• simplyhappiness

    I was losing my temper in sweat and pain when Cassie was trying to think of a healthy food. Thanks Cassie for being so positive that I can’t bear to be angry at you but at myself for not being able to hold myself up :’D

  • E

    Hey guys I’m just wondering if doing this calendar makes you loose weight?

  • Ellen

    The ABC video was incredibly painful for my lower back. I had to pause several times because it was hurting too much to continue. Is there something I can do to minimize the pain?

    • Emalea Deschamps

      For the upper ABCs, I had to keep both feet on the floor or else my back just killed. For the lower one, just keep your letters higher in the air. Go as far as you can, but not so far that your back hurts.

  • Victoria Rodrigues

    day2 of my personal challenge; super proud of myself. loved the jeggeing with the pocket ;-)
    the seconds workout is a nice challenge to reache. I did som letters with my legs more bend like in the fisrt workout. after 18 years no sports and going to the gym also I am proud to say I finished your excercise untill the end losing just a few letters on the way . thank you for the way you make it possibel to feel ok not being in shape yet ……

  • Maggie Prince

    Second day!!! Do I do both videos Beginner and ABC? I just did the Beginner one for abs. I did the total body work out yesterday. I love her videos <3

  • Ashley B

    Hey guys! I have been doing cardio and then Blogilates Abs, Glutes and Arms on M, W, F….and then Legs on Tues, Thurs. I am loving the results, but I want to do this beginners calendar. I am wondering…does this attack all these areas in a serious way? I don’t really have time during the day to do more than this calendar OR the cardio and videos I’m already doing (which are the 6 min series). Basically, I can’t combine the two workout plans. Long story short, I am wondering does your whole body shape up during this challenge? Or am I better off sticking with what is already working?

  • Thank you, Cassie. You’re wonderful. I, and I’m sure hundreds of thousands of other women and men around the world, really, truly appreciate what you’re doing here by encouraging us to stay strong and take care of our bodies. For ourselves as well as the world at large.

    Thank you now and forever for EVERYTHING. <3 Seriously. I love you, girl. Keep on keeping on.

  • Brandy

    So I finished the beginner’s 2.0 calendar and wasn’t feeling like I could handle the regular one and decided to do the original beginner’s too. So point being, this is my second time through and this workout just absolutely kills my hip flexors. To the point where I can hardly even work on my abs because they’re just burning! But I guess that means they need the work too, right? :P

  • Skye

    Oh my God!!! I sweated so much in the ABC abs, what a killer! Thanks Cassey xx

  • Amanda

    I felt like this stressed my shoulders out more than my abs, am I doing something wrong?

  • Sarah

    Day 2 complete! After having my first baby 10 months ago I really let my fitness slide as finding time to exercise when you have a baby and are not getting a lot of sleep is hard. But now that he’s letting me get full nights of sleep and is taking good long naps, I don’t have any more excuses! I’ve always been interested in Pilates but was afraid that, being a beginner, I would never be able to keep up with a class. This Beginner’s calendar is amazing. It is making Pilates an attainable work out and though I’m exhausted and shaking by the end of workouts it is SO enjoyable! Cassey, your pacing and instruction have turned me into a Pilates lover already! Even when the ABC abs were killing me, I was still enjoying myself and I didn’t want to quit! So thank you for taking the time to create such a great program!

  • celeste

    Cassie, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I viewed a couple of your videos and you are an amazing instructor, extremely motivating and pleasant! I go to the gym for zumba and pilates, but did one of your workouts because I missed today’s class. My goal is to lose lower belly fat as I recently weaned off of preventive migraine meds (due to side effects) and as a result gained 8 pounds in 4 weeks. I have to control my appetite in hopes of stabilizing my weight. I will definitely shop on your site when I have the extra funds. My thanks again. Celeste

  • Cassey, please help.
    If I do this calendar everyday, as well as a 15-30min cardio session on the elliptical trainer, will I see results? I have been doing 25 mins everyday on my elliptical, and have only lost 2 pounds(been doing it for about 2 months).
    I am 5’2 age 23 and weigh 156lbs and I eat 1400, and eat back part of my workout calories.
    my goal is 115 or 120.

    • Sydney

      Hi Kayla — I’m pretty much in the same boat as you weight age/height/weight and I am starting this too! I think you’ll see results with all of these exercises combined. But (and I have done this too) it would be in your best interest to take measurements before beginning the workout. You’ll probably replace the fat with muscle so you might not see much decrease in weight on the scale, but you might see major decrease in inches off your body.

  • Tanya

    Not sure If I’m doing something wrong, with the second part of ABC abs, my upper legs were far more sore than my abs, and my hips clicked alot towards the middle/ end of the word out.


    I just got a fat lower body and flabby arms, what do necessary adjustments I should make in order to concentrate further in my problem areas? I hope you can give me an advise. Please thank you.

  • eunice

    omg this was so tiring but im glad i did it!! :) day 2 – complete!!

  • Alison

    Day 2 woohoo! ABC abs are a killer! I can’t wait until one day they aren’t!

  • Nada

    Omg! This killing !!
    But I have a question
    Is it must to do it exactlly like you ? Becuose I couldn’t make it its so hard , I just tried ^^”

  • Pearl

    Done! Oh god I thoght I died after the first video! How wrong I was T_T
    You rock Cassey! <3

  • Pearl

    Done! Oh god I thoght I died after the first vedio! How wrong I was T_T
    You rock Cassey! <3

  • Karli

    Day Two done! Is it weird that my legs are more shaky than my abs? lmao I just wanna say, ABC abs; not my favorite! Man that was rough! haha Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

  • Jo

    I cannot even do a roll up

    • Sarah

      Don’t give up, even getting your shoulders up in a start. This takes time and can be frustrating but it is worth it.

    • Ecymta

      Dont give up!! I had the same problem for the first day but today I could do it

  • sophia

    I finished the Workout of Day 2 and I am fine ! Very Excited to come to Day 3. <3

  • Erin

    OMG sweating like crazy! You rock Cassey

  • Karina

    Yay, day two over! So glad, I hate ABC…
    One question though – does it matter at which time of day I exercise? I prefer night, because I just cannot get up in the morning. Is there any scientific reason to work out in the morning? i’m as weak as a kitten.

    Plus – G for GRAVYYYYYYY!!!

  • Alexis

    I just got my butt kicked Thanks Cassey

  • Kimberly

    Just finished ABC abs….lower abs seemed only to hurt my hips and upper front leg…..liking this so far though.

  • Lucy

    oh man… my abs don’t really hurt from the first video at all, but my arms are killing me. I can’t even support my own weight :(

  • Soph

    I was doing this with my lap top on the floor doing this work out and my daughter crawled around the lap top smiling at Cassie doing all the letters! Thanks for making work outs educational too!! Hahaha

  • Day 2 feeling good! Can’t wait for day 3!

  • Jasnira

    Im starting today, i just have a quick question, does Pilates helps to loss weight or its just to ton the body ????

    • Sarah

      It most definitely helps with weight loss, and also tones the body! :)

      • Jennifer

        I thought it was just about toning up the body. I’m not sure if I could loose weight with this, my muscles build up extremely fast.

  • D

    Just finished Day 2. 1st video was great, 2nd was really hard that i couldn’t do all reaps of alphabets.

  • SarahS

    Finished Day 2- so fun! Ive never had so much fun working out. Thanks for being so fun Cassy. It was really hard though! I have a long way to go.

  • Nicole

    I know this is only day 2 but I am a veeeery weak and unfit person and my muscles are just so sore!! I want to keep going on and doing the exercises every day, is that right? Or are you supposed to rest? I am a complete beginner and my body is not used to any exercise!

    • Dana

      Hi Nicole,
      I suggest doing the best you can. Your muscles are going to be sore. Especially since you are a beginner. As you get stronger you will be able to go longer. Don’t get discouraged, you can do this! Mind over matter! Remember anything worth having, doesn’t come easy. All the best to you on your journey. :0)