• Nancy

    I used my dog leash on the second video XD hahahhahaha loved it

  • Minna

    Nice light workout..

  • Faith

    That last workout felt soooo good!

  • S

    OMG The pulses killed my back. But now I FEEL SO GOOD!

  • Eli

    Really like this warm up!!

  • Milena

    feel tired but great now ;)

  • Cassandra

    17 Down… 13 more to go.

  • Alicha

    Day 17 is done

  • stephanie souza

    day 17 done, loved today´s workout

  • Liene

    It is only day17 an I’ve lost 3kg. However, it feels like I’ve lost a lot more ‘coz I feel so much stronger and more flexible.

    • lubna

      yay… same like me… i lost 2.8kg in 14 days… im so happy
      it feels great right?! anyways congrats and hope the rest is goin well xx

  • Charlotte


  • Rebecca

    Great workout today! It wasn’t that hard, but I can feel my back and my shoulders soooo extremly!:D
    And it was the greatest blogilates leg streching video I’ve ever done!!!*-*

  • Emilee

    I feel like I did that last video a lot better the first time…I was really feeling it in my neck and for some reason I can’t like squeeze my shoulder when I’m bent down like that. The other two videos were pretty great I think! I feel I could another video or two so that’s what I’ll do!

  • BB

    Day 17 done!! I love that I can feel myself getting stronger! We’re almost there! :-)
    I fell over trying to balance in the second video though LOL
    practice practice practice makes perfect!

  • Cat

    really enjoyed todays workout, it was “light” but I felt my shoulders and biceps :)

  • Alan

    i CAN NOT do the second video, i’m not flexible enough, i feel like the stretch videos are not beginner at all!

  • JennyN

    Who are the people who reported Cassey’s second video to make it restricted? You are ridiculous!

  • Gabriela

    I can’t do the middle video because it shows its for adults -_- Just 8 months and I could see it without problems :D

  • Alicia

    Today felt so good! Thank you cassey! I feel awesome :)

  • Alisia

    Yay! Did it!! Still having trouble viewing the full calendar with the pre workout exercise : /

    • Ericka

      I have problem using a apple iPhone or iPad. Use your computer or an android device. You can see it from there.

  • Lotte

    I tried to do the two legged stretch, but I kept almost falling backwards, so I couldn’t do it :(

    • Jennifer

      I was the same. Every time I got both of my legs up, I ended up rolling backwards. It was pretty funny for me because I know I looked ridiculous.

    • Kerol

      Yeah, a had the same problem :D

      • Eli

        Me too, i had to go and sit in front of the wall so i would not fall

  • Bahar

    I tried to finish today’s videos in the morning without eating anything but i had dizziness. I almost fell down to floor oh god! :=)

  • josefin

    I am really happy that these videos exist. I look forward to every day’s workout which is totally new to me. cassey, you always manage to put a smile on my face :)

    • Elizabeth

      I SECOND THAT! I actually look forward to working out now and i’m going strong on day 15 right now and I am so proud of myself I never stick to anything but I love this and I love Cassey and all the videos and her personality makes me want to come back and do more

  • Jenny

    The stretches feel amazing, especially after I had badminton practice. Will do those before and after my games. :)

  • cass

    i’ve never stuck with a workout for this long! i’m so excited every day to work out and each work out is fun and i feel amazing afterwards! thanks cassey! i can finally incorporate physical activity into my life without it being a pain :)

  • I didn’t get much out of those last 2 stretches, I wasn’t sure where it was meant to be stretching.

    I really like the upper back one, it’s nice not to have my thighs killing me for once.

  • Joyce

    If I want to lose weight following this calendar is enough ?

    • That’s true. How’s your fitness journey going? Well I got some results actually. These are really fat melting for me.

  • Eva

    17 day done!! I just love the Fat Burning Cardio Warmup, and I really like the middle one I laugh so much on the last exercise because I was always falling back ahahah. And I also notice progress on the last one cause the last time I had to stop some times because my arms hurt like hell and this time I did all without pause.

  • sherry

    The stretching video was amazing. I feel so good right now. Thanks Cassey.

  • Elissa

    I didn’t feel a stretch at all on the last 2 moves of the stretching video and I couldn’t straighten my leg while grabbing my heel. Did I do something wrong?

  • Sabina

    Omg that streching video was brutal. I thought i was a bit more flexibile than that. Guess I should include more stretchi every day.

  • Andrea

    Why is Amazing Upper Back & Leg Stretches age restricted???

  • Vi

    Wow!! we are almost there ladies lets keep going!!

  • Suzy

    Day 17 DONE! and I added the 100 work out !! I totally failed the last move in the stretching video. I don’t know how to balance!!

    • Vi

      Done!! wow…I slacked big because of school, but thats no excuse. I’m going to finish this.

  • kensy

    It felt really good to stretch. I used to lift both of my legs with no problem, but now it was kind of hard… I almost fell. LOL…I notice my back is really weak but I guess it’s because I have a lot back problems. My neck hurts when I do some of the backless dress workout moves. Anyways, keep up the good work everyone!!!

    • Grace

      lol i fell over like 5 times XP I’m horrible with all the balance stuff

  • Sunny

    wow i started to get up without help RESULT!!!!
    so happy :)

  • Jenny

    I totally fell over in the last stretch of the middle video. Oops! Day 17 done!

    • Sunny

      me too :p it was difficult to keep balance kkkkk
      keep it up girl ;)

    • Susan

      Haha! :D Me too. I felt I was slowly falling backwards and just thought: noo no no no nooooo!
      Hurt my elbow on the dresser but laughed so hard… I think it looked hilarious ;)

    • Eva

      Ahahahah me too I tried like 4 times and I was always falling so I put myself near the dresser to don’t fall but I laugh so hard of my figure ahahah

  • Edith

    Day 17 = done!

    I remember last time I did the Backless dress workout, I had to take my arms down multiple times because of pain. This time I did the workout without problems!
    I’m happy to see progress :D

    • Jenny


    • Tara

      Great job Edith! I felt some strength today that I didn’t before too!!! :)

  • Jeni

    Day 17 done!

    I’m so relieved to see the improvement of stamina, flexibility, and endurance! I am so excited for the beginner calendar to end so I can work on the regular monthly calendars like a real POPster!

  • Joanna

    The feeling after stretching >>>
    I feel sooo good after this workout! DAY 17 DONE! :)

  • MissM

    DONE! So proud of myself!