• I feel GRRRRREAT! I finally managed to keep up with cassey and do the whole 100 work out! Good luck everyone! Success is there! <333

  • Benni

    i finally reached my goal… A ROLL UP!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not my main goal but one of the smaller ones to help me stay motivated. Maybe it sounds stupid to you but i’m really happy to finally achieve it.
    But guys I need some help here: My Problem is that I can’t control my eating habbits. My parents are really supportive and they buy me healthy food but I just can’t resist it if they have pizza or something in the yolo-food category. Any tipps on how I can keep eating clean while they have unhealthy food???

    • TodashSpace

      Way to go on achieving the roll up! I had the same problem when I lived at home. If I bought my own food, I was good, if I ate what my parents provided, I was fat.

      Here’s what I did. I only worried about the meals I could control, which for me was breakfast and lunch. I would eat healthy all day, so that when dinner did rolled around, I wouldn’t beat myself up if we had burgers or pizza. If dinner was something unhealthy, I’d control my portions, say only eating two slices of pizza instead of four. I still lost 40 pounds!

      You’re fortunate to have parents who are supportive. Mine would shame me by calling me anorexic. :-[ So deal with what you have the power to change, and don’t sweat the rest.

  • stephanie souza

    day 22 done!

  • Sara

    I can really feel myself getting so much STRONGER!!
    When i did the first video today, the first time, i barely got throght it!!
    every day when I do your videos and I can start to feel the pain, I embrace it! I loooove the pain i can feel in my body after the work out, bc i know i’m getting Stronger! :)

  • Margaret Nahmias

    I realized I need to work my leg more. The basic pulses still hurt.

  • Katie

    today was great! both work outs are sooooo much better than last time, getting through with barely any breaks – so excited to see where i will be in a few weeks <3

  • Makrina

    Yaii! Did the first video without even a break! I m so proud of myself, i m finally seeing results!

  • Kat

    Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t do the rest days and do some exercise because I always feel like going back to square one on Mondays. I’m not the cleanest eater anyway so I guess that probably contributes to that, but I can’t wait for the week ahead! It’s gonna kill me but it’s good pain :D

  • ana

    does anyone else feel a lot weaker on mondays? After having a rest day I struggle more whereas during the weak it’s easier. Love revisiting workouts and noticing improvements, keep going everyone!

  • Simran

    Is there anyone else who still can’t do the leg circles from the first video? Or is it just me :/. Kills me everytime. I get this really sharp pain in my leg

    • Peyton

      When I get the sharp pain I bring my leg into my chest 1 or 2 times and then keep going.

  • Sarah

    If I felt stronger after the first videos i definitely didn’t after the second… 100 workouts still kill me, it makes me feel sad when I see that after 3 weeks I still can’t do this 5minutes video but i’m still here and THAT is a fu***** miracle I feel proud for that :)
    I see some kind of ameliorations about my body but not as much as I’d like so next month I’ll take the September calendar until I could touch my dream body :)

    • ana

      it’s amazing that youre keeping up with it. i didnt think i would stick to this but im so happy i have. I’ll join you on the september calendar:) keep at it!

  • cris

    yay last week! much better on the 100 wo than before. still can’t do those oblique twists, though, I keep falling over…

    • ana

      maybe don’t reach as far out? practice practice practice!

  • Julia

    Am I the only person who still can’t get through ANY video without stopping??

    • Nicole1

      Nope^^ you’re definitely not the only one to have to stop throughout. For me, it’s the ABC abs that I loathe because I constantly have to stop. But I have noted my improvement since the first week and like me and the others on here, I am sure you are getting better but you don’t realize it. You’re still here, so that’s what counts :-) Keep telling yourself that whenever you feel defeated. You can do! :))

    • Katie

      you’re not alone. I feel a bit rubbish for it, but I’m glad others struggle too (in a solidarity way!) – we’ll manage it one day!

  • Sian

    After 3 weeks I have already reached my 6 week goal! A whole inch off my hips! My strength, flexibility and stamina have improved so much. So happy to have reached my first goal! And right before my holiday. :)

  • Amanda

    I sprained my wrist 2 1/2 weeks ago, and I ended up skipping these until today. Grr, I’m so annoyed, I still can’t do half the moves bc they involve supporting yourself on your wrists! Guess I have to redo this calendar now, since I definitely won’t be ready for the regular ones by the end of the week T.T

  • Brooke

    Wow! Actually didn’t realise how much improvement I’ve made until I did these videos. I didn’t stop once! I still had to do modifications sometimes but I used to stop like 10 times when doing mods haha! Love it

  • Su

    getting way better with the first video. and the corkscrew i have to bend my knees because she does it way too fast but I can see improvement in my legs, arms, and abs. getting stronger and feeling motivated :DD

  • Week 4. Way to go. Hope all of you guys enjoy it. Good luck

  • Rebecca

    I remember when I first did the 100 workout, I felt like I was dying. Done it again today and I found it a lot more easier. It’s amazing how you only realise how far you’ve actually come when you re-do a workout.

  • Nadia

    Day 22… again!! Had a very tough week and couldn’t finish the whole WO program, so i restarted today :O
    I’m definitely feeling stronger and less tired … hooray!! :)

  • Rachel

    Woohoo! I was actually able to do the starfish abs this time! Last time I couldn’t even do one! I still have to bend my knees with the corkscrews though, but I don’t know if I’ll ever to be able to fully extend since I have really bad knees. Oh well, here’s hoping!

  • Catherine

    WOO!! Got through both of these videos so much easier than the previous times! I remember the first time I did the 100 workout I was DYING after I finished. But this time I got through the whole thing without stopping and I wasn’t dripping with sweat at the end! I’m so happy!

  • Emma

    I think my greatest achivement is that I can actually feel the muscles in my stomach now pretty much without flexing them :D don’t really care about the slight fat on my belly, I’m just so excited because I HAVE MUSCLES GUYS, THE WORKOUT PAID OFF!
    Please don’t give up, a little is more than nothing and even if you might not see it immediately, the change is slow but there <3

  • Chelsea

    I actually fared very well on the 100 workout, I just struggle with the small circles in the beginner video…am I the only one? I have to stop about 1/3 of the way in on each side, due to my whole leg feeling like it’s going to cramp up (it has, painfully, once), and it feels like my hip (not really my butt) is literally on fire. It’s so frustrating, because just when I feel like I should be able to do them, I have to stop! Does anyone else have this problem with that workout, and with cramping calves in general? I can’t even flex or point my toes without them trying to cramp up on me!

    • elissa

      I have the same issue. I also hurt my wrists on the 15 burpees and I can’t hold my self up on the wrists. This pilates workout is really discouraging

    • angel

      you need to add more bananas or other foods high in potassium i used to cramp really bad but i dont anymore

  • Anouk

    Still can’t do the grasshopper.. Feel so bad :(

    • Neer

      I can’t either!! omg it seems impossible, I try and try and try but I can’t lift my knees, not even a tiny bit lol so frustrating.

  • kensy

    I’m getting much better everyday. But man, my core hurts. I can wait to start doing the May calendar….

  • Victoria

    The first time I did the 100 workout I couldn’t get through half of it without stopping. This time I made it all the way through with no modifications! The only problem I have is that I’m not flexible so my legs were slightly bent whilst doing the corkscrew. But I’m happy I’ve made such great improvements! Thanks Cassey!

  • Hi,
    So this is my second day of doing two calendar days and so far so good. I had to sub yesterdays cardio video because I just never had the time to learn all the moves. But I’m still feel good so this is a huge improvement. I’m still using modifications a lot but hopefully I’m gaining some strength.
    See you all tomorrow!!!
    <3 Kirsty x

  • Jenny

    Leg circles with no breaks or resting – finally! Week 4 is great! We made it this far, we can finish strong – go us! I still had to bend my knees on the corkscrews in the 100 workout, but that just give me more to work on in the future. Yay!

    • zar

      I found you again Jenny!!! are you on the blog social network?

  • Joanna

    Day 22 DONE! :) Can’t believe that this is the last week! I’m so proud of myself!

  • Rani

    Omg! I didn`t even see the 4th week coming..!!
    Loving Blogilates! Loving Cassey! Love the feeling of empowerment (don`t even know if that’s a word, hehe)
    Anyway thats Day 22 down and 6 days to go!
    Woot woot!! Let`s go everybody!!

  • Sarah

    Wow… I felt really weak today actually… I did finish the workouts, mostly without taking breaks, but it was just a little disappointing that I didn’t go through them like I did last week. But… I will keep going. I won’t give up, and even if I still feel like this if I finish the calendar, I will continue with what I am doing. Thanks Cassy for being my personal trainer! You always cheer me up :)

    I think I’m gonna add a cardio video today…

    • Alissa

      Omg! I was just thinking “wow i feel really weak today, let me look in the comments to see if anyone else felt the same” and your were the first comment. I don’t feel so bad about myself.

  • Sarah

    Wow… I felt really weak today actually… I did finish the workouts, mostly without taking breaks, but it was just a little disappointing that I didn’t go through them like I did last week. But… I will keep going. I won’t give up, and even if I still feel like this if I finish the calendar, I will continue with what I am doing. Thanks Cassey for being my personal trainer! You always cheer me up :)

    I think I’m gonna add a cardio video today…

  • Ashley

    Wow did I ever work out a sweat! I feel absolutely amazing and I am loving these improvements!!

  • mikhaila

    Cant believe I am already on day 22 and almost done with the beginner calendar. I feel so great and can do almost all the of exercises completely now. And since day 8 I have been adding more videos to the normal daily videos so after I finish the last 6 days I am gonna move onto the April calendar even though I will be 7 days behind. I cant wait to transition and only keep getting stronger!! :)

  • Bekka

    Feeling more amazing everyday!! I can’t believe how strong I have gotten! I can finally start doing a push up halfway now, which is a huge improvement for me since my arms are so whimpy xD

  • Dhaley

    Done with my day 22…. Soon I will be able to do all the workout.

  • Anires

    Does anyone know when you stop being a beginner or when to move on to the “real” calendars? :) I am going through the calendar the second time and don’t know if I should do it again or move on to the march calendar afterwards :) Many of the days I add a cardio video, because I don’t feel that the videos are enough, but I cannot master the plank fully yet, take pushups without being on my knees or stretch my legs in all of the moves involving the lover abs without mentioning that I cannot lay parallel to the floor without falling forwards or backwards (I have a large hip bone) ;)

    • nath

      it depends enterily on you :) if you feel better, stronger etc and can do most of it just alright or you don’t feel sore enough the next day go for it and do the march calendar

  • Sarah

    In my fourth and final week – starting with Day 22. Got through the basics video with no hassle. My total body is feeling amazing and strong. The 100 Workout is ten times better than the first time. Got through all of them, but working on my balance at the same time. I know I can do this and I can move onto the main calendars after this week. “_”

  • Sydney

    still can’t do the 100 hundred workout that fast I’m worried because i have only noticed small bits of improvement with my strength each week idk if ill be able to keep up with the normal calendars

    • Mary

      Although I am definitely stronger, I cannot do the 100 workout as fast as Cassey either. I first see the move and then do it ten times at my own pace. And as long as we do the moves, it is O.K :)

  • Virginie

    I can finally do that 100 workout with no breaks.! Yay! I feel so much stronger now when I do the workouts and I can push through more than I could when I started out. I’m loving the changes in my body too! So sweaty but so gooood! :)

  • Larissa

    I’m really loving this videos! And I can really see how much better I’ve become since the first one! The only thing I can’t manage to do are the Star Abs, does anyone has a tip for this one? Thanks! :)

  • Loulwa

    yay finally finished day 22 and that 100 WO was a KILLER but oh well! Thanks cassey xx

  • Proud of myself for making it all the way to week 4! I have skipped a few days but always went back to where I left off and didn’t have a rest say that week! I have a question…
    I’m a 16 yr old girl in high school so i’m living with my parents. They let me choose some healthy foods but they do most of the shopping so they buy mostly what they like and whatever’s on sale or cheapest (which is NOT the healthy foods) and sometimes, usually at the worst times, they will bring home a huge pizza for my family to split. It’ll be the biggest size and on each quarter is each of our favorite topping (mine’s either mushroom or pineapple). What do I do when they bring that home, or something similar, for dinner? It has lots of calories and carbs, and for dinner i’m supposed to eat protein and veggies, no carbs! But it’s from an expensive italian place that my family loved for generations!! aagh so hard to resist and I have already spent my yolo food this week (MORE THAN ONCE!) I would appreciate any comments or advice. Thanks!

    • MariaDP

      I have a similar problem with my parents, im 17 i just started saving money to buy food for myself i talked to them and they gave me a cabinet and a place in the fridge just for my food and they help me out with buying it too since its just for 1 person it lasts a while, and buy mixed salad bags with no dressing and make it for your family the night they bring home pizza have a bowl of salad before the pizza and it will help you eat less pizza but still enjoy it! Just talk to your parents they will understand ^.^

    • Jenny

      Don’t sweat it – one piece of pizza is fine and then get yourself some salad or steamed veggies with good protein on the side. If you show your parents that you are willing to work with them, they should mirror that and let you get more salad and veggies for yourself to enjoy.

  • Leandra

    I’m soooooo excited to be starting the February calendar in a week! Since Sundays are rest days, I’ll only be actually missing 1 day in February (the 1st, since that’s a Saturday).

    Anyway, the 1st video is soooo easy now! Even the leg circles aren’t making me cry anymore =) Given the smallness of my dorm room, there isn’t a whole lot of space for me to do the triangle thingies as much as my legs are physically capable of moving, unfortunately. And one more thing… my left hip seems to pop whenever I do the “point up, flex down” move, and this is the first time I’ve noticed that, maybe because my range of motion is bigger than it was before.

    The 100 Workout is still pretty killer, though definitely better than it was the first time. Particularly in those tricep dip things. I’m getting the starfish better than I was, but I’m still not very good at it. Other than that, the video was pretty fun, and definitely a good workout.

    Overall, I can tell that my core has strengthened a lot; I can feel my abs engaging whenever I bend or twist in some funky manner to pick something up. I just wish I could actually SEE results. Hopefully all the Cardio and HIIT days on the “real” calendars will help with the fat loss.

    Thanks Cassey <3