• J.D.

    Why is it that floor ab exercises hurt my back more than my abs? Am I doing them wrong or are my back muscles just that weak?

  • Nele

    Thank you everyone who is hating on these ABC-Abs!
    It actually helps so much to read that I’m not the only one who is dreading this video to come up on the playlist yet again! :) :)
    I think it’s wise though, to not just measure your ab-progress with this video. To everyone who gets as frustrated with it as I usually do (and this is my second attempt at the Beginners calendar, so I know what I’m talking about), remember this:
    The ABC-Abs video – as every workout video – only works a certain area of muscles and challenges them in a certain way. So just because you can’t yet do these doesn’t mean you haven’t made any progress or will not be able to do them in the future.
    For example I really don’t have that hard of a time with the Call me maybe squats anymore – still don’t like the ABC-Abs. Will work on my abs, will try again another day. :)

  • Amily

    I knew the third video wouldnt be easy so i did it second. I actually see improvements in myself as i could do more of the ABC abs and the Body Slimming workout now compared to my previous times! I’m so happy!

  • Marika

    I did not have time to do my workout, friday bc of a sleepover and saturday I sleept for too long and had to get up and get ready for a party, so I did not workout that day either (but I danced a lot that night, so kind of).

    So here I am. Sunday with hangover and I just finished day 20 only to find out I had forgotten day 19

  • Rose

    Yay! Finished ABC abs. I tried a new strategy this time. Instead of foods I recited the names for all the amino acids according to their one letter codes (I’m a biochem. major and I enjoy quizzing myself ). Interestingly enough I got stuck on “S”, which is the exact same letter that Cassey gets stuck on. So instead of yelling “Spinich!” at the screen for a full minute I actually was trying to remember what the heck “S” was in the amino acids. For the second set I found favorite family memories for each letter (“F” was fishing with Dad, “G” was gardening, etc.) It actually made the exercise a lot more enjoyable. I hope this helps some of you who are also struggling with this video. :)

  • Sara

    Love all the ab workouts! The ABC abs are hard but I actually did them all the way through this time! I’m starting to see results after doing these workouts for a month. Thank goodness because I’m heading to Brasil for the holidays!

  • lubna

    ABC ABS…. I hate soooooooooooooo much…
    Cant seems to keep my legs up, its hard..
    3rd time im doin this video, always a struggle.. Only this video :'(

  • stephanie souza

    day 19 done!

  • I just had a baby three months ago, and started following the calendar once the doctor gave me clearance to exercise. I couldn’t do one letter in ABC abs when I started, especially in the upper ab part. Today, I finished it! The second part I had to rest a few times. But I’m gettgin stronger and I can feel that in my body. Keep it up, people!

    • Delfina

      First, Congrats on the baby!! I had the exact same trouble with the ABC abs! the first time i couldn’t do ANYHTING but now the upper abs i did them all but with the lower ones i had to rest because I was DYING!

  • Juliana

    I really hate ABC Abs! I can’t do it at all. I’ve done the beginners calendar before and hated it and I still do.
    I see a difference in all videos that we did before except ABC Abs. Frustated!

  • Rebecca

    Hey guys, I had an 4 hours exam today and it went really bad, so my mood for the rest of the day was destroyed..
    Then I tried to motivate me and after 2 hours I decided for my workouts. Now I’m just done with it and I’m feelin really better, not great, but better and I’m so proud of myself for not giving up although I had the thoughts to it.
    So guys, never give up, because when you haven’t you will feel great!<3

  • Emilee

    You guys have no idea how much of burning hatred I have for the ABC abs workout…I can never gave up and i just gave up half way through I couldn’t do it…I was struggling a lot of the last video as well…really wasn’t a great day and started crying a little bit.

  • Samantha

    This has been the best. It’s the only workout routine I’ve been able to stick with. I feel much stronger, but I haven’t noticed any physical changes. Does anybody know how many times we’re supposed to be doing these videos? I’ve only been doing them once since it doesn’t say anything different but now I’m not sure if I’m doing enough. I feel exhausted every day after all of these but I don’t look any different and it’s getting sort of discouraging :(

    • jay

      It’s only been 19 days so far, don’t worry, results will come but they take time :) And it’s harder to tell because you see yourself in the mirror almost every day (at least I do) so it’s hard to see minor differences but if you took a pic at the beginning of the calendar (if you haven’t then take one now!) and then take a new picture in like 2-3 months you’ll probably see some results! Some people see results right away and for others it takes longer, it doesn’t mean that it’s not working and the fact that you feel stronger is a good sign so Il think you’ll see some results in a few months :) just don’t stop working out and the results will come eventually! I haven’t seen anything yet either but I’m gonna give blogilates a few more months and hope it makes a difference! But if you want to see results quicker maybe do some cardio too?

  • lola

    Yes, today was frustrating. I’ll never do the first part of the abc abs without stopping… My hip flexors hurt so so much. I barely can hold it up to g. :(

  • Kyra

    The only thing with these workouts is that I never have time to do them daily as well as aerobic exercise…is it healthy to just do these workouts daily and not add aerobic or should I just do some of these and not follow the calendar?

  • Angela

    Oh my gosh!! completely kicked my butt. i wanted to give up so badly towards the end of the last video!! i was shaking so much!!

  • Rayna

    OMG! I’m so happy to have been able to do Abc, :D I’ts amazing \o/

  • JennyN

    Still at it! Day 19 done! Does anyone hate ABC abs as much as I do? ;)

    • Christina

      Ummm yes. I don’t now why but it really hurts right where my legs meet my body on the lower ab part and I feel like that means I’m doing something wrong :/ Is it supposed to work the hip flexors? Does anyone know?

  • Katie

    Feeling so horrible after today, managed to complete just about (after doing it at a bit of a slower pace), but all makes me excited for the day I can do all three of those videos without stopping!

  • Ally

    Day 19 – DONE! It was sooooo hard. I was super tired by the last video. I kept falling down because I couldn’t hold myself up. :/ Hopefully I’ll have better days for the rest of the month!

  • Gabbi

    WOW I the last video was torture!! I didn’t feel like I could but I did it anyway…my legs were too weak for the last move though but it was totally worth it. For any other people like there who feel like giving up, don’t! If I could do it, you can too.

  • Amelie

    Today was so hard! I never liked the ABC Abs so i swapped it out for ‘Abs On Fire’ and it hurt so much! I went through the entire workout without stopping which I am so proud of but I think I’ll be hurting a lot tomorrow. Phew, day 19 done!!! Thanks Cassey :)

  • Cat

    I couldn’t do most of the last video. Ugh, really disappointed :(

  • Wonder Woman


  • Sarah

    This week I wasn’t able to do the workouts 3times because of my busy timetable. I don’t give up even if it’s really hard and the motivation is a little bit lower than weeks one and two. I try to keep smiling but I cant really see changments in front of the mirror… Buuuut let’s say something positive, I was able to pass through the first video, the ABC was better this time :)
    Train insaaane :)

  • just finished day 19!! im having problems with my neck though, i cant do some o the workouts because my neck hurts too mucg (ex: crunches) what should i do??

    • Lee

      Hi Lena!
      My neck hurts sometimes when doing exercises like crunches, I usually stop for a few seconds and when I start again, I really use my ab muscles to pull myself up. Always use your ab muscles :))

      Congratulations & train insane!!

  • Bahar

    I just can’t stand in that position! I’m talking about the one in Body Slimming Workout’s video picture. I hope i won’t fall down next time.

  • Julia

    Please help me guys.I’m crying now !!!.
    I couldn’t do any excercise today. It was disgusting to me. I was thinking I’m gonna be better but I’m not better now. I’m the worst.

    • Becca

      Don’t give up!
      Keep pushing through!
      I had a hard day today too so don’t feel bad!
      You’re gonna have your good days and bad but you will have more good days!!
      Keep working it, girl!!!

      • Julia


      • Sarah

        It’s ok, motivation is lower for everyone I think, keep pushing yourself even if the results are not there now, they’ll come. I’m in the same situation but we’re gonna pass through !
        Keep faith don’t give up (neither than I, hum!!!)
        Smile :)

  • Jenny

    On day 19, I can do both the first videos without stopping. I’m proud that I can do the ABC abs all the way through. Which I couldn’t do, the first time I did it. By the time the last one came round, I was pretty tired and couldn’t go through it without stopping but next time I will.

  • Joyce

    First time I had ABC abs done right! SO proud of myself

    • Clara

      ME TOO!!! Even though i’m a full month after you!!! :D

  • Omg finally had my ABC’s again. Phew . That was awesome and painful at the same time.

  • CJ

    I’ve always hated ABC ab workout since I started my Pop Pilates for beginners. I could only do A-F straight but i couldn’t stand continuing without resting after those letters. I’m on my thirs week noy and booooy, I made it from A-M without pausing! I’m so prouuuud of myself!! I still hate the ABC workout though. Thank you, Cassey!