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  • Amily

    Half the calendar has been done… it’s so hard to persevere through all these! Can’t wait for the next half to be completed! (hoping to see some progress though…)

  • maryam

    even though it’s rest day but i still want to work out! i really love working out it feels so good whenever i do it i feel like i have accomplished something but i don’t find any changes tbh idk about my weight because my scale is broken but my weight isn’t my problem it’s that i want to have a flat stomach but i feel like it will never change… but i will keep on trying

  • MK

    It’s been three days and my calves are still sore from Day 11! And I didn’t even use any extra weight. I think they’ve never had a proper focussed workout…

    And it’s been two weeks and I can already see and feel the changes, yay! So happy!
    Thank you, Cassey!

    • Ola

      I have the same! :D When I wake up it’s hard to walk, but I feel sooo fantastic!

  • Leandra

    Just sittin’ doin’ my physics homework, and being super excited to start the second half of the beginners’ calendar tomorrow!

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