’ll have to keep working on it!

  • Katie

    Was feeling a little unmotivated after yesterdays struggles, but today was amazing! did the second video was no cheats or stopping which i am so proud of, (which i couldn’t do last time)! so ready for tomorrow! <3

  • Ana

    I loved today’s workout! I always prefer the lower body workouts because I am a figure skater so I’m more used to using my lower body! I’m SO glad i have made it this far in the calendar I am definitely getting stronger! the last time i did glad you came calved i used 6 pounds each hand and had to pause a few times. this time i used 8 pounds in each hand and was able to do the entire video without pausing. I love love love the legs and thighs workout it makes my butt feel so good! thank you cassey

  • Bahar

    Today’s workouts were kinda easy to me, i am really happy right now. It’s not my first time with this calendar, i haven’t finished before but i will this time. Blogilates really changed my body. I just tried to eat only when i’m hungry, i didnt do something more. I kept on eating pizza, hamburger, cheesecake and that kind of stuff but i lost weight. I used to be around 62-63 kg, now i am 55.5 kg!! Feeling good :)

  • Sonja

    Feeling good! Added three more videos to today’s workout: Heart on fire cardio, Prom dress workout and Upper body 10 min workout ! My shoulders and calves will be so sore tomorrow oh boy

  • Brooke

    Feeling so good after this, can’t believe it’s only three days left

  • Liliana

    FINALLY made it through the entire Glad You Came Calves video!!! So proud of myself!

  • Su

    I can tell my calves are getting stronger, the calves workout wasn’t as hard as it was the first time I did it I can already see improvement everywhere. I think I still have a little thigh fat bc my thighs are huge but with track I can take care of that. and my stomach was always flat but I can see the layer of abs developing

    • Gigi

      by doing the calves wo would it make my legs bigger ?

      • no I think it just shapes them in a better way (toning)

  • Erin

    welp my calves are BURNINGGGGG.

  • Charlene

    my calves are screaming!!!!! lol

  • ilavinyu

    Do I need to do all at once without having a break or it doesn’t matter?

  • Molly

    that butt workout was AMAZING

  • Miriam

    Honestely, I’m only doing those exercises, I haven’t really changed the way I eat. Except I eat a lot more fruits and veggies but I’m still enjoying sweets every now and then, I just can’t bring myself to stop, it’s annoying. BUT after almost 4 weeks doing exercises every day I can see my body change at least a bit. My stomach’s getting more and more defined and I’m simply stronger everywhere. Anyway the best I’ve learned from this month so far is simply withstanding. Eventhough some exercises really hurt and I’m shaking like crazy I keep holding on and do the exercise. I do not give up, those times are over!

    • Sarah

      Yeah, same here. I need to start eating more veggies, but I am seeing improvement in my body, but especially how I feel when I get up and how I look at myself now. So much more positive! Withstanding is the hardest thing for me, good for you for not giving up!

  • Roxanne

    Oh my gosh my butt is so much stronger now! HOORAY! :D But I can’t do the calves one. They keep cramping, and I don’t even use weights. :( Oh well. Everything else made me happy! :) YAY CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE ALMOST DONE GUYS!

    • kensy

      Me too… I can’t complete the whole calves workout.

      • July

        Me neither.. I have to pause at least once… FRUSTRATION!!!!

    • Charlene

      don’t worry I can’t either, especially after that butt exercise

    • Jenn L

      I can’t do it the way she does, but if I alternate calves constantly (almost like running in place, but focusing on my calves and keeping my toes on the ground), I still get a killer calf workout and can actually finish the video, which I think is more important until I get fit enough to do it the right way.

  • Ashlie

    So glad I worked out tday! Awesome vids for awesome bodies! I was dying in the second and third vid. Keep up motivation guys! Let’s make May a total transformation month! ~Ashlie ♡★♡★♡ °•°•°•°•☆

  • Jenny

    Little by little, I am seeing improvement. Cassey, thank you so much for this calendar and all the workouts and motivation!

  • Janelle

    I missed a couple days so I’m playing catchup now!! Today felt really really good.. challenging but not impossible.. and yesterday I noticed I’m getting some definition in my forearms!! WOW!! I was so so so happy!! I always feel like I completely fail at the arms exercises but I guess I’m doing them right!! Same for my calves, but I was told yesterday that I’m getting the “runner’s bumps” (omg fitness jargon I’m so embarrassingly lost) on the backs of my calves already!! Being able to see definition even in the tiniest of ways really helped me get back into the groove of doing the workouts after a couple days of feeling really low and unmotivated. But even if you aren’t seeing changes yet, keep going!! You’ll surprise yourself one day too!!

    • Rani

      C’mon!! You can do this!!! ;)

  • Sarah

    Wow! I made it through the workouts much easier than normal! That calve workout killed me though, but it was so much easier than the last time I did it. I’m really energetic right now so I’m going to add a cardio video :) I am defenitly feeling stronger. Don’t really see any difference, but I will get there. Some day. <3

  • Melissa

    That leg and thighs workout is my favorite one so far. I don’t know why, but I find it so challenging and rewarding! Love the bridge!

  • Andrea

    I’m so worried that my calves are going to kill me for the next few days because the first time I did Glad You Came Calves they were on fire for three days and I had to skip working out until they were better. Hopefully, this time they will be used to it.

    • Jenny

      Me too – mine hurt for at least 3 if not more days last time. Let’s hope we are stronger and it doesn’t do that this week!

      • July

        Last time, one of the comments said to give your calves a good massage afterwards. I did it last time and I wasn’t so much in pain the next day. I was able to work out further.

  • Josephine

    I am almost at the end of the month and I can feel myself getting stronger by oh man that glad you came workout is a killer ! Going to have to practice it more I guess !

  • Anastasia

    OMG! The second video made me happy! Day 24 done!

  • Violeta

    I found yesterday really hard and wasn’t able to do the final ABC video…. but I was a lot more energized today! I did the three videos, plus yesterday’s ABC video, plus a HIIT video-my first one! (you were meant to do 4 rounds but i was only able to do 2… it’s a start though!). I can already see the effects of these exercises on my body. Im feeling great!

  • Dhaley

    I love today’s workout. Love my calves it’s aching…. Few more days I’m done yes!

  • Anne

    Loved today’s video’s so much!! And my med school books come in so handy in the third video :) So proud of myself for almost being done with the beginner’s calendar! After completely finishing it I’ll be doing it again, probably with some extra videos on some of the days & also more days of doing cardio at the gym. My sister will be starting her first beginner’s calendar then, so that will be lots of fun as we can do the workouts together on friday and on saturday! These last 3+ weeks have changed so much for me, working out almost every day makes me a lot happier, I feel my body changing and also I rarely have back pain anymore!! I also started enjoying healthy food and my food cravings have gotten a lot less. I even bought myself a smoothie maker, and I have lots of other healthy lifestyle things still on my wish list. I can’t wait for all that is still to come!! Thank you so much Cassey<3

  • Becky

    I loved today’s workout! The cardio warmup is really enjoyable, the leg workouts are great and the calf challenge absolutely killed me . . . but in a good way :) felt totally discouraged after yesterday’s workout which I couldn’t even complete, but feeling good again after today!

  • Cristina

    day 24 was awesome! first video I really like doing its fun and warms you up for the hard work. second 2 videos I improved so much since the last time I did them. The calves exercise I held on until nearly the end, when I stopped you started counting so I was really happy to have nearly done it to the end, the first time I kept stopping so it’s a huge improvement for me!

  • Sarah

    Day 24 is finished. Compared to yesterday’s routines, these feel so good. Managed to get through the middle video with hardly any stop. Wanted to work my lower abs and it feels amazing. My legs and feet will feel it tomorrow, but it is worth it. My body is feeling stronger and also in pain (LOL). Cannot believe I am almost through beginner’s calendar!

  • Loulwa

    wheww that was EASY! but the last video gets me everytime! day 24 doneee and OMG so close to finishing the beginners calendar WOOOO ~

  • Belen Garcia

    Why am I sweating so much now?! Got my little cousins to do the calves with me and they said they were dying! Haha love you Cassey!

  • Day 24 Done! I hope I can walk in 3 days time… Unlike the last time I did that video eeek!

  • Leandra

    The cardio is barely cardio anymore, yay me! Video #2 also going quite smoothly. The calves challenge… ohhh my goodness… I’m sure it went better than last time, but I still had to briefly stop just a couple of times because I could almost feel my legs cramping, and once a charley horse happens, I’m incapacitated for at least several hours. Bring on the workouts!

    One thing I will say, is that I’m disappointed in myself food-wise. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I try to avoid eating out of boredom, and I try to not stress eat, but sometimes when I’m tired, I have a harder time sticking to my “no” and I probably end up eating crap to keep my brain awake for late-night homework, and then I wake up even more tired from not getting enough sleep… it’s a vicious cycle. I don’t know what it is, but I like feeling mildly uncomfortable, and if I haven’t done my workout yet, overeating gives me that slight physical discomfort that I have a love-hate relationship with. Even though I have more classes this semester, I think I’m going to try squeezing my workout in somewhere during the day instead of waiting until the evening, in hopes that it’ll put my brain chemistry in the right place for the day, and prevent me from having the urge to overeat in the afternoon/evening. Fingers crossed! I want to be a doctor, so I have to be a good role model with my own health.

    • Cis

      What I would really recommend is to keep a food diary. Christopher G. Fairburn has written a really good book that is called “Overcoming Binge Eating”. Even if that is not a problem you feel that you have, I would still highly recommend getting the book just because it outlines an effective way to obtain and maintain a healthy relationship with food.

  • Dorota

    Cannot believe how hard it is to do the calves video. Good job im stubborn!

  • Niki

    Day 24 done! I just did Day 23 and BOY that second video killed my legs!! I have never felt so… numb! They were dead weight literally! Haha!

    Calves I am coming for you =D

  • Allison

    Done! Even though it took me all day to get to it, and it is currently 6 past midnight…

    for some reason my lower back has been bothering me, and it hurt A LOT in the 2nd video. It was frustrating because I like that one and want to work my butt and thighs, but it hurt so much and not in the right way!

    • Hannah

      I have the same problem, I had to pause twice because of my back

  • Mandie

    Had a good time with this workout! Last time I was dying all the way through the calves workout, but today I pushed through, and I hope it will pay off!

  • Jas

    Whoo enjoyed today! I find the leg workouts much easier than the arm ones (no upper body strength!) Day 24 completed!

  • Claudi

    I’m absolutely knackered now… I’ve just come home from an hour-long exericse class at the gym (Boxercise but it also attacked the legs and the core… the instructor was nuts :D) and came home and did those workouts :D Last time I did the calves challenge I couldn’t properly walk for days, I added a few minutes of calve stretching today and hope it’ll be better this time.

  • Ivona

    Whoa! First time we did this calves challenge, I was sore for four days, but it felt considerably easier this time around (it was pure hell last time, today it was just pretty hard). Of course I’m doing it just with my body weight :)

    Btw it burns more in my buttocks and the back of my leg than in my calves, has anyone else felt it like that?

    Oh and it felt really nice working out for just 20min after yesterdays torture!

    • Jessie

      Same here, first time my calves burned so bad I couldn’t get through it, this time it burned but in a better way and I could keep up. I’m only using my body weight too, but only because I don’t have access to my hand weights. And I’ve been sneaking in some calf exercises at work.

      Day 24 done!

  • Larissa Ferreira

    I am obseeeesed with the Glad You Came Calves! My calves are still dying without any weights and every time I do this video I see improvement! Love love love :D