• Brianna

    I am recovering from knee injuries, and these videos have helped so much with my mobility and strengthening them! However, I overdid it with water sports this week and couldn’t make it through more than 2 exercises per video… Hopefully I will be able to be back at it in a day or two!

  • Amily

    My calves are still sore from 2 days ago… I cant do the first three quarters of the second video :(

  • Minna

    I thin im gonna die, how i make in next week.. to morrov is mothersday and res day im relly gonna in joy it.

    • Minna

      i eit my brekfast.. ups i did it again.. omg now igonna get my cofee

  • asnat


  • Melanie

    Holy Jesus, that was tough, butt so worth it! See what I did there? (;

  • Maria

    I had to say that i stopped so many times Video 2 and 3(POP Pilates: Upper Body Workout – Arms, Chest, and Shoulders! (Full 10 min) Pilates Video & Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge) cause I was in pain….But I guess that I’ll get used to it :D

  • S

    Ow ow ow my legs burn. But it’s a good burn

  • S

    My arms burn. I had to stop and start so much

  • Sarah

    OMG Day 13 done !!!!

  • Melanie

    Days like today really make me feel bad…. I had problems with my balance the whole time and I couldn’t even properly finish the second video. I did OK on the squats – they’re a fun challenge and I actually like squatting so it wasn’t too bad at all. Well, the pulsing was, hahah.
    I really want to do more flexibility vid’s tomorrow and next week I’ll try even harder to succeed!

  • lubna

    I hate the arm workout! Its horrible.. I cant seem to handle my own weight :@

    • Sarah

      Me too!! you are not alone I have shoulder problems already so das like these are hard

  • stephanie souza

    omg, day 13 done!

  • Sarah

    ugh, i had no idea my arms were so weak… arms are are my worst area. I can’t wait to see how improved they are in a few more weeks! Work hard everyone!

  • Aliah

    I did so horribly today ugh smh i couldnt get through the upper body or squat challenge I kept stopping and starting ugh im so upset

  • Sara

    Omg. My butt, abs, legs, arms! I’m going to be so sore tomorrow! I love it!

  • Emilee

    I’m trying to get back into this after a very long two week break after my sister was in a really bad bike accident. I’m not sure if I should start up again right where I left off or just start the whole program over again? I’m trying to lose a lot of weight for a formal dance on November 29th and it wouldn’t be horrible to lose a bit for my birthday party on the 14th.

    • Kari

      It happened the same to me!! I made like a 2 week break, but Now I’ve restarted where I left. It’s harder that it was before, but It is still possible ahaha Just don’t give up!

  • Tess

    My legs are dying! I’m going to be sore all over tomorrow

  • ashley

    i couldnt finish the arms.. my arms and legs are killing me!! wow!!

  • Gray

    I failed this one. :( The Call Me Maybe squats defeat me everytime. I’ll just give it another go tomorrow.

  • OMG my arms and legs are dying. arms are my weakness, but i do squats everyday, and today was seriously killer. like damnnnn were all gonna be sexy after this ;)))

  • Olia

    So sad… I can’t do upper body workout and call me maybe squats… My knees are shaking ^^

    • Oli

      Don’t worry, stick with it & we’ll get there :)

  • jasmine ali

    woow :D :D
    today was just amaaazing , i started by doing the ABC abs from Day 12 so i was kinda tired at the Call me maybe challenge , but the other two video were perfect , since tomorrow is the rest day i think a little bit of workout won’t do any wrong so i will redo the call me maybe challenge xD
    “feelin my abs burning,, and it feels really good” ^_^

  • aiLes

    Oh my God !! During Call Me Maybe Mighty Squats Challenge my legs were crying and fire was crawling under my skin !!! Cassey you’re crazy but I like it ! No, I meant it, really, thank you to push me to my limits !! I’ve never wanted that much a shower :D