• D

    Day 15 done ^^ !!!!!! I’m so happy that i’m not tired after doing the first video :D

  • lori

    Each day is getting easier. There are still a few balance issues I need to fix but I am confident I’m going to finish the calendar with SUCCESS. Keep it up EVERYONE!!! We are half way done.

  • stephanie souza

    omg, i thing im getting strong, i did the 2 videos so easly and im 100% sure that i did everything right, day 15 done!

  • Hope

    I still cant do roll ups…am i the only one? I dont think my abs are getting stronger, i feel the burn during the workout but not the day after, unlike the other parts of my body…maybe im not doing the movements right?

  • Ella

    I have a bad knee which kept clicking during the warm up of the second video so I stopped.

  • Emilee

    This was a pretty great work out! I’m sweating so much from the second video and need to go take a shower like right now haha.

  • Rachel

    I really didn’t feel like working out today as I wasn’t feeling well, but as soon as I started the first exercise and noticed how much I’ve improved I felt so motivated that I finished it all off! I’m already feeling so much better about myself and noticing how much stronger I’m becoming! :D

  • Ciara

    When I do her videos that require more balance I keep a chair close by and use the back of it to hold myself up. I work on balance by hovering my hand over the back of the chair but that way its there when I need it and I get the benefit of the workout without starting from square one every time I fall. Maybe that will help some other people who struggle with balance like I do!

    • I might do so as well. I find a lot of the videos VERY frustrating when I spent every few seconds trying to regain position

      • Make sure you have the right pair of shoes

  • Alan

    i couldn’t do any of the moves in the second video, i suck at BALANCING!!!

    • Maha

      Yeah me too! I couldn’t do the last move because i kept falling over :P

      • shea

        one way to keep your balance on one foot is to push down into the ground with the foot that is on the ground. tighten abs, push into the earth. that will help you stay elevated on one foot :) works for releve (up on toes) as well. ( i took ten + years of ballet)

  • Ugh I am crap at balance

  • AnniekinsDee

    How many times should we be repeating each video every day? So far I’ve really only been doing them once…

    • toto

      i guess it’s ok if you only do it once as you do it as part as the calender. It’s only when you do it randomly you do it as many times as you actually can.

  • Helena

    I’m trying not to stress about skipping days and stuff so I just keep going anyway. I’m doing this for fun after all and to feel good. And it does make me feel good. It’s how hard everything is that MAKES me feel good. You feel me, guys?

  • Alicia

    I was so not in the mood to workout today but it always makes me feel good in the end :)

  • Kate

    Love these workouts :) Already noticing improvements!

  • Samantha

    I love noticing how much stronger and more flexible I am becoming – especially with the Total Body Workout for Beginners! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • Sian

    My calves still hurt from last week! :(

    • Kaitlyn

      Mine too!!!!!!!!! I also made the mistake of going running that day before I did that workout. OMG, I thought my legs would fall off!!!!

    • Same!

  • soignelle

    When Cassey says to go ahead and do the second video a few more times… is that also for beginners?

    • Kaitlyn

      Basically, her advice is to always do it as many times as you can. If you are dead after one time, then you probably aren’t ready to go again.

  • Karolina

    Hi Cass,

    so I still find the first video a bit hard, especially the legs part but I’m not giving up. Not to mention the second video. But I’ve noticed how strong I’ve become and it really motivates me. I love your videos and your personality. I’m definitely gonna end the beginners workout callendar and start with your monthly calendars.

  • Ingrid

    Wow. The first time I did the POP Pilates for Beginners – Total Body Workout I thought it’d take me months to be able to finish the entire video without stopping. Now I see it’s only been two full weeks! Thank you so much Cassey. <3

  • Jenny

    I’m so proud to say that I could complete the POP Pilates for Beginner’s – Total Body workout without even stopping. The first time I did it, which was on day 1, I couldn’t even do the first exercise without stopping. Now I can do all of them. :) 3 weeks with pilates has truly made me strong and I especially noticed this when I did a PE class, I found that I wasn’t breathing as heavily and tired after a few rounds of running. I usually breathe a lot especially because I have asthma. I’m so proud of myself. Thanks Cassey. Now I’m even more excited to see the results on the last day. After this Beginner’s Calendar, I am definitely going to do the August calendar. Then I’m going to keep doing pilates for a long time. I wasn’t anticipating this, since I was trying the Beginner calendar to see if it worked and made me stronger, it definitely did which means I’m going to keep on doing this.

    Love you Cassey. :)
    Can’t wait for Day 16 :) :) :)

  • Starting week 3 again after being sick for most of last week :( Hopefully I’m not back at square one.

  • Su

    definitely getting better at the first video, went a little further with the leg circles that I usually tire fast and have to pause.

    • Same here! It’s amazing how much you improve from one time to the next! Absolutely loving it!

  • Laura

    Wooow I get through the first video without a problem!!! The second one was a little harder for me, because I was trying to catch a balance, but I also manage through. Thanks Cassie, I’m getting stronger!:D

    • Laura

      * oh i meant Cassey, not CassiexD

  • Emily

    Woohoo! I feel great, I can see feel the improvement already. Found the standing pilates easy due to years of ballet training :D.

  • Jessica

    Here we go week 3!!

    This has been so amazing so far. I am actually excited to workout and I have actually stuck with the beginners calendar the entire way through! :)

    I can feel myself getting better at certain moves after doing the Beginner Total Body Workout for the third time. That Serious Standing workout was pretty hard, I was shaking the whole time, but I was able to do most of the moves without falling out of the position!

    Hooray for day 15!

  • Third time around for the first video. Still can’t get all the way through those leg exercises and my right leg cramped up doing the triangle ones :( Was hoping I’d be able to finish that all the way through by now.

  • Karen

    I felt so happy when the first video turned so much better out than the first time I did that. But then again I felt so demotivated by the second one. The first four exercices weren’t possible for me: I fell over and over again due to my shakig and way too much hurting upper legs…

    • sofia

      same here i coudent do the secent video

  • Laura

    Woohoo! This is the first time I’ve managed to make it through those awful “tiny leg circles” in the first video without being in total agony! ~I’m still hilariously shaky, but it’s getting easier~ :D

  • Nadia

    Wooooo!! Getting stronger!! 1st video? Piece of cake! 2nd… well, i’ll work on my balance a little bit more
    Day 15!! Yay!! :)

  • Caroline

    Yeah, I killed these workouts ! I’m so happy to get better, and the results are so fast !
    Today I was shopping for food, and I reeally wanted to get some very sugary chocolate or some cookies. But then I thought about my body and just got disgusted by what those foods would make so I just bought some 74% chocolate :)
    And better : I bought the “Dream Believe Achieve” detox bottle and the “Healthy is Happy” tank from Blogilates, I can’t wait to get them !
    Good luck everyone, keep going !

  • Camie

    First video was a lot easier than before but the second video I kept jumping around trying to find my balance. But like the first video I’ll get better in time.

  • Vic

    Day 15, definitely getting better at the first video every time, feel less tired after.

  • Megan wiseman

    hey Cassey I have a slightly larger than normal bum well at least it sticks out more and my back arches normally due to my bum so when i lie down no matter how hard I try to suck my stomach in I will still be able to touch my fingers is this a problem if it is how do I fix it?

  • Em

    Ahhh! I had Chipotle before today’s videos, and it was way harder than it should have been… comes to show how important it is to eat healthy along with exercise!! QQ No more fast food for me…

  • Jenny

    Glad to see i’m not alone in my lack of balance. I always take a couple minutes while I’m stretching after a workout to see what everyone else thought of the day. Keep it up everyone! 2nd video may have kicked my behind, but I can get through the first video now pretty without feeling too strained.

  • Elissa

    I couldn’t do the first moves in the second video. Lifting up my leg while squatting on the balls of my feet was impossible

  • Jeanine

    Same thing with me. I could do the first video so easy, the second one fails a lot because I coudn’t hold my balance for a sec or keep my legs long. Still it was fun, great first day of the week

  • Louise

    The last leg move I couldn’t feel anything, no burn or anything. Maybe these leg exercise are a little to beginner for me. Wish I could guess the same for my abs.

  • mkindy

    UGH cannot keep my balance in the second video :( Made me so frustrated. I tried each move a little but just kept falling over and eventually just gave up because I couldn’t even do the movement!!! So frustrating. But like others are saying as well, happy about getting better on the first video!!

  • Kari

    Wow, great videos to come back to after a day off! Feeling strong and looking forward to the rest of the week! (All wobbliness aside, lol.)

  • Paulina

    The second video is great for balance, it tried to keep up as best as I could! It was fun to notice how much better I did on the first video this time, we’re getting stronger girls!

    • Anouk

      The second video is horrible! I can’t keep my balance and instead of my obliques I feel my legs :|
      Luckily I’m getting stronger at the first video, otherwise I would have lost all my motivation..

  • The 2nd video is definitely good for balance. I really like seeing how well I’ve progressed with the first video; I can now do all of the leg moves without stopping. Thanks so much Cassey!

  • Sabina

    That second video really kicked my butt. But i love that it was so challenging…I can wait till i’ll be able to do it perfectly. I was shaking all over the place at one point…but pretty much managed to do the moves to some extent…with the exception of the last one…I almost fell face front with that one :))). Keep the spirits up ladies, we’re growing stronger by the day!

  • Valeria

    I really really did not understood how to do the second video, specially with the obliques, I dont know how to do it, it is so fast,,,

  • Leslie

    Super frustrated with the standing pilates–my balance is horrible, to the point where I don’t feel motivated to do that video again. I guess the “glass half full” feeling is I’m getting stronger at the beginners video. Also clean eating is becoming normal now. Can’t wait to reassess my progress after next week! So ready for the May calendar!

    I love reading all the comments–makes me feel less alone in this process. Good luck and motivation to all!

    • sophie

      omg me to

  • kensy

    First video is becoming easier every time I do it. I’m so happy for that. Stand up Pilates was not so bad. I do have balance so I guess that’s why is it was no so hard for me.. I really liked it though. I was sweating with this one. :)