• Jolien

    woohoo finally I can do the bridge!! something that I couldn’t do the first weeks :D

  • stephanie souza

    day 18 done!

  • Emilee

    This felt really great! Once I got through that little rough patch at the beginning of the last video I didn’t give up which I was pretty surprised about and I feel great! I did pretty good with the other two videos (besides having to stop almost half way through on the cardio because I just needed water and was dieing., but I think my favorite was the stretching, I know it’s not much of a workout just stretching but it’s really fun for me, especially doing the half cobra.

    I’m pretty surprised how well this is going even when taking that long of a break, that I did.

  • Maria

    Definitely I notice a really evolution since first day of calendar. I feel stronger now and I’m more flexible on stretching videos. I’m so happy right now!!! ;-)

  • Beth

    OMG i feel im getting stronger, i used to give up in the middle of an exercise.now im holding on until the end of it. Day 18 DONE!! Wohooo

  • Ally

    Day 18 – DONE!

  • T.pes

    Woohoo all of a sweat

  • Katie

    day 18 done!!! i’m starting to notice that i don’t want to just give up in the middle of something hard now its so great! i also feel like i have to workout everyday feels great

  • mina

    Day 18, DONE!!

  • Sian

    I have such trouble coordinating my left leg to make those little forward circles! And god I was shaking so much doing those clam shells! I can definitely feel myself getting stronger and way more flexible! I can take my head down to my knee on my leg stretches, whereas when I started, I could barely get them inches from my knee! Loving this so much!!

  • Lucy

    OMG!! Day 18 done!! i’m soo happy because I was never able to do the bridge and I can gladly say I could do it, it gets easier every single day! Can’t wait to finish the beginner’s calendar and start the August one!!!