• Aisha

    This was far the most challenging day so far!! I loved it and I wonder how to carry my daughter while my arms feeling like pudding :) .

  • Rachelle

    All of the comments saying the second video was too hard really motivated me to push myself today! But MAN that workout was brutal!!! I finished it and pushed as hard as I could. I couldn’t always keep up with Cassey, but I tried, I pushed and I finished, so I’m proud of myself! The ABC abs I did on my own, without the video and now I feel exhausted. This was one of the most challenging days and also one of the best days. After I finish this calendar I’m going to do the beginners calendar 2.0! A few more days to go <3 thanks for almost killing me Cassey XD love you ;P

  • Jola

    There was NO way for me to finish the second video. What the hell…. I did so well the last 22 days feeling really strong and confident. And then the disaster happened… I’ll just finish this week and then start all over again…

  • Cassandra

    I’ve really loved doing this calendar but I feel like today was way too hard for a beginner. I felt so good yesterday after I did the whole workout without a break, but today I was really discouraged because I had to take a break every few seconds and could hardly do most of the moves in the second video. Hopefully I can feel better after tomorrow’s workout.

  • Lauren

    My hips always hurt and click when I put my knees together and move both legs together, like in the corkscrews or the second half of ABC abs. It doesn’t happen if the knees are apart. I’d hoped it would go away as I got more fit but it’s the same as on day 1. Any tips?

  • Isa

    I just screamed “I hat you” with every new exercise. But not really Cassey, I totally love your workouts and I can already feel how my muscels are getting stronger! Thanks! <3

  • Christina

    AHHH yes yes yesssssss. love this day!!!!

  • Tams

    i feel like a total cheater when it comes to ABC Abs. Instead of going through the video with Cassie, I just do it myself so I can end it quicker lol

    • Christina

      Same here lol! I feel myself getting angry when she can’t think of a food for a letter

    • Isa

      Hahaha totally know what you mean! Same here ^^

  • Emma

    The second video was so much harder than all the others of the calendar. It was to hard!

  • Milena

    i have a bad cold.. i did just half lesson today… am i justified..? ;)

    • Kelsi

      Of course you are justified. If you are sick your first priority is to get better. If you feel sick enough to not do the lesson, then it is better to skip it and recuperate and come back to it another day when you are well again. Hope you feel better soon. :)

      • Milena

        Thanks Kelsiii!! Now I’m quiter..and I’ll wait to feel better… !! I wish you a Happy New Year..! God bless you girls <3

  • Bubs

    gee, i started crying during the second video, felt like the past 22 days were nothing! this was so hard! i was happy cause Ab Time felt so good and easy compared to the other weeks but i started crying so bad at the second video! ABC abs i could handle but this second vid was just too much… :(

  • lubna

    Again! i hate the abc abs
    Its so annoying, i always give up on it..
    i cant seem to keep my leg up :@

  • When I see ABC Abs on the calendar, I always think: noooooooo! But my cat, she loves the ABC Abs. She’s always exercising with me by sitting on my belly.

  • Jennifer

    Hardest workout so far, I managed to push through somehow. I’ve lost 40 pounds so far since starting my diet and then adding in these exercises a month later. (so 2 months). My goal is to be under 300lbs by my 30th birthday in march. I have been over 300lbs since I was 13. 21lbs to go!

  • stephanie souza

    omg, today was so hard for me, couldn´t do the third video but im gonna push harder next time, day 23 done!

  • Gina Clifford

    ABC abs kills me every time but i push through.

  • Momo

    Really happy to be able to say that I did all the day !
    Personally, I change the order of the exercises and today, I decided to do ABC abs (love this workout btw), then POP pilates (abs for bg), and finally New Body Makeover ! (I swear this workout is hard, but cool in the same time, don’t really know how to explain).
    So… Thank you so much Cassey !

  • Gabby

    holy crap i started crying during the second video because my left palm started hurting so much during the regular/tricep pushups but i pushed through and finished it thank god, i just think it’ll all be worth it in a few months when i lose all this weight we can do this everyone! :)

  • May

    Wow, this was the hardest day so far! If you want to see my progress add me on Instagram :) May275

  • Spraddy

    I love/ hate ABC Abs, They hurt so much, but they define so well.

  • hey guys! yeah the first video is decent, and the second video is super rough. try to make it through at least those two bc I’m skipping the 3rd video two just because I’m shaking too much from the other videos

  • Emma

    I haven’t finished the 2nd video, but now I just want to curl up and go to sleep. Feel like crying…

    • Laura

      I’m feeling the same! Feel like I have done nothing for 22 days!! Didn’t make it through 2nd vid before I gave up! ABC abs is horrible for me too!

  • jen

    That second video was awful for me :( And I really hate Alphabet Abs but I will hopefully get better

  • Cupcake

    I also thought second video is going to be super hard so I didn’t do it yesterday but today I got up and decided that if I want to be healthy and to see some progress I must, I have to work for it. So I did it. It was not perfect, mostly the first workout when my left leg was at the front (balance problems) but it was much better than expected. It was hard, of course but I found that breathing properly and taking water while she was explaining the moves helped me a lot. Even though you maybe can not do lot of repetitions, make sure your form is right and that you are breathing and it is going to be OK. I feel great now, about to do the last workout (which I hated 3 weeks ago but it got bit better) and finally shower.
    Have a good day, be proud of yourself for almost finishing this calendar and push trough!
    You are strong! <3
    Kisses and love from V.

  • Nona

    Woahh so much negativity! After reading the comments I was a bit freaked for the second video, but don’t scared, it was fine! I mean, hard work as always but good! I took a little break during abs (I gotta say I just don’t get eagle situps?!) and did the push-up stuff on my knees but I’m happy :) simply do your best, it’s fine!

  • Katie

    second video was so hard! i modified like crazy so still feel completely burnt out and unmotivated. going to make sure i do ABCs when i’m home tonight!

  • Emily

    LOVED the second video. Hurt so good! Couldn’t do the spider-man push-ups, but I only paused twice during the entire thing! So proud of myself right now, and so so happy. ABC I still can’t do, I think that video is really annoying, so I did 8 minute abs instead.
    Don’t give up guys, even if you can’t do all of the videos, think about it…would you have been able to do ANY of the videos the first day you started? Probably not! Just keep going, come back when you’re a little stronger, and you’ll be able to do it! :)